I see that the BBC is hoping to use the ‘soft power’ of the Teletubbies, Top Gear and Doctor Who to …cough…break down North Korea’s hardline regime.

Foreign Secretary William Hague has revealed the Foreign and Commonweath Office is working with BBC Worldwide to provide programmes ‘that could be shown on Korean TV’. Negotiations are also on-going with Pyongyang to strike a deal to broadcast a range of shows on the state-run Central Television Station.

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  1. Frank Words says:

    The BBC and North Korea.

    Marriage made in heaven (well hell).

    Still, it is a reminder of the close relationship between the permanent government and the BBC that is at the heart of the establishment.

    Reform the licence fee? Forget it!


  2. Alex says:

    It’s only fair, I suppose. I mean, North Korea already provides the `BBC with Question Time, The Big Questions and Radio 5Live.


  3. The PrangWizard says:

    I seem to remember that the BBC was all for sanctions against South Africa years ago when they didn’t like the government there. Since they wish to engage with the North Koreans I assume they are sympathetic to the regime and its leader, sometimes described as a psychopath, who, as we know, murders his rivals and opponents. I hope he likes the programmes as I imagine he will need to approve them, if he doesn’t maybe he will get rid of the people who run the BBC for selling them ( I wonder if they are to be given gratis, however). Maybe he’s our only hope!

    The BBC and the FCO are staffed with spineless appeasers and supporters of the evil in the world.


  4. Teddy Bear says:

    From this story we can see one of the larger factors that accounts for the BBC agenda and subsequent bias, and why they can be as blatantly corrupt as they are without fear from government.

    North Korea’s oppressive regime could allow Teletubbies, Doctor Who and EastEnders to be shown on state-run TV if deal with BBC Worldwide is agreed

    *FCO is working with BBC Worldwide to provide suitable programmes

    *If a deal is struck with Pyongyang, they could be shown on state-run TV

    *It is believed shows like Poirot and The Good Life could open people’s eyes

    *Mr Bean, Miss Marple and EastEnders are also being considered

    It’s a fair assumption that North Korea will be aware of all the scandals and corruption that have come to public light concerning the BBC over the past year, yet the Foreign Office is still promoting them. Considering the similarities of the BBC to the N. Korea regime, they must feel it’s right up their alley.

    It’s bad enough that people in this country put up with Eastenders. If N. Korea have any intelligence they’ll pass on that, as well as Mr. Bean and Dr. Who.

    Just following the reasoning of these so called diplomats makes me despair for anything intelligent to be done about the problems in this country, much less dealing with those around the world.
    ‘Programmes sent to North Korea would have to be something that isn’t offensive, like Mr Bean, EastEnders, Miss Marple or Poirot.

    ‘You couldn’t send Dad’s Army as it is about war. But Teletubbies could be an option, or The Good Life, with a bit of gardening and squabbling in the kitchen.’


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Send North Korea all the comedy panel shows. The edgy comedians will be seen as champions of juche and the BBC can rake in the money.

      I can’t wait to hear if Jeremy Paxman thinks this is a good way for the BBC to spread influence.


      • Teddy Bear says:

        If they used shows like Till Death do us Part (our original version of All in the Family) and Fawlty Towers they might have a point.

        Eastenders and Mr. Bean – good grief.


  5. ember2013 says:

    ‘Teletubbies’ has proven itself to be an excellent way of controlling young minds, so it shouldn’t surprise us if North Korea imports it willingly.


  6. Rob says:

    Dr Who! If we show them this [email protected] the North Koreans will become even more isolationist. Maybe irrevocably, if they think this is what the west as to offer. The Teletubbies, now that’s class.


  7. Rob says:

    Send North Korea the abundance of nature programmes the BBC seem so keen on producing, along with Chris Packham. He turns up everywhere like sh!t in a field


  8. Alex says:

    Off topic:

    Of course QT has been hijacked and exploited by the hard-Left. I cannot believe a man of Farage’s intellect need even ask.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Farage is contradicting himself trying to defend the QT production team.


      • Alex says:

        Yep, he’s pussyfooting around the issue in an attempt to keep his popularity at BBC HQ; he knows the BBC, unfortunately, have the power to make and break aspiring politicians. Must tow the line.


      • Guest Who says:

        Classic failed attempt, again, by a TV-addicted pol to sneak in an ahem whilst trying to stay onside.
        Daft. They’ll still bear the grudge and the core issues remain untouched.
        As you say, he has cancelled himself out.


  9. The Highland Rebel says:

    I suppose the millions in the death camps and slave labour gulags will be cheered up no end with the Teletubbies.


    • Alex says:

      I know, imagine the psychological havoc wreaked by an episode or two of Albert Square? The potential for mass devastation doesn’t bear thinking about!


      • Guest Who says:

        Pretty sure a few episodes of family feuds there in the past have proven more inspirational templates to the Kim boys.


  10. Betty Swollocks says:

    Show ’em anything from the hateful Nicky Campbell and they will implode.


  11. The Highland Rebel says:

    Give them some of the cookery programmes.
    How to boil cardboard.
    Rat a la mode
    twenty recipes with grass.


  12. Chris says:

    The only reason the BBC is comfortable with doing a deal in North Korea is that their are no Muslims or Black people being “oppressed” there.


    • chrisH says:

      Hideously yellow presumably…dreadful monoculture and in need of John Sweeney going back-only this time with a Dr Who video in his pocket to sell the notion to Pyongyang Uni.
      We might have a market for Citizen Khan, for who else will buy this unfunny racist, patronising shit.
      If I were a jihadist, reckon I could see Citizen Khan as the reason for most atrocities I`d conceive of via my boxers.
      Or…what about “In your Town”…Mark Steel, Mark Thomas and Marcus, Jeremy do a “Comedy slam rap of poetry and edgy humour” in Pyongyang with Steels witty asides at the Leader.
      I`d be happy to pay a bit of my license for that…but not stump up for the dog food.


  13. bogtrott says:

    all the TOTP shows with jimmy savile and DLT should go down well,or even Tenko if pushed


  14. stuart says:

    that useless mumbling foreign secratary william haughe and the communists at the bbc should visit some of these gulags in north korea and see what torture and suffering these politacal prisoners are going through in these concentration camps of torture and starvation,what this commie goverment is doing to the people of north korea is nothing short of a war crime,if any country deserves invading and regime change its north korea,simple as that.


  15. deegee says:

    Brilliant tactic by the North Koreans. They ensure the world’s largest media organisation will leave them alone most of the time (no one suggests opening a bureau) or at least give them favoured treatment when forced to report. The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is a paradise of the workers and peasants but some do not agree?

    The could take a leaf from the early Soviet Union and dub the programmes into Korean themselves. They can transmit any message they like.

    You’re safe, Doctor</i?
    Yes, Thank God Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un. The Cybus Cybermen Japanese failed in their attempt to conquer Earth undermine Juche ideology.

    WIN-WIN 🙁


  16. Rob says:

    Don’t mention Man from UNCLE whatever you do.


  17. Johnny says:

    Hahahaha, David Vance, hahahaha

    Apparently Teletubbies is gay propaganda as well.


    • Stewart says:

      Where did that come from?
      Issues maybe?


      • F*** the Beeb says:

        More likely from the same PC as ‘Maurice,’ ‘doris,’ ‘The Men in White Coats,’ ‘Conspiracy Theory Central,’ and a cast of dozens more.