The Golden Merry-Go Round


Any doubt that these ‘ex-managers’ from the BBC…


BBC to cull 8% of senior management by 2015

22 October, 2013 | By

Tony Hall is to cut BBC senior management headcount by nearly 8% as part of efforts to save £100m a year to fund the corporation’s ambitious digital plans.



….will be re-employed by these companies and will be back advising the BBC?….

BBC prepares to spend £85m on consultants

28 November, 2013 | By

The BBC is prepared to spend up to £85m on consultants over the next two to four years, amid growing pressure over its use of external support.



A comment from an ‘insider’:

Anonymous | 28-Nov-2013 10:09 am

Oh for a brave DG who doesn’t need to hide behind consultants. A consultant asks senior management what the problem is? How they would like to deal with it? Goes a way writes a report and gives them back exactly what they asked for with a bill for several million. They make their money preying on the weak and scared.

Television is supposed to be full of people from the top 5% of intellectual and academic achievers, take away the fear of saying no to a boss and they will be able to solve any problem the BBC has without wasting nearly another 100 million on outside consultants.
Any half decent listening researcher, AP or Producer who has not been beaten into submission by their bosses can easily do the job of a consultant.

Its not difficult give the money to the programme makers not the consultants who have proven time and time again they are definitely not value for money.




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13 Responses to The Golden Merry-Go Round

  1. George R says:

    “BBC Wales paid out £8.5m in severance packages.
    The amount, disclosed through Freedom of Information requests, was paid to 127 BBC Wales staff members over a five-year-period.”


  2. Doublethinker says:

    An 8% cull is a trivial task particularly for the public sector which is usually at least 100% overstaffed. If the BBC were into serious streamlining then the target should be at least 33% . I can safely say this figure would be easy to achieve because we all know that the BBC is stuffed full of folks who do sod all other than either get in the way, or sit around looking for how to get the liberal left agenda in to every programme.
    Of course, if the LF was to be ditched and the BBC had to compete for advertising income, then we would see in excess of 50 % cuts, just as we did when Lady T privatised state industries.


    • Span Ows says:

      …the 8% is only senior management so is as good as NOTHING.


    • DICK R says:

      The BBC are similar to the NHS in this respect , conspiring against the tax payer , deciding amongst themselves who’s turn it is to be made ‘redundant ‘ at what payoff , only to re -emerge a short time later sitting on some ‘ arts’ QUANGO or in the case of the NHS in some other health authority.
      There is never a criminal investigation , as there would be in a private sector organisation .


      • IanH says:

        I believe that now it’s slightly different and that some part of a payoff is recouped if they rejoin the blob. I don’t know the details, and have only heard reference to it and never seen a link to the actual policy change. I would guess it’s some Maude has done in the Cabinet Office.


  3. Dave s says:

    Soon it ( the BBC) will have to be put out of it’s misery. The whole organisation is becoming a joke.
    A funding model based on extortion. Overstaffed and overpaid and producing poorer and poorer shows.
    This is the 21st century. Set the Beeboids free.
    Privatise it now.


  4. Guest Who says:

    Rather getting the impression that the BBC senior management stumbled across some old episodes of ‘Yes, Minister!’ and mistook them for strategy planning videos.
    Pretty sure there was an episode about hiring double the staff needed to make play of cutting back by getting rid of them to rehire as consultants.
    Pure Sir. Humphrey.
    ‘Hacker: How many people do we have in this department?
    Sir Humphrey: Ummm… well, we’re very small…
    Hacker: Two, maybe three thousand?
    Sir Humphrey: About twenty three thousand to be precise.
    Hacker: TWENTY THREE THOUSAND! In the department of administrative affairs, twenty three thousand adminstrators just to administer the other administrators! We need to do a time-and-motion study, see who we can get rid of.
    Sir Humphrey: Ah, well, we did one of those last year.
    Hacker: And what were the results?
    Sir Humphrey: It turned out that we needed another five hundred people.’


  5. David Preiser (USA) says:


    “Television is supposed to be full of people from the top 5% of intellectual and academic achievers….”

    I think I see your problem, BBC….


  6. Guest Who says:

    Speaking of eye-watering amounts blown not on programming and creating degrees of separation to kick anything nasty into longer grass, it can often seem that every cookie-cutter response from the BBC CECUTT grudgingly offers little more when things have gone awry than an insincere ‘we’re sorry not to have got back to you at all, but as we really don’t have to care a hoot, keep waiting suckers’ intro.
    So nice to see that this extends to the very top of our most trusted and transparent force-funded media monopoly still.
    Mustn’t spoil any other concluding reviews or Christmases with awkward stuff during the season of goodwon’t now, eh?


  7. Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

    Consultants eh?
    Them as can does, them as can’t teaches, them as can’t do either becomes consultants.


  8. S.Trubble says:

    Made the mistake once of asking a nest of consultants in our firm where they had reached ( 3 months in to the project)
    ” great progress came the reply…………..we have reached the tip of the surface”


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