Holy Smoke And Mirrors


Did laugh this morning as Justin Webb gave Lord Dannatt a hard time over his suggestion that perhaps we should beef up our military….Webb suggesting that military force doesn’t work anymore.

Has anyone told the Ukrainians?



We also had Thought for the Day with Bishop James Jones who told us  that Jesus loved immigrants…and that we are all immigrants really….we must open our hearts and our borders.


Carrying on the religious theme I had the misfortune to listen to ‘Sunday’ for the first time ever…normally the territory of ‘Is the BBC biased I’m moving my tanks onto their lawn, for one day only…I don’t think I could listen to the torrent of lefty outpourings of this one programme for long.

First off we were treated to yet another example of Muslims being persecuted, this time in the Central African Republic where Christian militias are hounding Muslims.

The BBC never showed so much interest in the war in Congo where over 5 million have died, or indeed in the fate of Christians around the Muslim world…but coincidentally, I’m sure,  they suddenly found themselves fascinated by Buddhists and Muslims when they began fighting each other…or rather, as the BBC put it, the Buddhists were attacking the harmless Muslims.


Then we had a piece on African immigrants to Europe where once again we had some thoughts that we must treat these people as if they were Jesus himself….and that open borders, welfare, and housing must have no limits….we must have a ‘globalisation of love!’.


Then we had Muslims and Christians joining together to fight slavery….trouble was we had no indication of just who was doing the slaving these days.

Then….it must have been National Islam day on R4…they asked ‘What can feminism do for Muslims?’


Then we had Steve Chalk, an evangelist Christian (normally hated by the BBC except when bringing us the good news about Christian misdeeds presumably), but he told us that the Christian Church has misused the Bible…..justifying slavery and Apartheid….what still?

The sacred text of the Bible is being used to enforce prejudice…a tool of repression and exclusion when it should be a tool of liberation….perhaps he means ‘open borders’ and an immigration free-for-all with houses and welfare handed out as you cross the border.

We must rewrite the Bible for modern times…to bring clarity to what the Bible means he tells us.

So no one knows what the Bible says, what Jesus preached, what the basis of Christianity is?

What do all those Bishops do all day then?  Apart from pontificating on R4.

And you wouldn’t mind but when has the BBC had someone on with a similar message about the Koran…that it is ‘used to enforce prejudice…a tool of repression and exclusion’?

There’s more but I really couldn’t force myself to listen….enjoy…….Sunday



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22 Responses to Holy Smoke And Mirrors

  1. Eric says:

    No doubt if Bishop James droned on long enough he would tell us we are all Africans….


    • john in cheshire says:

      He has an unfortunate name; jim jones; perhaps he’s also been drinking the Kool-Aid. Of course, by what he says, he’s not a Christian and so won’t be going to heaven. But, he probably doesn’t believe in what he probably regards as ‘all that stuff’ anyway so thinks to himself ‘am i bovvered?’


      • pah says:

        I doubt very much there are any bishops in heaven.


        • GOD says:

          There are no bishops in heaven ! for a start they are actually one of Lucifer’s gags that went a bit wrong and two eternity with that whinging bunch of ‘I believe I do good but really I sod all worthwhile’ would test the patience of any saint in fact the saints have got a retraining order !


          • stewart says:

            I see your omnipotence,Your Omnipotence ,has not made you immune to key boar malunctions.

            Or have you been transgressing the 4P’s principle?


    • ROBERT BROWN says:

      The ‘man’ is a traitor to Christianity, he will be seen by his Muslim ‘friends’ as a useful idiot…….give me a robust, warrior priest who lays Islam bare, and maybe i’ll start going to church again.


  2. AsISeeIt says:

    In my youth and young adulthood BBC Radi 4 was my natural home. Unfortunately the BBC made a political refugee of me with escalating political and religious attacks on my person.


    • onlyne says:

      Indeed, grew up listening to and trusting the BBC. Now find I have to log into other newsmedia to get a broader, unbiased viewpoint. If you really want to know what is going on in Europe, you’re better off with Reuters. For a wide and in depth view of events in the Arab world, it has to be Aljazeera. Meanwhile, the BBC continues its relentless march downwards, with it’s internet home page full of trivia and shallow reports on international affairs apparently written by ill educated young people who don’t believe anything that happened before they were born ever really happened.


  3. Rob says:

    Can’t wait until Russia Invades the UK. Thats Immigration the hospital waiting lists, lack of school places and housing sorted in one go. Bradford. Leicester, Blackburn Nelson etc will be ghost towns as their habitants certianly realise they are not British Citizens after all and use their other nationality to escape. And after when Russia wins? Well we will still have Big Government, only not one that panders to Human Rights. And when Phil Shiner puts in his claim against our soldiers who will then be Russian Soldiers he’ll get a bayonet up him and spend the rest of his life in a Gulag We will at last have a government that stands up for its own. (I’m learning Russian as I type). As for the likes of Tessa Jowell and co, well she will deny ever having supported human rights or immigration and be a fully paid up member of the Russian Federation.


  4. solly gratia says:

    It’s funny how the BBC and other media like to portray CAR as involved in a religious conflict. They slightly forget to mention the invaders from the Sudan who cleansed the North East of CAR, took over the government and started getting nasty.


  5. Dave s says:

    Liberals don’t like military force except when it is being used to enforce their rather odd view of humanity and reality.
    Now if you tell one (a liberal that is) that the only reason Israel is still there and a refuge for Jews is because of the IDF and it’s determination to win .
    The liberal goes very quiet and mutters about disproportinate force and better to talk etc etc.
    I wonder sometimes if the liberal really believes it himself.


    • ROBERT BROWN says:

      Liberals stink of shite…..they have their useless heads firmly stuck in their assholes all the time………..scratch a liberal….and you will always find a nazi beneath.


  6. George R says:

    BBC-NUJ acts like the political broadcasting arm of CND in these matters.

    There can be little doubt that the military threats from, variously, Russia, The Islamic Republic of Iran, and Al Qaeda Islamic groups are serious; Beeboids should not prpopagandise for higher Welfare spending in U.K, while cutting Defence spending. The correct economic, political and military priorities indicate the opposite.


  7. pounce says:

    What is really interesting ( And i mean this from a purely academic POV) is how the left for years have campaigned for the demise of the British Nuclear deterrent .
    Now that the true colours of Russia have been exposed (for the 4th time since 1956 I should add) and for its bellicose and belligerent nature would I correct to assume that its nice collection of Nuclear weapons is the main reason why nobody in Europe has bothered their arse to openly side with the Ukraine and send troops to support her. (The UK is but one signatory to help defend the Ukraine from aggression).
    The non nuclear military capability of Russia is less than Germany (note I say capability) so its a no brainer to see that something is stopping European military support..

    With that in mind, what have CND ,and the bBC got to say about the British Nuclear deterrent, seeing that Putin likes to take his shirt off and try and intimidate those in front of him,
    (That well know promoter of peace in the UK Stop the War have already sided with Russia)


  8. thoughtful says:

    The Dannatt interview was hilarious! He stated that leaving 3000 troops in Germany would send a message to Russia that there was muscle behind the words !
    As if!
    Just showing the Lions led by Donkeys phrase is certainly true today !
    There are 766 000 personnel in the Russian military backed by another 2 million reservists – that’s why Dannatts words are so hilarious!

    As Peter Hitchens pointed out at the weekend, leftie Dave is puffing his chest out like some grotesque bullfrog spitting out threats and rhetoric with nothing to back it up – and thank goodness because an idiot like him would happily send all this countries young men to their deaths in battle just to give himself the opportunity of securing a place in history for good or ill.

    This is why Britain needs to reduce its military the smallest level possible. Who is the threat from any way? Most of any countries invasion would most likely have a high population in the UK anyway. On top of that I think that I’d rather have Putin in charge than the shower we currently have, & I know a lot of others feel that way too.

    Just to put that cap on it I don’t think this is a country worth fighting for anymore, and again I think there’s a lot of others who agree with me.


    • stewart says:

      Agree with the first part but not the second
      “Who is the threat from any way?”
      Try the emerging Caliphate, or do you think they will honour international law?
      What we should be doing is re-structuring our nuclear deterrent to deter those who have shown themselves to have little compunction about using whatever means they have available.


  9. George R says:

    ” Putin thinks the West is as weak as jelly. And the tragedy is he’s right”

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-2583970/Putin-thinks-West-weak-jelly-And-tragedy-hes-right.html#ixzz2wutWzFpQ
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  10. George R says:

    cartoon by Peter Brookes –



  11. stuart says:

    i am very split on ukraine.i support the peace loving revolutiionarys who kicked out that commie president who stole the money from the ukrainian people to lavish like a typical socalist all kinds of riches and palaces for him and his cronies and good riddance to the them i say,then i look at the crimea and here is the problem,the christian russian speaking minority live in fear of the a islamist insurgency from the muslim tatars,i am no fan of putin even though i wish we had a iron fisted strong leader like him in this country like him but maybe one day nige farage will become prime minister, but putin could not stand back and watch his people getting slaughtered by the jihadists like what is happening in syria.so putin was right for taking back the crimea on that criteria but only this time vladimir,dont push your luck mate.