Seen this from the BBC?

“British winters are likely to become milder and wetter like the last one but cold spells still need to be planned for, says the UK Met Office. Summers are likely to be hotter and drier, but washouts are still on the cards, it adds.”

So, plan for all sorts. Met Office covering all the odds whilst still flogging AGW. Just wait until the IPCC hits!!!

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  1. pounce says:

    Years ago the Thames froze over (And it was before the start of the industrial revolution)

    During WW2 we had a really bad summer

    After WW2 we had the whole East coast flooded

    In 1976 we had a drought

    In the 80s we had that huge storm which Micheal Fish didn’t report

    Only a few years ago the MET office was telling us we would be living in a warmer country and we would face droughts

    Now hey are telling us we are going to get wet

    When I did my Combat Support Boat course the civy instructor taught me never to underestimate the weather and take mother nature for granted.

    While I will say Man has had an impact on the climate, all I can see is regards the weather is…Business as usual.


    • Jorvikman says:

      If the Environment Agency had their wits about them, they would get together with United Utilities and build reservoirs with lots of spare capacity in a few strategically place locations on flood planes. This would not only provide storage for excess river water, the stored water could also be used to pipe water to the grossly overpopulated SW/Londonistan area, when they inevitably have another summer drought.

      They won’t though, that would actually resemble getting shit done, not the EA’s strong point.


  2. DownBoy says:

    Basically it is going to be warm, cold, wet and dry, and all thanks to global warming – sorry I mean climate change.
    Well thanks a bunch, Met Office and BBC. How could we cope without you?


    • Richard Pinder says:

      Weather from the Sun was first postulated two hundred years ago when William Herschel proved that the price of grain was inversely correlated with the sunspot number. Piers Corbyn of Weatheraction has developed an understanding of these correlations with weather trends of the past to a fine detail, which is why his forty day forecasts are vastly superior to the random long term forecasts of the Met Office.

      Ideological interference at the Met Office has caused a scientific regression to the ignorance that existed before the time of William Herschel.


  3. GCooper says:

    That it can produce such an easy target shows just how far the Met Office has lost touch with reality. The BBC, too… They can’t even see how absurd their scattergun scares are looking.


  4. OldBloke says:

    Well, having read the article, my jaw dropped. Like GCooper points out, their scattergun approach simply proves, they haven’t got a clue! There are, in this brief report, so many holes in it, it defies belief and as I have recently said in one of my posts concerning Climate Change, there are so many contradictions coming from the Met Office and the BBC, that their reporting of this so called Climate Change it is becoming a comedy show. Oh, nice to see that the met Office doesn’t think Climate Change is coming to Britain!
    Quote: [The report makes clear that global trends do not necessarily apply to Britain.

    For example, it says that while there are connections between climate change and dry seasons in some parts of the world, “there is currently no clear evidence of such a link to recent dry periods in the UK.”]

    That’s their arses covered then! Brilliant!


    • OldBloke says:

      You know, I’ve just read this article by the BBC again, and you know what? Climate Change really is a scam isn’t it? The proof is there in that article for all to see. (Those with a brain that is).


      • The General says:

        And therein lies the problem. Political ideology overpowers brain function.


      • johnnythefish says:

        Can’t bring myself to read it, OB – I’ll end up throwing the laptop at the telly.


  5. Remotely Controlled says:

    Dear oh dear……
    What a bunch of hopeless t*ats we seem to have at the Met Orifice and bbC.


  6. Oldbob says:

    Shukman has just done a piece on this on the news at ten. It started with a picture of a single raindrop followed by the earth shattering revelation that when the air is warmer there are lots more of them and that is why we get floods………well F***k me sideways, rain causes flooding !
    The rest of it was full of the usual “the scientists think we can expect more extreme weather, but can’t be certain” crap with the usual interview with a met office AGW drone who confirmed that it will piss down in winter and be warm in summer…..but guess what……”we can’t be certain”.

    Guess what Shukman ?…..tens of thousands of ordinary people, and rising evert day, expecting to hear some “news” have just pissed themselves laughing at this drivel and become a little bit more convinced that you and the rest of the BBC are obsessed with a fantasy that is slowly but surely falling apart as they continue to be fed this mindless garbage by you and the rest of the nutters.


  7. Shamal says:

    I was in the storms during Aug 1970, Aug 79, Oct 87, Jan 90. The Met office failed to predict those.
    The Met office predicted a dry winter but we did have some rain.
    If they got performance related pay they may do better. By the way we the tax payer pay them.
    Last night the Met officer said ‘in a warming world’. There has been no global warmer for 10-12 years.
    Oh dear what a scam ….better than the Loch Ness monster.


  8. Smell the glove says:

    Anyone for a barbecue summer ? hmmm !


  9. Umbongo says:

    It’s not just the BBC. Emily Gosden, the Telegraph’s “Energy Editor” and inheritor of the Louise Gray “Queen of the Press Release” Chair at UEA effectively reproduced the Met Office press release for this morning’s Telegraph. Quite why the Telegraph got rid of Louise I couldn’t say since her replacement has the same delightful habit of placing pre-digested warmist dross at random in her employer’s publication. OTOH I don’t have to buy the Telegraph whereas a part of the TV tax pays Shukman to propagandise for warmism generally and, in this case, the Met Office in particular.


  10. Umbongo says:

    This was the Gosden Telegraph article referred to and this is the page on the Met Office site where the briefing report on which the media have based their “stories” is available for download.


  11. johnnythefish says:

    And what do the Met Office use to give us their wonderful predictions?

    Why, those 100+ climate models which failed to predict the last 17.5 years of flat temperatures.

    The trouble with all this is as long as the majority of people still trust the BBC they will believe the AGW constant propaganda which is fed to them through every facet of the Corporation’s broadcasting. As they got away with 28gate, they think they’ll get away with anything.


  12. DownBoy says:

    I presume Shukman is an arts graduate of some sort and he should in all conscience leave the science reportage to the experts at the Met office who….ahhh…..emm….


  13. Llareggub says:

    Let me see if I understand. Variations in the weather are the result of climate change. But if the changes are not those predicted – eg a dry Winter – then we are told that predictions of climate change and weather predictions are entirely different .


    • Richard Pinder says:

      My understanding is that if the Met Office is ignorant of the weather patterns predicted by Weatheraction, then for the Met Office, that is solid proof for Climate Change.

      For the Met Office “Climate Change” means “Man Made Climate“ or a modern term for “Global Warming” rather than a change of climate, or that the climate sometimes changes.


  14. john says:

    the weather just like the news is created.
    Also the weather is forever , so to speak
    A useful constant for the BBC to justify it’s existence
    24 hour news is obvious propaganda and the news continues to literally create stories
    no doubt they discuss the biggest upcoming manufactured stories at bilderburg with the top press and politicians choosing the plot to further their international political despotism agendas.


  15. john says:

    canada had the crack head mayor uk the methodist druggy
    manufactured news
    usa had some politician on skiing holiday caught on journalist live mic bad mouthing
    uk had prince Charles on skiing trip caught on live mic badmouthing . Both accidentally caught on Mic of course.
    Both stories came out same time one in us other in uk
    just like the drugged up authority figures