The Road To Success?


Mark Mardell is enjoying saying this:

This scandal is hugely damaging – if not yet fatal – for Christie’s ambitions to be the Republican contender for president in 2016”


about this:

Chris Christie apologises for bridge-gridlock scandal

On 9 September, two of three traffic lanes to the George Washington Bridge, which connects New Jersey to Manhattan, were shut for several days.

Emails and texts made public on Wednesday appear to link Ms Kelly to the move.

The move caused traffic chaos in the New Jersey borough of Fort Lee, whose Democratic mayor had declined to back Mr Christie in last autumn’s gubernatorial election.

Fort Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich said the alleged skulduggery was “appalling”….”It’s the example of the pettiest and most venomous side of politics,” he told the Bergen Record newspaper.


No such concerns about ‘petty, venomous politics’ when Labour opened the borders and imported millions of immigrants purely to ‘rub the Right’s nose in diversity’.

Nor indeed any such concerns bout Ken Livingstone’s ‘traffic management schemes’ which deliberately jammed the traffic to give him an excuse to introduce congestion charges:


Hundreds of sets of traffic lights at some of London’s busiest junctions are being secretly altered to increase the time motorists have to wait, according to The Independent on Sunday (p5).

The changes affect as many as 300 traffic lights. After months of suspicion, the body in charge of traffic lights, Transport for London, has now admitted that many have had their red phases increased and the green phase reduced.

Motoring groups say London mayor Ken Livingstone has intentionally created traffic chaos now in order to make his congestion charging scheme more popular when it is introduced in nine months time.



Just how many ambulances and police response vehicles were delayed by Ken’s little games?






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8 Responses to The Road To Success?

  1. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Were there any emails or texts or other communications “released” (not illegally acquired, as this is a Republican) from any of Livingstone’s staff about what they were doing? If not, then it’s not quite the same thing.

    As for Mardell’s analysis, funny how Mardell doesn’t offer a recommendation as to how Christie can being to repair the damage, like firing the staff member(s). Which he’s now done. Even more pathetic is the way Mardell says nobody is going to want this kind of bully in the White House, but did he ever use such harsh words for the IRS scandal? What about the government shutdown shenanigans? Mardell defended the President there 100% and blamed Republicans entirely for both. He never once blamed his beloved Obamessiah for any of it, nor did he even remotely use such harsh words. The best he could say about the IRS scandal was this:

    The White House press corps don’t often hunt as a pack, but they did today, nipping at Jay Carney’s heels, extracting information that had not been volunteered last week.

    The upshot is the White House chief of staff knew about four weeks ago about the looming IRS scandal – but he didn’t tell the president.

    It makes the president’s top aide look over-protective and suggests he felt the president wouldn’t want to be forewarned of a big political scandal heading his way.

    A decent strategist would have acted on the information and used it to seize the initiative. Instead, the president was left wobbling on the back foot when the story broke a week ago.

    But does this latest information make the scandal more scandalous? Not if we accept it at face value. Not telling the boss that a bucket of bad stuff is heading his way is not dishonest. But nor is it clever.

    Not even remotely as critical. And let’s not get started on his duplicity regarding Benghazi or Fast & Furious. But when it’s a Republican, and especially one who is a potential threat to end Progressive Democrat control of the White House (and maybe even the Senate), Mardell is aggressively critical. After all, he is one of the opponents who will delight in Christie’s downfall.

    It will be interesting to see if Mardell or any other Beeboid has anything further to say now that Christie has fired the staffer, which means he’s done far more than The Obamessiah has done over His scandals. The only thing He has done is fire a few generals and silence them. Christie has been open and forthright, and acted quickly. The President has behaved in a completely opposite manner, and look how Mardell treats both.


    • Alan says:

      After months of suspicion, the body in charge of traffic lights, Transport for London, has now admitted that many have had their red phases increased and the green phase reduced.


      • Buggy says:

        Better that than the other way around………….. ‘OAP Frogger’ tends to get messy very quickly.



  2. stuart says:

    king of the biased bbcs porkys mark mardell is loving this story,no mention of obamas screw ups lately from marky boy tonight on bbc news, marky went out of his way on bbc1 tonight way to point out that if you go on you tube there are plenty of clips of christie bullying and shouting down people that have opposed him in the politacal arena,maybe so marky,thats politics,but why dont marky point out that if you want to see politacal nastyness on you tube just flag up clips of joe biden and his nasty little outbursts,marky in new jersey now having such a great time putting the boot into chris christie.


  3. Span Ows says:

    The link to the USA/Canada part of the website is fair enough but WHY was this part of the hourly BBC Radio 2 news? One of only 4 or 5 items in the whole UK news bulletin.