Most Biased In 2013

Tell us what you thought was the BBC’s most biased moment of the year. Also the most biased reporter, presenter, titled “editor”, or anything else you can think of. Bias by omission counts as well.

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45 Responses to Most Biased In 2013

  1. Matthew Price from BBC Radio Jersey “interviewing” an opposition politician has got to be a FRONT-RUNNER?


    • Ian Hills says:

      As if the Jersey establishment doesn’t do a good enough job of covering up for mass child abuse and murder, the BBC lends a hand too.

      And I see that sacked Health Minister Stuart Syvret has been gaoled again for speaking out – BBC censorship freaks will no doubt approve –


  2. uncle bup says:

    It didn’t get any more disgusting than when one of our boys was slaughtered on a London street and the murderers shouted ‘allah akbar’ (sp) and the bbc described them as

    ‘…shouting political slogans’.

    In the vain hope that it wouldn’t come out that the killers were islamic.


  3. ftumch says:

    For about a week in April, every news broadcast on the radio, on every channel I listen to (2 to 5), every news reader getting to say “Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead” – referring to the campaign to make the song number 1. They did this with absolute professionalism, of course, but you could just tell that they were saying what they really thought, and you can bet after every bulletin, there was high-fives and trebles all round. Twats.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      I’d have been a little more sympathetic to the BBC’s line of defense that they were only reporting the story and not endorsing it if I didn’t know that the Beeboids themselves were the ones promoting it on their “personal” Twitter accounts.


      • Guest Who says:

        Certainly the BBC’s curious tolerance of ‘views my own’ twitter sites run by employees decorating their clearly partisan pulpits with employer call-outs, logos and/or UrL’s does them few favours.
        As does CECUTT’s continued existenc.. default dismissal of any legitimate concern based on no more than the BBC believing the BBC is incapable of being anything other than just about right.
        As events, dear guys and gals, events have shown… over and over… this has served the corporation’s reputation and credibility poorly.


    • therealguyfaux says:

      Did no-one think to make a ginned-up issue of whether to play The Lion Sleeps Tonight when Mandela died?


      • Leha says:

        I trump your lion with Toto-Africa.

        because it’s Christmas and its kickass 😀


      • Buggy says:

        As the late, great Karl Denver was apt to point out: “It’s nothing to do with a bloody lion !”

        And looky look – here he is ! ‘cos he’s more awesome than not only Toto, but pretty much everything this side of Natalie Portman offering all her earnings to be your devoted love bunny:

        Take that, world !


        • therealguyfaux says:

          Nothing to do with lions, Karl?

          This bit of useless information would come as a great surprise to Solomon Linda, the writer of the original, “Uyimbube” (which word Pinko Pete Seeger bastardised as “Wimoweh”), a song about hunting lions. “The lion sleeps tonight” like Luca Brasi “sleeps with the fishes.” The essence of the song was that young Zulu men kill lions because lions prey upon the herds kept by these young men, and the young Zulus are grudgingly praising the lion for being a wily predator, even as he should know he’s going to get blown away anyhow.


  4. DickMart says:

    The Mandela hagiography must surely top the list.


  5. ember2013 says:

    I forecast the Mandela coverage would be extensive but the actual coverage was beyond my worst nightmares. And the BBC’s response to mounting criticism was to hunker down and tell us all about how significant Madiba really was.


  6. chrisH says:

    I`d say the deliberate editing of Rigbys butchers, so as not to let them be seen to be quoting Sura 9 (Al Tawba).
    And-to be fair-they DID quote it verbatim…hence the BBC etc would not let THAT go unedited…might implicate Islam and the Koran might it not?
    And that would never do.


  7. GCooper says:

    The Mandelafest, clearly, deserves the No 1 slot this year. But if we’re to name an individual, please allow me to nominate the smug ‘Prof’ Laurie Taylor, whose arrogantly titled ‘Thinking Allowed’ is a weekly horror show of Marxist ‘academics’ yipping and yapping their inanities without a word of opposition from anyone who actually has to work for a living.

    ‘Thinking’ is about the furthest thing from the minds of Taylor or his menagerie of performing sociologists.

    It is the quintessential BBC R4 programme.


    • chrisH says:

      Seconded-and who will forget his chagrin to find that he thought Malcolm Bradbury had immortalised him in “The History Man”(as lefty fake Howard Kirk)…only to find that Bradbury didn`t even think he was worthy of the “compliment”.
      Which sums up the wannabe hypocrisies of Laurie Taylor as not being worth the kudos of being a fictional phoney…merely a lifelong BBC one.
      A sponsored minibus for Laurie to Dignitas-shall we tell the faux-fool that there`s a sociological buffet going on by CERN , and then swiftly pop into Dr Deaths offices as he chews the cud…mooching muppet!
      I live in hope enough to be writing his obituary…Victor Lewis Smith style!


      • Buggy says:

        Did he really ? Crumbs, that’s tragic on just so many levels. Not the least of which is that Taylor presumably regards Howard Kirk as some sort of admirable figure. What a complete and utter (and way up his own arse) dickhead.


  8. Alex says:

    I’d say former socialist prat, Paul Mason, was the most screamingly left-wing of the lot. I’d say the idle chit-chat show, Question (but no real answers) Time and/or The Big Questions were the most appallingly biased shows. In terms of omission, everything relating to Islam has to be the crowning achievement if bias. Right, I’m off down the pub to drink real ale.


  9. PhilO'TheWisp says:

    The repeated uttering of the words “the so-called bedroom tax” every time benefit changes were mentioned has to be in line for a commendation.


    • The Sage says:

      Or just “Bedroom Tax, or Spare-Room Supplement as the government wishes it to be known” is more or less what I heard from the BBC yesterday on some kind of round-up of the year’s events.
      It’s a funny old tax that nobody actually has to pay. A reduction in benefit is not a tax, it’s just, er, a reduction in benefit.


  10. Dick the Butcher says:

    For me it was the Boston bombing aftermath. As soon as the news broke Beeboids everywhere were desperately, frenziedly even, looking to blame “far right extremists” rather than calmly and measuredly informing us of the facts. Surely, they must have realised that the truth would out? Apparently not. This whole wretched business confirmed me in my view that Political Correctness is a mental illness.


    • David Kay says:

      and panorama tried to claim that the brown skinned muslim jihadists from asia were actually white right wing extremists because they had looked at a racist right wing web site, but failed to mention the site was full of anti jewish propaganda.

      nice try beeboids.


  11. ember2013 says:

    Many to choose from for 2nd place, IMHO.


  12. Mavis Ramsbottom says:

    the continued pandering to the minorities….eg SCD, it must break the BBC record of how many gays can appear on one programme, from the judges to the contestants to the supposedly ‘straight’ professional dancers


    • Milverton says:

      The drooling of the two gay judges can be very irritating as some apparently hunky male celeb gets his chest out.

      As of the four judges only Len Goodman is attracted to women, I occasionally wonder what might happen if he greeted one of the nubile female contestants with a hearty “Great tits!” The immediate sack presumably.


  13. stuart says:

    i struggle to find what was the most biased moment at the bbc in 2013 because there is so much left wing bias at radio 5 and the bbc it is hard to keep up with it,but this moment i will chose for total bias at the bbc 2013,remememer the boston bombings carried out by chechen muslim terrorists,well i remember that atrocity for total bias and scaremongering by radio 5 live and bbc journalists in america who done nothing but pushed the narraritive that this terrorist attack was carried out by crazed right wing militias with bucked teeth in the deep south or some imaginary far right fascist group that did not exist,the fear by the bbc and there journalists for even suggesting that this terrorist attack was carried out by muslim jihadis was sickening even to the end when these 2 terrorists were caught and even then the word muslim or islam was not used to describe these muslim terrorists,lets hope in 2014 this politacaly correct pandering to the muslim street by radio5 live and the bbc stops and we get some honest journalism.i fear it wont.


    • I'm a Fat lazy wine-drinking loser who's obsessed with Roswell, Area 51, Apollo 18 and Majestic 12 says:

      the worst bias is bbc’s groveling to muslims. it’s denial of corruption and fatcat payoffs is pretty bad, as well.


  14. Big Dick says:

    Anything to do with” Nissan Main Dealer” ,St S. Lawrence , & his mum “The Baroness”, Millipeed “love in” on a daily basis, the total disrespect to the best leader of modern times , “Maggie The Great”, just for starters !


  15. richard D says:

    Tough to pick one thing, but there a few generalities I’d like to propose as providing some of the most dangerous BBC bias.

    1. The slanted side commentary of the presenters…. not content with finding out and reporting the real picture, the commentators, by their tone and little mannerisms, like the little ‘Mmmmm…’ so beloved of Messr’s Evan Davis and Mr Justin Webb, clearly expressing doubt as to the veracity of anything said by anyone not agreeing with the core prejudices of the BBC.

    As well as these, Webb, Davis and Co. are not averse to slipping in some blatant anti-Conservative commentary at the drop of a hat. As an instance, Mr Davis was interviewing Boris Johnson a week or two ago about the third runway at Heathrow. Mr Johnson declared that he thought that Mr Cameron was mistaken in supporting that option. Mr Davis was not slow to then try to score points by asking… “So, in the panoply of mistakes made by our prime minister, how bad do you think this one is….” Now, can you ever imagine Davis, Webb, or anyone else in the BBC for that matter, ever saying anything like this to a Labour representative about Balls, Milliband, Brown or Blair…. not a chance in hell. (I have to say, Boris blew him away by firstly saying he didn’t accept the premise of the question – but no doubt some of the mud would stick. )

    2. The one-sidedness of interviews. Any prominent Labour Party member is treated with a courtesy bordering on reverence – on almost any subject. Any Conservative, on the other hand, is met with outright hostility in the manner of the questions being asked, and the constant badgering to get the answer the BBC would like, rather than ascertaining what the interviewee believes or has to say.

    3. The clearly partisan audiences (in the first place), allowed, and even encouraged, by the style of questioning, commentary by panel chairpersons, and outright switching of questions in mid-stream by the chairperson, forcing representatives of the right to defend themselves against preposterous allegations from the leftist panel members so that they are not allowed enough time to answer the questions – with the impression that this leaves in the minds of the local and wider audiences.

    4. As you pointed out above – the continuous omission of pertinent facts, like the political leaning of any think-tank, organisation, pressure group etc., which agrees with BBC-think (i.e. normally of the left), but the clear, and I think virtually pejorative, definition of any other group, usually described as ‘right-wing’, or ‘far-right’. ‘Left-leaning’ is about as strong a term as I have ever heard from the BBC in this respect – and only if they feel they can’t get away with ‘independent’, which, of course, is meaningless in describing the political bent of any such group – and I note now the increasing use of the very mild term ‘centre-left’ to describe Labour-supporting groups. I also note that ‘members of the public’ chosen to be interviewed on certain topics, these days quite often turn out to be left-leaning political activists, which the BBC, of course, with all of its vast investigative capabilities, could never have ascertained before broadcasting their views – even when the interviewees’ political involvement have been previously found out, and reported to the BBC. The narrative flows from there.

    5. The outright stifling of argument, or even sensible discussion, on certain subjects. Despite all the evidence to the contrary, the BBC has determined that ‘the reality is settled’ on certain subjects, like Anthropogenic Global Warming, the EU and its iniquities, immigration, His Excellency Julian Assange and his fellow-travellers, and so forth.

    6. As pointed out in specific instances above, but I think much more generally in the BBC’s reporting of the news; the hiding, or downright misleading, by reports of anything which might actually inform the audience of the political affinity, ethnicity, or faith, of any miscreant, which might reflect badly on any community or political group supported by the BBC, and especially on anything which might disturb the BBC’s picture of the UK as a truly integrated community, nothing but enriched in every aspect of life by multi-culturism.

    I could go on, but will stop there by just saying that these and other narrative-setting efforts, ground out by the BBC, day in and day out, to the point now where even outright and overt bias by BBC commentators and presenters, are entering the mainstream dialogue ( if there were ever any tenable opposing points of view as far as the BBC is concerned) via ‘social media’, but now even on radio and TV. They are no longer held to account for these things, so they will, I fear, only feel empowered to progressively get worse. No matter how odious certain individual actions are, such as the BBC openly dancing on the grave of Mrs Thatcher, for instance, the insidious nature of the aspects above are far more dangerous, in my view.

    (And the above comment from me is not, in the slightest, meant to detract from contributors reminding us of specific incidents showing just how low, and how quickly, the BBC is sinking.)


    • Deborah says:

      As part of your excellent comment, Richard D, with reference to point 1, is the snide comment so beloved of McNaughtie and Humphries after the interviewed has finished and immediately beforehand the next question, carefully done in such a way as not to leave a gap for response

      Eg; “so the Tory party isn’t going to do anything about it and when did you stop beating your wife?”


  16. The Sage says:

    You may wish to add any coverage involving Greenpeace and its so-called “activists”, that Moscow-based creep Snowden, any Guardian journalist however useless, of course climate change, wind farms and, as mentioned above, the ghastly Nelson Mandela and his murderous, necklace-wielding, wife (the saintly Winnie) for whom the BBC has nary a bad word.
    Now give a moment’s thought for poor Stompie Moeketsi and victim of Winnie, of whom the BBC seems to have forgotten.


  17. DICK R says:

    The constant crawling up the arsehole of the mother of ST Stephen of Lwarence


  18. katherine says:

    The whole coverage of the same sex marriage debate which painted anyone against it as a frothing at the mouth lunatic


  19. #88 says:

    ‘SOME PEOPLE SAY’ that Norman Smith is the most biased of the lot.


  20. +james says:

    Pakistan church blast kills dozens

    Must have left the gas on…


  21. Mark B says:

    I read this a few days ago and could not think of anything that has not already been covered.

    Then I remembered this. Not bias as such, more like naked propaganda and lies. Something the BBC is forbidden to do.

    I have lost the link but, does anybody remember the story about immigration, or migration as they like to call it now, where they Photoshopped a sign saying; “No Irish, No Dogs, No Blacks.” It was taken down later in the day.

    When you get to the stage where you are having to make up lies in order to support you’re (BBC) beliefs, then its time to shut up shop.


  22. MD says:

    Don’t forget the Hugo Chavez live-in and the distorted reporting of the ‘success’ of the Venezuelan economy.


  23. MD says:



  24. David Hearnshaw says:



  25. David Preiser (USA) says:

    In no particular order, except the worst will come last:

    Coverage of the Boston Bombing

    Mandelapalooza and all the right-on clowns suddenly discovering the word “Madiba” vs. Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead

    Every BBC report on anything to do with guns in the US

    The Echo Chambers feature


    The US budget battles in Congress and the “Sequester”

    Declaring the IRS scandal and Benghazi to be non-stories

    Kim Ghattas writing a love letter to Hillary Clinton in book form

    Carrying water for ObamaCare

    John Humphrys’ “interview” with Anjem Choudray

    Censoring a key bit about green energy policies from a statement by Mervyn King

    “Bedroom tax”

    Every time Rule #1 about “independent” guest experts and vox pops is in effect

    The George Zimmerman trial, especially the outright lie David Willits told on air

    Almost anything Katty Kay says when she’s a talking head on MSNBC

    Last and Worst: Everything from Mark Mardell


  26. Ian Howarth says:

    I regular view BBBC but I have never contributed until now. I want to get my ha’penny worth in now before the new year as I am more annoyed then ever at the BBC.
    I haven’t watched any T.V. over Christmas since most of it I have seen before and the rest is mainly crap.
    So I downloaded “The Many Faces of Les Dawson” from the BBC I-PLAYER. since I never had the opportunity to watch the original version. The program itself was good, showing Les at his best, but unfortunately marred by some of the contributors. We had Robert Webb, one of the Mitchell and Webb team of so called funny men which I can take or leave, (usually leave), but the other was one, Russel Kane, who I admit, I have never heard of. This man, being an expert in comedy, described how to deliver a joke. Here are his exact words, “There still is for all our dissappearing up our own orifices there’s still a lead up, a gap, and then a laugh up at the end, if that laugh is like the absence or the breaking down of the THATCHER Government. It’s still de dum de dum de dum etc. A LAUGH. Well it’s not, Why did the BBC get this left wing prick who was born only a few years before the death of this genuinely funny man to comment. Do they not know that Les was a TORY. Like many intelligent people born in humble circumstances, who dragged themselves up out of the mire in order to better themselves became right wing. People born with privilege into middle and upper middle class backgrounds, and so have never experienced true hardship become LEFTIES.
    David Starkey confronts Harriet Harmen and Victoria Coren (Mitchell and Webb) on this issue