This one is early! But I can see the existing thread is bulging at the seams so here you go, a NEW thread. Warning – if trolls appear let me know and they will be squashed.

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  1. DICK R says:

    The front page of the Mail is being splashed all over the BBC about Patrick Rock being arrested on child sex abuse charges.
    For the last week the labour perverts have been protected ,by the BBC .
    This must be the most blatant example yet !!!


    • Pounce says:

      Yeah I noticed that as well. Quicker than an Allah Ackba when it comes to a Tory (who was reported by the…Tories) Yet when its a leftwing nonce (Or his/her defender) then its slow news year.


  2. Jeff Waters says:

    It was a slow news day on Monday.

    OK, there was the small matter of Russia invading a sovereign nation, but it can’t have been that important, as Newsnight found time to ask White Dee of Benefits Street fame about her job search:

    Really cutting edge, quality journalism, that: lefty journalist chats with lefty Z list celeb…



  3. Pounce says:

    How the bBC rewrites the history of the Crimean Tatars in which to hide a very salient fact:
    Ukraine crisis: Does Russia have a case?
    Only 10 years earlier, Joseph Stalin had deported Crimea’s entire Tatar population, some 300,000 people, allegedly for co-operating with Hitler’s Germany.

    What the bBC doesn’t tell you Stalin did so because the Crimean Tatars sided with Hitler and formed the Tatar legion which served with distinction as a unit inside the SS. With that in mind want to hazard a guess just what religion these poor people practice?


  4. Joeb says:

    Jim Naughtie on Radio 4 just after 7, with reference to Ukraine:

    “The way Obama is playing this is fascinating”

    What, being completely ignored or slapped around in public like Putin’s little bitch, Jim? Yes, fascinating…

    Followed by the guest saying “Obama is famously a wise old poker player”. Why not just have Obama on and giving him a fu**ing reach around, Jim?


    • Roland Deschain says:

      It IS fascinating. But not in a good way.


      • joeb says:

        I’m sure Naughtie didn’t mean it that way! To hear the two of them fawning over Barry like schoolgirls over Justin Bieber was just excruciatingly embarrassing.

        Barry is Vlad’s ‘ho’, now, end of…


    • chrisH says:

      Yes, and the Democratic sandbag used to “big up” Bazza inadvertedly gave us our cartoon of the day.
      He referred to a caricature that Putin was playing chess, whilst Obama was playing marbles.
      Now the little matter of drawing it…but works for me in this case.
      Obama is merely Jimmy Carter in a paperweight guise…and only Mardell and his Beeb Gagas would see old Poker Face as bringing anything to the table, but a old reefer and an enhanced birth certificate.


  5. Thoughtful says:

    BBC Today program just had some idiot on 08:17 who is defending Russia against any kind of sanctions, and while most of us could turn to acts we in this country are not proud of, his bBC biased mind came up with the following examples which illustrate the thinking.

    If we’re going to have a go at Russia what about us? things like ‘Bloody Sunday’ or Steven Lawrence? He then went on to have a dig at Jeremy Clarkson !

    So many things which he could have had used as a examples but didn’t, he fell back on the lefts lazy favourites, and there’s no evidence that Lawrence was killed in a racist attack or leastways that he had no involvement in.


    • Umbongo says:

      The “idiot on 8:17” was the economist Liam Halligan who wrote an interesting article in the Telegraph this morning. Sure Halligan’s reference to Stephen Lawrence is a mark of his idiocy when he strays off economics. AFAIAA, he’s also a warmist but this only illustrates that we’re not all of a piece and that even the most sensible have a deluded side. But, as an economist, Halligan is well worth listening to.
      As the Telegraph article shows and as the discussion on Today also partially showed (Mishal (?) kept interrupting Liam so some of his key arguments could not be made), the UK can not only do nothing but anything we might do could cost us far more than it would Russia. The obloquy here should be with the government (and the previous one) who have stripped this country of any semblance of energy independence and made over our foreign “policy” to the EU. Worse, given our strategic weaknesses, it appears that the Russian reaction to events in Kiev came as a total shock to the “experts” at the FCO. In other words the FCO (and, as it happens, the US State Department and Obama) are making policy on the hoof. Blimey didn’t anyone here suspect that the Russians might be a tad upset when one of their political allies (who no matter how corrupt he is, was apparently democratically elected to office) was slung out of office?
      Just dealing with the UK government here; its fault lies in contracting out foreign policy to the EU. Moreover, having seen what happened in Georgia, apparently no-one at the FCO thought it worthwhile to consider what to do if Putin turned ugly in another part of the old Soviet Empire. Sending Hague to Kiev is quite ridiculous. It would have been better to send Bono instead: he’s got more traction with senior foreign politicians than the Foreign Secretary.
      Coming back to the BBC: its welcome for the Kiev spring was as mistaken as its welcome for the Arab one. Again, the BBC audience (and, to be fair, readers of the MSM) was not well-served here. There were nuances in the demonstrations and political manoeuverings in Kiev which were either unknown to the BBC reporters or, if known, not conveyed. This is not an allegation of bias in this instance, just an observation concerning the effect of limiting resources which should be devoted to “real” news and the hard (and hidden) work of long-term gathering of background inntelligence in contrast to the money thrown, for instance, at reporting the Madiba-fest.


      • chrisH says:

        Agree-Halligan is a good economics writer, but a bit of a Graham Linehan in all other areas.
        Pity they don`t stick to their areas of competence-but then we`d not be asking Bono about anything but dog biscuits.


  6. Oldbob says:

    8:30 news: Louise airhead Minchen: “Scientists in Siberia have thawed out and brought back to life a thousands of years old frozen virus but it is not thought to be a threat to humans. However, there are thought to be many unknown frozen viruses”

    Brainless Bill Turnbull …. with a straight face…..” and more viruses could thaw as a result of climate change ” !

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    FFS how desperate do the morons that write this stuff have to get before they are taken away and shot at dawn ?


    • Joeb says:

      They’ll be saying next that woolly mammoths will thaw out and rampage across the planet because of global warming, you watch.


      • Joshaw says:

        It’s not the mammoths I’m worried about, it’s “The Thing” buried in the Antarctic.

        We already have enough shape shifters in Parliament.


    • Kyoto says:

      You may of switched off because you were laughing but it finished ‘as a result of climate change, and drilling for oil and gas’.


      • joeb says:

        Heh Heh. Really? Sh*t, there’s just no end to their brazen claims, is there?

        Turnbull is such a tool, one of the worst at the BBC.


    • Old Goat says:

      Whenever they mention “climate change”, they assume that it’s the “wrong” way – i.e., uncontrolled catastrophic warming, whilst failing to mention that the climate can also cool, when it changes – it behaves sort of cyclically as do most things, which they would realise if they did a modicum of research..

      If the permafrost melts due to “climate change”, it must be reasonable to assume that the same “climate change” spawned the permafrost in the first place. they never seem to see that aspect of it, or if they do, they keep conveniently quiet about it.

      Anyway, they have achieved the required reference to “Climate Change” in today’s news bulletins, so job done.


      • joeb says:

        “Anyway, they have achieved the required reference to “Climate Change” in today’s news bulletins, so job done.”

        The old, “if you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes true” schtick.


  7. AsISeeIt says:

    Get out there… find out who’s the underdog and cry like a baby…

    Well that seems to be the brief for BBC heavyweight John Simpson CBE

    Who cares what might in the interests of the Britain that pays his airticket and pension, or of international peace and prosperity? Not the BBC. Not when there are perceived grievances to be trumpeted – and EU borders to be expanded.

    The word agenda always springs to mind when the BBC acts in such an imbalanced way. But the word ‘breif’ is a more suitable one here because deep in the bloated ego of these BBC slawarts – and also in their lightweight admirers of the next (more diverse?) generation of so-called reporters – there is no real journalistic core anymore. By which I mean the ability to honestly relate to the cares and thinking of the man-in-the-street.

    These BBC people sees themselves as an elite of campaigning advocates.

    Just listen to the number of times they bark on about ‘international law’ – as if that odd concept really existed outside of the head of a fully paid up Guardianista.

    From folksy Perry Mason wanabe (‘Jury, could you see any wrong in those big brown eyes?’) to snidey Blairite/Clintonite hairspitting – that’s your BBC.


    • Phil Ford says:

      “…These BBC people sees themselves as an elite of campaigning advocates.”

      It’s not just that, though; upper-echelon reporters at the Politburo are vainglorious, egotistic, smug, self-aggrandizing serial awards-chasers, from Fergal Keane to John Simpson and back again by way of Syrian refugee camps, Palestinian ‘freedom fighters’ and any number of annual famines, droughts, floods or tropical storms. These bottom-feeding trolls will roll into town, BBC expenses in tow, at the drop of a hat or the merest whiff of a chance of an international award for services to something they still quaintly refer to as ‘journalism’.

      Amazingly, they still expect us to take them seriously. And to pay for the privilege.


      • TrueToo says:

        ….something they still quaintly refer to as ‘journalism’.

        So true. What they actually excel at is propaganda by distortion and omission of facts.


  8. TrueToo says:

    Anyone who wants to inflict the Oscar Pistorius trial on themselves can bypass the BBC and get it straight from the horse’s mouth:


    • Alan Larocka says:

      What is the Beeboid directive on this?
      South African Judiciary (Mandela Created) v Disabled whitey living in white only enclave…………


  9. Thoughtful says:

    Final article on the Today program is the subject of ‘MOOKs’ which are now being offered by British universities.

    For those who don’t know what they are MOOKs or ‘Massive open online course’ are free courses run by top professors, and have become massively popular in the USA and around the world. Poor people especially in the developing world have been able to improve themselves by taking these courses, when they have no other way of accessing higher education.

    But the lefty elitists aren’t about to allow the unwashed masses to get into their ivory towered bastions, so out comes loony leftie Mary Beard (who could do with a shave) to tell us all why it’s so wrong that the people can access education. In a stunning about face that she would normally be arguing, she made it clear that when her own position was even slightly threatened all that leftie pontificating and bulling of other groups, some how doesn’t apply to her and her field !

    I think that’s what we call Hypocrisy’!


  10. AsISeeIt says:

    BBC Breakfast introduces the BBC selected Eurovision song for Great Britain.

    Containing the chanted lyric ‘Power to the people, power to the people…’

    Come on you lot…. stop calling the BBC institutionally Leftist

    How on earth could anyone have picked up that misconception?


    • Roland Deschain says:

      Didn’t Cliff Richard try something similar many years ago?


      • AsISeeIt says:

        I think you may be refering to that subliminal homosexual call to arms ‘Power to all our friends…’


  11. George R says:

    “Why Can’t a Woman Be More Like a Man?”

    “Women on TV should emulate men with deeper, more authoritative voices, suggests BBC presenter Mary Beard”


  12. Doyle says:

    A ‘debate’ on BBC Radio Manchester with two representatives of a Ukrainian organisation and no one else. Double the bias! Anti-Russian all the way through, like a stick of Ukrainian rock. First caller was pressed what we should do. “Er … nothing.” Give that man a cigar. Lots of ‘we’ from the Manc Ukrainians, they meant the Ukraine of course, not Britain. Here’s the thing, if you love it so much over there, pick up a petrol bomb and join your football hooligan, neo-nazi pals … and leave us out of it.


    • Doyle says:

      I should point out that an appeal was made ‘for members of the Ukrainian community in Manchester ‘ to get in touch. No such appeal was made for the Russian community although they were getting most of the stick. Very quickly DJ Mike Sweeney (who knows a bit about the 1960’s but fuck all about geopolitics) turned pro-Ukrainian and we then had triple the bias.


      • S## the Lot Of Them says:

        Any questions from the Beeboids as to why we have Ukrainians her ?


        • Doyle says:

          Well, those two on the radio were born and bred here judging by their accents. There’s been a Ukrainian community in these parts for a while.

          It was obvious where their loyalties lay however and it wasn’t here.
          My point was that there were two ‘Ukrainians’ there (a chair and a vice-chair apparently) and there was no-one to argue from the other side. Why would you need two anyway? Surely one would’ve been enough unless, of course, you wanted to skew the ‘debate.’ This is where the presenter should’ve become the devil’s advocate … unfortunately he went native early on and joined them!


  13. #88 says:

    Back to the Rock story mentioned above (and my word, Newsnight were out of the traps like a rat up a drainpipe last night – gone was the lack of curiosity that they ably displayed about Harman & co a week ago).

    It is interesting to note, though, the way that the BBC are carefully editing the story and censoring the statement from Number 10. News broadcasts have centred on Rock’s closeness to Cameron, that he was selected by him, he was at the heart of No 10, and that this is embarrassing for Cameron (with the obvious implication that it reflects on his judgement). Some bulletins even managed to mention ‘THATCHER’ (FFS).

    No bulletin that I have heard has pointed out that No 10 spotted these images and reported them to the police…but of course, any suggestion of proactivity from No 10 wouldn’t really fit in with the message that the BBC are trying to convey.

    Meanwhile, given what emerged late last week, Labour’s ‘PIE three’ still have questions to answer, and if judgement is a question for Cameron, so it is for Miliband.

    But of course these are questions that the BBC won’t ask.


    • Guest Who says:

      ‘Newsnight were out of the traps like a rat up a drainpipe last night’
      The BBC & prioritising news… what are they like? A. Journalist must be nodding sagely at just how like a newsroom they can be.
      But when push comes to shove, they can of course be relied upon to give the country the top stories from the most adept analysts to offer insight on the topic to hand:
      BBC Radio 5 live (@bbc5live)
      “Matt McConaughey…..sensational”: Sir Alex Ferguson at the #Oscars LISTEN AGAIN:…
      Next up, the BBC flies in Julia Gillard to tell us just what it’s like being a Sheila in a gay footballers’ changing room. Either kind. Or something.


  14. noggin says:

    After the glaringly obvious, calculating, subversive action
    of muslims in the “Trojan Horse” expose in the education system … not on BBC News
    A new film about the alarming increase in so called “honour” killing/violence by vast majority muslim families … probably next … not? to appear on BBC News

    hmmm … so after the education system … remember this classic from BBC “The Planners”
    about yep! you guessed it, calculating, subversive, threatening, bullying etc etc … any ideas who mit could be?


  15. njl100 says:

    BBC News Home Page currently has story about Cameron saying there will be room for tax cuts shortly. Strangely the 2 links under the headline are to articles that try to justify Labour’s tax policy:
    Peston: Labour’s Shift on Taxes
    Labour’s 50p tax ‘not anti-business’

    Strange that isn’t it?


    • #88 says:

      Just a coincidence, I think.

      Just like yesterday’s BBC praise for Welsh devolution and how it is improving the economy there…this immediately following days of Tory attacks on the incompetence of the Welsh Labour ‘government’ and its underperformance in health, education and looking after the interests of the Welsh people.


  16. AsISeeIt says:

    Give the BBC credit where credit is due

    – no this is not about another secret and dubious fund for the BBC to propagandize the virtues of the EU…

    If one is to highlight the deeply ingrained institutional Leftism of the BBC normally on show in most aspects of their broadcasting then it is only fair to flag up the odd occasions when something counter to the normal Left-liberal permissive narrative slips out.

    Yesterday there were BBC reports on the subject of Welsh Devolution.

    I link to the main story here – but please note that the BBC has edited out from the film clip and from the written editorial the couple of counter-narrative aspects that somehow slipped through to the main BBC TV news.

    ‘Control over youth justice and policing should be devolved to Wales, a report into assembly powers has recommended.’

    By way of a ‘balance’ to the general thrust of all BBC reports that devolution is a jolly good thing there were in fact a few voxpop voices quoted that gave the slight hint that all might not be well in the public services as run by the local Labour republic of Yaki Da.

    Heath : Welsh waiting lists were increasing and frustrated patients were crossing the border into England for operations.

    Education : The curriculum seemed ‘too broad’ and this was adversly affecting results. Some believed schools in Wales should instead concentrate on “the basics”.

    The reporter was a tad loathe to name the Party that dare not be named (on the BBC) but the vague suggestion of the merits of some conservative policies was made.

    Simply pointing out this unusual inccident only really serves to prove how bloody biased the BBC is normally.


    • Guest Who says:

      ‘The reporter was a tad loathe to name the Party that dare not be named (on the BBC) but the vague suggestion of the merits of some conservative policies was made.’
      Can happen.
      ‘Editorial Guidelines on accuracy apply to all content wherever and however it is received. It was particularly important for this to be borne in mind by the BBC as it continued in the development of new platforms for delivering its content.’
      Sorted then.


  17. Templeborough says:

    In all the coverage of the Ukraine crisis I have heard not one word, not a peep, from the BBC or anyone else, about the Holomodor, the genocidal murder by starvation of millions of Ukranians by the Russian bolsheviks in 1932-33. Stalin was in power by then but Lenin or Trotsky would have done exactly the same. I wonder why we hear nothing? It is impossible to understand Ukraine’s role in WW2 and subsequent events without this knowledge. I wonder why the silence?


  18. Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

    So Susanna Reid is away to ITV then.
    How long before she crawls back to albeeba begging for her job back?
    Where’s the bias in that? Errrr…none, but who cares.


    • uncle bup says:

      Yes the superannuated schoolgirl will find it’s a colder, darker world out there

      ‘Out there’ it’s not about whether your colleagues think you’re ‘a brilliant broadcaster’, whether Tony thinks you’re ‘doing a wonderful job’, or whether your mates in the press describe you as ‘a national treasure’.

      It’s whether you can deliver an audience to advertisers.

      I give it six months before she’s back suckling the teat – that’s *our* teat.


  19. Philip says:

    A new report today puts PIE back on the Menu. Not only is Labour trying to protect themselves from accusations of sexual perversity (aka diversity) and we have Cameron emulating Labour policies by encouraging sexual indecency with children (pornography) through his many ‘special advisors’ and one due for a Knighthood.

    The BBC will have a field day with this news. They will link this with the Daily Mail articles on Labour ex ministers PIE campaigns with Camerons ‘special advisor’ given the job of cleaning up child porn on the internet. Cameron has a pretty shoddy idea of what child protection is (or should be) following the same moral scrutiny of the BBC which as we know far exceeds the perversions of normality.


    • Umbongo says:

      As the Guardian notes, Rock had been referred to the National Crime Agency by 10 Downing Street. OTOH Harman et al have been defended by Miliband and “official” Labour: not that this distinction will be emphasised – or even mentioned – by the BBC.


  20. Umbongo says:

    Although the BBC is making a very big play about the costs of childcare, the Family and Child Care Trust on whose report this whole apparent scandal is based turns out to be yet another fake charity. Its accounts for the year ended 31 March 2013 disclose that, of its income of £2.1 million in that year, £845K came from the Department for Education and another £55K came from councils in London. In other words, the taxpayer contributed directly more than 43% of its income. Oddly, this wasn’t mentioned by the BBC (whose taxpayer funded income is appreciably higher).


    • #88 says:

      I wouldn’t have imagined that cost were coming down after listening to R4 this morning and the chat that these lobbyists had with Labour’s Jim Naughtie.

      Although Today had attempted to get a Minister on (so they say), it was strange that they invited Justine Roberts (Mrs Newsnight of Mumsnet) along to form a tag team of like minds. Even old Naughtie joined in, empathising that work wasn’t worth taking.

      No wonder Truss has her say on the Speccie site.


    • Dave s says:

      Like most liberal debates in the end it is all about money. For people who say they far more aware than conservatives the liberals do tend to be very money focussed.
      No real discussion about whether it is for the good of society for both parents to work.
      No real discussion about how parents and mothers in particular feel about leaving the raising of very small children to others.
      Not so long ago I remember when it was an unspoken agreement between employers and workers that a single income should support a family.
      As a junior union negotiator this was something I well recall.
      Somewhere along the line this went wrong and now two incomes are usually necessary.
      Which means the modern wage is really much lower than fifty years ago in what it will actually buy that is essential. Food, housing etc.
      Conservatism to my mind should always been concerned with the future generations and the harmony of the nation. Liberalism is more concerned with the fulfilment of present generations at the expense of the future.


    • OldBloke says:

      Name me a charity that isn’t lining its pockets directly from Tax payers cash? It is why the BBC loves to promote charities. It now turns out that in Devon, many Food Banks have been receiving tax payers cash through local councils.


  21. George R says:

    Beeboid Nick Robinson has a long piece putting the case of bespectacled E.U Commissioner, Ms Malestrom, arguing for mass immigration into U.K.; Mr Robinson seems to find her both physically and politically attractive:-

    Robinson’s E.U rose-coloured biased view:

    “It is clear that the Commission is not working on or sympathetic to British demands which means, as the charming Commissioner Malmstrom made clear, that the British government needs to find some allies in other countries and fast.”

    “Immigration: A ‘very British’ issue”


    • George R says:

      ‘Maelstrom’ sounds better.


    • Dave s says:

      She is Swedish which says it all. A nation that will cease to exist in our children’s lifetimes.
      The first Western nation to voluntarily commit suicide as a distinct people.
      A woman to be ignored and proof that the EU and the English in particular are incompatible.


  22. Teddy Bear says:

    Egypt has become the first Arab nation to brand Hamas a terrorist organisation. It is more than likely due to the link between Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood that inspired this. The BBC has run an article about it, but as usual there’s something they omit to mention.

    Worth noting that usually any time the BBC refers to the ‘terrorist’ tag attributed to Hamas, which is as infrequent as possible, it normally only presents it as only ‘Israel which regards Hamas as a terrorist organisation’.

    Court in Egypt bans Palestinian group Hamas

    You will note there is no mention to counter the claim of the Hamas spokesman that says the allegations are fabricated and an attempt to demonise it.
    Like in addition to Israel, the United States, Canada, the European Union and Japan all include Hamas in their lists of terror organizations.

    Not important or relevant?
    But the BBC will tell you they’re a world class media organisation.


  23. OldBloke says:

    Well,. I’m sure it is spread across all BBC media (but I seem to have missed it, certainly on radio) that according to the USA weather bureau, yesterday, 50 cities in the USA recorded record low temperatures. Global Warming can be a bitc* at times.


    • OldBloke says:

      Even the iconic Niagara Falls are succumbing to this year’s brutal winter…

      The extreme cold temperatures have frozen parts of the waterfalls.

      So water is now flowing over and around the frozen spots.

      Weather experts say more than 88 percent of the Great Lakes are covered with ice…

      That’s the most in twenty years.

      The all-time record was set back in 1979 when almost 95 percent of the lakes were frozen over.


      • OldBloke says:

        Record lows are anticipated across the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast on Monday night into Tuesday morning, with all-time monthly cold temperature records within reach in Richmond and Philadelphia. A fresh snow cover in those cities will cool the atmosphere further by reflecting the sun’s heat back into space. Washington, D.C., where about 6 inches of snow fell on Monday, is likely to be nearly as cold on Tuesday morning as it was in March 1873, when the thermometer plummeted to 4 degrees Fahrenheit.


        • OldBloke says:

          UPDATE, March 4, 2014, 9:40 AM Atlantic City, N.J. broke its all-time March cold temperature record overnight, with the temperature plunging to just 2 degrees Fahrenheit. Records in Atlantic City date back to 1874, and the previous record low for the month was 3 degrees Fahrenheit, set on March 4, 2009.

          Baltimore also broke its all-time monthly record low, with a low temperature of 4 degrees Fahrenheit, breaking the old record of 5 degrees Fahrenheit, which was set way back in 1873. Nearby Washington Dulles International Airport tied its all-time monthly record low temperature of -1 degree Fahrenheit, which was last set in 1993.

          The record cold on Tuesday morning extended all the way to the Gulf Coast. For example, Longview, Texas set an all-time monthly low temperature record of 26 degrees Fahrenheit


          • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

            Hope you don’t mind oldbloke, I have cut and pasted your text into my FB posts, just to piss off the warmists amongst them.


            • Lobster says:

              But surely you lot must understand that the cold temperatures can only mean that the earth is warming up. Or something like that… I think…

              Errr….I must go and have a lie down.


    • Umbongo says:

      Sorry OB, it’s “climate change”: “global warming” is soooo last century.


      • OldBloke says:

        But let us not forget, that man made co2 would lead to Global Warming which would lead to Climate Change, apparently. The BBC still calls it Global Warming when it suits (when the sun shines) and Climate Change when it suits (when it rains).


    • Phil Ford says:

      I got banned from a forum yesterday for posting this chart showing no global warming for almost 18 months according to one set of global satellite data:

      This is how the new inquisition works = post counterfactual data (yes, real, observed data) and get yourself censored for daring to speak out against the prevailing narrative.


  24. Idiotboy says:

    Entertaining encounter between 5-Live Drive front man Peter Allen and Russia Today journo Pater Lavalle on today’s programme (01:36:29 on).

    Lavalle was clearly off message from the start and it was not long before the Allen trademark – his uniquely annoying “yeah, yeah, err, err” interruptions, usually fairly effective when used against troublesome contributors – were brought into play.

    Lavalle was having none of it, rounding on and putting Allen firmly in his place, telling him he obviously wasn’t aware of the facts (not that a BBC journalist would be disturbed by such trivialities).

    Biggest laugh was when Allen proclaimed his “impartiality” and accused the RT man of bias.

    Nearly drove into a ditch at that point.


  25. Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

    Oh, news at 10 on albeeba, I see they are flying their shocktroops to ‘go live’ in the Ukraine.
    Kiev has Huw Edwards, Fatty simpson appears to be there.
    Why the bloody hell do we need that?


    • Aerfen says:

      Indeed they are usually MORE than happy to give the jobs to local reporters, some of whom can barely speak English adequately.


  26. Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

    Oh, I have heard the albeeba comedy continue.
    Bridgette Kendall anouncing that the USA are getting tough….yeah right, and fatty lardell appeared lost for words, poor old Huw Edwards looking surprised fatty had shut up so quickly.


  27. Ember2013 says:

    Newsnight has put the story about new civil service research on the impact of immigration on employment as top story.

    A very smug journalist seems to think this is conclusive. Forgetting that the economic argument isn’t nearly as important as the cultural impact.

    Oh and they’re using the “lack of transparency” line about the Tories because they are not publishing it.

    Balen report at the BBC, anyone?


    • uncle bup says:

      Ten Million economically inactive in Britain in 2003, two million jobs created, two million immigrants fill them.

      No matter how you cut it, from a pure ‘economics’ basis, you cannot come up with that as a positive.


    • Oldbob says:

      Yet another blatant attempt by Katz and his useful idiots to tell us that all is sweetness and light and that the wicked Tories are all closet racists trying to prevent him and the rest of the enlightened, progressive lunatics reaching their deluded multi culti nirvana.


    • #88 says:

      Yes, Krusty was really going for it and not listening to a word that the Tory MP told her (three times I think), but she had her agenda. I think though that the MP would have been more effective if he’s asked her if she was, ‘deaf or stupid?’

      But there you go, that’ll teach the Tories to sit back and enjoy watching Harman and co crash and burn.

      The left’s (and the BBC’s) revenge for last week wasn’t long in coming.


    • Framer says:

      And it is the top UK news story on the website now at midnight and probably will be for 24 hours although there is no number quoted as to the different job displacement figure supposedly ascertained. There are two types of ‘migration’ stories at the Beeb – those which fade before the print is dry and those like which are given instant legs.
      Wait until the Euro elections – not just here but in Europe – to watch the despair in Broadcasting House.


  28. Aerfen says:

    On Radio Five earlier Peter Allan was interviewing people (taxi drivers etc)about the appalling traffic congestion in London, and everywhere else too.

    Of course if you have a rapidly swelling population then the amount of transport increases accordingly -do Beeboids really think that those wonderful immigrants are too poor to have cars? Or do they just assume that they are so used to walking cycling and riding public transport, that they don’t even want them?


  29. Dave666 says:
    Can’t wait for this…oh yes actually I think I can.


  30. Dave666 says:

    Mrs Dave666 has also signed the petition calling on Harman to resign. Just checked 499 votes as of a couple of minutes ago


  31. Jeff Waters says:

    Immigration report ‘held back by Downing Street’ –

    MP Rob Wilson asks Ian Katz on Twitter:

    Are you saying Govt planned never to publish? You haven’t accused Govt of this but is that your allegation?

    The fact that Katz can’t give a straight answer is telling:

    Why have you not published the report?

    Rob Wilson follows up:

    Surely a rep commissioned by the Govt shld be published when it’s ready? Why shld Newsnight decide?

    Again, Katz gives the kind of answer that an evasive politician might give Paxo:

    Are you saying it wasn’t ready for publication? In what way wasn’t it ready?



  32. Bill says:

    Tuesday’s Look North (Leeds) included an item about the miners’ strike of thirty years ago. The whole thing was a sad tale of working class suffering, the evil Tories, brutal police, the right wing bias of the media, etc. Not a single word about the other side of the story.


  33. Dave666 says:

    Situation normal on the now Reid less Breakfast.
    Anyone notice any MEP from any party doing anything? Oohh still flooding in Somerset I thought it had all dried up as no-one has reported on it for some time.