EU Uber Alles



Just another one, or two, to add to the suspicious list of things the BBC has avoided mentioning recently.


The German foreign minister, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, in an official visit to the UK recently made some startling comments:

Rise of Eurosceptic parties could put peace in Europe at risk, German foreign minister claims


Now it would surely be churlish to point out that it was the Germans who started both catastrophic world wars in the last 100 years…..and then ask the obvious question….is he saying we actually can’t trust the Germans unless they are wrapped up in Euro bureaucracy?



Is it Germany that will start the next war and not the power hungry Nigel Farage who of course is determined to have a European empire?

That’s  a question we can’t answer because the BBC decided not to report the words of the German foreign minister on a state visit who declared we are heading for war if UKIP gets its way.

Might be of note you’d think….every newspaper in the land thought so and duly reported his words…but not the BBC.

Does the BBC not want us to realise just what fanatical lunatics are in charge of the EU?

Herman Van Rompuy: ‘Euroscepticism leads to war’


Democracy eh?  Who needs it?


The BBC does have time to report this:

The Nazi murder law that still exists


but not the rise of the new German ‘bureaucratic empire’…running the EU….based on the power not of its army but of its economy.

The euro crisis will give Germany the empire it’s always dreamed of



Curiously though the BBC has no time for this major study of the EU dream:

Dutch would be ‘better off’ if they left the euro

There are big economic benefits for the Dutch in leaving the EU, finds a major study



Surely that is an important analysis that deserves some investigation…one that would form an important part of the debate that is raging now in this country….and that is possibly why the BBC has ignored it.


No doubt they will report it in due time…once they have analysed it and come up with a workable interpretation that illustrates just how wrong the study is.









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12 Responses to EU Uber Alles

  1. Ember2013 says:

    Both world wars were started by people who distanced their decision making from the interests of the populations. In a world of democracies with accountable governments there is likely to be little international conflict (although if governments insist on piling on immigration pressures there may well be civil unrest within nations.)


  2. GCooper says:

    The BBC’s deafening silence over he Dutch story proves once again that the Corporation is absolutely biased in favour of the EU and determined to subvert the democratic process in order to sustain the fantasy.

    Some come on then, trolls – let’s hear the excuses.


  3. Buggy says:

    Didn’t Helmut Kohl pull this same little stunt years back ? If not him it might have been Schroder. Whoever. Anyway, as you rightly say, this does rather seem to be a cry of “If you don’t support the EU to the knuckle, then I can’t trust my country not to roll the tanks out again”, which is a pretty lousy lack of respect for the people who elected him, I’d have thought.

    Oh, and btw: isn’t it poor, living-in-the-past Britain who “Can’t get over the war” ? Ho hum.


  4. Robin says:

    Time and time again we have it from the BBC/liberal left and EUroluvies that if there is no EU , there is war .
    Who will be at war with whom ? Well their lazy minds think it will be France v Germany . That doesn’t mean us . So a good reason for those two to be in that club , but not us .


  5. john in cheshire says:

    At the risk of repeating myself, I believe that those who work for the bbc lack that frisson of fear for their own personal safety from normal people who take exception to the garbage that they spew on a daily basis. If they were as concerned about the adverse reactions of the indigenous majority in our country as they are about the muslim propensity to violence when they don’t like something, I think we’d see an organisation that is more fit for purpose in reflecting the views, opinions, aspirations of normal people rather than socialists and muslims.


  6. chrisH says:

    About time some of us decided to militate for our Licence Fees to be paid directly to Eurovision.
    Antoine de Caunes…Rapido?…the once a year song contest?
    Why the hell do we let ourselves be dragooned into paying the gobshite EU middlemen(and women. lest I break some Feminophobic Law in Brussels)?
    The BBC are just Nazilite Green Gauleiters( Islamic Green shade, not the Oirish one) who crave Correo Del Sporto with a warm croissant…and well placed to enjoy the riots of the lower orders!
    Look at the DMI Parliamentary questioning of a few of the Nuremburg Green Gang of the Blair Era….saw it on BBC Parliament last night.
    There wasn`t one there even fit to lick Rudolf Hess` badge of Herman Goering. That is the quality of public sector pondlife that the BBC sticks on its Savile flagship!


  7. Bob Nelson says:

    Actually, Steinmeier may have a point. The EU machine is doing a pretty good job of bankrupting the member states and no-one can afford to start a war.


  8. John Standley says:

    Steinmeier quotes the old “..for the European Union which has helped keep peace for the past 50 years, the German foreign minister has warned.” cr@p.

    The only chance of war in Europe post-WW2 war between the West and the Soviet bloc, not among the nations of western Europe.

    That peace was established and maintained by NATO with a very large American commitment, which began years before the EEC came into existence.


  9. Doublethinker says:

    I suspect, although I have not done any research into it, that no major wars have occurred between two truly democratic states. If my suspicion is correct, then the major issue that faces the EU, is its increasing lack of democratic accountability. Bu,t as we all know, the BBC pays only lip service to democracy, and that privately the BBC elite think that anyone not of their own liberal left outlook is beneath contempt, and that ordinary folks should just do what they are told by the elite and be grateful for the guidance of these clever, compassionate people.


  10. DownBoy says:

    The greatest risk of conflict in Europe is the creation of an artificial top-down bureaucratic superstate with no national democracy to act as a safety valve. That is exactly what these euro-fanatics are creating.


  11. Philip says:

    Great minds do think alike: This week a Dutch Exit strategy report by Gert Wilders (of Capital Economics) recommends Netherlands should pull out of EU altogether and highlights the benefits and opportunities ‘outside’ EU. (thanks to: for this link).

    NeXit report (extracts: Start page 6).
    ‘Any decision to leave the European Union is first and foremost a social, cultural and political one. It must revolve around issues of national sovereignty, citizenship and freedom of determination. However, there are also good reasons to believe that a nation, untied from the bureaucracy of Brussels and able to make decisions for itself rather than have imposed one-size-fits-all policies, will benefit economically too.’ ….

    (page 27) ‘Indeed, looking ahead, membership of the European Union does not provide a prosperous future for the Netherlands – even if there are no further crises in the peripheral euro-zone countries (which we think is unlikely)’…. ‘Although the euro-zone crisis appears to have abated, the structural problems that underlie the currency bloc mean that either additional substantial bailouts of indebted peripheral nations will be required, or the euro must break-up, or both. ‘

    (page 39) ‘The (EU) administrative burden is only part of the drag on business and the economy imposed by (EU) regulations. Adding in the policy cost, estimates of the combined burden vary from 1⁄2 to three per cent of gross domestic product. ‘…’In addition, there are wider ‘knock-on’ costs, which could be substantial as the additional costs borne by regulated businesses are passed on through the supply chain into more and more enterprises, and eventually to consumers themselves.’

    (page 48) ‘What is clear is that not all groups of immigrants are the same. The skill levels and background of immigrants seems particularly important in determining the overall impact. The literature suggests that lower skilled immigrants from poorer countries will tend to be a burden on the tax payer…’ (page 51) ‘Outside of the European Union, Dutch policy-makers can adjust their immigration policies to better fit the needs of their domestic economy.’

    etc. etc.

    (As there are 164 pages this is going to be a long read). At least we do not have the ‘Euro’ currency itself. But then they don’t have the pro EU BBC euro bias 24/7 monolith to contend with. We need a similar UK Blueprint to leave the EU. There is never going to be a ‘next’ time to leave: