Move IT!!


Biased BBC likes not just to amuse and amaze occasionally but also aims to inspire its readers….so if you’re starting to feel you’ve spent too much time couch potatoing here’s something to either scare the hell out of you or get you moving….if only to the fridge for another beer…..




and one more just because…..enjoy…


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4 Responses to Move IT!!

  1. stuart says:

    that video clip was,very inclusive,very diverve,very modern britian and uplifting,in fact some oxbridge educated bbc producer might even describe that clip as multi cultural and enriching,only one problem there and it is a big problem.not one white face in that video.not one white face at all,see sol campbell.sometimes as a white people we feel discriminated against.


    • pah says:

      Not my cup of tea but not exactly offensive is it? The first video is in the US where it is not unusual to have all black areas and videos. Only the second one is in Britain and there are a few white faces in the background.

      So I’m not really sure what the complaint here is. Have I missed something?


  2. Andrew Neather says:

    100% diverse, just as we planned!


  3. Rob says:

    I’m 56, white and told I look like Captain Mainwaring but I LOVE this music and have it on in the car much to my sons and my wife’s consternation. I’ve already downloaded the two tracks and I’m looking for more. The video of the Double Dutch is superb!