Polishing The Nerds


Is the BBC just doing PR for Labour politicians with sagging reputations?


Alistair Campbell was resurrected by the BBC in the public sphere…as noted before, an investment well made as he now defends the BBC.

Brown and his disastrous reign has been conveniently written out of history by the BBC.

Miliband has Desert Island Discs put at his service to pimp his geeky Marxist image as he lags so far behind in the personal polls.

And now the BBC gives space on its front page for this tosh:

Ed Balls not a nightmare at home, says wife Yvette Cooper

Shadow chancellor Ed Balls is “lovely” at home and does “all the cooking”, his wife and fellow Labour politician Yvette Cooper has told the BBC.

In a leaked email published by the Mail on Sunday last month, one of party leader Ed Miliband’s aides described Mr Balls as a “nightmare”.

Prime Minister David Cameron recently joked in the Commons he could have told Mr Miliband that “three years ago”.

But shadow home secretary Ms Cooper said attacks on her husband were wrong.






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9 Responses to Polishing The Nerds

  1. Sir Arthur Strebe-Grebling says:

    Is there any other politician for whom “not a nightmare” would be seen as positive publicity?


  2. David Kay says:

    Do Mr & Mrs Balls actually eat at home? Or do they feast on expensive food in the House of Robbers, sorry i mean Commons, subsidised by people who have a choice of eating McCain oven chips, fish fingers and half a tin of beans or putting the heating on.

    Bollox to Balls


    • DJ says:

      Judging by their expense claims, they not only eat at home eight times a day, but they have Gordon Ramsey come round to cook it.


  3. Wild says:

    The BBC are pathetic and desperate, all they have left is this greed. They are embarrassing. Yeah they want a Labour government. We get it. We also get they have given up believing the justification.

    No doubt we are supposed to comprehend their cynicism as a residue of decayed virtue, but all they ever believed in was somebody else picking up the tab. Writing out appointments for Nathan Turner to abuse the boys who visited the set because they were fans of Dr Who is their moral level. I hear they are getting rid of Susan Watts (the Science Correspondent) from Newsnight, but what was somebody with her journalistic integrity doing on that slime ball of a programme in the first place? She is not Ed Balls type.


  4. johnnythefish says:

    Who gives a flying frack what Popeye Balls is like at home?

    This sounds more like a cuddly PR shot in a Labour Party political Broadcast.

    Oh, I get it now….


  5. London Calling says:

    The first reflexive response to any news item on the BBC nowadays should be the question “Why am I being told this?” Most of the sheeple merely absorb what they are told. Its news, innit. A healthy cynicism in response to planted stories goes a long way. That applies especially when a “gaffe” by a UKIP candidate is headlined as news, or a cuddly Labour phoney story like this. Yes, they really think you are that stupid. Sadly for 90% of the “Strictly Come Dancing” watchers, they are right. If only Cameron wasn’t a cowardly PR spiv, he might do something about it.


    • Stewart says:

      I think your opinion of ‘Joe Blogs’ far to cynical .
      Peoples political apathy is fuelled by a belief that any vote for the main parties is wasted as their is little difference between the two when it comes to the issues they care most about (their all the same) and that a vote for a minor party is wasted as they will never achieve power.
      Despite that , and the best efforts of the BBC, UKIP continues to exceed polling expectations. Further, the AV referendum was kicked into touch by the electorate because they recognised that the system on offer had been designed to perpetuate the status quo
      My experience as a trade union organiser taught me that just because the ‘sheeple’ don’t spend their time polemicizing it doesn’t mean they ‘don’t get it’
      Leave that patrician class contempt for the common heard to the bourgeois liberal/left. – where it belongs


  6. The General says:

    Until I saw the photograph above I did not realize that Ed had appeared in ‘Pineapple Dance Studio’.