Best We Forget


Warning…contains graphic photographs


At an International Council meeting in Canterbury, UK, Amnesty International debates and rejects the proposal to recognize as prisoners of conscience people who use or advocate the use of force in opposing oppressive regimes.

This means people like Nelson Mandela are not recognized as prisoners of  conscience.



Amused to hear Nelson Mandela put into the same category as Nick Griffin this morning (08:58) by one of Mandela’s oldest friends, who knew him for 63 years, and who told us that Mandela was angry with the Whites, for obvious reasons, but also angry and suspicious of the Indian immigrants in South Africa in the context of the new African nationalism that was being propagated….Justin Webb said that’s interesting…that’s a side of him we don’t hear much about..and oh we ran out of time.

Yes…there’s a lot we don’t hear about Mandela these days.


The BBC rarely misses a chance to mention that Mrs Thatcher thought that the ANC was a terrorist organisation and a bunch of Communists….the intention explicit…to demonstrate just how bad a woman Thatcher was…because Mandela was a saint….today on Any Questions we had some good lady, Jeanette Winterson, mention it (1 min 30 sec)…adding  ‘Lest we forget‘….amusing really because as she condemns Thatcher she is telling us how we should adopt Mandela’s virtuous values of inclusiveness, standing against prejudice, and his ability to meet his enemies around the table….no such inclusiveness when it comes to Margaret Thatcher then?  Mandela, who used extreme violence to serve his purposes, is a latter day saint, Thatcher who disliked his methods, and opposed Apartheid, is evil…funny old world.

I can’t think why Thatcher thought that about Mandela and the ANC:



It must be because Thatcher is Thatcher…because it is hard to argue with her point……indeed even Amnesty International thought along the same lines….something all those pious worthies grandstanding and basking in the reflected glory of Nelson Mandela seem to forget or are ignorant of:
At an International Council meeting in Canterbury, UK, Amnesty International debates and rejects the proposal to recognize as prisoners of conscience people who use or advocate the use of force in opposing oppressive regimes. This means people like Nelson Mandela are not recognized as prisoners of conscience, although campaigns continue against the inhumane conditions of his imprisonment.


Mandela never renounced violence nor apologised for it…in fact he still supported killing long after his release:




The BBC has repeatedly told us in the last two days that South Africa is a nation at peace…the legacy of Nelson Mandela…..ignoring the government sponsored murder campaign against whites…and indeed Black opponents of the government.



Around 3000 white farmers have been killed, and many more other whites, and the number of farmers reduced from 60,000 to half that number as they flee the country.


And of course this method of dealing with political opponents was invented by Mandela’s ANC:




It is remarkable how a man who, though admittedly having a good cause, adopted terrorist methods is being whitewashed, sanitised, scourged of his past sins.


How might that have happened and who rewrote history?


This might be one angle on that:

“This is how we turned Mandela from a black terrorist into a black leader.”

The anti-apartheid hero was on a US terror watch list until 2008 and while still on Robben Island, Britain’s late “Iron Lady” Margaret Thatcher described his African National Congress as a “typical terrorist organisation.”

That Mandela’s image has been transformed so thoroughly is a testament to the man’s achievements, but also, in part, to a concert that took place in London 25 years ago this week.

For organiser Tony Hollingsworth the June 11, 1988 gig at London’s Wembley Stadium had very little to do with Mandela’s 70th birthday, as billed.

It had everything to do with ridding Mandela of his terrorist tag and ensuring his release.

“You can’t get out of jail as a terrorist, but you can get out of prison as a black leader,” he told AFP during a visit to Johannesburg.

Many insisted the focus remain on sanctions against the apartheid regime.

“A lot of people were criticising me for sanitising it,” Hollingsworth remembered.

Eventually Terry convinced the ANC and Hollingsworth convinced Simple Minds, Dire Straits, Sting, George Michael, The Eurythmics, Eric Clapton, Whitney Houston and Stevie Wonder into the 83-artist line up.

With that musical firepower came contracts for a more than 11 hour broadcast.

“We signed with the entertainment department of television (stations). And when the head of the department got home and watched on his channel that they were calling Mandela a terrorist, they called straight to the news section to say, don’t call this man a terrorist, we just signed 11 hours of broadcasting for a tribute about him.”

“This is how we turned Mandela from a black terrorist into a black leader.”



Aah yes….TV executives.


And where have we heard that attitude before….‘we can’t say that about him…because we have a tribute show to go out?’

Oh yes, from the BBC, Newsnight, and Jimmy Savile.









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11 Responses to Best We Forget

  1. Big Dick says:

    Good work Alan , you should send this straight to the Bbc , all departments , & see what happens .


  2. TigerOC says:

    Excellent Alan! I agree with Big Dick. Ask for an appointment with Lord Hall and present it to him with lots of love and peaceful greetings of the Biased BBC.


  3. Span Ows says:

    The top picture isn’t a surprise to those that know what the ANC tripartite alliance is but I wonder how many times the BBC have mentioned ‘Communism’, ‘Marxism’ and ‘military wing’ in their reports. I know the guy did some good but the truth is he was probably only alive when he was released BECAUSE he was in gaol, had he not been incarcerated odds are he would be among the hundreds of black political leaders would-be leaders etc murdered in the ‘civil’ war with Zulu Inkarta and other groups/ from other tribes.


  4. chrisH says:

    “Best we forget” well describes the creepy groupthink that I heard on the World Service this morning(2.40 am…don`t ask!).
    Four Catholics were raped, tortured and murdered by Government-backed militias back in El Salvador in 1980. Three of the four were Catholic nunc, the other a lay Catholic attached to a convent and evangelising in El Salvador.
    What would you call a group where 75% of them group were nuns,,,maybe a group of nuns?
    Not on your Nelson!
    No-these Catholic nuns and martyrs were given the term “church workers”.
    Anybody else find it a bit sick that even a word like “nuns” can be removed from history in these non-judgemental times…so Orwell!
    To reduce these ladies deaths to a girls night out gone wrong is truly wicked…and ,even at 2.40 in the morning they need to be blitzed.
    Really recommend going to mass this week-I was pleased to say that I was there a whole hour-and not one peep about Madinky! Not even prayed for…God judges now.
    Yet again the BBC sickening mewling over Nelly, whilst scorning Thatcher, Lady Di, Q.M for the fantastical hagiography of the beige brigade… was instructive,
    A shower of shite…they really are.


  5. David Kay says:

    Brilliant article Alan

    Even to this day, the left are still brainwashing sheeple into thinking terrorists are freedom fighters. No amount of good that Mandela allegedly did can undo the harm he caused

    When it comes to negotiating with terrorists i only have 4 words for them. No Fuckin’ Surrender Ever


  6. DP111 says:

    The BBC are forever educating us about the Right Wong, in among whom they number the Nazis. But the far far greater evil of communism, and the 150 million lives that it harvested, with far greater cruelty, is never mentioned.


    • Demon says:

      I wouldn’t say that the communists were more evil than the nazis. The cruelty of nazis in positions of power is legendary, think of the death and concentration camps.

      However, your point about the sheer number of people that the communists and fellow socialists murdered is spot on. And to keep peddling the lie that the statist, self-proclaimed socialists were right-wing is pure fantasy on their part.


      • Aerfen says:

        As was the cruelty of the KGB -not in any way diminishing that of the Nazis, however.


        • Amounderness Lad says:

          Yes, Aerfen. I am always puzzled why the Left and other apologists for the evil acts carried out by Communist Regimes, often equal in barbarity to that of the Nazis, always try to turn that criticism, however accurate, into an accusation of excusing, if not quite an accusation of supporting, the barbarity of the Nazis in an attempt to dismiss the person as some kind of extreme tight wing fanatic.


  7. DICK R says:

    Imagine the screams of outrage if any political organisation were to parade in front of the swastika as opposed to that other symbol of oppression and mass murder , the Soviet hammer and sickle flag


  8. Simon says:

    Look at the Daily Mail main story – you will be getting a 2am wake up call from plod over this as the thought police aren’t accepting anything other than groupthink over this