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Pounce has spotted this:

Simon Amstell apologises for Mandela comment on Radio 1

Simon Amstell


What did he have to apologise for?

The comedian suggested there was racial segregation between Radio 1 and sister station BBC Radio 1Xtra.

He said: “Mandela would not approve of the situation at the BBC.”

His comments came during a link on the show.

Amstell said: “What is going on? We’re next to 1Xtra, it’s so white in here. Mandela would not approve of the situation at the BBC.”

When Nick Grimshaw asked why, the guest replied: “Look at all these people in here.” Grimshaw answered: “There’s a lot of people.”

The comedian then said: “Yeah, but look at the segregation that’s happened.”

He then laughed when the producer of the Breakfast Show, Matt Fincham, said: “I don’t think that’s the right thing to be saying right now.”

Amstell added: “Well, someone had to say it. Mandela would say it if he was here.”

At the end of the link Nick Grimshaw said: “Apologies if you were offended by anything that was said earlier.” Amstell replied: “Nothing I said was offensive though.”



So who exactly was he apologising to…and for what?   Not to Mandela……It seems that it is the BBC which doesn’t like being accused of ‘apartheid’ policies…despite the fact they are operating them …. the same BBC is all too ready to accuse others, such as Israel, of operating some sort of apartheid, whilst itself running campaigns to silence, smear and malign right wingers and climate sceptics.


What Amstell hadn’t realised of course was that a Black music station is ‘positive discrimination’…the ‘apartheid’ is a good thing…just like having an Asian Network apparently……a policy which suggests that the BBC thinks all those Asians aren’t really British despite being born here…a brown skin means they can’t possibly watch the same telly as the whites, or listen to the same music or eat the same food.


Amstell is right isn’t he?

A Black music station is an oddity…classical music, rock music or a hip hop/rap music station you can understand…but the defining characteristic of a station is that you only need to be ‘Black’ to be played?  Clearly the type of music isn’t important.

Just how black is black?  When do you lose that certain je ne sais quoi that opens doors at the BBC?






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34 Responses to Black Humour

  1. George R says:

    “Why is Nelson Mandela so revered?”

    By Charles Crawford.


    • noggin says:

      RIP old NM eh!
      Morgan Freeman played him in a film & now he will meet God himself …
      strangely … also played by Morgan Freeman
      (cue twilight zone music)


  2. George R says:

    For BBC-NUJ-

    Contemporary ANC political activities:-

    “The class purpose of the Zuma regime”
    By R.W Johnson


  3. Mike says:

    Actually on the BBC News Page the “Shared” items(whatever that means) had 4 out of 5 articles about Mandela but the “Read” only had the Amstell comment, out of 10, otherwise Mandela ignored. Obviously we plebs don’t have the same feelings as the chatterati


  4. Anon. says:

    Will Amstell nip into BBC asian network and report his findings?


    • noggin says:

      no … but he might be forced to … to report his failings

      Michelle Obama, visited NM at his home in S Africa
      Afterwards, she stopped by Winnie Mandela’s and got some free tires.


  5. Pounce says:

    Tell you what I tip my hat to Nissan Main Dealer

    He pass away at 95, which was 5 miles an hour faster than fast and furious star Paul Walker


    • David Kay says:

      hello pounce, youre not so fast and furious, i claim that one, posted it 21 hours ago. but its good to see that people here have a sense of humour, some of the jokes have been hilarious. Dont forget to save the better ones for when the weekend warrior trolls turn up to protest at how sick we are. Lets rub their nose in the diversity of our humour


  6. Stewart says:

    ‘Simon Amstell apologises for Mandela comment’
    There are lots of things Mr Amstell should apologise for, not least passing himself off as a comedian , but not this feeble contribution. I feel confident that arch self-hater Amstell’s solution would be the annihilation of the hideously white audience, hence his comment “Nothing I said was offensive though.”
    Had they realised that, they would have cheered him to the rafters.


    • noggin says:

      apologising for a Mandela comment?
      meanwhile, even as the absurd overblown ahem “mourning” for Mandela goes on,
      “One child is raped every three minutes in South Africa three children are murdered every day.
      If there is anything that the world ought to mourn, not only today, but every day, it is a horrifying reality in which a South African woman is more likely to be raped than to learn to read, a quarter of the men admit to having raped, and men with AIDS believe that they can find a cure by raping a baby”

      Who? is going to apologise for that?, and apologise for not reporting it enough?.

      still look on the bright side
      Incarcerated for 25 years, released in 1990, out about 23 years … and he didn’t reoffend … that a first?
      and now he s gone their going to put all the flags at half mast! aah! … yikes! but not too low …
      some thieving, black b—— will have them.


  7. therealguyfaux says:

    “There are lots of things Mr Amstell should apologise for…”

    That piss beer of his, for one thing…


    • Stewart says:

      The Beer is a much better beer than the comedian a comedian ,in fact the beer is a better comedian than the comedian -if you follow


  8. stuart says:

    just getting sick of all this apologising to minority groups who only seem to be happy when they are unhappy and offended against.what next,the uaf holding demos against simon amstell and the usual death threats that follow,this self imposed mourning by the bbc and radio 5 live is getting on my nuts again,i tune into radio 5 live to hear a bit of politics on stephen nolans show tonight,yes you have guessed,his whole show for a second night running is waffling on all night about mandelas deatth again,the bbc and radio 5 live are really going over the top with this story and i for one is mandelered out with all this coverage of his death.


    • The General says:

      I wonder if in 30 years time, when no doubt the white population will be a minority, if we will receive the same consideration.


  9. David Kay says:

    The British Government is planning on having South African criminal Nelson Mandela placed in Saint Paul`s cathedral in a glass case.

    The corpse of Mandela is due to be sent to a taxidermist to be preserved in a glass case so that people can pay tribute to Nelson on a daily basis and stand by the tomb and express thoughts of suicide and despair.

    Local councils are also planning on having statues of Mandela erected in every town city and village in the British Isles so that people can stand in front of the statues and beat themselves with sticks with nails in until they bleed.

    Local schools will be educating pupils about the evils of the White race and they will be making the pupils stand by the statues in sub zero temperatures and repeat the word sorry a thousand times.

    The national health service will be offering free vasectomies for White males so that they cannot produce any more White children. The N.H.S will also be offering a free skin darkening service and hair transplants so that White people can look like Nelson.

    The British Government will also be forcing to people to donate fifty percent of their earnings to African aid. All public holidays will be changed to Nelson Mandela day in which piles of car tyres will be burned in honour of Mandela.

    Father Christmas is to be renamed Father Nelson and during the Easter festival Jesus will be replaced by Nelson Mandela.


  10. Pounce says:

    “Mandela touched everyone who met him.” But them again, so did Jimmy Savile…


  11. David says:

    “When do you lose that certain je ne sais quoi that opens doors at the BBC?”

    When your nose isn’t brown enough, of course.


  12. George R says:

    Latest political directive on Mandela:

    – the deceased South African, Mandela, will be applauded at all UK football games this weekend (as endorsed by U.K political class, and enacted by BBC Mandela propaganda machine).


  13. George R says:

    “Mandela’s tribal king defects from ruling ANC”

    (‘Fox News’, July, 2013).


    • Banquosghost says:

      And joins the Democratic Alliance, the majority white party. My current knowledge of internal SA politics is not especially good, anyone with more info can tell us if this Alliance has any possibility of removing the Commies in charge? And why the timing of waiting until the old sod was dead?

      Either way it wont break the BBC’s blanket sausagefest on Mandela.


  14. Pounce says:

    Anybody noticed the similarities in the veneration by the left regards ‘Nissan main dealer’ and their other hero Mohammed the paedophile.

    Both advocated violence
    Both are perceived as victims
    Both preferred younger women
    Both are used to promote peace , usually by violence.

    and now:
    Anybody who speaks ill about them are……silenced.


  15. chrisH says:

    Let`s hope that there`s none of that “horrid footy competition” stuff today.
    If everyone paid their £100…and would join the players in the centre circle for a truth and reconciliation conference where historical issues( Newcastle/Sunderland?-Southampton/Portsmouth) of conflict could be addressed-with outcomes as straplines at 4.40.
    Everybody gets 10 points, group hugs….and a national sing of Ebony and Ivory…and why not?
    Nelson deserves this-he himself never was part of the footballing worldwide family.
    And those excuses about small boots to play in, wore a bit thin towards the end.


  16. Pounce says:

    Is the anything the bBC can’t attribute to Nissan Main dealer
    Mandela the fashion icon

    It appears that the bBC fawning machine just can’t get enough:


  17. Nick Darlington says:

    I’m waiting for Obama to say “If I had a grandfather he would have probably looked like Nelson”. Wonder if he’s tempted?


  18. phil says:

    ‘What did he have to apologise for?’

    When you are in the junk TV and radio business it makes very good sense indeed to apologise if you think you’ve said something which might not go down too well with the management of the state funded colossus which dominates the industry.


  19. Kenneth says:

    The BBC is obsessed with the colour of someone’s skin.

    It is obsessed with the differences between men and women; between able-bodied and disabled; between rich and poor.

    The BBC is a divisive force in our country.

    It is no wonder it is accused of segregation by colour.

    The BBC attempts to drive a wedge through society based on colour sex, disability and wealth

    Multiculturalism = BBC = Apartheid.


    • Aerfen says:

      Not just the BBC, while preaching equality and anti-racism the entire Globalist machine and its groupies are obsessed with ‘skin colour’!

      Indicative of this is their tedious failure to see that concerns about immigration and muticulturalism, are not concerns about ‘skin colour’ which is one of the most minor and unimportant differences between ethnic groups. Skin colour is nothing more than a ‘badge’ of ethnicity.


  20. David Preiser (USA) says:

    ….a hip hop/rap music station you can understand…but the defining characteristic of a station is that you only need to be ‘Black’ to be played?

    If you can understand a hip hop/rap station……