Comedians will always have the last laugh, Mr Gove



Joan Bakewell tells us politicians won’t win against the comics….

Something the BBC knows and employs to great effect on its comedy programmes:

It is an unwise man who picks a quarrel with comics. They may not be right; indeed, you may be. But they have the jokes. And that means laughter and the warm regard of the public.



Perhaps politics is now seen by the public as so discredited that it’s time to bring on the clowns. In which case, more than a few will be in for a shock. Running the country is no laughing matter.



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23 Responses to Comedians will always have the last laugh, Mr Gove

  1. Frank Words says:

    “They have the jokes”

    If Joan Bakewell or indeed anyone else can give me a funny joke from the recent crop of Radio 4 (or indeed any other media outlet) so called comics I would love to hear it.


  2. OldBloke says:

    From what I listen to concerning BBC *comedy*, there isn’t a programme without a dig at Mr Gove. Now, I have no feelings towards Mr Gove and really don’t care too much for any politician, but I get the feeling that he is trying to put right the wrongs of the past 13 years of labour government. I also get the feeling that he must be doing something right for the far lefty BBC to keep on attacking him or belittling his efforts. The fact is that after 13 years of Labour education, the kids in the U.K. are well down the World education tables and for many when leaving school are unable to add up or write coherently. Let us not forget that when we go to the polling stations in the future.


    • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

      Humour is the only method of attack which albeeba has against Gove.
      Their serious interviewers have found they can’t land a glove on him in a proper interview, they inevitably get slaughtered, and as Corporal Jones is wont to say: ‘ they dont like it up ’em ‘


  3. Mice Height says:

    I’m really looking forward to Eddie Izzard mincing around Tower Hamlets, wearing make-up and women’s clothing, whilst on the London Mayoral campaign trail.


  4. Mark II says:

    Robinson takes his role as a Labour luvvie and defender of the down-trodden masses very seriously as can be seen by his many appearances on Question Time – he is a left wing activist first and a comic actor second.


  5. Umbongo says:

    Nothing to do – except very indirectly – with the purpose of this website but could somebody enlighten me as to why the Telegraph today (as every Wednesday) gave its prime “opinion” space to the thoughts of two Labour supporting ornaments of the political class (Joan Bakewell and Mary Riddell). Moreover, the Telegraph’s regular writer on science is Steve Jones: BBC science’s own favourite charlatan and allround lefty fascist. After all, neither the Guardian nor the BBC feel it necessary to employ or engage any columnist/correspondent to the right of Miliband or indeed anyone not toeing those organisations’ political and “approved science” lines.


    • pah says:

      Commercial reasons I suspect.

      It could be that they know that ‘right wingers’ are more likely to engage in discussion boards after reading such tosh and, being curious and intellectual are them more likely to read the rest of the site – more customers.

      Left wingers are more likely to throw their toys out of the pram and engage in ad homs, then retreat into sulking – fewer customers. That’s why the Grauniad always kills off discussions that are getting too many ‘right’ wing views – they don’t want to lose their left wing customers and they know there is nothing intellectually sustaining for the ‘right’ wingers to make them return.


    • Deborah says:

      I refuse to read Mary Ridell as I tried once and like so many on the left I thought she couldn’t produce a coherent argument, contra wise Mr D reads her column on the basis of ‘know thy enemy’. I read the DM on line and find of late some quite Leftie views thrown into some of their news columns.


    • johnnythefish says:

      They have Steve Jones for the same reason they have the smug arrogant twat David Lean airing his global warming fantasies every Saturday – I would guess the owners of The Telegraph are avid warmists, whatever their justification might be.

      Only a guess, mind.


  6. chrisH says:

    True enough Lady Bakewell Tart of Stockpot!
    Frank Skinner recently said that you drank his team under the table at BBC expense or suchlike once you`d finished interviewing him recently(he`s teetotal these days, so would know).
    I like Frank sometimes-he told us all that the BBC staff were nicking absolutely everything that wasn`t cemented down during the last days of Wood Lane.
    But the BBC not only didn`t report this looting, but refused to even look into the mass theft of our stuff as paid for over years.
    Glad to see that theft continues even in Salford…staff not to leave bags around reception etc…the BBC have brought a wave of crime to Salford so it seems!
    And that takes some doing!
    Record breakers!


  7. bogtrott says:

    todays so called comedy people cant tell a good joke unless its rude,contains swear words,or abusive towards certain people.
    Not one makes the grade,only mr bean but thats a copy of Jacques tati . Mr Gove hasn’t anything to worry about.


    • Wild says:

      It is a consequence of the Left’s coarsening of public life. A hundred years ago the English were known for their politeness, but this was an abomination to the Left, who are a seething mass of resentments, and hate the idea that someone somewhere might be content. The whole idea of civilization appalls them – from at least Rousseau on the Left are generally chippy, hated filled narcissists, whose humour seeks to degrade. It is a sort of sour romanticism that attempts to reconcile us to life by hating it. Of course they say that all that hatred is motivated by wanting to make the world into a better place, but nobody is fooled.


  8. Robin says:

    Yes the BBC like to dictate what our humour can be ; old people , UKIP supporters , bankers , armed forces personnel , Christians , people in trade , normal people .
    They also make verboten any humour directed against their favoured groups .
    Thus racist jokes or puff jokes are out , but crudity and sheer bad language is in .


  9. DB says:

    Some BBC journalists attended a Twitter “masterclass” today run by David Schneider, lefty comedian and BBC favourite, and David Levin, a “professional full-time Tweeter” who operates a number of BBC accounts. Together they run the social media company That Lot which does these Twitter classes.

    BBC world service producer Chris Ancil thanked Schneider for the class and then, with his very next tweet, RTed a swipe at UKIP.

    How apt. A lefty comic giving Twitter advice to the overwhelmingly lefty BBC newsroom. All part of the cosy echo chamber.

    These masterclasses normally cost £119pp. I wonder much of the bill the licence payer foots. And again, how very cosy it all is in BBC land.


    • Rob says:

      I assume Mr Schneider is cool with jokes about celebrities who take out super injunctions to hide their sexual antics with professional ladies?


      • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

        I hope it doesn’t marr my enjoyment of twitter.


      • DB says:

        I remember reading a tweet directed at Schneider when all that super-injunction stuff was going on – something along the lines of “What’s up? You’ve got a face like a slapped arse.” Still funny.


  10. bogtrott says:

    Maybe the BBC could answer this….
    How many twits make a twat?.
    Answers on a postcard please


  11. CCE says:

    I remember a comment made in the 80’s

    Had you car nicked – wife raped, yes, just call an ‘alternative comedien’………………….


  12. Philip says:

    They may laugh (so called Comedians) but the BBC’s idea of ‘what’s funny’ may be of historic interest soon. In Feb 2012 Jeremy Paxman said the ‘BBC is like a declining empire’ in an article for the Radio Times.