Another BBC Comedian Comes Out




Toby Young at the Telegraph spotted this and wasn’t impressed:

BBC comedian says Cameron ‘wants your kids to die’



Perhaps Hound is trying to compete with his fellow NHAP member Marcus Chown who is :

NHA Party executive member is the most influential tweeter about David Cameron

Our own executive committee member Marcus Chown has been named  the “most influential tweeter about David Cameron” by academics at Imperial College who’ve created a new  index for  ranking tweeters.

“I am just pleased to be getting the message out that David Cameron is dismantling our NHS while lying that he isn’t.”


Rufus compounds the alarmist language with a bit of incitement to violent revolution….


Interesting that Hound opts for the National Health Action Party…..a single issue party that ensures he doesn’t have to think very much and come up with any tricky policies for all those other issues…such as the economy, or education, or welfare….which is why the money can’t all be spent on the NHS…despite the vast, vast sums that are already.


Seems that Rufus has some way to go before competing fully with Chown in the Twittersphere as others are also less than impressed with Rufus:




Oh dear…still not top billing even though shit always floats to the top apparently….that’s a joke Rufus….smile…


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Rufus Hound, less better known as Robert James Blair Simpson…educated by the £5,930 a-term Frensham Heights……the same school that Domino Harvey, Bounty Hunter, went to….

Domino Harvey.jpg


She gets my vote..and yes that’s a real photo not a pseud actor/comedian…Rufus not so much.


Ruf likes to think of himself as one of the ‘people’…. not a privately educated, self indulgent, over privileged, over paid, loudmouth playing at politics ….he’s just a chav really…no really…him an’ Owen hang out all the time…baby….



As said ‘The 100 Worst People on Twitter’ aren’t fans……

‘….the grand posturing, ill-judged and out-of-sync opinions, doing a corporate gig to present an award to G4S, deciding to call out the members of a fucking forum, proudly declaring his Lib Dem voting intentions in 2010, getting booed by Keith Lemon – it all adds up to what should’ve been seen as a string of embarrassing failures by a deeply unlikable man, even by comedian standards. As it is, he’ll collect a bigger pay cheque to present something even more low-brow, whilst turning up for an overacted bit-part in the occasional drama to soothe his ego, and there’s nothing you or I can do about it. If we get the television presenters we deserve, then the rapture is fully underway.’


These are not of course the opinions of management.


Rufus has delusions of grandeur…





Trouble is Henry V isn’t what the People need, it’s the BBC, the Voice of the People….but it’s failed them in their hour of need….some are very concerned it has abandoned their cause…apparently…..



Marcus Chown being a supporter of, a worker for, the NHAP….their ‘Twitter Lead’…whatever that is…presumably twitter propagandist.


It’s that right wing, Tory supporting BBC again….good of them to allow so many left wing comedians to dominate the airwaves though.




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38 Responses to Another BBC Comedian Comes Out

  1. Rob says:

    Rufus Hound is a comedian??? I’ve had funnier prostrate examinations.


  2. Albaman says:

    If a comedian who has appeared on the BBC can be described as a “BBC Comedian” does this mean that a prospective politician who failed to get elected and who regularly appears on the BBC can be called a “BBC failed politician”?


    • Guest Who says:

      See where you’re going with this one, Albaman, if down the furrow plough… hole dug last night by Scott. Surreal.
      The answer is, of course, ‘The Fish’.


      • Albaman says:

        Sorry, but I have no idea what you are on about!!


        • Guest Who says:

          You have no idea, but thanks for confirming it, how much this troubles me.


          • Albaman says:

            You make no sense. It troubles me not one iota.


            • Guest Who says:

              Rather clearly, it seems to trouble you as little as a niche blog about BBC bias that no one, especially you, bothers with.


              • Albaman says:

                You continue to make no sense. I remain untroubled.


                • Guest Who says:

                  “I remain untroubled”

                  As someone once said, ‘if you say so”, mind, a bit ironically, again.


                  • Jason says:

                    Albaman’s point is perfecty reasonable, and frankly..obvious.

                    He’s a comedian who appears occasionally on the BBC. If he is a ‘BBC Comedian’ then he’s also an ‘ITV Comedian’, and ‘Channel 4 Comedian’ etc.

                    These comments were on his own blog. In other words, nothing to do with the BBC.

                    And what on earth has any of it got to do with going to the same school as a girl who went on to be a Bounty Hunter.

                    Alan writes some nonsense, but at least I can generally get the point he’s making, as confused as it might be. But Guest Who is on a different planet altogether.

                    The answer is, of course, ‘The Fish’.
                    I mean, wtf?!?


                    • Guest Who says:

                      Welcome, Jason. And another new friend ignoring this irrelevant site and those who post on it. At this rate we should have a convention.

                      ‘Albaman’s point is perfecty reasonable..’
                      Now if that doesn’t get you fast-tracked to Director of the ECU, I don’t know what will.

                      ‘He’s a comedian who appears occasionally on the BBC…”
                      If you say so.
                      ‘These comments were on his own blog. In other words, nothing to do with the BBC.’
                      Funny you should say that.
                      Ignoring all the faux DM outrage (as they are almost as bad as the BBC and would sell their granny for a rating like the BBC staff would drop a colleague in it at the drop of an inquiry), as Rufus is big on facts (when not dropping those that don’t suit out), let’s pop to the end…
                      ‘..The BBC said Mr Hound, who presents the Radio Four show My Teenage Diary, is not an employee but a freelancer.

                      A spokesman said: ‘Rufus Hound is not a BBC employee – he is a freelancer who appears on many broadcasters’ channels – and his personal views, expressed on his own blog, are not the BBC’s responsibility.’
                      It’s like they took the words out of your mouth. Interesting precedent there, distancing associated entities from individuals. As with twitter disclaimers the BBC seems a bit dual standard on those it forgives and those it… hounds.
                      But it doesn’t seem his colleagues are quite as chuffed as his twitter gang..
                      ‘Former MP Dr Richard Taylor, who founded the NHA two years ago, told LBC Radio that he would discuss the comedian’s ‘fairly extreme’ choice of words.
                      He added: ‘I don’t think anybody can really agree that they [Cameron and Hunt] want people to die, but by their actions they are risking that and I think that’s what Rufus means and I would agree with him there is a risk.’

                      Fair dos. Such as this may not be helping much, though:
                      Rufus Hound ‏@RufusHound 3h
                      For anyone upset by my first blog: David & Jeremy love your children so much they could just die, squealing in ecstasy
                      That may score him some converts from the Russell Brand-grade Wolfie Smiths, but possibly more dark looks over the shandies tonight.
                      ‘The other downside is – obviously – that being brash, loud, offensive means that you actually put more people off your cause than you draw toward it.’
                      And in trying to effect positive change, that clearly makes sense to some. How?
                      There is a debate to be had. Do it in certain terms light can lead to improvements. Choose heat and no one wins. Especially kids.
                      ‘Also, I’ve been asked to do heaps of interviews and things today’
                      Can’t imagine with whom, and on what terms.
                      ‘And what on earth has any of it got to do with going to the same school as a girl who went on to be a Bounty Hunter.’
                      Not much, I agree, but maybe A. Journalist can be prevailed upon to explain how news editorial latches on to rather obscure or tenuous connections to pad out stories. Even the BBC.
                      ‘But Guest Who is on a different planet altogether.’
                      A separation from such as yourself I am not ashamed to possess.

                      ‘The answer is, of course, ‘The Fish’.’
                      I mean, wtf?!?

                      Appreciating humour is surgically removed from some almost at birth, one has to presume the more cryptic ‘How many… to screw in a lightbulb’ versions totally passed you by?
                      Anyhoo, getting back to the topic, just noticed our hero is still losing friends and influencing people, along with arguments, especially at the non-twindergarden end of twitter (have to admit doing pretty well on the DM, though… by a huge margin… go figure. Almost as if forces have been mobilised).
                      So, just as Rufus has his Tobies, here BBBC has its Albamen & Jasons to keep things bubbling and help makes cases, pro… or con. As Rufus says, it’s down to what folk say, and the facts they use, that will win over any weighing the issues.
                      Keep it up chaps. It would not be the same without input such as yours.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      When David Vance is given a BBC show to host for 4 series, has been the presenter or narrator of two other series, plus his own CBBC sitcom, and been a host for Glastonbury and Top of the Pops (in your dreams, DV!), rather than brought in as a guest commentator (nobody here has ever referred to even a guest pundit as “the BBC commentator” or anything) to debate someone, then you might have a point, Albaman. But as things stand, you’ve made a pathetic, grasping stretch.

      For the time being, you might want to ask yourself why the BBC left out this comedian’s BBC experience and decided not to mention his outrageous blog post in their announcement of his candidacy. After all, most people at the BBC agree with what he said, and many will have known him well, so it won’t have seemed like an unusual, fringe opinion to them, so there must have been some other reason for leaving it out.


      • You What!!!! says:

        Wow, did Albaman hit a sore point or what!!! No doubt his comment will be “moderated out” by Alan (or is it DV ) soon.
        What a cute little boys club this blog is – any dissent and all DV’s (or is it Alan’s) little helpers come a running.


        • David Preiser (USA) says:

          LOL @ You What. You don’t actually realize what you’ve just said, do you? Ignorance and blind anger on display all in one comment.


        • Guest Who says:

          ‘No doubt his comment will be “moderated out” by Alan (or is it DV ) soon’
          Still there it seems. But if ‘vanished’, I for one will miss seeing it, in all its glory, preserved.
          Now, if you’re going to raise the subject of top modding (out), you could do a lot worse than this one…

          But then, it was a different time.
          Meanwhile, the hero of our story continues to excel in debate…
          Rufus Hound ‏@RufusHound 1h
          Pretty sure Toby Young just called me a “muthafucker” on Twitter. I insist The Conservative Party disciplines him. #titfortatbullshit #
          Cripes, ‘pretty sure’ should get him the top slot on Newsnight.
          I wonder if Mr. Young did say that? I can’t see it. But he may have deleted a few tweets.

          That can happen. Maybe even Mr. Hound has been advised on a few better lost by the BBC crisis management team?

          The key, is to ‘trust facts’.


          • Guest Who says:

            Not being a social media whiz, I’d be interested to discover how such as this tweet…
            Rufus Hound ‏@RufusHound Jan 27
            @toadmeister Well, get a big pot of coffee on sunshine, coz you’ll be waiting a fucking long time.
            … apparently from Mr. Hound appears on a few feeds he has engaged with, yet the extent of his day’s feed now appears to be…
            Rufus Hound ‏@RufusHound 22h
            Pretty sure Toby Young just called me a “muthafucker” on Twitter. I insist The Conservative Party disciplines him. #titfortatbullshit #
            willshome ‏@willshome Jan 27
            @rebeccasword @RufusHound @NHAparty are getting thousands of tweets today. Go to for all the information you need.
            Retweeted by Rufus Hound
            sprungseven ‏@sprungseven Jan 27
            I give it two more days before hardline lefties start accusing @RufusHound of being a corporate shill.
            Retweeted by Rufus Hound
            Johnny Foreigner ‏@lexkelandjun Jan 27
            @RufusHound he calls himself ‘toadmeister’. By choice. Don’t think anyone should ever worry about anything someone called toadmeister says.
            Retweeted by Rufus Hound
            Rufus Hound ‏@RufusHound Jan 27
            If you fancy a laugh, read the comments under Toby Youngs Telegraph blog about me. Brilliant! Hahaha
            Rufus Hound ‏@RufusHound Jan 27
            To be clear, I don’t think that because I am a “celebrity” my opinion is any more valid or worthy than anyone else’s. But I do trust facts.
            Rufus Hound ‏@RufusHound Jan 27
            Unsurprisingly, getting a lot of shit from people today. Interesting to see how the word “celeb” is used as a tool to invalidate opinion.
            Rufus Hound ‏@RufusHound Jan 27
            I’m working pretty hard in my day job, so apologies if you’re expecting more from me RE the @NHAparty . Follow them. Join them! Fight!
            Only One Issue ‏@OnlyOneIssue Jan 27
            @NHAparty @toadmeister @RufusHound Seems that certain Tories are resorting to distraction techniques to avoid the real issue. Big surprise.
            Retweeted by Rufus Hound
            Rufus Hound ‏@RufusHound Jan 26
            Very interesting. Owen Jones’s ‘Agenda for Hope’: We want a fairer society – and here’s how we can achieve it

            It seems that first was created by Mr. Hound, but is no longer on his page. How does that happen?


            • David Preiser (USA) says:

              Very few celebrities think that their status makes their opinions more valid. But they do think it gives them the right to use that status to push their opinions in ways that ordinary people can’t, and don’t see any fairness or equality problems in doing so. Same goes for this activist.


  3. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Presumably he no longer hosts the BBC show. Although as usual with these people he gives people like Jimmy Carr a pass if they hold the approved thoughts.

    If he does get elected, you can be sure he’ll get more face time on the BBC than any MEP not named Nigel Farage (who is also leader of a party) in the history of the EU.


  4. Demon says:

    Reading the item at the top; every time I saw NHAP out of the corner of my eye it looked a little like NSDAP to me. I’m sure the similarity doesn’t end there.


  5. JimS says:

    As noted in the previous Wednesday Open Thread, Hound is no comedian. Here he is doing his childish, ill-informed, political rant on The News Quiz.
    I found his Teenage Diaries programmes embarrassing to listen to as he has zero tact. Fortunately his victims seem to be from the same set so know that one of their own could never be rude, racist or ‘right’!


  6. chrisH says:

    Yes-that word “comedian”?
    Like that creep who got into some royal party dressed as Bin Laden?…that Kiwi who ruined a boat race a few years ago?
    These are the shocktroops of envy and SWP bile who only need to “take the Guardian” and to have gone to fee-paying private schools to get that BBC legup…Seamus Milne template.
    This bloke is many things, but not a comedian!
    Not fit to lace Dickie Hendersons sock garter…and he`s probably base camp one re comedy…utterly hopeless, but at least able to dance!


    • Philip says:

      Never heard of this bloke until today. I expect that the BBC has ‘redefined’ the word ‘Comedian’ as a ‘political agitator’- working for the BBC. What’s really ‘funny’ about the BBC is ‘how it works’ and is funded. Except that is not funny either.


  7. Beeboidal says:

    Louise Mensch had the temerity make a tweet about how impressed she was by Michael Gove. Hound pops up with

    What a c*nt. RT @LouiseMensch Gove is simply the cleverest and ablest member of the Government (a high bar). It's like watching Ali box.— Rufus Hound (@RufusHound) March 13, 2013

    Mensch replies

    @RufusHound @SarahVine did you teach them to call a woman a c*nt when you disagree with her? #feminism— Louise Mensch (@LouiseMensch) March 14, 2013

    The charming Hound replies

    @LouiseMensch @SarahVine I don't call women cunts when I disagree with them. I call them cunts when they're cunts. #equality— Rufus Hound (@RufusHound) March 14, 2013

    On sites looking to flog him for corporate gigs, one of his dislikes is given as “ill-manners”, which makes him a hypocritical c*nt at the very least, but some say woman at the BBC were completely unperturbed by his Mensch tweets.


  8. Buggy says:

    I’m sure his political career will be every bit as glittering as that other BBC fave, Amy ‘Plant’ Rutland.

    Which lucky constituency will be subject to Hound’s effluence, I wonder ? Guessing somewhere in Norf Lunnon where they thought that AV was a good idea (;)) where he might just get his deposit back.


  9. Doublethinker says:

    Hasn’t this piece of dog excrement heard of North Staffs?


    • stewart says:

      Its exactly that type of stalanist death camp he campaining to preserve


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Of course he has. But just like most at the BBC, he’ll blame Tory Cutz™ and the damage caused by their reforms.


      • Doublethinker says:

        But even the dim wit hound must know the North Staffs death all occurred under a Labour government.


  10. David Preiser (USA) says:


    You are either being willfully dishonest about Hound having the same BBC credentials as David Vance, or are simply unaware of the facts. Which is it? Albaman is simply ignorant, as is his other supporter. It’s one thing to sneer and hurl personal insults, but it’s quite another to tell a lie while claiming to be correct.

    We already know Hound has hosted – not appeared as guest panelist, but hosted – a radio show for 24 episodes, so let’s just list the rest of it, and then you or Albaman or You What can apologize for lying or admit you’re wrong:

    Rufus Hound stars in Hounded for the CBBC Channel

    Comedian Rufus Hound is to take the lead role in a new comedy which starts on the CBBC Channel on June 11, 2010. The show, Hounded, see the comic play a version of himself in as a television presenter who is transported to an alternative dimension by an incompetent evil scientist trying to take over the world.

    Presenter of BBC’s short-lived “Grime Scene Investigation”

    Presenter of “Outtake TV” on BBC One

    Narrator of BBC’ Two’s broadcasts of “Mythbusters” and “Rocket Science”

    Then there are the guest host slots for Top of the Pops and what the younger generation sees as a jewel in the BBC’s crown, Glastonbury.

    Sure, he’s done almost as much for ITV, but it’s not the same thing, as ITV doesn’t require you to pay for on penalty of law, and is not the official state broadcaster with infinitely more cultural influence. Has David Vance ever presented a BBC show? Has he guest hosted any major popular shows? Has he had his own sitcom? Narrated any BBC series? No, it’s simply false to claim that David Vance has the same amount of BBC credentials as Hound. It’s not reasonable to claim that he has.


  11. stuart says:

    straight from the campuses of university radical marxism and maoism to the comedy circuit,why do these middle class lefties from the leafy shires and suburbs have a monopoly on the comedy circuit,why are there no working class comedians performing in the comedy clubs or on the bbc and other media outlets anymore,is comedy just a preserve for the middle class lefties who like to take the piss out of the pope and the christian religion but would never stray into mocking islam and muslims,it seems like that to me.


    • Scronker says:

      Working class comedians were funny and Tories (Les Dawson, Jim Davidson et al.). The like of which never get a hearing nowadays. BBC Radio 4 comedy hour – what a load of irritating crap.


  12. DownBoy says:

    On the subject of smug, unfunny ‘comedians’ with edgy, radical views who get an easy paycheque courtesy of the license payers, I hear that the always hilarious Marcus Brigstocke is on a show involving ski jumping with Eddie the Eagle Edwards. I certainly hope Marcus stays uninjured, lest we miss his humour.