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The BBC were quick to follow Miliband’s lead and challenge the Tories on their supposed lack of women in government…as opposed to Miliband’s  abundance of the female of the species on his front bench….most of whom shouldn’t actually have been there…merely shipped in ‘decoration’ for a photo opportunity….a bit of Politicians’ Page three…..not cheap exploitation of women by Labour there then!


Political point scoring aside…does it do Miliband any good?  The BBC aren’t too keen to check that out despite their proclivity for polls on everything.


Here’s one that must make uncomfortable reading for those at the BBC who continue to tell us that Miliband is making the political running with his populist, opportunist empty promises…..




Even Nigel Farage is usually ahead of Miliband.


About time the BBC started to recognise and admit that Miliband is Kinnock MkII….a windbag with lots of headline catching promises but no substance.

Just think..if Miliband is doing this badly now just how badly would he do if the BBC were to tell the truth about him…that he ran scared from the unions, that far from reining in the Unions’ power he has enhanced it, that he knew all along about Unite’s little vote rigging charade, that Assad sits safely in control in Syria happily bombing schoolchildren because Miliband cowardly ducked the decision to threaten force to bring him to the negotiating table…he was brave to stab his brother in the back in the corridors of Westminster but when it really counted and lives were at stake he dodged the decision.

Miliband is a coward, a charlatan and a liar.

Good job the BBC has his back.


Ever get the impression that if Miliband crapped himself in the studio someone from BBC props would rush out and paint it gold?



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18 Responses to Not The BBC News

  1. Arthur Penney says:

    No one has a higher opinion of Ed Milliband than I do – and I think he is a useless waster.

    However the solution to Syria is not simple – bombing in an urban environment would be impracticable and, on this forum at least, support for action against a politician relatively tolerant of religious minorities in his country and for those who are, shall we say, slightly less so, would probably not be popular.


  2. John Anderson says:

    In a BBC programme the other day a Beeboid presenter described Neil Kinnock as the “best Prime Minister Britain never had”. I had herad the term applied before to Roy Jenkins and Denis Healey – maybe with a bit of credibility – but Kinnock ??? How skewed can the BBC get – without even realising their views are extreme ?


    • Arthur Penney says:

      I am sure the BBC regularly reported on Baron Neil Kinnock’s great achievements as Vice President of the European Commission and could use them as evidence of his latent greatness. Funny that I missed them.

      Anyway we will soon see if the son is a chip off the old block(head).


    • Maturecheese says:

      In a BBC programme the other day a Beeboid presenter described Neil Kinnock as the “best Prime Minister Britain never had”.

      In my view that accolade should go to Enoch Powell


  3. chrisH says:

    Ah Lord Kinnochio!
    The very bloke who sacked the only accountant who wanted the EU to sign off on their accounts in 1999.
    And when Marta Andreasen had been sacked by him, he collapsed the whole EU “Cabinet” and let them all back in one guise or another once the media tents had gone.
    They didn`t stick around for long of course-the BBC rather love all that the EU do in collapsing this country.
    For all this?…Kinnocks lad gets a Moscow berth from Labour , gets to marry Danish royalty, wife gets a freeebie in Brussels as an EU Mr and Mrs Trougher…two fat pensions too, and the pick of the BBC cars and studios to keep on slurping with an old ginger combover.
    “First Kinnock to get to uni eh”…certainly the first to milk this country, hog tie it for the Soviets and get a sinecure from the Lords that he feigned to dislike, and doubled up the privileges he filched by slobbering all over Ed Balls borrowed jackboots.
    Welsh for “ouanquer”, my Welsh translator?(as many Euros/annum as we can blag from the Lord Kinnock of Bedwetty)


    • John Anderson says:

      The suggestion by a BBC presenter that Kinnock would have been a fine PM was made in the 2nd of the series on Grammar Schools in the 50s and 60s.


      • Buggy says:

        Meantime the Kinnock daughter-in-law, PM of Denmark and well-known selfie fan, has been covering herself in glory with the sale of part of the state-owned energy company (the amusingly named DONG) to those models of probity, Goldman Sachs for a cool $1.5 billion or so. Wonder how much of that loot will find a new home chez Thorning-Schmidt ?


        • The General says:

          Kinnock junior and his wife, the Danish PM do not live together !!!!! very strange arrangement. Maybe she was after a British Passport or perhaps she does not want to risk being in when the ‘in-laws’ decide to call.


    • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

      Ah, speaking of Bedwellty, I was one of the unfortunate voters there, before they renamed it Islwyn.
      ( like your take of ‘ Bedwetty’.)
      I will translate, but failed to know what ouanquer is really ChrisH.
      Have to say, now, I live in a marginal, where my vote actually counts, and the postal voting demographic has yet to arrive, and it is blissful. However, there is no shortage of lefties here either.


      • chrisH says:

        Sorry sir…its French for wanker(best said in a Clouseau accent.
        Noted Quentin Letts refer to Hollandes “legeauver”….maybe a trend here I`m starting!
        Franglais 2014 version…EU compliant!


        • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

          Ah, understood, as in bêrm.
          Well, Not able to find any entry in any dictionary or draw from experience, either onanistically or linguistically, but in those cases it’s usually a respelling, becoming simply WANCYR.
          Ie dyna fe, wancyr.
          Wancyr gyda gwallt sinsir
          ( added ginger hair for good measure)

          Everybody say, aaaaawwwwwww…..iiiight!


  4. Dali Kman says:

    Anyway, back to the top paragraph……I’m suspcious of Millibad’s woman-count photo….looking at it, aren’t several of them men in drag ?


    • Ember2013 says:

      The Eagle sisters are always drag kings on the front bench.


      • chrisH says:

        And Yvette Cooper looks like a blend of Billy Whizz and The boy off the Bisto kid adverts of old.
        Can only imagine the fistfights that happened to get the Doc Martens, briar pipes and fustiest tweeds that smelt of dog; before they assembled that bunch of gargoyles on that “bench” of theirs.
        How many “daughters” did Graham Chapman have then?


  5. George R says:

    Rupert Murdoch’s ex-wife has declared her love for Tony Blair.

    “Rupert Murdoch’s ex-wife has declared her love for Tony Blair.”


  6. Ember2013 says:

    I’ve checked the Sunday Politics regional segments (on iPlayer) and two regions led with this story. It was probably an edict from BBC central to cover it if they had no other stories to fill the time. It’s hardly a “regional” issue and shows how BBC central like to manipulate coverage to favour Labour at every level of broadcast.