I was sorry to read of the death of RMT Trade Unionist Bob Crowe. He was only 52.  That said, I am a little surprised to see the BBC run this as the LEAD story on their news portal all day. Isn’t this a little over the top? What say you? There is also a deference in their coverage of his untimely death which was noticeably absent when Margaret Thatcher died. Perhaps Mr Crowe was more their kind of guy?

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16 Responses to BOB CROWE

  1. chrisH says:

    “Some say he was divisive figure”….safe to say we`ll not be hearing THAT one about Crow!
    Let`s hope all those Beeboids salivating at the drugs and young men on offer in Rio take note…Biggs came back a bit peeky, and Bob hardly lasted two months fater coming back.
    Cancel the World Cup NOW, until we have done all necessary tests!…and in the meantime, thank Brazil for dealing with our crims and landfill union oafs.
    Could we persuade Prescott to check on the Amazonian rainforets for us?…could be worth “the investment”!


  2. Chop says:

    “landfill union oafs”



  3. uncle bup says:

    Did a good job for his membahs.

    Sitting at the front of a train that drives itself – £55,000 p.a.

    Being a surly Nigerian sitting behind a ticket window – £35,000 p.a.

    Great for membahs, sh*t for everyone else.

    That’s yer unions for you.


  4. chrisH says:

    S`pose there`s no chance of a Labour Leadership rerun, now that the death of Crow means that 1.5 million votes or whatever have now gone to Beelzebub, and not his toothpick that now heads that gargoyle of Labour privileges.
    If not, then at least spread all those postal votes among those 16 Councils that are being gerrymandered(what`s Urdu for that then?) by certain faith demographical communities…like Bradford, Slough, Brum, Dewsbury-and(need I add) Tower Hamlets.
    What`s 1.5 million divided by 16?…who`s counting?…Labour in and for ever….that`s all we need to know.


  5. A2+B2=C2+D2=E2+F2=1 says:

    As always, if a person passes and was an ardent leftist, the BBC assume the whole nation will be in mourning. It’s not nice that a human passes away and I feel for his family. But it means to me, the same way that the death of Mandela meant nothing.


  6. bendybus says:

    ITV also leading on this but the BBC are giving it the full black arm bands and funereal music treatment.

    Bob’s kind words on the passing of Lady Thatcher will no doubt be reiterated on his. Something about ‘rot in hell’.


  7. George R says:


    By James Delingpole.

    [Opening excerpt]:-

    “The only time I met the late trade union leader Bob Crow was when we appeared together on BBC Any Questions.
    Before the show I researched what I thought would be the killer point which would floor him completely: the fact that this man of the left was paid by the workers of his union – the Rail, Maritime and Transport union (RMT) – a whopping £145,000 salary, while living courtesy of the taxpayer in a council house.
    “But when I raised the subject it was me, not Crow who got booed by the audience.”


  8. harryurz says:

    Anyone know where I can get “The Wicked Crow is Dead” T-shirts printed cheap?


  9. Fred Bloggs says:

    bBC did not mention that he said on Thatcher’s death – she should rot in hell. Also when they talked about his politics they missed out that he was a member of Scargill’s Socialist workers party and was an admirer and supporter of Arthur Scargill.


  10. stuart says:

    i have to say this,unlike the majority of the leftists in the labour party and in this country i quiet liked bob crow and that is not because my brother is a member of the rmt union it is because like me he was from working class stock,ok as a ukip supporter his politics veered to far to the left for my liking but at the same time the middle class leftists in the labour party who have hijacked and pretended they represented the working classes were no freinds of bob crow believe me,they did not get on at all with him.all day in the media all i have heard is these middle class snotty nosed champayne socalists like ken livingston,owen jones and co on the media praising bob crow because he was against racism and fascism,well normal people like us are against these extremes as well,one thing i liked about bob crow is this which the left failed to mention today, unlike the hard left,he was against and spoke out against the islamists and did not agree with muslim women wearing burkhas,he fell out with a lot of leftists over this,also he wanted out of the e.u unlike the labour party who wont even give us a referendum,so my take on bob crow is that he was not perfect,who is, but he was not a bad bloke who like nigel farage spoke his mind and believed in his causes unlike these gutless useless labour party lot and this coalition goverement who are just 3 cheeks of the same politcaly correct backsides who are ruining are country.


  11. John Standley says:

    No doubt, when London Underground was on strike, the beeb just dipped into the licence fee well to order taxis for all their staff.

    Here’s a fine assessment of the views of commuters:

    (Warning – swearies)


  12. Pounce says:

    Newsnight referring to the dead fatty as a…National treasure.


  13. Dioclese says:

    I know where I stand on this guy – over his grave so the bastard can’t get out again!


  14. John Standley says:

    It’s one thing for trade union leaders to promote the interests of their members – it’s a bit different when they do so to the detriment of thousands of fellow workers who can’t get to work.