……And Too White, Too Male…..



James Purnell loves that the BBC can mock itself, as in the comedy W1A, but says he takes justified criticism seriously
David Bebber/The Times


The BBC…‘too white, too male, too leftwing’….said Labour’s James Purnell in an interview with The Times (Paywalled)

Well….I may have exaggerated…I leave it to you to filter out the unlikely words though a clue might be this statement from him:

‘Sometimes we are at our most politically successful when we are least inclined to give people what they want.’

Sorry…another typo…not the BBC is most ‘politically successful’ but most ‘commercially successful’….an understandable, easy mistake to make….though Parnell makes absolutely clear….

‘What I love about the BBC is being impartial.  Politics was a great interlude but now I’m back where I belong.’………and of course the staunch Labourite has given all that dirty politicking up now!

He does make an interesting remark about the Charter renewal…..the BBC has a campaign to influence politicians…well we knew that, having seen their massed mobilisation to try and prevent decriminalisation of the licence fee dodgers.

Purnell says about the in-joke comedy W1A:

‘It’s funny.  I love the fact that the BBC, as its first salvo in the charter review, decides to put on a programme about how ridiculous it is.’

The BBC uses its programming to slip in political and social messages all the time so it’s no surprise to see them using the licence fee to pump out propaganda to allow them to keep raking in the licence fee and spending it on their pet  projects…..giving us what we don’t want but the BBC feels we need.

Purnell doesn’t seem keen to use subscription funding…or maybe is just unaware of the technology….you can bet he has Sky at home though.

‘We need a system that allows people to pay easily for something you can’t stop them consuming.  There needs to be some kind of deterrent.’

You mean like cutting them off from the service as Sky can do?  Easy, no?

Purnell proclaims that the BBC is worth it…40p a day for all you can consume…we must keep the licence fee!

But that surely isn’t the BBC’s job….to campaign for the licence fee…..the job of management is to provide the programmes within the funding framework set up by Parliament…the BBC could advise what they believe would happen under different funding scenarios but to campaign for a particular one is definitely beyond its remit.

It must be no coincidence that the BBC has re-employed their once head of corporate planning and then a senior Labour politician, ‘coolly ambitious and ruthlessly well-connected’,  as its ‘doorkicker’ in the charter renewal negotiations:

His role “brings together communications, future media, marketing, policy, research and development and strategy”…his aim…‘to discover, define and deliver the future of the BBC.’

In other words he’s there to keep the money rolling in and the BBC the dominant media provider using his bulging contacts book.

On competition with other broadcasters and print media he claims, as usual, that the BBC improves other sources by forcing them to raise their game…without the BBC we wouldn’t have such quality programming or news.

He claims the USA is a prime example of that with no equivalent of the BBC there (em…PBS?.…’PBS is the most prominent provider of television programs to public television stations in the United States, distributing series such as Sesame Street, PBS NewsHour, Masterpiece, Frontline and Antiques Roadshow. Since the mid-2000s, Roper polls commissioned by PBS have consistently placed the service as America’s most-trusted national institution.)…and presumably no quality television or films or news journalism because there’s no BBC….despite many programmes on PBS coming from the very inspirational BBC…..and all available on T’internet.

He says:

‘I start from what is right for audiences, our polity and the national conversation.  I think people having a choice between different types of voices is a really good thing.  We want competition and choice.’

No…you don’t James.  There was no national conversation via the BBC about Europe, climate change, immigration, Islam or Labour’s part in smashing the economy…..maybe I was right…‘Sometimes we are at our most politically successful when we are least inclined to give people what they want.’

And competition?…. The BBC tries hard to kill off all competition….just look at how it actively campaigned against Murdoch, and still rails against News Corp newspapers…and the Daily Mail….and presses hard to limit Press freedom whilst having Labour politicians protecting the BBC’s own position of dominance.

The important reality is that these aren’t competitors in a commercial sense, or that is not the main reason or the BBC’s assaults on them….the real reason is political…the BBC is leftwing, despite Owen Jones’ fantasy wet dream, and believes it represents a world view that is the correct one…and far from welcoming ‘diversity’ it aims to enforce its own belief system upon the world, without discussion….as with climate change.

News International and papers like the Mail or the Express are targeted by the BBC because they have a more right of centre approach…a more populist approach…they reflect what the Public thinks in the main…and the BBC spends its time trying to re-educate the Public to accept its world view and believes these competing news and media sources are undermining its message….hence they have to go or at least be reined in, controlled.

Diversity?   Competition? A national conversation?

Not so far.

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The Racist And Islamophobic BBC




‘BBC Panorama whistle-blower reveals racist and Islamophobic programme

Criminal investigation underway as BBC Panorama whistle-blower reveals racist and Islamophobic programme on Tower Hamlets

I believe the programme is being used for political campaigning and electioneering purposes just weeks before local and Mayoral elections in May.’

Lutfur Rahman



The BBC seems to have overcome its inbuilt reluctance to deal with ‘sensitive’ communities and has set Panorama onto Lutfur Rahman (tonight 20:30 BBC 1)….to investigate claims that Tower Hamlets’ Mayor, Lutfur Rahman, has “used public funds both to promote himself and to create a political power base” and says that it has evidence “suggesting” the mayor has refused “to answer opposition questions about spending decisions involving millions of pounds of public money”.

A bit of a wasted opportunity really…a mere half hour programme looking at one very specific accusation….when there is so much more going on in Tower Hamlets, and all related to one issue….the BBC seems to be looking at things purely from a ‘technical and political’ point of view:

The programme exposes serious inadequacies in the checks and balances of a directly elected mayoral system, particularly when there’s a context of dysfunctional party politics.


Rahman doesn’t like the attention  via Guido:

The BBC and the undercover production company, Films of Record, have also been referred to the Information Commissioner and there is now a criminal investigation underway.

….the BBC, he pronounces, being racist and Islamophobic…

[Which must be a bit of a problem for our long term resident race card playing troll on this site who shouts racist and islamophobe whenever Islam is mentioned.]

‘A dossier passed to us by a BBC whistle-blower has revealed it to be in total breach of the BBC’s editorial guidelines as a public broadcaster. It has clear racist and Islamophobic overtones targeting the Bangladeshi Muslim community in Tower Hamlets.’


Not only that but the BBC is attempting to alter the result of an election he alleges:

The BBC’s targeting of our borough is nothing short of a direct intervention in the outcome of an election.


Just as most accusations of ‘islamophobia’ don’t bare scrutiny Rahman’s own racist reaction, they’re white/non-Muslim, so they must be racist/Islamophobic, doesn’t stand up to close, or even the slightest, inspection….the last ditched, desperate defence of someone who has no other argument, no evidence, no substance, to back up their own case.

Panorama doesn’t even mention Islam/Muslim in the web report….they base their accusation solely on particular communities receiving grants for votes….no suggestion it is an Islamic conspiracy.

I guess Rahman and Owen Jones must have a lot to talk about…the BBC being the tool of the Far Right producing islamophobic and racist propaganda.


The BBC though, should be investigating the politics and cultural issues within such communities and force them into the open, especially as many wish them to remain hidden:

‘I do know that many, many Bangladeshis are terrified about speaking out in public for fear of vilification in their own community.’


Eric Pickles says:

“There is a worrying pattern of divisive community politics and mismanagement of council staff and resources by the mayoral administration in Tower Hamlets.”


But that isn’t the BBC’s issue…it is ignoring that ‘divisive community politics’.


The BBC doesn’t report Pickles saying that, merely this:

“Panorama has unearthed some very serious allegations that demand an answer,” he said. “I think the allegations or questions that Panorama raise are of a completely different magnitude to worries and concerns that I have with other councils.”


Slightly different.




Playing the race card seems to be a theme in Tower Hamlets:

Alibor Choudhury, the man in charge of the borough’s £1.2billion budget thought he had a good gag when he wanted to accuse Labour’s Bow West councillor Ann Jackson of being a racist and a fascist. Heck, she was wearing a black cardigan, so, er, wow, like Oswald Mosley’s Blackshirts she must be part of John Biggs’s “black cardigan brigade”.

How tasteful.

The problem was she was wearing a black cardigan because she was in mourning for her ex-husband, whose funeral she had attended the day before.

FURY Cllr Anwar Khan accused his white Labour colleagues of halting the ambitions of Bengalis


Don’t remember this on the BBC….

‘We’re not CURRY PEOPLE!’ Amazing VIDEO of politicians erupting in Asian-White race row

THESE extraordinary videos show a town hall meeting descending into bitterness and chaos after an Asian councillor likened white colleagues to Oswald Mosley’s Blackshirts, while another claimed his community had been branded “curry people”.




Playng the race card is a highly aggressive and political course of action that is designed to put the ‘guilty’ person on the defensive having to deny such an accusation or smear, knowing that ‘mud sticks’……but this shows just how convenient such a devious and malignant method it is as Asian members of Tower Hamlets had previously praised the designation of the area as the ‘Curry Capital’…..an ‘honour’ they called it…..


8.1       Question from Councillor Motin Uz-Zaman on the promotion of the       ‘Curry Capital’ during the Olympics:

‘What steps did the Mayor take to promote Curry Capital during the Olympics? What was the total budget allocated to promoting Curry Capital and Brick Lane and will the Mayor provide a breakdown of what this budget was spent on?’


Response by Councillor Rania Khan, Cabinet Member for Culture:

‘The Mayor was successful in ensuring Brick Lane and Spitalfields received the honour being designated Curry Capital 2012.’



Perhaps one day the BBC will start investigating the East London Mosque and the extremists it harbours despite reassurances from the BBC that it is a place of tolerance and peace….

Adherents of a multi-faith society looking for a good news story about Islam could do a lot worse than spend an afternoon at the East London Mosque.


Or you could compare that with what Harry’s Place says:

The East London Mosque: A Place For Hate





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If only we had a BIASED BBC viewing tax! Joking. The great thing about our site is that it’s free to come here and you have no obligation to agree or differ! It’s all about opinion and choice. HOWEVER, the site is now hosted on a big server that copes (mostly) with the traffic we get and it is now time to renew that. The annual hosting cost is £540. This has already been paid on your behalf but I would appreciate it if you help share the burden. I’m going to put up a pay pal donate button thingy and hope you will find the generosity to help us keep things going for another 12 months!

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Good Morning everyone. First of all, my apologies for the site availability over the weekend. This was caused by a server migration issue and is not resolved. It was not specific to Biased BBC but did cause us a problem.  Anyway, we are back in time for a whole new week of BIAS. I see the BBC have kicked off with the latest doom-mongery from the IPCC climate hustlers, you may have a view on that. The floor is yours….

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Featherbedding The Bedroom Tax Dodgers



The ‘Spare Room Subsidy’ or as some of its critics call it, the ‘Bedroom Tax’…or as some are now calling it, the ‘Under Occupancy Penalty’.

Yes, a BBC presenter did say that yesterday…a new one from the BBC with impartiality in its DNA always wanting to give you every nuance and angle to a story, a grateful audience getting to hear every voice….of criticism.

Some dodgy semantics going on….the ‘critics’ know ‘Tax’ is strictly inaccurate and a weak point in their argument, so they have fished around for some other pejorative, negative word and come up with ‘penalty’.

Still don’t hear the BBC giving a similar treatment to the other side….when do we hear of the featherbedded ‘Selfish House Blockers’as some might call them, keeping disadvantaged families living in appallingly overcrowded conditions because they want to keep receiving their state handout of the ‘I’m All Right Jack Subsidy’, as some might call it?



On a slightly different matter……This [reference the leaflet from Eastland Homes Housing Association above] should perhaps been a warning to Grant Shapps from coincidentally almost exactly a year ago:

10:04 – 18 March 2013

@eastlandshomes We’ve all seen your blurb about ppl on the dole drinking and playing bingo etc.You are a disgusting organization #bedroomtax







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BBC in celebratory mood today as the moment draws nigh when “gay marriage” becomes legal thanks to nice Mr Cameron. But hang on a moment, there is a cloud on the horizon..

“About one in five British adults would turn down an invitation to a same-sex wedding, research suggests.”

Oh no. Homophobes! How VERY dare they not bow down to the new orthodoxy.

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Easton Effrontery



Today (0810) ventured onto the ‘frontline’ in the immigration debate as John Humphrys went to Sheffield to look at the ‘Roma’ question.

Interesting as you got a clear picture of one problem in the immigration ‘debate’…those closely involved with immigrants have no intention of actually having a debate….immigration is ‘good’ for better or worse.

Humphrys at least had a reasonable stab at balance…except no he didn’t…the things he said raised the problems and issues….and yet nowhere in the piece had there been time allocated to those with genuine concerns about immigration.

A group of people did have a say…but Humphrys admitted he had been ‘ambushed’ by the local residents…in other words there had been no plan to talk to them…just the local council official dealing with immigrants and an immigration help service representative….in other words two people who had no intention of saying anything negative about the issues and wanted to sweep all the problems under the carpet…‘it’ll all turn out OK in the end’….well that’s OK then…just when is the ‘end’ going to be?  There is no end in sight….as immigration continues to swamp the country….it doesn’t stop, it’s a never ending problem, even if one group did ‘integrate’ they are immediately replaced by another…so no, there will never be an ‘end’.

We then came back to the studio….and who pops in for a chat…Mark Easton…the BBC’s very own ‘Open Borders’ PR guru who thinks we should all just learn to love and accept immigrants and luxuriate in the benefits they bring to our country.

Easton’s thought for the day….We should have a calm, reasoned and sensible debate…just as proposed by that (Tiny) Tory group which opposes all measures to limit immigration, oh, and the Libdems of course….and we know their opinions….not forgetting Labour’s part in all this…the cause of the problem.


So all who want no limits on immigration are ‘reasoned and sensible’,  all who actually want a calm, reasoned and sensible debate, aren’t at all calm, reasoned and sensible…they’re all fascist, xenophobic little Englanders….. is the implication from what Easton suggests.



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Tricks of the trade


The BBC has been wonderfully generous with its time and money indoctrinating, sorry, ‘mentoring’, 30,000 school pupils from around the country and tutoring them on how to become journalists.

Gord help us!

Gord help us if this is what they are teaching them:

Fiona Bruce mentors pupils for Michael Gove interview


Fiona Bruce reveals the BBC’s greatest trick for eliciting sympathy for a ‘victim’ of whatever oppression the government is guilty of now in the BBC’s eyes and making things unreasonably and impossibly difficult for a politician….and thereby altering the viewer’s perceptions of the full narrative…….‘love me, love my dog as well’ type of thing….love the individual immigrant…love, or at least grudgingly accept mass immigration.


That secret is to demand answers for the ‘personal’ circumstances.

Bruce said the pupils should be asking questions directly relevant to them…‘and we were talking about this….for a politician it’s very easy to talk in general terms’ but if the interviewer asks questions about their own personal circumstances saying ‘Your policies are making things worse for me..how are you going to help me’…then that is a bit harder for the politician to answer.


Of course no politician can possibly provide an answer for everyone’s personal circumstances and so such a line of questioning is essentially dishonest and designed to embarrass the politician…he can’t possibly know the full circumstances and even if he did he can’t make policy decisions there and then, and certainly not for one person or one particular group.

The BBC of course loves this as it puts the politician on the spot, generating tension or conflict and the BBC knows that and it will file his answer away for another day only to raise the matter later demanding answers as to why such and such hasn’t been done.

The BBC’s greatest trick…make it personal…immigration?…never mind the massive downsides, ignore them, promote the ‘benefits’ but in particular get personal, get the immigrants individual story, the hardships, the poverty, the ‘appalling’ lives they escape from, the terrible dangers they endured as they risked all to come to Britain..passing through all those countries with the same religion, culture or language to get to a completely foreign and alien UK, which is the only one that will pay you benefits……oh….and most of all tell us how they have come to work and have no intention of claiming any benefits at all…..get the sob story and the listener’s sympathy for one immigrant will then transfer to the narrative on immigration as a whole….let’s fling open those borders.

Remember….‘The enemy is only someone whose story you haven’t heard yet.’

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I don’t know about a ‘full house’ but own a big house and you’re toast…if the BBC has its way.

Listening to Today (around 07:25) and the BBC journo was interviewing Lord Turner, in charge of not regulating the banks at one time.

Said journo stated that he thought the housing market was creating inequality and that we must surely have a ‘mansion tax’.

Nice, as always, to have a BBC journo’s opinion inserted as ‘fact’ into a news programme along with his solution….nothing to do with Cameron clearly stating in PMQs that he would fight this unjust tax?






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A Warning From The Future



The BBC have a warning for you about the Far Right:

France election: National Front gains trigger alarm


It is always an oddity that the BBC is never ‘alarmed’ about the Far Left taking power…there is no ‘warning from history’ about them….as Stalin erased his enemies from the archives the BBC erases Stalin and his ilk and their massive crimes….apparently communist North Korea is a Nazi state…and Putin is of the ‘Far Right’.


However it is not only the Far Left who get left out of this scenario.

The French Far Right have teemed up with ‘conservative’ Muslims and indeed ‘conservative Catholics’…


Here is Harry’s Place:

Domestically [in the UK] the far-left continues to ignore the reactionary and regressive nature of many of their Muslim allies, bolstering them in the process at the expense of liberal Muslims.

In France things are quite different as the far-right has begun to reach out and develop an alliance with conservative Muslim factions. Far-right elements in France have never been pro-Muslim but, in the grand scheme of things, they have decided that gays and Jews pose a greater threat to the French way of life. It is not unusual to see conservative Catholics, Muslims and far-right elements joining arms to protest on the streets of France condemning same-sex marriage and Zionist domination in the same breath. This new movement is represented by the anti-Semitic comedian Dieudonne and the inverted nazi salute he helped to popularise, known as the quenelle.


Why no mention of the connection of ‘conservative’ Muslims or Catholics in relation to the French Far Right?

After all a warning from history is self evident for that:


‘Islam And Judaism’……wonder what it says inside.






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This Labour love-in has to end


Via Guido:

Labour Send “Solidarity” to New Newsnight Editor

Just what the new Newsnight economics editor needs when he is being accused of being too close to the Labour Party, the Labour deputy leader sending him public solidarity on Twitter:

@DuncanWeldon sorry to c Mail attacks on you. Sending u solidarity Hang on in there. Horrid but they’ll give up after a bit. H—
Harriet Harman (@HarrietHarman) March 25, 2014



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