Fatal Squeamishness


Wonder what the BBC will make of this…if anything…..Boris Johnson in the Telegraph….

The children taught at home about murder and bombings

Radicalisation is a form of child abuse, and the authorities must have the power to intervene

There is that fatal squeamishness about intervening in the behaviour of a “protected group” – in this case ethnic minorities, often but by no means always from the Horn of Africa. There are still Left-wing academics protesting that the war on FGM is a form of imperialism, and that we are wrong to impose our Western norms.

I say that is utter rubbish, and a monstrous inversion of what I mean by liberalism. On the contrary: we need to be stronger and clearer in asserting our understanding of British values. That is nowhere more apparent in the daily job of those who protect us all from terror – and who are engaged in tackling the spread of extremist and radical Islam.



Question is just what is ‘radical’?  A book that teaches you to think all non-believers are filthy, immoral and ignorant?  A book that tells you to kill the unbeliever?  A book that tells you to beat your wife? A book that teaches you to kill gay people?

A book that is used up and down the country and is held up as a book of peace and tolerance.


Curious what is considered radical, or not, these days…especially if you are on the Left.






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18 Responses to Fatal Squeamishness

  1. Guest Who says:

    Given just about everything on screen ‘teaches’ about murder and bombings, Boris may struggle a bit on detection and proof.

    But to gauge outrage reaction, just going to pop back and see how the BBC reacted to that council whose child policies seemed guided by foster parents’ voting intentions….
    Mind you the BBC was earlier running a story from the ME, about a charmer claiming the West’s failure to provide air cover for their local punch-up was an invitation to get bombed, so it seems all are keen to spread the mayhem wherever and whenever they can.


    • Guest Who says:

      It’s an interesting piece, for a variety of reasons.
      The headline is accurate, as that is what has been said. Why choosing this another matter, securely FoI exempted.
      Especially given the source, enough to inspire the whole thing: ‘The man, who does not want to be named’. So… could be anyone, then? Maybe one of Toenails’ scoop sources even?
      “”I think my experience more or less entitles me to send a message of warning to everyone”.
      Seems a savvy cove, if not twigging immediately to the deleterious effects of terrorism on innocents.
      But he (this we know) is big on dark warnings and what must-be-dones. With a lurking ‘or else’ hanging over it.
      Lucky he found in Sima Kotecha and the BBC those willing to spread the word.
      “The government must spell out clearly to everyone through the media that while they respect and admire the motives of those who want to go there…”
      Also we get to discover OBL was actually a good egg. Literally.
      Glad the BBC has managed to clear that one up.


  2. Frank Words says:

    I think there is a more basic question we (and Boris) need to ask ourselves:

    What are “our Western norms” now? What are “British values” in 2014? Are there shared values at all?

    I think we have been heading in the wrong direction for 50 odd years. You can almost trace the route of decline by looking at the BBC over that period.


  3. Ian Rushlow says:

    Very dangerous idea from Johnson. The difficulty is that definitions of “extremism” can be highly subjective. For instance, last week Red Miliband make the extraordinary claim in parliament that man-made global warming (sic) was the biggest threat facing the country and castigated Cameron for having “deniers” in the cabinet. Fast forward a couple of years when he is in power… a law to remove children from parents who don’t believe in global warming? Or those who are opposed to the EU? Or those who support or vote UKIP? They’ve already tried the latter – see http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-south-yorkshire-22604081. A lot of people would say that the real problem is allowing jihadists in the country in the first instance and failing to deport the foreign ones who cross the line.


    • DP111 says:

      This situation of monitoring what is going on within homes was brought about by Multicultism. Spying on all phones is just another way of monitoring our private opinions.

      As the Jihad kicks in with greater force in the UK, and the West in general, we will have no choice but to start an equivalent Spanish Inquisition of our own. That is what the original Spanish Inquisition was about – to determine if the Muslim and Jewish converts to Christianity were real or fake, just so that they could stay on in Spain.

      These days we hold the Spanish Inquisition to derision. Lets hope we don’t come to the same pass.


      • DP111 says:

        PS: We wont call it the Inquisition. The name will be politically correct, and will tick all the right boxes, but the result will be the same.-unauthorised views, no matter if privately held and within the home, will not be allowed.


  4. cigpapers says:

    What like the BBC’s values?




    • TigerOC says:

      This is a very troubling article and one presumes that the author has evidence for these claims.

      Then we have the revelations this morning of Patrick Rock in No. 10;

      A few years back there were detailed forensic investigations of the childrens home in Jersey; Houte de la Gerange (sp?) carried out by a new head of police. It was clear that his actions did not meet with political approval and he and the case seemed to have melted away.
      We had the revelations in the Daily Mail last week about Harman and Co.
      The accumulating evidence points to the elite, which includes the BBC executives, are a pretty nasty, criminal and corrupt lot. Clearly a need for some serious spring cleaning. I hope the Daily Mail keeps the pressure up on these terrible people.


      • Terry says:

        I have no doubt that the new ‘head of police’ was trying to protect his own egotistical and financial neck. personal experience of this guy over many years showed him to be a totally inept police officer but an expert in climbing the management ladder by using the politically correct management speak ladder at interviews. In my view he sums up what is totally wrong with how our country is being run. The electorate has no say at all. Its all about their own ideology and bugger the public once they are in power. Manifesto? Thats just a book of unaccountable lies.


  5. #88 says:

    ‘There are still Left-wing academics protesting that the war on FGM is a form of imperialism, and that we are wrong to impose our Western norms.’

    In exactly the same way that there were people of the left that thought it wrong for society to impose its values on those that wanted to have sex with children


    • DICK R says:

      Why do these lefties think we should give a toss how muslims treat their women,when they don’t bother when young white girls are systematically raped and abused by muslims with the connivence of the police and labour local authorities.


  6. deegee says:

    Postmodernist moral relativity has two major failings. The first is the concept that everyone’s narrative is equally true and false. It makes defending Western values, which to me make the West the only place I’m prepared to live, against those who are sure their values are true and everyone else’s false extremely difficult The second is that it has no concept that one party might be deliberately lying for gain of some sort and don’t even believe their own narrative.

    No doubt the BBC would happily become the WBC (World Broadcasting Commission) if it wouldn’t damage their funding or their audience share.


  7. chrisH says:

    Agree completely with Ian above-not only a dangerous idea from Johnson, but really stupid.
    1. Boris has a track record of being a liberal mullah on Islam(after Lee Rigby, he was as Clueless as Cameron-and Judge Sweeney). His views on radicalisation need re-education. Ken Livingston, Lee Jasper left him all those turds in the jacuzzi…and (as Bow, Mile End etc show) he has no control over much of East London.
    When he gets a grip there-THEN come back and talk Mr Johnson!
    2 He notes that Harman is still in situ,and flatters her-one of the most stupid pink flags of pastel Marxism that most of us have ever seen(Harman-though Boris isn`t too far behind on this showing!).
    When Labour get back-then what does he think would happen to this “child abuse=radicalisation” meme of his?…will it be aimed at Choudhury?…no!
    Will it be used against UKIP supporters or Christian B&B grandparents…or Jewish home-schoolers?…you betcha!
    Boris has made an arse of himself here-if he can`t mock the likes of Harman and Dromey into falling on an ebony Sword of Truth(online I`m told)…then he`s as crap as we think he is.
    If this passes for Tory intellect…maybe we need a seance at the Chelsea Hospital to summon up the Mother of the Nation!


  8. George R says:

    “In ‘Can American Values Radicalize Muslims?,’ our old friend and former Jihad Watch writer Raymond Ibrahim discusses a central paradox of the prevailing anti-terror strategy: ‘If American Muslims, who enjoy Western benefits — including democracy, liberty, prosperity, and freedom of expression — are still being radicalized, why then do we insist that the importation of those same Western benefits to the Muslim world will eliminate its even more indigenous or authentic form of ‘radicalization’?”

    By Robert Spencer.



  9. joeb says:

    “Question is just what is ‘radical’?”

    There is only Islam, and muslims. There is no such thing as ‘radical Islam’. Islamic extremists don’t exist, either. They are both figments of the imaginations of western media and politicians. Those referred to as both are pious muslims practicing Islam as the doctrine instructs. They are the very best muslims, who are not doing anything extreme or radical, just everyday, normal Islam. Which happens to include murdering non-muslims.

    It is the so-called ‘moderates’ who are out on the fringes of Islam; they don’t have a doctrinal leg to stand on. All the doctrine supports the murdering, pious muslims, who are at the heart of it.


  10. stuart says:

    but here is the trouble with the muslim community,they always say they are a close knit community where everybody in there community knows what everybody else is doing.i believe that because in one street or even a whole area like bradford or birmingham eveybody could be interelated by birth,but then comes the problem when it comes to this terrorism and these child grooming muslim rings,nobody in there community seems to know nothing at all of a sudden do they.he was a nice boy who butter not melt in there mouths is the usual excuse,see the thing is i dont trust muslims,i just dont,all they care about is there fellow muslims bothers and sisters and the rest of us to them are just pork eating dirty pigs whose women are loose and lower than grass snakes,tough words but the truth hurts and they are just a closed community who dont inform on there fellow muslim brothers and sisters to the police or security services.


  11. jackde says:

    I have posted this link before but should give an understanding Islam..
    The Agenda of Islam – A War Between Civilizations


  12. Thoughtful says:

    This is a man who lost his job because of his blatant lying, and nothing much has changed.
    He blatantly lied following the murder of Lee Rigby about there being nothing in the Qur’an to justify the killing when of course we all know the truth.
    When a politician cannot tell the difference between truth and lies, fact an fantasy, then they are far too dangerous to elect to any office of responsibility at all.