The Dredge Report



The Somerset Levels…..climate change has meant they are now more like the Lost City of Atlantis…or that was the line we were being fed early on.

Then the locals started kicking off….demanding dredging…..if the rivers had been dredged as they were 20 or so years ago this flooding would never have happened they proclaimed.

All a bit inconvenient for the climate change brigade….not climate change but lack of dredging caused the floods.

The solution…..the Met. Office rushed out its rainfall analysis, three days early, telling of ‘record rain’…except it wasn’t really….UK floods: January rain breaks records in parts of England…….because the records were very localised….and not the total rainfall for the UK as a whole (1948 being heavier)….just as in 1682….A severe thunderstorm at Oxford 31st May (old-style calendar). Nearly ‘2 feet’ of ‘rain fell’ into a 4 foot diameter container. Almost certainly accompanied by a tornado and there is much speculation about how much of the rain was due to a collapsing very strong updraught or tornado vortex.

And of course…as we know…that’s ‘weather’.


According to Bishop Hill they have started down the climate change route again:

Lord Krebs, the zoologist who sits on the adaptation subcommittee of the Climate Change Committee, was on the Today programme yesterday telling us that:

“What we are experiencing now in terms of flooding and extreme weather is likely to become more common in the future due to climate change”.


With that in mind…and the fact that ‘climate change’ happens all the time…just that when someone like Krebbs uses the term he does so in a rather disingenuous way….with the intended but unspoken message that it is man made climate change…..with that in mind….perhaps this might be of interest and put such ‘extremes’ into perspective:


British Climate from 4000 BC to present day

Thousands of years of massive storms, endless floods covering much of England, tidal surges, typhoons, lighting storms 9 days in a month, long droughts, long periods covered in snow and ice….the climate has always been ‘extreme’ and changing.

Shame we are fed the lie that such ‘extremes’ are unusual.

What is the difference between the BBC and fellow alarmist climate lobbyists and the witch doctors and priests of old (and UKIP councillors) who rushed out to proclaim floods, famine, plagues and pestilence were a punishment from God, and made a very good living out of doing so?




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50 Responses to The Dredge Report

  1. Rtd Colonel says:

    “What we are experiencing now in terms of flooding and extreme weather is likely to become more common in the future due to climate change”. – I seem to remember similar authorative statements about no snow in the south; the himalya glaciers disappearing; the artic being ice free in the summer – an obvious line of challenge one would have thought for the cream of British journalism to have picked.


  2. Roland Deschain says:

    I’ve noticed them cranking out the climate change propaganda in the past few days. On this morning’s Today we had someone on saying that much more investment in the railways would be needed to combat the effects of climate change.

    It’s evident that they wait for spells of bad weather then use other people’s misfortune to advance their own sorry little agenda.


    • Simon says:

      that is the left for you…”the ends justify the means” which is why millions died in gulags


  3. Ember2013 says:

    It is impossible to compare rainfall figures from today and the 17th century for many areas because there just weren’t the thermometers being used!

    Climate change is frequently mentioned when reporting the storms yet global termparatures have been static for 15 years. So where were these storms/floods in 2000?


  4. Oldbob says:

    Krebs also managed to get the evil co2 “cause” into the broadcast. “We can expect more of these extreme events as we continue to pump more co2 into the atmosphere”. This was also repeated on the 10o clock news by our old friend Roger the AGW high priest Harrabin.

    Co2, a harmless trace gas without which there would be no life on earth, vilified as an evil poison by the world’s biggest national broadcaster. An institution that was once a beacon of impartially reduced to a left wing, liberal lies and propaganda factory by a brainwashed bunch of morons with no concept of the reality of the corrupting impact of their lunatic beliefs on democracy and ordinary people.

    I despise them with a vengeance, but know that sooner or later the truth will overwhelm their cosy little fantasy and when it dyoes history will condemned them by name for eternity.


    • Ralf says:

      I despise them with a vengeance, but know that sooner or later the truth will overwhelm their cosy little fantasy and when it dyoes history will condemned them by name for eternity.

      I can see two problems with this hypothesis:
      1) The BBC and the rest of the left never accept blame for anything. They just stop talking about it for a bit (see support for joining the Euro) and then seamlessly move onto the next sacred canard. And no one ever picks them up on it because they write history.
      2) Global warming can never be proved wrong regardless of the facts. The theory is currently supported entirely by computer models whose outputs are a direct product of the starting assumptions.


      • Ken Hall says:

        Actually global warming, (as in the CAGW hypothesis) can indeed be proven wrong, and I am seeing more and more articles stating categorically that the CAGW hypothesis has been falsified by the data already.

        The problem is the massive inertia of the political agenda. If the alternative (and so far, still on target) hypothesis for the drivers of climate change remains correct, then we will see global temperatures (which have plateaued) begin to fall until at least the end of this decade, if not for a decade longer. I believe that the anti-science CAGW crowd of alarmists cannot keep their falsifed thesis going past 2020, although they will try to pump it up with their false hypothesis of deep ocean warming. They are skewing the evidence and using misleading terms to define the energy transport from solar, to atmospheric to ocean energy transfer. The actual amount that the ocean has warmed is 0.09 degrees since the 1950s They represent that in terms of thousands of nuclear bombs, to make it appear much more dangerous than it really is.

        The fact is that the data simply does not support the CAGW hypothesis anymore and even the AGW proponents are realising it.

        Hence why they are becoming climate change deniers by firstly denying that the climate has changed from a natural warming phase to a natural cooling phase, and then by running around like “headless chickens” to come up with all sorts of unvalidated and contradictory hypothesis’ for where all the missing heat has dissapeared to.

        It takes a long time and a lot of data to overthrow an accepted scientific pradigm. Even more so when global governments were relying on it to create global governance and an agenda of massive taxation and social control.

        Thankfully, the truth will always come out in the end.


        • Frank S says:

          See the NIPCC reports ‘Climate Change Reconsidered II’ for detailed argument and examples from the scientific literature that show just how weak the case for alarm over CO2 is.


        • Tammly says:

          Lovely precise synopsis Ken.


      • Gabble Ratchett says:

        “He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.”


    • John Doran says:

      A fervent amen that Oldbob. 🙂


  5. nofanofpoliticians says:

    I almost lost a TV last night when they dragged good ole Harrabin out to report on the Somerset levels. Stupidly I thought I was going to hear something specific to the area, but instead he paid lip-service to that and went straight in on the climate change angle. Pitiful, and like I said I almost lost the TV, restraining myself from throwing something at it just in time.

    The Dawlish experience is another example. Widely regarded as one of Brunel’s greatest errors, they seem to have been having trouble there since about 1840.


    • GCooper says:

      Indeed, there are marvelous pictures of GWR steam locomotives struggling through that area, going back to the early days of photography. And plenty of the rail in tatters.

      But that’s the BBC for you. The only history it likes is that which it fabricates.


    • Buggy says:

      I’m not from the south west, so may be wrong here, but didn’t Beeching axe the inland alternative to this spectacular-but-soggy Dawlish line, i.e. the one via Okehampton ? Well done, that man: top job.


      • Buggy says:

        EDIT: I see this has been discussed on the Open Thread, so no need for anyone to answer the question here.


        • Deborah says:

          Don’t worry Buggy it happens to me all the time, or I hit the reply button, respond and then find my point was made by someone else just a few comments later.


          • Buggy says:

            True dat.

            Meantime, I’ve somehow acquired 2 ‘likes’ for playing the “I haven’t paid much attention card”, so either someone is being extra generous (Thank You !) or our chum with more personalities than Sybil (now AKA Danny Boy, Tarzan Lord Of Greystoke etc etc) has misread his instructions and clicked my button instead of his own. Lawks.


      • Richard Pinder says:

        Yes but I have heard that they have proposed reopening the line from Bere Alston to Tavistock, and then on to Meldon.


  6. Tom Atkins says:

    Classic moment just then on BBC News 24 at 15.15.
    Live report from Moorland, Somerset where the BBC is trying to imply that the end of the world has started due to Tory cuts and global warming when mundane reality broke through.

    The scene was set: “people are loading their cars just in case” says their reporter wading around in a big puddle whilst pointing out the dangers of wading around in a big puddle. Just then a white van comes down the road “vans of course can get through depite the conditions”
    “where are you from?” the intrepid BBC reporter live on air asks the driver

    “the enviromental agency?”

    “Waitrose” replies the Waitrose delivery driver on his way to deliver Waitrose shopping despite the alleged enviromental armageddon.


  7. Ken Hall says:

    I posted this information in the last thread, but it is more relevent here:

    One thing the BBC will not mention, nor will Miliband or Cameron, regarding the floods, is the revelation that the Somerset Levels have been allowed to flood on purpose.

    This has links to the actual EU directives and the policy decisions and policy papers going back to 2004 regarding the deliberate policy of allowing farmland to flood, in order to boost wildlife.

    All part of Agenda21 no doubt.

    Now that their deliberate neglect of flood defenses has caused catastrophic conditions for hundreds of families, they are using it to promote climate change.

    It makes my blood boil!!!

    Spread far and wide. send to any locals from the Somerset Levels and let’s get the word out about the real reason for the catastrophic flooding!


    • Old Goat says:

      Perhaps someone would like to remind Prince Numpty of this…


    • Simon says:

      Just wow at that link. If only anyone in the MSM had the balls to report on it but obviously that will never happen


  8. chrisH says:

    The liberal left never let a good tragedy go to waste.
    Always the political fantasists, and Eutopian dreamers.
    Not a word about the EU…not a peep about the Greenie weirdies that screwed the nations farmers with foot and mouth in 200/1…not a note of the likes of Chris Smith and that other Labour bollard ( Baroness Young was it?…how could anybody forget?)who wanted all the pumping stations got rid of?
    Nah, not a word about such things from the BBC…the more that Somerset goes back to mud, the happier they`ll be in raising taxes and a few fat farmers floating from a passing branch.
    Wonder how Norfolk avoided this?…maybe because they told the EA to take a hike in one of their flooded dinghies?


  9. Pounce says:

    Funny how the bBC haven’t brought this article of theirs on…The Somerset levels.
    This unique landscape is one of the lowest, flattest areas in the country. In ancient times it was known as the summerlands… because it was too wet to use in the winter… and it is thought this is where the county of Somerset got its name…At the heart of Somerset, lies a beautiful area called the ‘Levels and Moors’ which has international status as one of the most important wetlands of its type in the world.
    All of the levels and moors in Somerset were under water until about 4500 BC when peat deposits began to form in salt marsh, fen and raised bog environments.
    In order to cross these wetlands and reach the islands of rock and sand in the valleys, prehistoric people built wooden trackways. The oldest is the Sweet Track, a raised walkway built in 3806 BC, which still exists today.This rich grazing land may have given rise to the name ‘Sumersata’ – land of the Summer people – from which Somerset is said to derive its name.


    • Sir Arthur Strebe-Grebling says:

      Great find! Now if only this could be compulsory reading for the people who have chosen to live in these low-lying areas but now expect us to pay for their folly.


  10. OldBloke says:

    I just think it was a false economy of the present government to allow Somerset to flood. Whilst it has saved them at least £1,750 shooting each badger, they have, by not dredging Somerset, drowned all those pesky badgers. Trouble is, Plan *B* has backfired in that Jo Public are now demanding direct action to prevent the flooding which will cost them millions. A bit like an Ed Balls economic plan.


    • Arthur Penney says:

      Since the lack of dredging goes back 17 years or so I think we can assume it was the ploy of the last Government rather than this one.


      • GCooper says:

        Actually, it was the Blair junta acting on orders from its masters in the EU.

        Dr Richard North has the full story (with unarguable evidence) over on EUReferendum.


  11. Max Roberts says:

    The web might be much more tangled than first appears. I can’t be bothered to check my facts, so I will leave that to someone more obsessive than me, but apparently, in the old days, when you dredged a river, you could spread the spoil on a farm and improve the fertility of the soil. These days, the lunatics in the EU, most of whom have never seen a patch of green in their lives, have declared that the spoil dredged from a river comprises polluted waste, and therefore cannot be disposed of in this way. Of course, this makes the job of the Environment Agency much more expensive, but rather than admit to that, and campaign against it (and jeopardise their chances of getting a lucrative Euro-career) they blame it on global warming instead.


    • Buggy says:

      What happens is that the silt is not allowed to be spread on the fields for some reason…….anyone actually KNOW what the everliving f*** that reason is, beyond “The EU says so” ? No?………..anyway, since it can’t be moved beyond the tops of the banks the silt simply sits there until there’s sufficient rain to wash it back into the waterway again. After which we return to square one ant the whole circus starts again. And if that’s not a bloody fine metaphor for the glory of modern, massively over-centralised and eternally aggrandising government of all shades then I challenge you to show me a better one.

      This farce is brought to you good people by the same geniuses who decreed ear tags for stock, the only functions of which are to snag in hedges (thus ripping the ears of said beasts) and (more importantly) to provide employment for the little bods whose job entails them travelling about the countryside (in pairs !) to check the ear tags are in place and tick the numbers on their omnipresent clipboards.


      • Yve M says:

        It’s actually decreed as waste by the EU. Years ago when the rivers etc were dredged, local farmers put it on their fields and as it was full of nutrients, it was therefore good for the soil. Now it can, as you say, sit on the banks and wash back into the river, or can be transported at hugh cost (to us the taxpayers) to a landfill site.

        I am sick to death of those unelected parasites in the EU passing laws on which they know nothing about, and our craven cowardly traitorous government bowing and scraping to their every whim.

        And as for the BBC don’t get me started about them, Lord Hawhaw would have been proud.


  12. George R says:

    For BBC-NUJ, UKIP’s Nigel Farage says the unsayable:-
    ‘Telegraph’ (£)-
    “Flooding crisis: suspend foreign aid and divert cash to floods, demands UKIP”


    • chrisH says:

      The BBC have yet to discuss this blindingly obvious response to the EU/EA devised flooding of the South West.
      Would be very popular…but, (to the liberati) rather chavvy, base and …er…”populist”…so no chance of this being debated.
      The BBC aren`t there to engage with us…not when there`s a gaily decorated ski slope , and the subtle scent of Semtex on an arab headdress that deserve our musings and moochings.


  13. stuart says:

    looking at the scenes coming from the flooded out areas in south west england and the pain and misery that these english refugees in there own country who have lost there homes and all there possesions brings a tear tom my eye,i think it is about time the likes of bono and bob geldof step up to the mark and organise a concert to raise money for these abandoned homeless people in these areas who have got nothing left but the clothes on there back, i want the charitys in this country to launch a appeal on the bbc and channel 4 to raise money to help out these homeless victims of these flloods and more important this coalition goverment should divert £1 billion from the foreign aid budget and diverted to south west england to help these people rebuild there devastated lifes,these people need are help now before its to late and a bigger tradegy unfolds in the south west of england.


    • chrisH says:

      Any offer of some sand to fill a few sandbags from our desert chums?
      Surely the Green Crescent might arrange for the Saudis to send us a bit of sand-preferably without ricin or anthrax in please!
      Maybe even the steam from come fresh camel shit?…we can live in hope.
      Nah, just lets keep lovebombing the Sunni and Shia in Pakistan and in Iran with our money…and they`ll happily continue to bomb us in return.


  14. Simon says:

    it is funny how we are paying all these green taxes to combat climate change but if this is the work of climate change then where is the money going and what difference will it actually make us paying these pointless taxes?


    • Old Goat says:

      We are fools if we seriously believe that the ever-changing climate is going to be influenced by us either accidentally, or deliberately. It does what it does, and has been doing for billennia, but we only seem to have noticed in the last few years, largely because some bright sparks, egged on by eco-evangelists (with their own axe to grind) twigged that there were mega bucks to be made out of convincing us that we were irreparably damaging the climate, merely by living, when in reality, nothing untoward was occurring at all. With the connivance of the BBC and others of the mainstream media, we were told that we must suffer to make amends to Gaia (who never took a blind bit of notice of us anyway). They, in their zeal, neglected to take into consideration the power of the internet, and the ability of those who are less gullible, to find the true facts for themselves. the lengths to which they will go are extraordinary – even to the point where they brand a life-giving trace gas as a destroyer of the planet, and now pollutant, to boot (this latter, largely because the greenhouse-gas-exacerbated-by-man hypothesis has been found to be largely false).

      The UN has jumped upon the AGW bandwagon big time, as it aids implementation of their Agenda 21 programme, where they believe that they need more control of the populace, and one way of achieving that aim, is to scare them into unquestioningly doing the bidding of the UN to “save the planet”. The only thing the planet needs saving from, is their arrant stupidity.

      Now we are saddled with all this expense, in the forlorn belief that we are going to change something that has quietly been going on for eons. What arrogance.

      Thank God there are those with the technical ability to see through the scam, and raise their united voices against it.


  15. Rob says:

    The flooding can be directly related to the Labour Peer Barbara Young decision to let the large parts of the Somerset Levels be allowed to return to being a swampy wilderness as nature reserves for birds and other wildlife.

    This was under the guidance of the big Lefty green run and managed Quango Natural England. Baroness Young famously said: ‘I’d like to see a limpet mine put on every pumping station.’

    Now this is the result; at least that deluded but dangerous idiot Caroline Lucas MP should be happy, I’m surprised she hasn’t turned up in Somerset to ask the resident what they are complaining about.

    Finally I’d just like to say as a Northerner, we get this rainfall and gales every week except for 1-2 weeks in August, when we just get the rain and you don’t see us complaining.

    No one south of Watford would listen if we did.


    • Frank Words says:

      I live in the south and I can tell you that no one outside the north/south circular road gets listened to.


    • Joshaw says:

      “Finally I’d just like to say as a Northerner, we get this rainfall and gales every week except for 1-2 weeks in August, when we just get the rain and you don’t see us complaining.”

      I’m also a Northerner. You don’t get rainfall and gales like this every week and you do complain – a lot.

      You’ve just reminded me why I left.


    • Alison says:

      “You were lucky to have a LAKE! There were a hundred and sixty of us living in a small shoebox in the middle of the road.”


  16. George R says:

    It seems BBC-NUJ is not keen to explore this:

    “Divert overseas aid to floods crisis at home”


    Read more:


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