What Would Jesus Do?


From the Guardian:

Pen pals can give hope to Guantánamo prisoners

The latest US legislation is causing dozens held at Guantánamo Bay to lose hope – but you can make a difference



Got to admire the BBC’s ability to compartmentalize things.

On Today this morning we had a long exploration of the disaster that is Syria…conclusion…Assad, who has terrorised his own people with chemical weapons and barrel bombs is actually a better man to have in power than the Al Qaeda extremists fighting to remove him.

So that’s just how bad the Al Qaeda boys are.

Followed immediately by a heart warming tale of…an Al Qaeda terrorist…in Guantanamo Bay…who has written back to a plucky British Christian who wrote a letter to him.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed ‘quite friendly’ says pen pal

Rory Green speaks about his his letter from Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in Guantanamo


The BBC managed to find two extracts they wished to read out from the 27 page tract…the first saying the lovable rogue never stops repenting for his sins (though we’re not sure what he thinks they might be) and the second an attack on paedophile Catholic priests….driven to their evil lusts by a decadent West apparently.


Might there be a connection between that terrorist and his compatriots who are actually chopping up Christian priests in Syria?

Not for the BBC.



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8 Responses to What Would Jesus Do?

  1. Arthur Penney says:

    Must admit that I, too, prefer Assad as a ‘least worst’ option.

    Imagine if he had fallen and those chemical weapons had found there way into the Jihadis’ control?



  2. TPO says:

    You can always rely on the BBC to find a useful ‘Norman Kember’ idiot to advance their agenda.


  3. The PrangWizard of England says:

    Russia Today is reporting based on a study by the MIT that the Assad government could not have launched the chemical attack everybody got so worked up about, and which brought Obama to threatening an attack by the US. Luckily the UK parliament voted ‘no’ and he backed off. He needed us as cover.


  4. chrisH says:

    I`ll tell you what Jesus would NOT have done…ever!
    And-we can rest secure in the knowledge that Al_Beeb, Unison and Unite/RCN(as if!) won`t be asking any questions about it…that Ed Stourton or Ernie Rae won`t be debating it on their “religiousd vehicles”…and-f***in Justin Webb won`t be mocking him for “putting colleagues under pressure” by insisting on time off on a Sunday…like he did to that poor Christian in a childrens care home who wanted her Sundays off.
    Her employing LEA no doubt won the right to trash her Sundays…but no LEA or BBC monkey will be taking our Muslim pal to task for letting a kuffar die.
    Good enough for whitey old bags huh…and cheaper that packing her off on a Pratchett punt to Geneva or Zurich.


  5. Philip says:

    I am no great supporter of Assad regime but he did have an English born wife and lived to some extent in London (part of the problem). He also left Christians pretty much alone to live the life they chose in Syria (as they had done for thousands of years alongside sunni/moslem neighbours). It’s hard to remember that the Lebanon was once the ‘Monty-Carlo’ of the middle east with a high western style living standards and mutual respect (until the atrocieties started). And you start to wonder if there can ever be a solution on the middle-east. You certainly cannot rely on ‘impartial’ factual BBC war reportiing. That is part of the wider BBC (media empire) problem we have, (the Russians it would seem were better advised than the BBC). Who would trust France (at the moment) under premier Hollande? He is not exactly ‘popular’ either – his biggest supporters seem to be only the BBC.


    • chrisH says:

      And a good friend of Sting and other lefty luvvies, until the BBC decided that he was getting in the way of the Muslim Brotherhood/Al Queda project that was all-too-often coverd by that wonderful Arab Spring of their fantasies.
      Hence the hatred of him…for they too were “taken in” by a modern scientifically trained man-a friend of modernity, a defender of Christians and other minorities.
      Anybody in the BBCs favour needs to take note of what the BBC does to former friends that Islam decides isn`t “halal” any more.
      Rushdie…the only word those fey fops needs to hear before they push the Christians into the mincer.


      • pah says:

        Assad, like Saddam, was a Soviet stooge and has stayed under waning Russian influence. So of course the lefties liked him.

        His attitude to minorities no doubt stems from the fact that he is from a minority himself and the ruling class would be foolish to start misbehaving too obviously just in case it gave the majority groups ideas. Which is what has happened recently, only they are influenced by outsiders.

        The people you have to feel sorry for are the ordinary Syrians who are forced to live in medieval poverty because their ‘betters’ can’t behave in a civilised manner.


    • DP111 says:

      Syria is a relatively moderate secular dictatorships, considering what is on offer in the rest of the ME from Saudi Arabia and the rest.

      Syria is a “beacon” of freedom of opportunity for religious minorities and women (comparatively). Christians can practice their faith publicly and without fear. Women can get an education and job, drive cars and do just about anything. What exactly do the opposition Jihadis we were supporting, have to offer?

      Mass rape, mass murder, destruction of ancient churches, and destruction of anything not Islamic enough – as the Koran requires.

      Syria is the one country that took hundreds of thousands of Iraqi Christians, unloved and unwanted by the West, as their presence in the West, would give the lie of a free and liberated Iraq.