The Desolation Of The Red Dragon


Welsh Government


Wales is run by the Labour Party:

The current structure of the ministerial team is formed by Welsh Labour.


But you would never guess that from this BBC report:

Ex-Cardiff hospital boss Russell Hopkins says NHS a ‘mess’

A former general manager of Wales’ largest hospital has condemned the state of the NHS, claiming politicians and managers have “messed it up”.

The Welsh government said in a statement: “Every year, the NHS in Wales cares for thousands of patients safely and effectively, and the vast majority are entirely satisfied with their care.


Rather important to know which ‘politicians’ are in charge and which politicians to blame for ‘messing the NHS in Wales up’


And from this report you would never think that the NHS had any problems before 2010…once again a half hearted effort at reporting in the round from the BBC’s Nick Triggle:

A&E units miss four-hour target

The NHS in England has missed its four-hour A&E waiting time for the first time this winter, figures show….emergency admissions – hit its highest level since 2010.

For the last three years individual weekly figures have fallen below 95% before Christmas.



‘Since 2010’…..‘the last three years’…..interesting choice of starting point.




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21 Responses to The Desolation Of The Red Dragon

  1. DICK R says:

    Maybe if the welsh paid for their prescriptions instead of parasitising of the English taxpayers , there might be a little more money in their kitty .


    • Trefor Jones says:

      You do not contribute to the Welsh prescriptions it is budgeted as part of the Welsh NHS’s spending. The Weslh block grant is far less than the tax-take from Wales and actually the cost of reintroducing prescription charges is ironically more than you would even save. Ignorance, sheer unmitigated ignorance if not nasty little Englanderism!!!!!


      • DICK R says:



      • David Kay says:

        boyo youre a bigoted, fascist, racist sheep shagger


      • Demon says:

        Are you trying to say that the Welsh pay more UK tax than they receive from the UK taxpayer?

        If so; then, frankly sir, you are talking complete rubbish.


        • Trefor Jones says:

          I rest my point after reading the above. Shameful!!


          • Guest Who says:

            ‘Ignorance, sheer unmitigated ignorance if not nasty little Englanderism!!!!!’
            ‘..frankly sir, you are talking complete rubbish’
            Have to say, Tref, high-horsey-wise in the robust world of forum exchange, you don’t compare well.


          • David Kay says:

            Jones im married to a welsh woman so you can feck off you anti english racist bigoted fool.

            If you dont like racist comments dont dish them out you hypocritical left wing scumbag


            • Trefor Jones says:

              Don’t hold back on my behalf. I rather pity your wife though. Marvellous to be considered left wing again, I suppose you mean polite?
              Nadolig LLawen!!


  2. Nullius in verba says:

    Can we have a referendum on English independence from the United Kingdom?
    I’m tired of paying taxes so this shower can piss my money away.


  3. Guest Who says:

    ‘But you would never guess that from this BBC report
    They have a bit of form on this.
    And the Trust promised it would never happen again.
    ‘The director of the BBC’s Editorial Complaints Unit later said that “he did not accept that those who only read the headline would have been left with a materially misleading impression”
    That worked well, then.


    • Span Ows says:

      “he did not accept that those who only read the headline would have been left with a materially misleading impression”

      So fucking frustrating: one guy’s opinion and no explanation or reasoning…the equivalent of “because” or no we’re not so there” fingers in ears no, no, I don’t except that lalalalalaala…


      • Guest Who says:

        ‘…frustrating: one guy’s opinion and no explanation or reasoning…
        It’s almost like… it was designed to make it all just… ‘go away’.
        Beware of the Leopard meets the Borg meets


      • RCE says:

        That’s a favourite from Audience Services. I once got one that said “I do not accept that the BBC applies different standards to it’s reporting of Iraq.”

        An outright and readily identifiable lie.


        • Guest Who says:

          The days of a BBC muckky-mukk getting away with their ‘belief’ as the last word or their lack of acceptance as meaning anything of value are rather coming to an end.
          ‘The BBC thinks the BBC gets it about right, end of’ is now the start of the process, not the conclusion.
          Especially with the highest elected officials in the land adding liars to unaccountable uncuriosity, astounding memory loss to the whole sack of ferrets from top down.


  4. Bob Lockhart says:

    BBC screaming about A&E waiting times for admission, just missed the fact that healthcare is a devolved responsibility, in other words Labour is responsible.


  5. Derek says:

    You miss the point. In the mind of the BBC, if it is good news, it is because of the Labour Party. If it is bad news, it is the wicked Tories, (preferably Mrs Thatcher).


  6. DP111 says:

    OT but does the BBC have anything on this

    Apologists for paedophiles: How Labour Deputy Harriet Harman, her shadow minister husband and former Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt were all linked to a group lobbying for the right to have sex with children

    Keep in mind, that the Left/socialists/communists, all have, one time or other, campaigned for sex with young children – reducing “the age of consent” they call it. As usual, they hide their evil in the language of human rights.

    Islam also legalises sex with children, as Mohammed himself had sex with children as young as nine.

    Now we begin to see, why the Left and Islam are natural bedfellows.


  7. ember2013 says:

    From that BBC article:

    Last winter the NHS was consistently below the 95% figure overall from January to April.

    Hospitals are given a 5% leeway to allow doctors to prioritise the sickest patients.

    The figure was 94.8%. My question would be: are these percentages determined from a census or sample? If the latter there will be confidence levels to consider and 0.12% may lie within those levels.