I have had a tsunami of outraged emails from Biased BBC readers concerning the bizarre and OTT sanitisation of former Co-Op boss Paul Flowers by the BBC today. It seems the Coalition is to blame for the implosion of the Bank and as for Mr Flowers…erm…”colourful”private life, well, I blame Thatcher. Thoughts? Just WHY is the BBC leading all UK news with the hideous self-pity bleating of Flowers??

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15 Responses to FORGIVE THE SINNER

  1. chrisH says:

    Only one reason thus far apart from his well-rewarded trashing of what remained of Methodist credibility…his rent boy predilections and his capacity for the nastiest designer recreational drugs that are available in Manchesters Gay Village…which funnily enough would be the BBCs rainbow tent of choice if they HAVE to live in the bloody north.
    It`s because he`s on Newsnight tonight…the Second Coming of the BBCs version of what a real Christian ought to espouse…none of that Wesley crap either.
    He`s the new patron saint of Milibands Ethical banking project-and if he`s not shoehorned onto the Co-Op board, yet again: then we`re a bunch of heartless homophobes who won`t join him on the liberal journey.
    “Let a Thousand Flowers bloom”-famous last call of Mao before he chopped the heads off every one of them that responded…
    It`s what the Left do…


    • LostOverThere says:

      It’s much more simple than that

      GreedyToryBanker = Satan himself, deserves to be pillioried, votes for Them

      DefencelessLabourBanker = Victim of circumstance, was only following orders, deserves a platform to put his point across, one of us (Gabba gabba hey)


    • Guest Who says:

      Before I snuggle down for the night, I just scoped Twitter and caught the views of the ‘eratti’ on the Newsnight Flowers exclusive (except it had been mostly pre-emptied earlier).
      Seems the old Katz slipway has launched another dud given the near universal panning of the BBC giving this delusional numptie a pulpit to try and dig him and their weird allegiances out of self-dug holes.
      Guessing, unlike the tasteless attempt earlier to eke more grief out of MH370, BBC #trending may well give this mess a miss given they are part of it.


  2. pounce says:

    Why, becasue he’s a cock sucking drug taking relgious bigot and to the bBC, he’s one of their own.


  3. Miv Tucker says:

    I totally despise Flowers because, quite apart from all that sodomy and drug abuse, he was (is?) heavily involved with movements to boycott Israel and Israeli products, and dragged the oh-so-ethically-pure Co-Op Bank into it with him. If it was just the boycotting on its own, that’d be bad enough, but combined with the other stuff… I’d really like the chance to accost him about it – You’re so morally pure, I’d say, so fantastically fucking upright, so mega-fucking virtuous… what gave you the right to sit in judgement on a country and a people who’ve contributed more to humanity in an afternoon than you ever will in your whole miserable fucking life?
    Alex Brummer, the Daily Mail’s superb City editor, summed it up very neatly by saying that Flowers should’ve spent less time worrying about the West Bank, and more about the Ethical Bank.


    • Pounce says:

      The irony here is that he would be able to carry on sniffing away in Israel yet in every islamic state this man of the cloth supports well they would soon show him the error of his ways.


    • 43 Group , anyone ? says:

      And what an easy ride the fat twat got from Paxo.

      And Miv.. your an f in hero.


  4. Rob says:

    I didn’t realise he was a former Labour Councillor in Rochdale, the home of Muslim Rape Gangs. Where Labour Councillors were character witnesses for some of the rapists, that explains a lot.


    • 43 Group , anyone ? says:

      Home of another dead this time, fat twat. Cyril Smith.


      • Philip says:

        It was Flowers; who happily admitted to Scotland Yard that he knew of ‘Saville’ and of Cyril Smith (a Liberal MP) and the established Labour ‘pie network’ of child molesters (leading right back to the established BBC – the now (current) ‘political elite’ (disclosed within Lib/Lab/Con) aim for ‘legitimate’ buggery and indecency towards children is also the clear aim of CHE (headed by ‘Lord-of-the-floods’ Chris Smith, former cabinet MP for crisis run lack-of-child-care Islington). PIE=CHE=BBC (it’s all the same (anti-natural-family) EU agenda is upon us all. May they marry each other to avoid deportation to Qatar. (legal as of tomorrow Nigel Evans can marry Bob Flowers).


  5. George R says:

    -from ‘Elmer Gantry’-

    (3 min video clip)


  6. johnnythefish says:

    I heard this item on this morning’s ‘Today’.

    The BBC Rehabilitation Service swings into action again. That’s Harman and Flowers in a few short weeks.

    Who can be next?