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The BBC all hate Fox News…don’t they?

It seems that that old adage that you say you hate what you really love might come into play.

5Live was discussing LBC(39 mins) and Shock Radio where they all ‘froth at the mouth‘…..but listen on….

Jane Garvey states that ‘LBC do popular politics really, really well.’

Geoff Lloyd, the other presenter,  says that if you listen to Nick Ferrari you’re not in any doubt as to what he thinks on any subject.

The Guardian’s (oh..yes, there’s always a Guardian journalist somewhere on the BBC) David Hepworth, claims that Fox News types wouldn’t go down well in the UK…it’s all based on resentment, a nation highly divided politically, feeding an agenda…..that must explain why we in the UK  don’t have numerous political parties…because we’re all one big happy family agreeing on everything…‘one nation’ perhaps…..Hepworth talks out of his backside….It’s the Guardian and the BBC that continually tells us that Thatcher was ‘divisive’….but that’s what Democracy and politics is all about…it’s not just going along with what someone at the Guardian thinks is the way forward.

Jane Garvey then pipes up again:

‘If you’re institutionalised like me within the BBC I can see the other side of every story…and I’m sick of it…I want to be foaming at the mouth and getting all worked up about something…but it’s been beaten out of me.’


If only we could see ourselves as others see us.


Continue listening and you will hear BBC TV presenters getting stuffed for Christmas by the radio people…apparently they are too wooden, too packaged, too uninteresting when compared with radio presenters who have to be more creative and original to keep the listeners onboard.

Sure that will go down well.





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24 Responses to Foxy Lady

  1. Richard Pinder says:

    Well if Fox news comes to freeview, I hope we could have something a bit more relevant to the UK than RT.

    Censorship would be unnecessary if they had free live debates with all those intellectuals censored by the BBC.

    The left-wing morons would be too afraid of a free and open debate, so would censor themselves from appearing on Fox news.


    • Selohesra says:

      Fox News is ridiculously biased – just like the BBC


      • Chop says:

        No one is forced to pay for Fox news.


        • Selohesra says:

          True – and i suspect Fox would freely admit their bias whereas BBC still pretends to be impartial


      • Barlicker says:

        All news channels and all newspaper, being staffed by mere mortals with opinions, are inevitably biased. We all know and readily accept that there are huge ideological differences between, say, The Mail and The Guardian. We pays our money and we takes our choice. It seems obvious to me that there are very similar differences between Fox News and the BBC. But in this case, we pays our money and gets no choice.


      • Span Ows says:

        “Fox News is ridiculously biased”

        I disagree HOWEVER, it’s worth pointing out that FNC is consistently way ahead of it’s rivals and recently was top cable channel with more viewers than the other cable channels COMBINED. The main reason for that is MSNBC etc are REALLY and TRULY biased so much so that the viewing figures speak volumes.


  2. ember2013 says:

    If there are increasing number of twittering BBC presenters just bursting to give vent to their political passions then the answer is clear: privatise the BBC and then they can pursue the agenda that their subscription-paying public want to hear.


    • Doublethinker says:

      Exactly. If you don’t like Fox News you don’t have to pay for it. So subscription news services can be as biased as they like and their audience is willing to pay for. Contrast that with the BBC, who are heavily biased to the left and to multiculturalism and mass immigration, but we have to pay them whether we agree with them or not.
      There is NO CASE for retention of the LF, let the BBC sink or swim. Fears of dumbing down with out the BBC, seem mightily exaggerated to me. But there are many ways in which high quality entertainment and factual programmes can be financed from the public purse, but made and broadcast by a range of suppliers, which ensures that there is political balance. We don’t need the BBC to keep up broadcasting standards and getting rid of it would give the British people back their voice and their democracy.


      • Guest Who says:

        ‘Fears of dumbing down with out the BBC, seem mightily exaggerated to me’
        The notion that the BBC is a bastion of quality, of several DOTI justifications trotted out, is not borne out in fact.
        In fact the elevation of such as Danny Cohen to its highest echelons show they reward market ratings as much if not more than any other broadcaster.
        Given the choice, people can select and pay for (or get free via other models) what they prefer… pap, paparazzi or superb drama. comedy, movies, docos etc.
        Since going off grid, that’s exactly what I have been doing via catch-up. A few BBC-originated, but mostly from other sources. Its ‘news’ now is just a joke one stumbles across online and only worth reading to see the inevitable skew.
        It frustrates me that certain options are legally closed in fear of the knock at the door by a bunch of TVL heavies with police escort to play fast and loose with rights and the truth, but I’m seeing light at the end now.
        Fox has no real appeal to me, but like the DM, if they get their facts right then I’ll pay heed.
        And if they don’t, I won’t, and their income can suffer.
        Not a model that impacts the BBC, which is why I utterly despise its output now.


  3. chrisH says:

    Quite candid of Jane Garvey eh?
    Fair point too-that the mediocre flat pack liberals and their predictable lefty reflexes and postures bore the pants off the nation.
    And therefore need to stay safe at the BBC to draw their salaries and pensions, perks and access to “the famous”.
    Garvey is the very embodiment of no-talent, not even able to hang onto Adrian Chiles FFS!
    But honest in this one case-she`ll be reset to factory settings by the time the twelve days are up.
    Dangerous talk costs careers…


  4. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Ah, yes, internecine jealousy and competition rears its ugly head. Somebody fretting about the next round of resource redistribution, perhaps, and letting off steam?

    Jane “Empty Champagne Bottles in the Hallway” Garvey is a real piece of work. “Popular politics” or “Populist politics”? And I’m very sick of Beeboids complaining that they’re unable to express their personal viewpoints on air all the time. They do. Some of them just can’t do it as vehemently as they’d like all the time.

    But they don’t realize they’re doing it, as it happens naturally, and they’re all at it. It’s the institutional bias at the BBC. In that sense, Garvey is indeed institutionalized.

    Something like Fox News would do very well in Britain, I suspect. Although they’d probably have to limit the number of shouting Irish Catholics with large heads in the prime time slots. That may be the most popular part of the network, but it’s the worst in terms of news value and real debate of the issues.

    It wouldn’t go over well with the chattering classes or the priest caste, of course, but with the public it would gain traction. Unfortunately, you’ve probably already got some legal obstacles to something like that being allowed. And I don’t just mean to Rupert Murdoch owning it, either.


    • therealguyfaux says:

      Less that FOX has opinionistas who run off at the mouth with “unpopular” views (unpopular to the chatterati, that is), but that FOX, by its own admission, does NOT take dictation from the NY Times or the WaPo as to what are the main stories of the day and the relative importance thereof, and FOX’s “angle” is not necessarily the same one that the rest of the Media are reporting the same stories from– that’s what distinguishes FOX.

      Merely raising one’s voice and speaking in less-temperate language is no guarantee of success, or MSNBC would have excelled FOX by now.


      • +james says:

        True, when Libs try to do the righteous anger thing they come across as perverted. For example Martin “Scatman” Bashir over at MSNBC…


  5. Geoff says:

    Wrong type of Fox, but my local bBc Points West leads with the Boxing Day hunt (bugger the local flood damage) making claims that 80% are now in favour of the ban.

    A shame that they aren’t so keen the banning of the habitual slaughter of animals by the slitting of their throats and hanging by their legs until every bit of blood is drained from them, hey but thats ok, it culturally acceptable….

    Well in my book the ripping apart of a blood thirsty fox by dogs is also culturally accepable, double standards eh?


    • richard D says:

      It did slip out, however, that the survey had been done by anti-hunt protestors. Hmmm – that’ll be about as unbiased a survey as the unbiased BBC, then !

      No questioning from the BBC as to the verity, reliability, or independence of the survey…. and spouted as if that then was representative of the UK, and that hunting of any form (that posh sport, don’t you know) must be ground into the dirt.

      OK – I did a survey over the Christmas period and around 90% of the respondents agreed that the death penalty ought to be brought back for certain crimes, 95% agreed that unfettered immigration into the UK ought to be banned completely, and close to 100% believed that the EU was an interfering body of unaccountable and unauditable, self-seeking and self-enriching parasites – and needs to be curbed immediately …. so let’s be having it then, BBC – why aren’t you broadcasting the results of my surveys ? – they’re probably closer to reality than the ones you promote on a regular basis !

      (…and a belated ‘Merry Christmas’ to all who enter here.)


      • richard D says:

        I actually DO know that IPSOS-MORI were the pollsters….. but who wrote the question ?….. which turns out to be….

        “Now a question about sports where animals are set on other animals to fight or kill them. These activities are currently illegal in the United Kingdom.For each one I read out, please tell me whether you think it should or should not be made legal again. Just read out the letter that applies in each case.

        Fox Hunting; Deer Hunting; Hare Hunting and Coursing; Dog fighting; Badger baiting.

        – Yes, should be made legal again
        – No, should not be made legal again
        – Don’t Know”.

        Wow – how balanced and unbiased a question is that, then ? But I’m sure the BBC couldn’t possibly have known that before it broadcast its reports, could it ?


      • mo says:

        Well said richard D. That crystalises the BBC attitude. Theirs and non one elses despite the majority being opposed to them.


  6. Richard Pinder says:

    RT have got Max Kaiser effing and blinding on British Freeview TV.

    So free speech seems to be possible on British television.

    So Fox news could have all kinds of British intellectual’s effing and blinding about all those inferior left-wing beliefs and wishful thoughts proved wrong by correlations, experimentation and other forms of evidence.

    I’m to shy.


  7. chrisH says:

    Yet , funnily enough: it seems that Jimmy Savile is getting excised from any BBC output whatsoever.
    Effing and blinding is one thing…being reminded of Saviles tones though is quite another.
    Let me draw your attention to “Never Mind the Baubles”…a tribute to the Sex Pistols playing Huddersfield, Christmas 1976.
    Ten minutes in-and Saviles “This is the Age of the Train” slogan seems to have been overdubbed by some airy fop-as opposed to the Man who gave us this truism.
    Listen for yourself and see.
    Glad to see the Beeb quivering at his very crap as spoken from beyond the grave!


    • chrisH says:

      Noted Johnny Lydon Rotten giving Murdoch a pasting for his papers nasty vendettas against his band back in 1977.
      He quotes it as reason enough to mark the end of NewsCorps, albeit by degrees and over a long slow timespan.
      He might be right you know!
      He backs Israel, and is a good Catholic lad of Irish descent too-so am strangely warmed by his tale.
      I draw the line at butter though, which is where we`d have to part…hate the stuff!


  8. Thoughtful says:

    Don’t forget that they are not being open honest & truthful !
    “‘LBC do popular politics really, really well.”
    does not mean what it appears to at first sight ! Popular politics is a huge pejorative used to avoid a libel case. It’s shorthand for ‘right wing and racist’!

    David Hepworth says “a nation highly divided politically, feeding an agenda”

    Means that the fascists in the UK have crushed all opposition and anyone holding views unacceptable to the party is jailed !

    Back in the days of Thatcher we had a choice between a pretty far right Tory party, and a Labour party which wasn’t too far away from the Russian model of ‘socialism’
    There were big issues (as seen by the fascists) such as nuclear disarmament.

    I’m afraid that divisive is just another left wing term – used by far left journalists Divisive / Inclusive – Reactionary / Progressive.

    It is for this very reason that many British people are not voting. Because politicians have become like they were in the former Communist countries – different people, but all belonging to the same party with the same core beliefs.


  9. George R says:

    “Close the floodgates”

    By Nick Ferrari.

    (Nov, 2013.)


  10. George R says:

    BBC-NUJ thinks it can recognise political bias in ‘Fox News’, while Beeboids are unable to recognise and admit their own political daily bias for E.U, mass immigration, Labour Party, Obama, Hamas, etc!


  11. AsISeeIt says:

    I would venture to say that what Jane Garvey means by

    ‘I want to be foaming at the mouth and getting all worked up about something…but it’s been beaten out of me’

    is that she and her 5 Live pals would like to be more openly Leftist.

    I won’t be listening to the clip because I am currently on a boycott of BBC 5 Live. Originally I was a born native of Radio 4 – I grew up to the sounds of Listen With Mother, The Clitheroe Kid and The Petticoat Line (there’s one for the teenagers! – Google it)

    Move on a couple of decades and there began to dawn on me a fdeeling that Radio 4 was constantly toadying to New Labour – promoting and encouraging every Statist anti-Liberatarian notion and policy – like the Guardian only ever crticising St Tony from the Leftist point of view and only eventually falling out with him from a pacificist stand point.

    But my discomfort was cultural as well as political. Every historical, economic, entertainment and comedy show became painfully PC. Every breath of Radio 4 belittled and persecuted my conservative views. I fled as a refugee and took hobson’s choice – I alighted at Radio 5 and hoped I could lie low with the sport and news lite.

    As my dream of blokey sport radio and a little dumbed-down news morphed into the reality of the Salford based anti-coalition attack channel my discomfort increased to the point of giving up.

    It may be a small thing but I recall that on Radio 5 presenters were a tad wary of naming their football allegience – presumably for fear of offending more listeners than they might please.

    Interestingly there seems to be not such fear on commercial radio stations. Liverpool and Arsenal supporters are out loud and proud. Indeed l recently heard Colin Murray (a fellow refugee from the BBC) say that he mistrusted presenters who feared to say who it was they supported.

    I now feel the same way about presenters and politics. I fear BBC impartiality is really a cover for Leftists living off my taxes. BBC funded luvvies who hypocritically give off little Leftist hints to the listener in the hope that will be loved as a good progressive person – Twitter-stylee!

    Let them come out as Leftist and make their own way in the world.

    I would be happy to hear our Jane Garvey froth at the mouth with all kinds of Leftist views – I just don’t want to pay her wages.