‘But truth speaks with one voice’





It’s perhaps a shame that so many BBC journalists just take the BBC’s shilling, keep their head down and hope to survive in a well paid, pretty secure job until they can rest easy on an ample pension…..and all the time conforming to the consensus, going native in the land of the Guardianistas…..

Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre,  has called it  ‘a closed thought-system, operating a kind of Orwellian newspeak … perverting political discourse, and disenfranchising countless millions, who don’t subscribe to the BBC’s world view.’
And Georgina Born wrote [of a BBC advert for itself]: The implication is clear and the message emotional and powerful; the BBC’s global services – and BBC World – speak truth, and it’s a truth that all can understand, whatever their colour, age or ethnicity. The BBC avows for itself a global role of truth-speaking. The ad is electrifying; I am utterly slain. But perhaps the message is too powerful, too propagandistic. Should the BBC use such Orwellian language? Should it dare to propose for itself such a universal role?



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6 Responses to ‘But truth speaks with one voice’

  1. Doublethinker says:

    Would we expect that the collective ego of the BBC would be anything less than global in size. The BBC does not speak the truth but speaks the narrative of the liberal left and distorts the truth to suit that world view.
    However, on the Media Show yesterday, we perhaps heard the first sounds of the demise of the over mighty BBC. It seems that in the USA only 3% , yes only 3% , of the so called generation Y ( people aged 20 to 30, if like me you had no idea who they were) get their news from main stream media and instead use various providers on the internet. If , as is usual , the UK follows in the tracks
    of the US trends , then we can look forward to a fairly rapid decline of the influence of the BBC on the thinking of the UK population. Of course the BBC is unlikely to let this happen without a struggle. One of their initial attempts is to tempt gen Y to use the BBC by putting BBC3 onto the internet. This means that License Fee payers are paying for something that they probably can’t receive. We are all inured to paying for something we don’t want to watch , but paying for something you couldn’t watch even if you wanted to, is a new departure for the Ministry of Truth. perhaps this will prompt a long overdue LF payers revolt. No doubt they will try to launch a ‘gen Y friendly’ news programme to capture those who unwittingly venture into their arms and indoctrinate gen Y into the ‘right way of thinking’. But, unless the government is persuaded by the BBC to limit the access to the net of other news providers, the corporation will never achieve the same dominance of news and current affairs as it currently has on UK TV and radio. A BBC free future may not be a pipe dream.


    • Big Dick says:

      Yeah but generation Y don`t buy a tv tax token , they live with Mum & Dad , in digs, with other non payers , or don`t even bother ! Does that mean `X` FM should be re branded Y FM ?


  2. Richard Pinder says:

    There are indications, that at the BBC, they still employ intelligent people, but they are only employed in the technical engineering side. At tea breaks, they would need to cover any Daily Mail, with a front page of the Guardian.


  3. johnnythefish says:

    Georgina Born asks a question then gives the answer.

    Clever girl.


  4. London Calling says:

    The owners of West London restaurants in Barnes and Chiswick are quaking at the thought that BBC producers and journalists might grow a pair of cohones, but no fear, they will parrot whatever the puppet-masters at the Guardian tells them to think. Offspring Seamus Milne, Winchester Oxbridge, son of BBC ubergrupenfuhrer Alastair Milne conducts the groupthink, unchallenged. What a load of scum.


    • zoid says:

      i’m sorry, but SIR Alistair Milne would have been put out that you missed his title.

      However, his son Shameless, is of course a sweat soaked, sun blasted son of the soil, who has had to graft until his hands were calloused just to get where he is. A true proletarian.

      There is a shorter description for Shameless Milne, although it does have four latter and rhymes with ‘punt’.