Anyone else catch Peter Mandelson being allowed a gentle canter on the Today programme this morning as he explained how Miliband has shown courage and real leadership by denying the British people a referendum on EU membership?

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20 Responses to OH MANDY….

  1. Thoughtful says:

    Yes well according to the latest Polls the Liebour lead has slipped to a very slim 3%. God alone knows what life in the UK would be like if Cameron and his grasping greedy minions get it though.
    The Tory part used to be the bastion of British values, patriotism, morality, self help, and achievement, etc etc. They had Britains interests at heart first & foremost.

    Leftie Dave has stripped all of that away. He isn’t interested in people improving their lot and themselves as the blessed Margaret was, the only thing he is interested in is the already over privileged few and maintaining their position in society. His barefaced greed would see him steal the candy from the baby to give it to some Eton toff, the goal of no inheritance tax proves that he has no interest in creating a meritocracy, where those who work hard and earn money are allowed to keep more of it. It’s all about those who already have it being able to pass it on tax free, and in most cases that money has never been taxed in the first place!

    It’s sad to say that there doesn’t seem to be an heir apparent waiting in the wings as true to form, Cameron has filled the cabinet with the rich over privileged males that he hopes to help through tax breaks.

    All of us reading these pages will suffer if the Tories get in, (unless you’re hoping to inherit a multi million pound fotune!). Then again we’ll all suffer if Liebour get in too!


  2. Old Goat says:

    He’s such an oily sod, isn’t he. I lost count of the number of times he mentioned “leadership” in conjunction with Miliband…


  3. NotaSheep says:

    He has got an EU pension to protect…


    • hadda says:

      Strange how no interviewer ever calls him on that, isn’t it? And of course te Beeb also gets cash from the EU to promote the EU.


  4. johnnythefish says:

    ‘Slimeball in polishing turd shocker.’


    • John Anderson says:

      That had me spitting a mouthful of coffee ! I had just heard the 11am Radio 4 news headline with “The Turd” bleating away – luckily I missed the keyboard.

      I don’t know whose voice gives me the creeps most – Mandy or Ed.

      Ed seemed to be whining that an incoming Labour Government would be too busy dealing with the economy to be able to tackle Europe – he would let Europe carry merrily along.

      So he can’t do 2 things at once ? Reminds me of the unfair gibe against Gerald Ford – he couldn’t walk and chew gum at the same time ? Or rather – as the US media was too polite to use the quote from Lyndon Johnson accurately – “He couldn’t fart and chew gum at the same time”. Fits Ed to a T.


      • Thoughtful says:

        In the days when Liebour were in power and the bBC felt able to criticise them, then the antidote to panel games ‘I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue’ with ‘new meanings for old words’ saw Stephen Fry come out with a Gem:

        Countryside – The killing of Peter Mandelson !


        • hadda says:

          Wasn’t it Graeme Garden re Piers Morgan? I can’t see Fry being nasty about Mandy.


  5. Ember2014 says:

    What is courageous about accepting the staus quo in which hundreds of thousands of EU resident move freely to the UK and put a burden on our services and culture?

    When will Miliband stand up for the interests of British people?


    • Old Goat says:

      Never – he doesn’t know what they are, and doesn’t want to. Fingers in his ears, singing “lalalalala – look at me, look at me….”


    • Yawning Donkey says:

      When will any of the three stooges stand up for the british people?


  6. Richard Pinder says:

    I heard Miliband does not want to give the inward looking people of Britain a referendum, because referendums are inward looking, and he wants to look outwards.

    Presumable that means he wants to prance around the world going to international conferences to give away even more of other peoples money to countries like the Ukraine, or start another war, such as say, another Crimean war.

    Like Blair and Cameron, Miliband is bored with inward looking domestic politics, and prefers the imperialist attractions of foreign politics.


  7. Geoff says:

    And remind me why we should respect, or take the views of a twice resigned scheming lying scumbag minister, not to mention former European Commissioner seriously or with any credibility on this matter?


  8. George R says:




  9. chrisH says:

    In fact the whole hour leading up and around Mandelsons Message to the Nation was sheer unadulterated Labour pap.
    And a Tory-free zone…no shouting matches of debates required for Mandelson or Doug Alexander…and I`m sure I heard Hazel Blears in there as I frantically changed channels….oh., and topped and tailed by George Soros.
    Soros nearly broke this country in 1992, but now uses his lucre to send more Roma to us all here….and is worried( like Evan who served as Soros shoeshine boy during the interview) by the …er “Far Right” destabilising the Euro and the EU, both of which are going grandly.
    Bob Crow apparently is now on the Far Right…as is Tony Benn.
    Let our dumping of the Euro/EU and the BBC serve as a worthy tribute to Bob Crow-who would have loved this!
    I`m now doing this for Bob…the late lamented Fat Controller of the EU derailing project from now on!


  10. chrisH says:

    Those of us who check for such things( thanks Craig and Sue) won`t be surprised at the BBCs reporting of the “Big Pledge” of Ed Milibundy at the start of the 7am news(Radio 4 today).
    The newsreader-one Neil Slush puppy-tells us that Sir Edward “declares” his new policy…DECLARES?
    Why not …herald?…declaim?….kindly urges?….respectfully takes up his burden as the Great Helmsman?….
    If anybody ever hears a Tory “declaring” anything but an interest in Jimmy Saviles old annuals…do let me know!
    The beauty of the BBC is that they now reckon that Orwell and Partridge are no longer mockery or satire…but training manuals.
    Unfunny…but their heavy-handed slobbering for Labour is a joke now…but who`s taking them apart for it?….


  11. Old Timer says:

    Perhaps the question should be what happens if we try to leave the EU?

    I think we should leave the EU both for economic and for reasons of principal. The home of democracy, Great Britain, should not be part of this corrupt elitist run cabal. However there is a problem and we do not have to look far to see it.
    What happened in the Ukraine when its democratically elected President decided, for sound economic reasons, to turn away from the EU and back to Russia? There were EU sponsored demonstrations, followed by riots with the mob throwing Molotov Cocktails at the police, then 80 people were shot by snipers, 28 of them were the police. Do you think they shot themselves?
    The EU, the USA and then the UK blamed the President and supported a coop, an overthrow of the elected government. The Ukrainian Members of Parliament were threatened and new leaders were appointed overnight. Job done. Obama in the USA, Cameron, Milliband, Ashton and the rest of the EU gang all called this a democratic change of government supported by the people and we swallowed it without a murmur.
    So UKIP win the next election or are part of a coalition that says they will then hold the in/out EU referendum. What then? Do we really imagine that the despots in charge of the EU will let us go quietly? Do you think they will let the £55 million per day (£20 billion per year) just disappear into smoke? Do we think the BBC or the rest of the media here will give the referendum a fair hearing? I don’t.
    If there is even a smell of defeat for the EU they will use all the dirty tricks in their extensive portfolio. Sponsored demos, extensive violence and damage to public buildings, the police attacked and hurt, or worse. Don’t think it can’t happen, it did just under three years ago when a suspected gangster with a gun was shot and killed by the police. There were of course no riots when Lee Rigby was killed most of us don’t riot do we? So who will win, the nasty EU and its sponsored thugs or the ordinary decent people of the UK?
    As I said at the start, I am all for separation from the EU and ASAP but be prepared for a fight. It will get nasty.


    • Bungee says:

      ..totally agree with the comment. It’s already happening look at the UAF site – http://standuptoukip.org/.
      Thankfully we have the internet and encryption and new technolgy. the establishment / old gard will not win this.


  12. George R says:

    “Labour’s anti-democratic EU referendum refusal.

    “We’ve heard all the arguments before. An EU referendum would create ‘uncertainty’! But all democratic procedures create uncertainty. That’s the point of them. Europhiles are fundamentally anti-democratic.”