Takes Yer Choice An’ Pays Yer Money



Many countries chose to adopt the Euro…many countries are living to regret that as even the EU has now admitted….however the BBC doesn’t seem to want to report such a major admission of fault  the Telegraph reported it at 5:00 pm:



From the Telegraph:

Euro ‘increasing unemployment and social hardship’, says EC

Deepening economic divisions between North and South, rich and poor eurozone countries threaten to undermine the European Union itself, report states

The 496-page report, “Employment and social developments in Europe 2013”, warns that deepening economic divisions between North and South, rich and poor eurozone countries threaten to undermine the European Union itself.

The stark findings, published by Laszlo Andor, the EU’s social affairs commissioner, acknowledges that the loss of sovereignty involved in giving up national currencies has led to a loss of flexibility in tackling the economic crisis.

“In the absence of the currency devaluation option, euro area countries attempting to regain cost competitiveness have to rely on internal devaluation (wage and price containment),” the report concluded.

“This policy, however, has its limitations and downsides, not least in terms of increased unemployment and social hardship.”

“Employment and social divergences are a sign that the EU does not fulfil its fundamental objective to benefit all its member states,” the report said.

“These trends are not only severely undermining the employment, social cohesion and human capital of individual member states but are also affecting competitiveness and growth in the EU as a whole.”



Might have thought that would be of interest to a news organisation.

The BBC were quick enough to report the below based on statements made by the same EU commissioner:

The government has promised to push ahead with plans to restrict access to benefits for EU immigrants, despite a European commissioner warning the UK risked being seen as a “nasty country”.



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20 Responses to Takes Yer Choice An’ Pays Yer Money

  1. Frank Words says:

    I expect being seen as a “nasty country” by unelected, highly paid EU seat polishers would cause distress at the BBC.

    I expect they would be happy if we, as a country, opened our wallets and said to all and sundry “Help Yourself”.

    Sorry – can’t afford that and the £140 odd to pay for a licence fee to watch something other than the BBC.

    As for it being “nasty” they clearly don’t know the meaning of the word.


  2. Pounce says:

    In the real world, the one country inside the EU which hasn’t adopted the Euro and has the highest rate of economic growth within that same EU is castigated by those coutnries which have no problem exporting their unemplyment figures elsewhere. Yeah nasty evil white British people.


  3. Dudley says:

    Also on BBC European bias: this morning on Toady, Simon Jack interviewed some senior guy from the Nissan plant in Sunderland. Jack started by giving a positive view on UK manufacturing, especially car manufacturing, then started the interview with Nissan….so far so good. BUT not long in the interview I could see where he was going: I paraphrase:
    “So your factory is a European factory and you only get new models to produce by Nissan if you are competitive. But are you worried about your factories future if UK left the EU? Last week Nissan in Japan voiced fears etc etc.” The response was brilliant in refusing to get into such a debate with the BBC. So even if by some miracle the UK population do get an EU in/out vote the BBC have already started the campaign…..don’t vote to leave otherwise all UK car manufacturing will cease.
    The BBC are truly pathetic!


    • The Highland Rebel says:

      Yeah…most of the stuff I see being sold in this country today is made in China yet I don’t recall China becoming a member of the EU.


    • Doublethinker says:

      The BBC is NOT pathetic, it is DANGEROUS. The BBC has consistently been undermining democracy in the country for the past 30 or 40 years by its constant liberal left propaganda. As a result British culture has certainly moved to the left but not by as much as the BBC and the liberal left elite that they represent, would wish. So we are now getting increased dosage of their poisonous medicine to ensure a) that we elect labour b) that we remain welcoming of more immigrants , preferably from outside the EU, as white Christians are certainly second class immigrants in their view. c) that we don’t over react when we see our cultural heritage , customs and values consigned to the dustbin of history.
      History will show that the BBC and the liberal left elite presided over the destruction of our old and proud country and the building of a new one, from which our ancient and proud identity has been expunged. Of course as they will write the history in future it will no doubt be portrayed as something akin to the 18th century Enlightenment.
      The liberal elite say that this is the modern world and that old national identities belong to the past. That we are all citizens of the world now. This theory will not last its first full on encounter with the brutal reality of the clashes that different cultures and value systems will cause. They will regret what they have done but every one else will suffer with them for their mistakes.


      • OldBloke says:

        …..and everyone else will get the *blame*.


      • Frank Words says:

        The Progressive (sic) left may think theirs is the future but take heart. So too did the Nazi’s and the Communists.


      • The Highland Rebel says:

        “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.” —Ben Franklin


      • The Highland Rebel says:

        “Democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.”
        —Thomas Jefferson


      • Rob says:

        Not strictly true, ‘old national identities belong to the past’ only our imperialist national identity belongs in the past. We must embrace others at the expense of our own.


    • Scrappydoo says:

      The BBC is in bed with the EU –

      “BBC admits receiving millions in grants from EU and councils”



  4. Oldbob says:

    As every day passes more and more people across Europe are understanding the truth about the festering crapheap that is the EU, despite how here the increasingly desperate left wing parallel universe that is the BBC strives to convince us otherwise of some other federal paradise. The May Euro elections will hopefully throw a grenade into the centre of the champagne and caviar dining rooms of both establishments that starts a chain reaction that eventually brings both of the rotten edifices tumbling down.


  5. Anthem says:

    I think I’d rather have some semblance of control over immigration and take my chances on being known as the “nasty country” than have an organisation which seemingly had half the UK paedophile population on its payroll for a few decades represent us by virtue of its name – the BRITISH Broadcasting Corporation.


    • Thoughtful says:

      You need to be careful with your terminology, the EU has not allowed ‘immigration’ as such, because the people who move between member countries maintain their original citizenship, and do not become citizens of the country they are it.

      This is why the BBC use the correct descriptor – Migrant as they move country without gaining citizenship.


  6. chrisH says:

    As well as the Euro omissions, the BBC seem not to have welcomed that news about the UK economy getting some kudos from the IMF.
    Albeit only a year after the same IMF said that the Tories were “playing with fire” in not shovelling out great grandkids money into the unemptied bins of Benefits St.
    So their opinion is as worthless as any Labour stoolie like Balls, or any quangos he stuffed with placemats from unions, charities or contaminated turkey basters near his perp school.
    But you`d have thought that, given how much the BBC have long loved to quote from the IMF…in this case,they seem less inclined so to do.
    Like Prince Charles talking of Christian persecutions in Biblical lands of old…the BBC choose to shout over him with any old crap of his about wind turbines of how lovely Islam is.
    IMF?…Prince Charles?…the BBC are selecting and redacting at will, and without any consequences-how long are we to keep stuffing their fat gobs with our money, and then letting them piss all over us?


  7. stuart says:

    if the goverment want to restrict housing and other benefits for eu immigrants and kick out those caught committing serious crimes and minor crimes like begging i am 100% behind that,but i have a problem here with these proposals,do these same benefit restrictions and deporting foreign criminals who have been raking havoc in england with terrorism,paedophile rings,murder and drug dealing etc apply to immigrants from outside the eu from third world countrys in south east asia and africa who have in the main been 70% of mass immigration 6 million plus that we have had in england since 1997 when new labour and tony blair were in power,if these restrictions apply to both eu immirgants and non eu immigrants fair enough,if they dont that is just wrong and full of double standards.


  8. chrisH says:

    Missed the first part of Thinking Allowed(oh really?).
    Last words were about the faux sanctifiying of 60s “rebels” in pop/folk music…Dylan, Baez etc…hope that WAS our academics conclusion in that the likes of Laurie can choke on it.
    But back to form after, Laurie has some old 60s rebel from San Fransisco Uni…Race and Resistance Studies no less!
    But of course-should be free grants for that one, seeing as it`s all that the BBC dream of.
    Bangra as a vector of the empowering of the South Asian diaspora…I`ll shout that through to the kitchen when next time some poor waiter is getting a pasting or his passport taken off him at the local takeaway.
    How does that tie die batik bollock get so many years chewing his old copies of New Society for cud.?
    If only we could link his material dialectical corduroys to Jimmy Saviles pendant…worrawanka!