Muslim Demonisingraphics?

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About a decade ago, Qaradawi issued a fatwa on the gradual conquest of the entire continent of Europe via Islamic exhortation (dawah) and the demographic factor, leading to the fulfillment of Muhammad’s prophecy on the conquest of the cities of Constantinople (Istanbul), Jerusalem, and Romiyyah (Rome) as a condition for the emergence of the Mahdi, the Muslim messiah.


Welcome to the dawah of political Islam. With its high octane blend of politics and religion as potent as any of history’s grand ideas.   John Ware, Panorama



Funny thing…the BBC spent a lot of time and effort to counter ‘myths’ about Muslim demographics….the Muslim birthrate…

Disproving the Muslim Demographics sums


Debunking a YouTube hit


Even producing their own little YouTube counterblast:




Strange now though how quiet the BBC is about the frontpage story in the Times which tells us that 10% of child births are ‘Muslim’.

Of course talking about Islam is not the done thing….criticising Islam is ‘polluting’ polite society as Sarah Montague reminds us:

‘It’s one thing to say these are extremist groups on the fringes [The EDL]…but it’s the extent to which they pollute the rest of the population I suppose in terms of how you deal with it is the concern and how much pollution do you think has gone on?’


The BBC only refers to it in ‘What the papers say’ and links to that on Twitter.

Could it be that the BBC is hiding certain news that it thinks will cause a bit of a stir…..‘‘the one-in-ten birthrate statistic could “generate alarmism”.’


And alarmism there might be…or is that genuine concern?……

Matthew Goodwin, a leftwing academic has made it his job to study the ‘far Right’ and the ‘Counter Jihad movement’……from his work we can see that 50% of his poll agree that there will be a ‘clash of civilisations’ between white Britons and Muslims…36% disagree.  Further more 52% of Conservatives, 33% of Labour, 18% of UKIP and 24% ‘other’, and only 5% of the BNP agree with the EDL (as was).

So probably a good thing to talk about such concerns and not brush them under the carpet as the BBC does.


The BBC weren’t so quiet when it came to a Christian birthrate:

A Womb is a Weapon

First broadcast:
Saturday 18 May 2013

Across the world, and increasingly in Europe and the UK, a unique Christian evangelical movement is growing.

For some, encouraging larger Christian families is part of a project to outbreed other religions, particularly Islam, winning back the world for Christ one baby at a time.


The BBC’s Giles Fraser, in his alternate gig at the Guardian said this:

“Why do you have so many children?” I asked [a Palestinian in Gaza]. Perhaps it was a rude question. But I didn’t get how in so poor a place as Gaza it made sense to have a dozen kids. It’s political,” the man said – going on to explain that Yasser Arafat had told to them that their victory was to be found in “the Palestinian womb“. I was shocked. But in a place whose very existence is threatened, having children is all about national survival.


So no doubt there then that demographics is important.


The Guardian does its own bit of counter ‘alarmism’  trying a similar tactic to the BBC to reassure everyone that there really isn’t a problem:

Is it true there is a ‘startling’ rise in the birthrate of British Muslims?

The figures do not calculate birthrate as such, but show that almost a tenth of babies and toddlers (under-fives) in England and Wales are Muslim.

But are these figures anything new? No.  [Well…that’s OK then]

The story points out that fewer than one in 200 over-85s are Muslim. [Of course it’s the over 85’s that are likely to become fundamentalists aren’t they?] 

What about the focus on Muslims?……the one-in-10 birthrate statistic could “generate alarmism”.   [So best to hide it eh?…Never mind why it might generate alarmism]



The Spectator takes it’s own look at the story:

I suppose that The Times should be congratulated for reporting at all a fact which most of our media  refuse to touch.  The majority still go along with an ‘expert’ quoted in the Times story who warns that ‘the one-in-ten birthrate statistic could “generate alarmism”.’  [See Guardian for proof of that statement]

There are certainly a lot of people who go along with that line of thinking. Something big may be happening, and people can see it is happening, but best not to mention it in case people are ‘alarmed’. Elsewhere in the piece there is an account from Batley in West Yorkshire of how the growing young Muslim population there has led to ‘pubs, hospitals, houses and public buildings’ being turned into ‘Muslim private schools, madrassas, mosques and a Sharia court to satisfy rising demand from families.’

All of which nicely demonstrates part of the pickle this country is in. Even the papers that will report on one of the biggest underlying stories of our time, and one which demonstrates an unprecedented change in the make-up of our country, must on all accounts be turned into a good news story. And since expressing any worries about the fact is undoubtedly terribly bigoted and nasty, we’ll all just have to nod our heads, keep our fingers crossed, mouth the same platitudes and all put our collective future in the hopes of Sheikh Mogra.

Sheikh Ibrahim Mogra, the assistant secretary-general of the Muslim Council of Britain. He doesn’t seem to see the large increase in the Muslim population of the UK as posing any particular challenges and is quoted saying: ‘I just wouldn’t want our fellow citizens to be alarmed by an increase in number… This generation is very much British. They feel very much this is their home.’



Others might agree, but are more honest about the eventual intended ending….

Dawa is prescribed in the Quran as an obligation of all Muslims.

In the 1990s, Shaykh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the prominent spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, dramatically re-envisioned the strategy of the worldwide Islamist revivalist movement, and in the process, offered a bold new vision for Islamic dawa in Western countries.

For Qaradawi, Muslim settlement in the West isn’t simply religiously permissible. It is, he argues, a religious necessity and an obligation for the worldwide Islamic revival movement. The Muslim presence in the West is necessary because it enables the conduct of dawa, which in Qaradawi’s view serves multiple purposes—from proselytization to Europeans, to creating Islamic enclaves and an Islamic environment for Muslim immigrants and European converts, to influencing the social and political climate towards Islam and the Muslim Nation (umma) within Western societies.
Qaradawi ultimately believes that Islam will be established as the dominant religious and political force in Europe through dawa. As he has written, “Islam will return to Europe as a conqueror and victor after being expelled from it twice … the conquest this time will not be by the sword but by preaching and ideology….Muslims must start acting in order to conquer this world.”

Most people who praise Qaradawi’s liberalism do not recognize that he defines Muslims in Europe not as European Muslims but as “expatriates” who live under special conditions of weakness and hardship. The rules he developed for Europe should not, therefore, be understood as a liberalization of Islam in general, nor as an attempt to develop an independent European Islamic law with permanent validity.



‘We do not disassociate Islam from war.  On the contrary, disassociating Islam from war is the reason for our defeat.  We are fighting in the name of Islam.  Religion must lead to war.  This is the only way we can win.’
Said by the moderate and respected Sheikh Yusuf Qaradawi, February 2006



The BBC did once venture down this road:

Panorama with John Ware in 2006….  The Muslim Brotherhood movement already dominates many Islamic groups here. Islam Expo was a further attempt by the movement to position itself as mainstream. Its followers are foot soldiers to the most influential dawah missionary of political Islam today, Sheikh Yusuf Qaradawi. But it is only to Middle East audiences that the Brotherhood’s spiritual leader, the Sheikh of the Mujahideen, unveils his prophetic dream. Europe, as he sees it, Islam’s next frontier. 

YUSUF QARADAWI: So Constantinople has been conquered and now the second part of the prophecy remains, which is the conquest of Rome. This means that Islam will return to Europe once again.

Perhaps the next conquest will be the conquest of dawah and ideas. There’s no need for conquest to be with the sword. We might conquer these countries without armies. We want armies of dawah preachers and teachers. WARE: Islam is undergoing a huge revival, here and everywhere, and it is the Muslim Brotherhood who are leading it. Welcome to the dawah of political Islam. With its high octane blend of politics and religion as potent as any of history’s grand ideas. You can comment on tonight’s programme or find out more by visiting our website.


There’s the Truth, and there’s the Truth as reported by the BBC…as Rod Liddle points out…

In Sweden there are riots…almost all the people doing the rioting were, to adapt Nick Robinson’s phrase, people of non-Swedish orign.  These were…are..race riots.

It was not the ordinary Swedes rising up against the oppressive Swedish state; it was immigrants.  Come on James – why not tell us the truth?’







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36 Responses to Muslim Demonisingraphics?

  1. stuart says:

    this story is as worrying as hell,the working classes are already losing are identity in towns and citys up and down the country and feel alienated and disenfranchised in there own areas we live in,anjem choudary is no fool,.he said there is no such thing as a moderate muslim you are either a muslim or not a muslim and everything i say most muslims agree with but wont say it in public because they dont want to be viewed as extremist,mr choudary was also laughed off as well by the liberals when he said that one day muslims will take over england by high birth rates alone and demographics, for sure,choudary warned us this would happen,the times has confirmed everything he said was right,why am i worried about this story,well i will tell you.look what has happened in the central african republic which is a christian country took over by the muslim minority,we have all seen the carnage on the tv that has followed that with christians being slaughtered and butchered with knives and machetes in there 1000s by the seleka muslm militias,the good news on this story the is the black christians have fought back against the muslim al qaeda invaders and have reclaimed there country back.,the bad news is could this happen to us one day in england,judge for yourself,everywhere in the world where muslims increase there populations war and conflict always seem to follow,and that should worry all of us,


  2. Alex says:

    Within one hundred years there will be all-out war between Muslims and Christians/indigenous British. The history books will blame the post-war Left and Labour.


    • Joshaw says:

      I wouldn’t put it anywhere near as high as 100. I wouldn’t heap all the blame on Labour either. We’ve passed the point when strong measures might have achieved true integration. Nobody had the courage to do what needed to be done – insisting on English etc.

      IMO, it will only take one European country to kick off and the others will likely follow. It will be ugly.

      People with children should be giving serious consideration to where they should settle. I know it all sounds a little melodramatic, but I fear it’s true.


      • Simon says:

        Nothing will ever happen like that. It will all happen quietly and is a creeping process so expect no trouble and if you say anything you will get the 3am knock on the door


      • joeb says:

        Muslims seem to forget that they are on a continent where, in living memory, the adherents of a particular religion were almost entirely exterminated because they were considered ‘problematic’. There is no reason whatsoever why that can’t happen again. Whatever does happen in the future, it will doubtless start on the continent.

        The last 65 years of peace in Europe are a complete anomaly historically – the normal order is war. It is so in the rest of the world, and always has been.

        Look for ‘normal’ service to be resumed in Europe in the coming years…


    • onlyne says:

      But if you are right, and I think a hundred years is way too long, who will be writing the history books?


  3. Dazed & Confused says:

    What has this got to do with the ordinary British license payers, having the BBC come to the aid of Islam in Europe via their militant leftist view of the world?..

    It’s all the BBC do these days, they’re actually worse than the Guardian newspaper…..Only the Socialist workers party are as ridiculously one sided when it comes to protecting the religion of peace….


  4. The Highland Rebel says:


  5. chrisH says:

    Inexorable logic.
    No wonder the liberal elite-and their EU puppetmasters hope to run things from Davos, they`ll be there again very soon.
    If only they could rely on those EU helicopters for the likes of Snow and Montague(and their descendents,who`ll get places inherited on the last ones).
    Anybody told them that Muslims have snow in the Hindu Kush, and are quite capable of skiing, once they`ve discovered the technology for Klosters etc.
    Christopher Caldwell wrote a good book on it…you need only go to Luxembourg, to Liege/Antwerp or to Marseilles to see our future.
    Eu democracy in action…hope our kids and grandkids will yet be given the tools to fight back-they way that we didn`t, and chose only to bottle every battle we were faced with.
    Honeyford, Rushdie, Powell, Rigby.

    “We must have been mad, literally mad”….


  6. F*** the Beeb says:

    And yet, for merely pointing out facts with sources, you’ll have idiots crying ‘racist.’ It’s all the far-left have left.


  7. Chris says:

    On the other side, we did manage to control all of these Muslims in India with only a couple of thousand civil servants.
    Not sure what a takeover of disproportionately disabled taxi drivers and curry house workers would entail?


  8. Pounce says:

    The only way that the political elite will wake up to the fact that Islam is a threat, is when they wake up one morning to find their tubes and buses blown up, their women folk raped and their young boys buggered …oh wait that has already happened.

    Fight back now join UKIP and vote no to Islam


  9. The Highland Rebel says:

    Lyse Doucet accused by a Syrian of telling lies…..deary me…what’s the world (service) coming to…


    • Stewart says:

      How ungrateful of him , she had gone there explicitly ( at no small expense to the British TV tax payer ) to correctly interpret his first hand, lived experience for him.
      Never mind Lyse he’s probably one of those EDL bigots


    • George R says:

      SYRIA, AUSTRALIA (and U.K): Islamic jihadists.

      INBBC continues to pretend that the military opposition to Assad regime is made up of innocent ‘rebels,’ ‘militants’ and ‘insurgents’ , not the ISLAMIC JIHADIST murderers they are.

      INBBC doesn’t report the following (one might think that there are no Islamic jihadists in Australia, given INBBC’s censorship of Islamic supremacism there):-


      “Australia: Muslima grew more religious, donned niqab, killed waging jihad in Syria”

      [Opening excerpt]:-

      “She grew more religious. She ended up being killed in jihad warfare. Yet to examine the connection between those two events would be ‘Islamophobic.'”

      “Hundreds of British jihadists in Syria.
      More than 300 Britons are fighting with jihadist groups in Syria, raising concern that they will return trained in the latest terrorist techniques.”

      (Dec 2013).


      • flexdream says:

        The BBC did sweet FA when Assad senior was massacring the Muslim Brotherhood and other Syrians back in 1982, I suspect the BBC was too busy demonising the Israeli invasion of Lebanon at the time – ignoring that Lebanon was already dominated by Syria. The BBC has an agenda but has little morality and little concern for any foreigners including Syrians except in as much as it advances the BBC’s agenda du jour. The only exception I think was Michael Buerk in Ethiopia who was genuinely moved and which had a powerful impact, even if downplaying the contribution of Communism to the human disaster. The BBC journos and editors probably know better than me just how evil some of the Syrian opposition are, but are not really concerned. Ironically the BBC is opposed to most Muslim values, and all Islamist values. It is playing with fire though, and it is not clear who is the ‘useful idiot’ in this game. The stakes are high, nothing less than the future of British culture.


  10. George R says:

    “Islamization of Europe:

    The Numbers Don’t Lie.”

    By Bruce Bawer.

    (Sept 2012).


  11. George R says:

    “Muslim Europe: the demographic time bomb transforming our continent”



  12. George R says:

    “It’s Official: Muslim Population of Britain Doubles”

    by Douglas Murray

    (Dec 2012).


  13. Michele says:

    This was outlined some time ago – This was the statement made at the United Nations by the then President of Algeria –

    “One day, millions of men will leave the Southern Hemisphere to go to the Northern Hemisphere. And they will not go there as friends. Because they will go there to conquer it. And they will conquer it with their sons. The wombs of our women will give us victory.”

    – Houari Boumediene, President of Algeria, at the United Nations, 1974 .


    • ROBERT BROWN says:

      Well Michele, time to stock up on tons of napalm and cluster bombs, theatre nuclear weapons and be ready for them. Billions of square bullets too. And above all, elect some leaders with balls.


  14. George R says:

    BBC-NUJ demands more Syrian ‘refugees’ should come to settle in Britain.
    BBC-NUJ sees its political role as propagandist for getting unlimited numbers of Syrian ‘refugees’ into Britain (‘World at One’ lead item, today).

    Plus Iraqis. Plus Aghanis. Etc.
    Open door Britain, as under Labour Government.


    • George R says:

      Afghanis too. (Above.)


    • The Highland Rebel says:

      Why should we pick up the tab.
      The worlds biggest financier of Islamic terrorism, Saudi Arabia, has plenty of money to send arms and jihadists to Syria so why don’t they take in the refugees of their own creation? They have countless trillions of dollars in oil wealth and huge areas of empty land but they expect overcrowded Britain to accomodate them.

      Just say no.


  15. bob says:

    i agree with rebel.are useless goverment butters up to the saudis while they export wahabi terrorism onto the shores of the uk


    • chrisH says:

      19/21 of the 9/11 terrorists were Saudi, as I recall.
      The Bin Laden tribe that happened to be in NYC at the time were apparently given safe passage out of the city within a day or so of the atrocity-despite other planes not being cleared to fly.
      Michael Moore tells me so, so surely it` true!
      Saudi needs to be bankrupted in an economic jihad of our own-its what Bin Laden would have wanted.
      1.NO aid to any of the 52 OIS as registered at the UN…let Saudi pay for anything and everything.
      2. Boycott of the Barbaric Saudi State…homophobic, Shia /Baha`ihostile(Islamophobic then), misogynist…that should get them gone.
      3. In any inter-Islam fights like Syria or Iran…just fund the losing side until the people rise up and give us a proper Arab Summer, where Islam gets out the way , becomes as irrelelevant and marginalised as the likes of George Carey or Roger Royle are in Britain.
      Drill the Saudi desert, seeing as they can only import the hardhats. As a tribe , they build f***all, only import the flatpacks of poorer Muslim nations and quisling Western ones.
      Once it`s drilled-drain of of the Wahhabi, and get Medhi Hasan and Yasmin Alibiah Brown on the ballot…postal votes count as double from here(The Bethnal Green Protocols of the Acolytes of Anjem)


  16. George R says:

    “The Coming Flood of Syrian Refugees to Sweden”
    By Bruce Bawer

    (Sept 2013).


  17. George R says:

    And NORWAY-

    “Insane Asylum Seekers”

    By Bruce Bawer .



  18. Doublethinker says:

    Any non Muslim who is not worried by the increasing birthrate of Muslims in the UK is a fool. Obviously that includes almost all of the liberal left who are so enraptured by the multiculutral Utopian vision, that they can’t see the wood for the trees, or even the writing on the wall.
    At lunch time on The World at One the BBC was continuing its campaign to make us British feel mean spirited by not offering open doors to Syrian refugees. They even trundled out M Palin to say how upset he was that we had closed our ever open doors and our hearts to the plight of these poor folk. If he feels like that, what is stopping him donating a small part of his enormous wealth to pay for Syrians to take up residence in other countries. It will make him feel good about himself and leave the rest of us in peace.
    Taking more Muslims into this country would be stupid. It is quite likely that they would be ‘radicalised’ as they say, and immediately find some reason , no matter how bizarre it may seem to us , to bite the hand that helped them.
    Syria is a problem that the Arabs can sort out for themselves. As other posts have said it isn’t as though some Arab countries are short of a bob or two and yet even the BBC admitted that the UK was sending more aid than just about any other country. Well that is more than enough for me.
    The BBC’s campaign will no doubt grind on and other, so called, celebrities will be rolled out to pluck at our heart strings. Why do we have to be bombarded daily with whatever the BBC feels is the top of the liberal left agenda. Why can’t we have some balance over at the Ministry of Truth and hear what people, other than the liberal left, think is important for a change.


    • Arthur Penney says:

      At least on 5-live a coalition spokesperson said that the UK had contributed £500 million towards the refugee crisis.


  19. George R says:

    “How rise of ‘white flight’ is creating a segregated UK: Study reveals white Britons are ‘retreating’ from areas dominated by ethnic minorities.
    “Census figures show white Britons are leaving areas where they are minority.
    “Think-tank says survey reveals ‘spiral of white British demographic decline.’
    “Ex-Human Rights Commission chair says findings should make us ‘anxious.’
    “Nearly half of ethnic minorities live where whites make up less than 50%.
    “Just 800 of 8,850 council wards where population is 98 per cent white.”

    (May, 2013.)

    Read more:

    “‘White Flight’ from London?”
    by Eric Kaufmann.

    (This piece, undated, is by left-liberal ‘Demos’ outfit.

    I don’t know why ‘Demos’ has put a question-mark in the above title.)


    • ROBERT BROWN says:

      Still, it makes it easier to destroy them when the shit hits the fan, all in one spot.


  20. johnnythefish says:

    ‘Sheikh Ibrahim Mogra, the assistant secretary-general of the Muslim Council of Britain. He doesn’t seem to see the large increase in the Muslim population of the UK as posing any particular challenges and is quoted saying: ‘I just wouldn’t want our fellow citizens to be alarmed by an increase in number… This generation is very much British. They feel very much this is their home.’

    He needs to go Muslim spotting at Leicester City home games to see how much it is ‘their home’.


    • flexdream says:

      I would think the only challenges he sees are how to increase it further, while keeping it from public attention. The demographic bomb could have been played against Israel but the Palestinian Authority were too impatient to wait to assume power, and the Israelis could see what was happening if they didn’t move to a 2 state solution and put most Palestinian muslims outside Israeli borders.


  21. Johnny says:

    Same old, recycled garbage Alan.


  22. Philip says:

    You learn something new every day. In 2011 The BBC argued (in employment laws) that it had religious values (equivalent to a faith) for ‘….the purpose of promoting cultural interchange and social cohesion could constitute a philosophical belief’ (employment laws 2003). In a similar case today the BBC could claim ‘…a belief in man-made climate change’… ‘… philosophical belief for the purposes of ‘whatever (insert BBC Charter), based on these same daft Equality laws of 2003, would make the BBC the High Church of ‘reason and religious sensitivity’ (marred only by the very slight Islamic bias against Jews and Christians and anyone else that opposes the ‘Grand EU Design’.