Listen Up Whitey….The BBC’s Nod And A Wink To Rioters



The IPCC’s study into deaths in police custody in England and Wales between 1998 and 2010 shows:

Those who died in custody were mostly white (75%), male (90%) and aged between 25 and 44.


An invitation to Mark Duggan’s aunt from the BBC’s Nicky Campbell:

I’m going to give you two minutes to be open and honest about the cancer in our society…say honestly from the heart what you want to say….say anything you want.’    




There are some dangerous myths being propagated in some communities….one is that radicalisation is caused by ‘western’ foreign policy……today we hear the excuses for Black radicalisation….Black youths are more likely to die in police custody than any other segment of the population, and that police community relations are failing because of police actions such as stop and search.

I have heard these mentioned again and again today but not a word of dissent from the BBC, as with Muslim callers or commentators who suggest foreign policy causes radicalisation the BBC seems unable to challenge anyone who wraps themselves in their flag of convenience….that being their race or religion.

There is no mention of the real figures of deaths in custody nor the reasons for stop and look at the numbers of black youths killed by other black youths, no looking at Trident in relation to all this.

The narrative does seem to go just one way…the police are to blame for all the problems….they don’t understand the community, they don’t communicate with them and they persecute them.

No thought that maybe the Black community brings it upon themselves….or rather a segment of the black community brings it upon the whole….all to be taken advantage of by the race hustlers.




Having caught quite a bit of the BBC’s coverage of the response to the Duggan verdict I can only conclude that the BBC would be quietly sympathetic to anyone who decided the best reaction would be to riot, burn down homes and businesses, and if innocent people are killed, then so be it….that’s the price of injustice when Democracy fails you and injustice stalks the streets.


David Cameron said that ‘the judicial process has to be respected.’

The BBC’s response was to say bollocks to that, asking instead….’Should the police guidance on the use of lethal force be changed?’

That question from the BBC tells you a lot about their thinking.  It immediately suggests that though a jury has found the shooting legal the BBC believes that the police guidelines on the use of lethal force are wrong…and therefore the verdict, based upon those guidelines, is wrong….and therefore…

The killing was unjustified…in other words the BBC are suggesting Duggan was murdered by the police.


Just a coincidence that the BBC’s  broadcast this by their tame Black activist, Alvin Hall, on the day after the verdict is given:

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49 Responses to Listen Up Whitey….The BBC’s Nod And A Wink To Rioters

  1. George R says:

    BBC-NUJ shows NO interest in the freedom of the following:-

    Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer: who are banned from U.K-

    “Robert Spencer in ‘Front Page Magazine’: Spencer and Geller Banned from Britain for Supporting Israel”


    “Danish Muslim Apostate Faces Hate Speech Charges”


  2. Red Ed Miliband says:

    Labour peerage on the post for Duggan family!


    • The General says:

      So what will happen to their anticipated compensation payments now ? And will the Mark Duggan Community Centre still be built ?


      • Guest Who says:

        Yes, but actually it’s The Mark Duggan Community Living in Fear Centre.. oh, sorry, that’s over in Woolwich.
        No one living in fear in Tottingharm… get that… no one.


        • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

          That’s right, ” no justice, no peace” was never meant as a threat to anyone.


    • ROBERT BROWN says:

      Oh, do not worry, Duggan’s scum family will be all over the leftist media for long into the future, like the family of Stephen fucking Lawrence, i may no excuse for the profanity, that case has cost the tax-payer millions, millions. Yet, a white man challenged a black on a bus who was throwing chips at the guy’s girlfriend, and gets stabbed to death. Press interest, next to zero. I have worked with Blacks in my working life, and for every one that was amiable, there was ten who mouthed off constantly, were lazy and had dirty great chips on their shoulders. Mixed race men were the worst, they have serious issues.


  3. David Brims says:

    Just think, like the Stephen Lawrence case, the indigenous ethnic British are going to be subjected by gangster / rapper Mark Duggan for the next 20 years !!


  4. JohnOfEnfield says:

    Scum. The word on everyone’s lips down at the pub tonight.


    • Whose round is it? says:

      That’s why the liberal elite are perfectly happy to see out unique pub culture die old bean, last forum of free speech


  5. David Brims says:

    I wonder if Nicky Campbell is going to talk about ” The knock out game ?”

    A game played by a certain ethnicity, which the media does not mention, a blackout you might say ( no pun intended ) the object of the game is to knock out white people with such force, they fall to the ground. it’s random and motiveless. Like all ”good” things it started in America, now it’s over here.


    • Buggy says:

      Shhhhh! You’re not supposed to mention that. It upsets the victimhood narrative undermines community relations..


      • Mice Height says:

        It’s OK, some NUJ endorsed footage has emerged, so they can play this one incident over and over


        • Stewart says:

          Here’s a YouTube video they wont be showing any time soon


        • ROBERT BROWN says:

          Like i said in my post Mice H, blacks give it too much in the mouth dept, yet ask for ‘respect’ for being ‘dissed’, they talk with their arses, they have no brain.


          • ROBERT BROWN says:

            And before the usual arseholes call me a racist, when i see the wide-eyed kids in most of Africa who dream and talk of schooling and education, who want to be doctors and engineers, it warms my heart and makes me wish we could be rid of the more worthless idiots from the ‘Indies’ and give these young kids from Africa a chance.


            • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

              Robert, have you noticed, ‘ the usual arseholes’ have been very noticeable by their absence, ever since they buried St Nelson?


              • Buggy says:

                Scotty reappeared briefly and inevitably on the thread about the gay, German footballer.

                Little dezzie was sighted a couple of times around the New Year, though not since I think.

                Other occasionals probably still holidaying mourning in Sarth Efrica at the expense of the licence payer.


          • David Brims says:

            When black people drone on and on about ”respect”, it shows that they’re highly sensitive and have a lack of self worth.


  6. stuart says:

    did we hear the freinds and familys of that policeman keith blakelock who was stabbed 50 times and beheaded by 50 black rioters in the broadwater farm riots in tottenham in 1987 come on the streets and shouting no justice no peace for the injustice they suffered,did we have lee rigbys familys and freinds take to the streets shouting no justice no peace for the injustice they have suffered,have we had the familys and freinds of all these 1000s of white children across the uk who have been raped,brutalised and tortured by muslim paedophile rings come onto the streets shouting no peace no justice for the injustice they have suffered,i need say no peace no justice until these injustices are resolved.


    • Ken Hall says:

      No, we did not. But we have to endure the violent criminal classes scream of injustice. It is sickening. Duggan was a very violent drug dealer with a list of offences as long as your arm. I am sure that the victims of Duggan’s violence are feeling that there is a lot of divine Justice in his death. Not that the Bbc ever give a moment’s consideration for Duggan’s victims.


      • The General says:

        All very true, but as we are constantly reminded ” He had a nice smile” so that’s ok then.


    • flexdream says:

      And yet the Government are most concerned about a backlash when an attack is carried out by Muslims. Maybe in a perverse way they want that to happen as people become frustrated with the Orwellian use of language by the state.


  7. Dawn Young says:

    I never really watch or listen to BBC so can’t comment on their report of the incident. However this morning I listened to LBC on the radio which had a clip of a speech made by Mark Duggan’s brother. He was going on about how his family had nothing to hide and were not going to hide or some such thing. (I wasn’t really listenng to the first part of his rant but the next bit caught my attention.) He then went on to say something along the lines of, to paraphrase, ‘but then there are you, and you know who you are, you cannot hide because we know where to find you and we will get you.’ Did anyone else hear his speech. Maybe I misheard him, I was doing the school run with a car-load of kids, but it seemed to me that he was threatening some people. Was he referring to the police, the jury or witnesses. Also how was he able to get away with that in court of law when it is a criminal offence.


  8. frk says:…..lets have cooking with nick on bbc 2 since nigellas switched to channel 4 lol


  9. Leha says:

    after the smoke clears and it all dies down I hope the duggans will realise they have been used by the msm in general and the bbc in particular, to stoke up tensions. poor bloody joe public will be left to sweep up the mess as usual.


  10. bob says:

    far to many white people are dying in police custody,what is more shocking about that is nobody seems to care about these white victims


  11. Joshaw says:

    And now we have this (if it’s true, that is):

    Government accused of ‘social engineering’ over WW1 plans

    India made a big contribution, no doubt about it, but airbrushing Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the former Rhodesia out of the picture will be a step too far for many.

    Again, if it’s true.


    • Dave s says:

      New Zealand had a very high casualty rate in proportion to it’s small population . I think 100,000 enlisted out of a population of around one million.
      Some contribution. Some people.
      If true this wretched government should hang it’s head in shame.
      I forgot libera lefties don’t do shame.


  12. Mice Height says:


  13. Fred Sage says:

    So what does the Duggan family live on? Is it benefits, criminal proceeds or both? For all the news the BBC gives there is not much real information.


    • flexdream says:

      That would require investigative reporting of the facts. Too hard and unlikely to bolster the BBC’s narrative. They have the story already, they don’t need to research it.


  14. Rob says:

    I bet Doreen Lawrence is feeling a bit left out. Lets take a moment to reflect on her plight…then again the washing has just finished so I have more important things to do.

    But on a more serious note, the question that has been niggling at me since the verdict; what would Keith Vaz say and why with all those cameras around was he not stood outside court?


  15. Newminster says:

    The problem we have is that Should the police guidance on the use of lethal force be changed? is a perfectly legitimate question for a broadcaster (or any other media outlet) to be asking. If we don’t ask that question then we are closing down debate and in an open society that is, arguably, worse than the bias the BBC shows.
    But the Beeb is so concreted into its PC mindset that we know what their answer to the question will be before they even ask it!


    • Roland Deschain says:

      Do you think they’d have asked it had the verdict gone the other way?


      • Roland Deschain says:

        On reflection, they probably would, but still from the point of view that it was the police, not the law, that was wrong.


  16. DJ says:

    Ah yes, this will be the BBC that’s constantly sermonises about inflammatory language and extremism on the right.

    This is a marker – every time the BBC complains about right-wing extremism from now on, we should reference the time the BBC all but gave over its airwaves to violent hoods.

    Needless to say, not a single one of them will point out that even though blacks are disproportionate likely to be searched, a far higher percentage of these stops turn up contraband as compared to when whites are searched i.e. innocent white guys are more likely to be searched than innocent blacks.


    • Joshaw says:

      “Needless to say, not a single one of them will point out that even though blacks are disproportionate likely to be searched”

      The statistics used to justify these claims should be examined very closely. I can’t find a reference but I recall a similar claim many years ago which was based on the relative numbers of blacks and whites living in the area concerned. The claim was factually correct within the parameters set, but the area was home to a large population of older whites who spent less time outdoors, particularly in the evenings. When the results were weighted to take into account those residents who were AVAILABLE to be stopped and searched, it was found that blacks were not being singled out at all.


      • flexdream says:

        And how about revealing who is found committing crimes in these areas? I know this is appallingly racist but I doubt many Chinese grannies commit street crime or go about armed and carrying drugs, but what do I know? Maybe they should be stopped more.


  17. Ken Hall says:

    If there is violence following the BBC’s coverage of the Duggan case, then the BBC news editor and any journalist, soundcrew and camera crew involved in those reports, should be arrested and charged with incitement to riot.


  18. Kingmaker says:

    The coverage of this whole affair has been disgraceful. His family (grieving and emotional though they understandably are) pretty much started a fight in the court room and were way out of line. They BBC portrayal this was in the context of the whole ‘miscarriage of justice’ angle, even though there doesn’t appear to be any grounds for that. A certain type of left winger loves to

    1. knock the police (and ergo ‘the establishment’)
    2. coalesce around perceived racism
    3. find solace in victimhood
    4. develop an excuse for the mindless violence that characterised the riots.

    This case allowed them do all of the above.


  19. Doublethinker says:

    If all these non British origin aliens weren’t here we wouldn’t have this threatened violence and all these other problems would we ! Surely the main reason why mass immigration was wrong and remains wrong. But of course the liberal left and their ‘ Witch Finder General’ , the BBC , pounce on anything like such common sense as being racist.
    What is racist about wanting to preserve your culture and traditions and have a quiet and peaceful life. It isn’t as though I would support us seeking Lebensraum in the rest of the world, nor do i think think that the British are superior to any other country or race. Its just that i am British and I feel much happier when I am in a British community with British values. How the BBC ended up being so anti British i don’t know but they make me increasingly angry and more and more sceptical about ANYTHING they say.


  20. spooky says:

    Interesting to contrast newspaper coverage of the inquest, very anti-Duggan, compared to the BBC treating him as an innocent victim.


  21. Robin says:

    What community leaders are the BBC and the other bleeding hearts – inc Cameron- refering to ?

    Is it the drug dealing community , gun toting thug community , the general criminal class community or the benefit living community ? Or what .?

    It can’t be the gospel singing community , the black entrepreneurs community , or the general law abiding harmless hardworking black community .?
    Unless the BBC is so racist that it thinks all blacks think alike ?


  22. Alex says:

    I’ve got absolutely no sympathy for the black community whatsoever. OK, my great great father might have treated them like scum during the Zulu War but I didn’t and never would. I’m sick to death with the BBC, Guardian and that disgusting trendy, middle-class, extremist Left-wing, pro-Muslim, pro-Black Power news outlet Channel 4 bum licking ‘community leaders’ and ‘gangsta youf’ – INNIT.

    Instead of feeling sorry for themselves why don’t these useless little hoodlums go back to class and get a job? They’re happy scrounging benefits but canny be bothered to do anything constructive.


  23. F*** the Beeb says:

    The BBC is trying its best to incite race riots so it can once again tell us how ‘progressive’ it is and how stupid white people are in “misunderstanding” cultures that glorify violence, bigotry and segregation.

    Everyone in the BBC’s news department should stand trial.