29 Responses to The BBC’s Anti-Semitic Comedy

  1. John Alexander says:

    I look forward to the rest of the series. But they may have a little trouble with Islam, because most of the ugly slurs and prejudices about our fastest growing faith turn out to be true!

    As regards the troublesome Choudary I think the BBC were justified in airing Choudary as he clearly represents a significant proportion of the Muslim population. This fact is supported by numerous opinion surveys carried out among Muslims and also by McCartny’s own allusion to the threat that Muslim moderates face if they speak out.

    It’s interesting to contrast the utter inability of the authorities to jail Choudary for incitement with the treatment of Sergeant Blackman. There’s a great post on that called “Sergeant Blackman’s Mistake” at:



  2. Jagman 84 says:

    When it comes to expansionism, the BBC wrote the handbook!


  3. ember2013 says:

    The test for impartiality is quite simple for the BBC.

    They must now produce comedy depicting the wrongdoings of Islamic groups. Either at home or abroad.

    Bated breath…waiting….


  4. chrisH says:

    A Point of View by William Dalrymple this morning used the old “Bibi as much threat to Christians as Al Queda” canard.(R4 8.45…near the end of the piece).
    You have to listen very carefully- a rapier quick smear and off he goes.
    Apparently Israels building on the “occupied territories” is as much a threat to Christians out there as Coptic Church burnings and slaughters in Iraq and Syria.
    Disgraceful-but as Sarah Montague showed us a few weeks back…the BBC can do no other than smear Israel with Christian blood when they`re too shit-scared and supportive of Islam Supremacists to name the REAL evil of Islam.
    Imagine the hoovering of Charles comments had he worried about the lack of global warming propaganda…but when he mentions Muslims killing Christians?…oh dear, hardly the legacy that the Rigby family so clearly require eh?
    When will we shoot this running dog that the BBC has now become?


  5. kev says:


    • ember2013 says:

      Look how many police are protecting Choudhary and his flock.

      It’s a shame Lee Rigby wasn’t handing out leaflets to shopkeepers threatening that the RMP will arrest them if they don’t hang union flags in their windows.

      Perhaps he too would have had the protection of dozens of police officers?


  6. Deborah says:

    The BBC 3’s example given by Alan sends shudders down my spine and not in a good way. It seems what happened in Germany in the 1930’s and 40’s is being repeated and the BBC is fully behind it. My family were saved because my great-uncle saw the writing on the wall in 1933 – when do I accept the same?


    • chrisH says:

      Don`t you worry deborah.
      I`ve read the end of The Book”…not only do the Good Guys win, but the worlds end is in Gods gift…not in Al Gores musings.
      Have a great Christmas-God Bless our Israeli friends…going nowhere but to victory(and the more the BBC say the opposite, the truer it is!)


    • Cosmo says:

      Don’t worry Debs, they won’t get past WIgton Lane !


    • John says:

      It was a BBC3 comedy programme, I think you can relax.


      • David Preiser (USA) says:

        Too right, John. Many people at the BBC are probably still stinging from the apology they gave a few years ago over a similar gag from Frankie Boyle.

        U.K. comedian slams BBC over apology for anti-Israel skit

        The BBC’s apology for an anti-Israel comedy skit is cowardly, Scottish comedian Frankie Boyle said in an open letter published in British media outlets Saturday, saying he was right to criticize Israel for being an “aggressive terrorist state.”

        Earlier this week, the BBC’s Trust issued a public apology for Boyle’s comedy bit, originally aired on the station’s Political Animal radio show in June 2008, and in which the comedian made remarks such as: “I’ve been studying Israeli Army Martial Arts. I now know 16 ways to kick a Palestinian woman in the back.”

        Boyle had also said in his 2008 comedy bit that, while “people think that the Middle East is very complex but I have an analogy that sums it up quite well.”

        “If you imagine that Palestine is a big cake, well… that cake is being punched to pieces by a very angry Jew,” Boyle said.

        In his letter published Saturday, Boyle said that he first thought “the show’s producers will have thought that Israel, an aggressive, terrorist state with a nuclear arsenal was an appropriate target for satire,” adding that the BBC’s recent apology proved him wrong.

        “If you imagine that a state busily going about the destruction of an entire people is fair game, you are mistaken. Israel is out of bounds,” Boyle said.

        Yeah, it’s just comedy. You wouldn’t want the BBC to have to grovel to the Jews again, would you?


  7. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Typical BBC biased double standards. Anthony Zurcher, editor of the “Echo Chambers” feature, felt that Andrew Sullivan’s concerns that Phil Robertson saying homosexuality is a sin is akin to, more or less, those cartoons Alan has posted, is legitimate. Yet it’s okay for the BBC to pay edgy comedians to do this and broadcast it to the nation for laughs.

    There’s no fundamental difference between Sullivan’s position and what Alan has said here. The only difference is that the BBC allows one and scowls at the other. I can’t wait to hear how they got “complaints from both sides” on this one.


    • ember2013 says:

      Yes, this is M&S being craven.

      It should be clear, from the employment contract, that they are expected to touch various foodstuffs and drinks. If they can’t do that then they need not apply. A business exists to serve its customers not pander to the religious oddities of its employees.


    • John Standley says:

      3 comments on the Telegraph article and suddenly, “Comments are closed”

      It looks like the Telegraph has gone dhimmi.


    • Cosmo says:

      And what is it written you do with ladies undies, toilet rolls, sanitary ware, condoms, athletic supports on the check out ?
      And talking of toilets, how about halal compliant in the workplace. We won’t stand for it I tell you.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Where’s Hugh Sykes to tell M&S they shouldn’t do this sort of thing lest it encourage prejudice?


      • Guest Who says:

        Certainly, the chance of a ‘White Meats Only’ aisle does loom darkly as a hierarchy dilemma to our champions of powerful account holding.


  8. Ian Hills says:

    Imagine if a group of “militant” Jews were to go round cutting the heads off BBC employees, grooming their children and blowing up their houses in leafy Hampstead…….


    • Idiotboy says:

      “Militant ” is a non-preferred term in this particular context. Far too many negative connotations.

      Use “Devout” next time.


    • ember2013 says:

      Then you’d see the BBC hiring coaches ready to ship Jews out the country, themselves.


    • Rufus McDufus says:

      The BBC would be supporting the next Labour government to use PFI to build some new gas chambers.


  9. Lynette says:

    For all the joking can’t find it funny . Was able to hear a 90 year old Walter Bingham survivor’s account who came to Britain with 1000 Jewish children ( without their parents ) before the war . His account of what happened to him at school and in German society which he witnessed as a child should be broadcast on the BBC .


    • Cosmo says:

      I understand Lynette, I have an aunt who came over on the Kindertransport. What we have learnt is, we now take the initiative, history proves we cannot rely on anyone but ourselves. There is a country now that we can flee to, we keep a bag packed and ready, and if a corrupt corporation like the bbc can facilitate the atmosphere to despise us we will prevail.
      I was watching a tv program a few years back and the scene was shot in the office of an Israeli general, and in the background was a large photograph of a squadron of IAF F15’S flying over Auchwitz. Lynette take strength from that image and sites like this and their contributors.


  10. chrisH says:

    I note no foot washing facilities at Eastbournes M and S at the checkout either.
    Let`s hope that the supermarkets will put taps for hands , feet and a bidet option for goolies at every M£S checkout.
    Sharia deserves nothing less!
    Now-about that Bible Study facility I`m negotiating for Mecca Souk every Friday at noon?…