I reckon the BBC must be getting anxious that once more their hero, Obama, is being utterly outflanked by Putin. I heard an American “expert” pundit on the Today programme just after 7.15am (Joe Klein, I think) bleating how Obama was running rings around the Russian President. He also was allowed to disparage the Republican Party when he was at it. The bias is so easy, they never even see it,

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56 Responses to OBAMA THE WISE…

  1. Simon says:

    “I heard an American “expert” pundit on the Today programme just after 7.15am (Joe Klein, I think) bleating how Obama was running rings around the Russian President”

    Only a complete blinkered buffoon would think that!


    • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

      The main bbc breakfast headline this morning is that the USA has withdrawn all miltary cooperation with tne Russians until they return their troops to barracks.
      What’s almost funny is they seem to think thats the answer!


      • DP111 says:

        The US is bringing its vast power and resources to bear on Russia.
        Obama has threatened to “unfriend” Putin on his Facebook account.


    • Frank Words says:

      If their judgement is that Obama is doing brilliantly I wonder how many worthless Spanish time shares they have bought as well. Talk about fools.


    • John Bosworth says:

      Joe Klein is a Democrat apologist. To describe him as an “American expert” – implying that he has a detached view – is misleading. He should only be used as a member of a balanced panel not as an authority.


  2. Old Timer says:

    If you read the comment sections of the any of the British newspapers and blogs the vast majority of people can see what has happened, that an unelected street mob consisting of at least some nasty fascists, has taken over Kiev and that Putin’s intervention was right.

    The meddling EU with Ashton wandering about Kiev handing out sweeties, giving encouragement to the mob’s leaders and telling them outright lies, that the EU would hand over a few billion when they succeed in their overthrow of the legitimate government, has brought us to the brink of WW3.

    For the Americans to now say, as Kerry did yesterday, that this behaviour is unacceptable in the 21st century is probably the most incredible piece of hypocrisy that I have ever seen. Anyone remember Shock and Awe in Iraq? Thousands of innocent people killed. And then there is Afganistan, unless I am mistaken that was a USA led invasion too. And the bombing of Serbia and Libya. Shall I go on?

    Yet our media, with the deluded BBC at its head, seems to think Putin is a thug, a bully but as yet it seems to me, and to most right thinking people, that he has put his country’s young men at risk to save lives.

    As for Cameron and Haig trying to strut about on the world stage, words fail me. What can we do? We haven’t even got one aircraft carrier, Dozy Dave scrapped it. And now they want economic sanctions against the supplier of one of, if not the largest one, of our energy providers.

    What I see is not just bias from our media and our leaders it is madness.


    • The Sage says:

      A spot on analysis. Putin is 100% correct to try to protect those in Crimea who feel threatened by the new and pretty much illegal regime in Kiev.


    • Guest Who says:

      ‘an unelected street mob’
      A wee while ago some less than democratic types were kicking off in Bangkok.
      The BBC had a page that led to a HYS based around the question ‘Do you think the Thai PM should resign?’.
      When the national state media monopoly of the UK sees merit in mob rule to institute democratic change over peaceful campaigning and/or legitimate protest, it has totally committed itself to meddling propaganda and warrants no public support to mislead the public on world or domestic affairs under the guise of ‘reporting’.


    • DP111 says:

      Old Timer
      Second that. Spot on.

      Not content with supporting alQaeda and worse in Syria, and having destabilised the one country in the Muslim world where religious minorities were free to practice their faith, the West is now supporting neo-Nazis in Ukraine.

      Are they mad? Don’t they have any idea that doing such things on Russia’s border violates common sense. What if Russian and Chinese diplomats traveled to Canada, to incite a local protest into armed takeover of Canada? Would the US, specially if the new administration in Canada was threatening Washington with nukes, stay quiet?

      The USA, Russia and China, are global military powers, and are accorded respect. But along with it come responsibilities. One of the main ones is that none of the three must do anything that brings two, or all three, in direct conflict, as that could lead to the end of civilisation.

      The USA and the EU violated a simple commonsense rule. They thought they could get away with it, as they thought Russia’s hands were tied because of the Sochi Olympics. Unfortunately for the USA, the takeover took too long. The winter olympics ended, and Russian chess pieces are now in full play.

      The US is now back peddling rapidly, under a camouflage screen of bluster and threats ( John Kerry’s latest salvo), and save as much of Obama’s face as possible.


      • John Anderson says:

        The end-result will be that Putin keeps the Crimea – and maybe even more territory – while the EU and the US prop up the failed Ukrainian economy. A combination of CND-Ashton, stupid Hague and the Obama/Kerry/Powers gaggle of idiots – total folly all round.


      • Frank Words says:

        Well yes. Travelling to Canada was a neat point. Older readers might recall Charles De Gaulle going to Quebec around 1966 and inciting the French population with a bit of merde agitation. How well did that go down?


    • Nick says:

      This is completely wrong. It is incorrect at a basic level.

      The protestors wanted a corrupt dictator out. He imprisoned the legitimate opposition, stole tens of millions from Ukraine and then used force to maintain his government.

      Putin remains a bully trying to control resources and annex Ukraine into Russia to dominate gas supplies.

      It is about democracy and freedom from corruption. This is all the protestors wanted.


      • Roland Deschain says:

        Corrupt dictator he may have been, but he was nonetheless democratically elected and friendly towards Russia. How do you think it looks to Putin when a country on his border has demonstrations against a friendly leader, egged on by the visit of an unelected stooge from the EU, which result in the overthrow of said friendly leader and replacement by an apparently EU-friendly government?

        There’s shades of gray here, and the BBC (in common with the rest of the MSM, it has to be said) has been utterly dismal in its failure to provide any sort of anaysis of this other than good guy/bad guy. As far as I’ve seen, at least.


      • Henry Wood says:

        Nick, where did you get your inside information that “This is all the protestors wanted”, and I wonder if you could share it with us, please?


      • Span Ows says:

        One problem with your comment Nick, it’s completely wrong – on all counts.


    • Simon says:

      Post of the week!


    • Richard says:

      Very articulate.

      Our leaders are worse than idiots – so much so that words fail me. I wouldn’t know where to start with a critique of their misbehaviour and mismanagement, but you’ve just about summed it up.

      I’ve still got a bruise on my upper chest where my jaw landed on it when I saw fiddle-face Kerry banging on about breaches of international law or some such bollocks. (I wonder if I can sue for that?)


  3. London Calling says:

    “Afganistan, unless I am mistaken that was a USA led invasion”… No, it was the Pakistani Taliban invasion of Afghanistan that lead to the eventual response of the West. You hear the same nonsense from youth about Vietnam being an American invasion, not a response to the North Vietnamese incursion by the Viet Cong into South Vietnam.

    Amazing how people like to rewrite history in order to cast America as the “bloodthirsty warmonger”. Its a tired old anti-Bush meme.


    • DP111 says:

      The Taleban have bases in Afghanistan because a different tribe was in power in Afghanistan. The invasion of Afghanistan took place not because the USA was going to liberate Afghanistan from one bunch of Afghans from another, but as a response to 9/11.

      9/11 was planned, funded and carried out by mainly Saudi Arabians. The US should have invaded and introduced democracy in the country that is the main funder of Jihad worldwide.


    • starfish says:

      What ‘invasion’?

      There was a straightforward conflict between AQ-suppoting Taliban in the south (supprted by Pakistan’s ISI as we later found out) and the anti-Taliban forces of the Nortrhern Alliance supported by Coalition air power and special forces

      At no point was there an ‘invasion’. The post Taliban interim government invited ISAF ,established by the U


    • starfish says:

      What ‘invasion’?

      There was a straightforward conflict between AQ-suppoting Taliban in the south (supprted by Pakistan’s ISI as we later found out) and the anti-Taliban forces of the Nortrhern Alliance supported by Coalition air power and special forces

      At no point was there an ‘invasion’. The post Taliban interim government invited ISAF ,established by the United Nations, to assist it in establishing security and governmental control in Afghanistan

      I know because I was involved

      Stop rewriting history


  4. Moise pippic says:

    Joe Klein also said, much to the approval of James Naughtie, how Obama has been shown to be “a veteran poker player” in such political situations. He then banged on with his well rehearsed shtick about those ” Republican hard liners” led by John Mc Cain. Why are New York Jewish journalists so predictable when it comes to their infatuation with Obama and their love affair with the Democrats.


    • John Anderson says:

      I rather prefer Mark Levin’s comments :

      “Palin warned that our response to Russia invading Georgia was so tepid and that Obama’s comments were so tepid that it would encourage Russia in the future to, perhaps, invade Ukraine. They’ve always wanted complete control of the Black Sea, that’s where their navy is. The Ukraine is a sovereign nation. And look what’s happened.

      You’ve got, with all due respect, you’ve got a former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who is really incompetent, she has no background in this, you’ve got “mashed potato face,” he’s in there as Secretary of State, he doesn’t know what he’s doing. You’ve got the President of the United States, who really is just, I can’t think of anything that he touches that doesn’t turn to crap. And you’ve got one of the dumbest people ever to step inside the Beltway as Secretary of Defense.

      Putin’s an old KGB thug. He’s running circles around these guys. It’s infuriating, if you love your country, to watch this happening to us internationally. And what is Obama going to do this week? He’s going to bring in Netanyahu and beat up on him and tell him you gotta cut a deal, or we may not be able to defend Israel. Everything this guy touches, domestic or foreign, I’m serious here, turns to crap.

      Would Naughtie ever interview Levin – a hugely successful author and radio host ? Some hope.”

      IMHO In the UK we ought to abolish the notion of forcing TV and radio channels to have “political balance” – the balance always veers left, and it allows total dominance by the BBC. Channels should be a s free as newspapers to choose their own editorial slant – and the BBC should now be abolished as it is a threat to our democratic process.


      • mamapjs says:

        re: “..you’ve got “mashed potato face,” he’s in there as Secretary of State, he doesn’t know what he’s doing.”

        Actually, I think of him as Herman Munster… 🙂


        • Frank Words says:

          Spot on.


        • therealguyfaux says:

          Often referred to as “Lurch” as well, by posters on, e.g., Breitbart.

          There is something of the 1960’s horror show spoof about him, in any event. And in any event, he IS a 2010’s horror show, but sadly, not a spoof.


      • Rob says:

        I happened to turn on an episode of QI last week, in time to see Stephen Fry and Sandi Toksvig laughing at Sarah Palin for being so stupid. If five seconds of viewing could encapsulate everything that is wrong with the smug, self-satisfied, leftist, statist BBC, that was it.


  5. Llareggub says:



  6. Llareggub says:

    Sorry about the above failed comment, I tried to add a picture of the great O.


  7. Colonel Blimp says:

    presumably in 1938 there were lots of sycophantic newspaper articles saying that Mister Chamberlain was a veteran card player who was running rings around that weak Mister Hitler


    • Frank Words says:

      And Von Papen thought the same thing in January 1933 when he convinced Hindenburg to appoint Herr Hitler as Chancellor: a puppet they would manage. those convinced of their own cleverness often end up embarrassed by history.


  8. stuart says:

    i cant stand the leftists,marxists and communists who made are lifes a misery under 2 terms of the labour partry and there is every chance that happening again and going back to the old soviet days if ed miilband gets elected in 2016.but that aside,you have to admire mr putin,if only we had a strong man and no nonsense leader like him in charge to sort out are lawless country and his iron fist approach to the islamists and jihadists who get no second chance and a cushy cell in bellmarch to plan more terror attacks then maybe the uk would be a nice and safer place to live,but it not because we like america have straw man wimpy leaders who have no backbone or balls to take on are enemys,that you cannot say about mr putin.


    • Colonel Blimp says:

      of course it would be unnecessarily and vilely cynical to suggest that the kind of milksop governments we have in the west are exactly the kind of thing the Frankfurt School Marxists have been working towards for decades, with the end goal of allowing Russian dominance over the effete West


    • Matrecheese says:

      We used to have one a, certain Mrs Thatcher.


  9. starfish says:

    Hang on

    Lefties do not object to Communist invasion of former vassal state

    And this is news?


  10. Alan Larocka says:

    Starting to admire the Russians – feel like Ralph Milliband


  11. David says:

    Its beyond me how anyone can support Putin’s invasion.

    I expect you’d have no issue with the US invading Venezuela as well as they’re currently having some problems too?

    I expect you’ll be cheering on Russia in invading Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania as well?


    • Chilli says:

      Yes. If he does maybe we won’t have to deal with a flood of Estonian, Lavtvian and Lithuanian benefits immigrants and criminals imported by the EU-LibLabCon party . Here’s hoping Hague, Ashton, Cameron and Barosso are near the front line when the shooting starts. Is there a website where we can make donations to the Russians to help buy bullets? I’m rootin’ for Putin.


      • chrisH says:

        Putin and Palin dancing at Wimbledon Winners Ball 2015?
        We might have a free and fightback type of West then….


  12. Guest Who says:

    Ukraine is starting to look like a whole KFC supplier farm of chickens is coming to roost, with a dash of karma and a shed load of laws of unintended consequences getting enacted.
    Certainly the calibre of MSM, and especially BBC ‘reporting’, has been full of enough dubious fact, skewed vox pop and innuendo to ensure that all those prone to do so are now comfortably ensconced in their respective corners having their mouth guards taken out.
    What does seem a bit odd is that all those who would have been first around the fences or down Whitehall supporting the Russian version of peace in our time 50’s & 60’s style, now seem to be devoted EU flag wavers…. against the red menace.
    Maybe it’s politics of the least bad? Who knows?
    Certainly Vlad the Shirtless does not immediately strike one as the sort of cove one would want to do business, much less mess with. At least, whilst keeping one’s kneecaps. He certainly scares the willies out of me, because he seems smart on top of ruthless, and thus far has enjoyed a fair measure of Napoleonic luck in pursuing Russia’s interests to the exclusion of all else.
    I rather liked the buffer of the East European states as much for keeping chaps like him a few countries away as he seems keen not to have Baroness Ashton and a few other curiously unelected types standing on the border pointing like a Wrong ‘Un whilst ‘encouraging’ all those democratic protestors and their firebombs.
    Because these guys don’t seem quite the driven snow some are trying to portray either, maybe down to the calibre of analysis the BBC can manage on such Crimean Spring occasions, or maybe because they really do think that all they want it peace and democracy, EU-style, as the annexations (soft or hard) seem to be a bit of a turkey-shoot currently.
    Not too sure the UK can stay out as much as I’d like, but I’m ‘rooting’ for neither extreme in this as, like the ME, they seem pretty much two sides of a deranged coin, so maybe best to let them slug it out and try and stay wary near neighbours on nodding terms with the victor.
    At the moment, that’s looking like anyone who doesn’t have Barack, Hills, Kerry, Dave, White Dee, Dozy, and the EU crew on their side handling strategy.


  13. graphene fedora says:

    ‘It is not clear what the Left is complaining about over items such as Ukraine & Syria. In Britain, Europe & the USA they all swooned over Barack Obama. They got the weakling they wanted. So what’s the problem?’
    A devastating critique of a president (& his sycophants) who makes Jimmy Carter look like General Patton.


    • EmersonV says:

      What worries me isn’t Russia but China. They must be seeing how weak and inept the west are. Believe me they will try to exert maximum influence in the China sea with Taiwan in their sights.


  14. imaynotalwaysloveyou says:

    The problem Putin has in the West is that he’s straightforwardly authoritarian. One of those nasty types Adorno warned us about. And shock horror he’s a nationalist, actually cares about the people he identifies as Russians. Even worse will not listen to all the liberal angst about gays, muslim rights or annoying wimmin (Pussy Riot etc).

    Sure he isn’t palatable to a lot of folk on the libertarian right either, he is ex KGB and couldn’t give a toss about liberty or human rights. But running Russia is a tough gig and I think he should get the benefit of the doubt until he starts murdering people like the old skool dictators.

    Meanwhile Obama has now got a green light to deport a Christian German family (having fled there to be able to homeschool thier kids) while opening up his borders to all and sundry who..are most unlikely to make the USA a more prosperous, socially harmonious and better place.


  15. Ember2013 says:

    When the world’s most respected broadcaster is so biased then it does the world’s audience a big disservice. If they won’t fairly criticise the most powerful man in the world then we are weaker for it.


  16. sirus says:

    they should send in the troops all over the uk to protect us from the islamic terror gangs and are children from the muslim child grooming paedophile rings