True Lies



Three interesting ways of looking at things from the BBC today:


1.  Moazzam Begg has been charged with terror offences…..the BBC throughout the day has been tacking on to each bulletin about this that Begg, though spending 3 years in Guantananmo, was never charged with any offence’.

Why emphasise that?

Why is that relevant to this?  Surely of more relevance is that the US thought he was guilty of exactly the same offences he has been charged with now.  He admitted attending terrorist training camps pre-9/11…but the BBC doesn’t find that relevant here.


Not just on every radio bulletin but it seems they are pretty keen for you to know that on the web as well……..2 reports, the same words….

Mr Begg, who is now a director of campaign group Cage which helps the families of people who have been detained, has never been charged with an offence.

Mr Begg, who is now a director of campaign group Cage which helps the families of people who have been detained, had never previously been charged with an offence.


Why no mention of Begg’s well known links to Jihadists?



2.  Miliband has had his changes to Party rules approved……the BBC has been telling us that ‘the Union’s influence in choosing a leader will be reduced’.

Sorry…but that’s just not true….the Union’s influence will increase and even Labour insiders acknowledge that.

The BBC tells us in this long pro-Miliband report:

The BBC’s chief political correspondent Norman Smith said it was interesting that opposition to the reforms had come from ordinary party members rather than trade unionists – perhaps underlining concern about how the changes would affect their own votes.


…..interesting indeed…….but the BBC doesn’t care to elaborate.

Why let the facts spoil a good PR stunt for their Boy?


3.  Then on Saturday Live this morning they were talking to a Ukrainian girl who told us that the internet allowed them to find the truth about things that the Russian news service was distorting….democratising the media.

The BBC presenter told us it ‘was great that the new media is subverting the mainstream’.

Of course that attitude is a bit different at home when bloggers are the enemy… you can see from the first two examples of BBC journalism above it’s just as well there are others out there providing the truth.







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8 Responses to True Lies

  1. stuart says:

    did you see on the news tonight all the leftists from the p.i.e supporting labour party hand in hand alongside with the islamist extremists protesting in birmingham today with placards with the swp logo( no justice no peace) shouting and screaming for this alleged terrorist to be released,what a site them losers was,this (no justice no peace) placards was a bit worrying,is that an implied threat of violence and terrorism if they dont get moazaam begg released,anyway,what a week it has been,not only have these lanour lot been linked to paedophlia but now them and there trade union buddys are hand in hand in the city of birmingham asking for alleged terrorists to be released onto the streets,what has become of are country i ask.


    • chrisH says:

      No justice no peace?
      Islington Childrens Homes hopefully will get our balls rolling( to quote any Labour supporting Piedofeel like…well pretty much anybody who`s been in the “fight for the rights of women and children”.


  2. sirus says:

    the bbc wont say the russian speaking majority in the crimea are under threat from the 250.000 muslim tatar minority,that is why putin is sending the troops in to protect his fellow russians…


    • deception says:

      BBc will also not say, Goldman sachs, er i mean the Eu, continue on religious banking zealotry (United Nations banking nationalization). While Putin, Russia and Eastern minds believe in separation of state and banking.

      Goldman sachs coup d’etat of the earth, through institutions of the world bank, imf, and western government administrations. With Jp morgan and chase jointly following the same ambitions


  3. chrisH says:

    A director huh?
    Much as Bin Laden ran an air traffic control business.
    F888 Off Beeb!


  4. Smell the glove says:

    Did I get this right ? Roy Greenslade Guardian demigod go to man on journalism ethics stood bail for a man who was accused of planting a bomb in London causing many deaths say it ain’t so joe


  5. Sir Arthur Strebe-Grebling says:

    The Hindustan Times seems to have it right about Moazzam Begg, especially their headline:
    Pak-origin UK citizen charged with Syria offence
    Prasun Solwalkar, Hindustan Times
    London, March 02, 2014
    Moazzam Begg, the Pakistan-origin Briton who was detained in Guantanamo Bay for nearly three years and released in 2005, has been charged with Syria-related terrorism offences after he was arrested earlier this week.

    Britain’s security forces have been devoting increasing resources to deal with what is described as a “big problem” of Britons returning to the country after training and fighting in trouble-torn Syria.

    The West Midlands police said that Begg provided instruction and training for terrorism and was concerned in a terrorist funding arrangement.

    According to Immigration minister James Brokenshire, “a significant and growing proportion” of the work of Britain’s security forces was linked to Syria. Security services are reported to be monitoring 250 Britons who had returned from Syria.