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  1. Roland Deschain says:

    This graphic from Guido is worth having handy every time the BBC interviews someone from a think tank. Just in case they don’t tell you their political preferences.


    • Span Ows says:

      yep, I saved that yesterday for future reference… IPPR and IFS (both in the top 5 ‘lefties’) have more than frequent BBC appearances.


      • Wild says:

        I noticed that BBC Question Time website has a new Fact Check section, so I clicked on “Grammar schools and social mobility: what’s the evidence?”

        It starts with…

        “All the evidence blows grammar schools out the water.” Owen Jones

        “Grammar schools do not aid social mobility. Stop this deluded thinking.” The Guardian

        The evidence was analyzed by the IFS (in collaboration with The Sutton Trust) – so I look on the table above and discover that the IFS is way to the Left. In other words BBC “Fact Check” is relying on sources which are biased to the Left. It finishes with an analysis by a Financial Times journalist called Chris Cook. I click on Chris Cook and it seems he attacks those who claim that the BBC is biased to the Left. The Leftist BBC is just peachy. Entirely coincidentally he has just been recruited by BBC Newsnight.


        • “Grammar schools do not aid social mobility. Stop this deluded thinking.” The Guardian

          Victoria Coren, private education and famous daddy, writes for The Guardian (also appears often on the Beeb as does her charmless brother). So quite correct Guardian all you need are the two above then. Balls to Grammar schools! Who needs them!


        • David Preiser (USA) says:

          Another Leftoid at Newsnight? One of these days, if I can find enough data, I’ll make a nice chart of all the people who’ve spent some time at the BBC’s flagship serious news programme. I think it might be very revealing, when people see the list of, for example, who has been Economics or Political editor.


    • Beeboidal says:

      Might be a touch flawed, I think. 5 Live had Jonathan Portes of the NIESR on last night. If that man is supposed to be a representative of a neutral organisation, I’ll eat my hat.


      • Span Ows says:

        Indeed but it’s an opinion, apparently done by Andrew Whitby, a young Australian economist, so all will be from his perception



      • Rufus McDufus says:

        Yes, that confused me. Guido is normally quite trustworthy with his reporting but I’m quite sceptical with that chart, unless we simply don’t hear from any of the right-of-centre think tanks which is quite possible.


    • Framer says:

      NIESR is not centrist. Think Jonathan Portes.


  2. AsISeeIt says:

    …t’was the day before the day, that is the day today… and we catch a fleeting glimpse of the workings of the strange hermetically sealed Left-lib brain of the BBC…

    It was BBC News Channel yesterday-or-so and another BBC power puff girl was news anchor.

    Queue a nice little chat with Mr Designer-Geek-Glasses from Ipsos MORI : Pollsters par excellence.

    So, tell us Mr Pollster (because we don’t seem to know) what do we really think about immigration – sorry ‘migration’?

    Well, my people, Ipsos MORI, have a report about this very subject – coming out soon.

    Gosh, my people, the BBC, will be all over that like a rash – providing it tells the right story.

    [Our dolly dealer didn’t actually say that last line]

    So what do the British Public think?

    Migration is a top concern.

    Oh dear, this isn’t going the way we all expected.

    But… don’t panic, don’t panic, Mr Main-migrationing! Permission to speak BBC…. Let me volunteer something, please let me volunteer!

    Well it all depends on how you ask the question (no really!)

    Yes, it’s true, the Great British Public are ‘confused’ about migration.

    I can see Ipsos MORI getting the BBC gig afterall.

    When you ask ‘are you concerned about migration’ they say ‘yes very’.

    When you ask ‘other questions’ they say not so worried.

    I’m guessing:

    ‘Suppose the only available multi-organ transplant surgeon available for your auntie Nelly were a Roma Gypsy – would you push him off the Dover Ferry?’

    ‘Your local football team are facing relegation – but have the chance to sign Lionel Messi on minimum wage – does he get the work permit?’

    You see, you do like migration.

    Flush with the tone this very sound BBC-approved debate the conversation wanders a little. The Beeb have another button to push….

    So pull her string and Dolly says…. mumma mumma… but the British seem more worried about this issue than other Europeans…. why is that?

    [This is where Mr Pollster is supposed to Waycist]

    Well, in the UK we have less contributory social payments than in Europe and more non-contributory benefits…

    …and there we have to leave it….

    Yes, really.


  3. JimS says:

    Not bias as such but the daftest BBC story I’ve read today.

    Net migration into the UK has risen year on year for the first time in two years, official figures show.

    Surely the first year is the baseline and the second year of a two year period is the change?

    Actually there probably is bias because the sub-heading could be speed-read as the first time that net migration had gone up (ever), the eye getting too bored to read the final part which makes it clear that the story is just trivial noise.


    • DICK R says:

      The fact that white british are emigrating in their thousands is as usual being brushed under the carpet !


      • Bonzo says:

        I got out four years ago. Best move I ever made. Full civil war in 20 years, if people can drag themselves away from X-Factor for long enough.


  4. Geoff says:

    Deep joy tonight’s QT is from Scotland, Sturgeon et the usual Scottish Labourite, Tory and Liberal, A Green MSP and for balance? some Scottish pop singer who once had a hit in the 80’s. Looks like a pro independence panel to me.

    At least they’ll be able to conveniently skirt around this weeks hot topic of immigration, as England seems to be the only UK country suffering.

    Will I be watching? Ummmmm – No!


    • George R says:

      Will ‘QT’ pack audience with ‘Little Scotlanders’?

      It’s noticeable, isn’t it, that whereas critics of U.K membership of bureaucratic E.U have been termed ‘Little Englanders’ over the years, Scottish opponents of remaining in U.K are not commonly termed ‘Little Scotlanders’.


      • David Preiser (USA) says:

        Wouldn’t “Little Scotlanders” be more appropriate for the ones who want independence? It would be funnier that way, anyhow.


        • Milverton says:

          Using “little Scotlander” has resulted in several of my Guardian comments being removed over the last year or two.


  5. Will all end in tears says:

    Just listened to Bacon’s effort. The man must be the most deluded prick on the planet. He seriously thinks he’s achieved/is fast approaching legendary status – tries to spin it as jest but you can sense he actually believes it.

    Anyway, aside from the usual shite we had even more ardent defence of mass immigration.

    Yes of course they talked about “net migration” as is the Beeb’s way. But when you’ve got 200k decent folk fleeing and 500k shit heads arriving the elephant in the room does tend to take on even greater significance.

    Bacon came out with a couple of his classic pearls of wisdom – the Conservatives should actually be celebrating immigration because of the economic benefits it brings.

    And we should be celebrating each individual immigrant as a person.

    Yeah, remind me of that one again you publicly school educated wanker the next time I have my pockets rifled on the tube, a Big Issue or empty MacDonald’s cup shoved in my face or I see one of their number shitting in the street like an animal.


  6. Rtd Colonel says:

    More value for money from the Nation’s fave – mind you one wouldn’t want to be seen in any old taxi would one!


    • Rufus McDufus says:

      They need to use compliant taxi firms to put the expenses on employees P11Ds – I thought most of the taxi-class at the BBC were self-employed anyway?


  7. Barlicker says:

    “The logic behind a national broadcaster was never perfect. In the age of subscription television and the internet it is indefensible.”


  8. David Preiser (USA) says:

    BBC Echo Chambers maven, Anthony Zurcher, is at it again. The man is certainly industrious, I’ll give him that. This time it’s about whether or not the US relationship with Afghanistan is in peril, and if the whole project of making the country into some semblance of a stable State is falling apart.

    Zurcher starts off with a danger warning from the Right-leaning Hoover Institute, then proceeds to balance it out by giving more space to the Washington Post scolding people for talking it all down, as the Hoover Institute guy does. Surprisingly, not only does the WaPo place a good share of the blame for the impasse The Obamessiah Administration, but a BBC journalist has actually mentioned it. This is a good thing, but not much of a step in the right direction because Zurcher goes on to show that most Afghans apparently think Karzai is wrong.

    Again, none of what Zurcher provides clears the air about any of this, so it’s difficult to see the point of the piece. It’s especially a failure of journalism because he doesn’t mention that the US wants to keep troops in Afghanistan until 2024. This flies in the face of the institutional BBC position that the President ended the war, so I guess we pretend it means something else, or just ignore it for the sake of argument.

    But I think I’m beginning to sense a pattern with these pieces. Zurcher seems to be mostly reacting to some noise about an issue he hears from the Right, and decides he needs to provide some material to balance out what his audience might be hearing from the “echo chamber” of Fox News/Limbaugh.

    Again, it’s hard to see any real journalistic justification for the whole thing, other than yet another new facet of the John Birt/Helen Boaden legacy of having to explain everything to the masses.


  9. George R says:

    ‘Sky News’ has this:-

    Pair Arrested By Anti-Terror Police”


    “The Foreign Office is investigating reports that two British citizens have been arrested by anti-terror police in Kenya.

    “Sky News sources believe one of the suspects was from Britain and that the pair may have been carrying hand grenades.

    “They were detained in Diani, a beach resort on the country’s south coast.”


    BBC-NUJ has?


  10. Last night on BBC R4 about 6.20 BBC reporter talks to Boston farmer about Eastern Europeans working for him…

    Farmer “…they (Eastern Europeans) work for less pay” (pregnant pause)
    BBC Reporter “…And they work harder”
    Farmer “erh…ah yes.”

    So there you have it. Those English tossers in Boston, who pay this BBC reporter’s salary, are plain f**king idle aren’t they….according to him. Don’t work as hard as those dedicated Eastern Europeans. Racist? Surely not.

    Well good! Give them what they want. Lets all give work a miss shall we. Stay at home do sweet FA. See who pays the license fee (I bet the Eastern Europeans and a lots of immigrants don’t) and lets not pay our taxes to our government who clearly think the same hence one of their reasons for allowing mass immigration (I bet the Eastern Europeans and a lots of immigrants don’t either).

    Its bad enough to f**ked over by our supposed servants but to take our money AND insult at the same time is simply bloody nauseating.

    I’d like to lynch a few…but it’s all an effort. I cant be bothered…I’m just lazy…being English and all…
    (Lucky for them I guess)


    • Rufus McDufus says:

      Well the natives can’t really compete on price when they’re forced to pay a huge wad in tax.


  11. Peter Thomas says:

    Andrew Neil: A shining light in the murky world of BBC news and political comment. On today’s edition of Daily Politics he was all over Andrea Ledsom MP and her pretence of wanting to re-negotiate EU powers and for the UK to take back powers, as he was all over Claude Moraes MEP (who?) too who simply wants as yet unstipulated EU reform. Ledsom’s only defence was, ” you are asking me the wrong question.” Ha ha.


  12. Philip says:

    Following (Pollystuscanyvilla) post above BBC theme:

    I NEVER KNEW IT – until I heard the BBC 6 o’clock new today (28/11/13)… I have the wrong GLASSES! To the BBC we all have an English ‘disease’ called a ‘ingrained racial bias’! The presenter ‘purrred’ that many English, (not British – as that is discrimination you see), have an ingrained national bias (because we have the WRONG glasses). I am offered a winning solution (no prescription required), it’s the BBC Science solution to bias!

    What we need (for ENGLISH people only, no foreigners allowed) is a set of English ‘Virtual Reality Glasses’ (made in Barcelona) to solve this age old Anglo-Saxon problem. All we need to do (we are advised) is to slip on a pair of Virtual reality specs and change our skin colour to decrease our anxiety. Wow that was easy! Amazing!

    England’s huge traffic jam problems solved overnight, NO food shortages, NO housing crisis, NO religious discrimination (as long as your Islamic), NO job shortages, GUARANTEED minimum wage, FREE NHS healthcare (for the whole of Bulgaria and all foreign nationals), NO discrimination for sexual tourists, NO Border controls, bring your diseases to be cured by the NHS etc.

    It sounded too good to be true. I decided to try on a pair.

    However Manos Tsakiris at Royal Holloway University of London, (see BBC link) went over the coordinates and experimental settings, he discovered a major flaw in the Barcelona design (which were to be rolled out as genuine BBC Anti-bias Sunglasses (built specifically or ENGLISH people on a cloudy day) when the focus appeared to have been fixed to INFINITY with all close up detail completly and utterley obliterated… ‘perfect’, he said.

    However that was just a TEST. ‘No problem’, he said, (it’s all paid for by the UK taxpaper), all I have to do is wear them ‘all-the-time’ to avoid ‘thought discrimination’ plus take a quick BIAS psyciaiatric test (designed by a leading American University) endorsed by the cross dressing ethnic harmony Labour group (sponsored by the BBC committee on inter cooperative ethics headed by a Mr Flowers). See BBC page above for details.

    I wondered for a second before proceeding. TEST: Are you ENGLISH? y/n. If you answered (y) please report yourself to the nearest Police station (and declare a ‘thought crime’). If you answered (n) then ‘Welcome to Britain comrade’, (make yourself at home).

    So good to know that the BBC is wearing special glasses.


    • Mark B says:

      The experiment, ironically, is in fact racist. It makes the assumption that only one ethnic group (white) can only be racist. It did not, as far as I could tell, try the opposite on Black and Asian subjects.

      The simple truth here it seems is, Birds of a Feather, Flock Together. We see this in the so called white flight, and the fact that many peoples, particularly Pakistani Muslims, tend to live in their own segregates enclaves and do not choose to mix.

      I have noted more and more in BBC programming, especially play’s, a tendency to identify racism with the white working classes. You saw this even in the 50th Anniversary Episode of the making of Doctor Who, where one of the characters, Hussain, would not be served in a pub. I have no evidence whether this was true or not, but it does tend to crop up quite a bit.

      The BBC seems to have a belief that ‘all’ white English are intrinsically racist, and that we are to be despised by the ‘newcomers’ to our shores.

      Subliminally, the BBC seems to be stirring up racial hatred and set itself as the defender of immigrant minorities.

      Just my $0.02 made from observations.


  13. OldBloke says:

    Anyone been to Sweden recently:

    Coming to a country near you, or has it already?
    Care to report BBC?


    • David Kay says:

      its the name all over Europe Oldbloke. The one thing that will unite the peoples are Europe, isnt that dodgy European Union Super State professional politicians dream of, it’ll be war launched against us by the Religion of Peace. It will make WWII look like a drunken brawl between close friends.

      Of course thats very waycist of me to note this. So i appologise in advance to al qaeda and its broadcasting wing the BBC.


    • will says:

      Even worse, the Swedish police appear to be taking a very heavy handed approach to alcohol users (according to moan by a BBC correspondent on the World Service)


  14. kev says:

    If a war breaks out between the Europeans and the Muslims, the only thing they will agree on is removing from this life the lefty’s.


  15. Geoff says:

    6 pro immigration and pro genocide panellist’s on QT Alba (how do the bBC do it?) Maybe we should just close all ports and air arrivals from Eastern Europe and divert them to Glasgow from January one, the Scots can have ’em.


  16. Alan Larocka says:

    QT – the Tories the Tories the Tories. Ps – Eddie Reader is an utter cunt.


  17. Dave s says:

    I did watch Question Time. It could have been interesting as it was supposed to deal with the possibility of ending a 300 year union.
    It was appalling. Probably it even embarrased Dimbleby. Irrational prejudice directed by virtually everyone involved against the hated Southern English Tories.
    They sounded like it should have been broadcast from Karl Marx Stadt around 1973. It was not even amusing in it’s socialist retro bile.
    Not the slightest notion of what British democratic tradition really means.
    If it was all designed to make us English totally sick of Scotland and the aggressive attitude towards us then it will probably succeed.
    Which is what they want.
    Just exactly what has Scotland got going for it?
    Oh the oil and gas. Just like those beacons of progressive nationhood in the ME.


    • DB says:

      Don’t watch QT but “socialist retro bile” helps explain why this person was so impressed:


      • Roland Deschain says:

        I didn’t see it either but suspect Mr Sykes’ definition of “lively intelligent” is one not many would recognise.

        “Predictable Pavlovian” would be my guess.


  18. Guest Who says:

    In other news…
    Luckily one of the ubiquitous BBC ‘spokesmen” is, as always, anonymously (why do all media permit this guarantee of instant oblivion? They should at least add ‘who refused to be named’ to allow the reader to draw their own conclusions on the confidence of the employee and cookie cutter BBC PR response techniques) able to tell us this is, in fact, nothing to see here, move on. We will, indeed, see.


  19. Thoughtful says:

    Nail bomb found in Salford house, Police claim link to terrorism, but no mention of which group as yet.

    Sadly when they think they are protecting their brown eyed boys the left actually make things worse, because people are forced to fill in the blanks themselves, – just as they used to have to do in the old Communist countries.



    • Guest Who says:

      I am actually totally cool with sensible, professional ‘watertight oversight’, to confirm facts before broadcast. Speculation can and has caused awful consequences.
      Where I am less tolerant is once there is unnecessary delay, and/or oddly selective aspects to known event coverage.
      Then, indeed, I agree the authorities or message-shaping entities masquerading as news media do provide a disservice.


      • Thoughtful says:

        It’s 8 hours since the ‘device’ was found the Police, and the people living in the street will know the type of person living in the house. The Police raided the house on the basis of anti terrorism intelligence, so before they went there they would have had a good idea of who they were going to find.


        • Guest Who says:

          All no doubt possible.
          However, perhaps not yet enough to provide substantive news.
          Empathising with the authorities, I dread to think what would be made of any statement or report based on ‘a type of person’.
          So to repeat, the minute relevant facts are confirmed, I welcome their publication, preferably filter free.
          Where this site adds value is how and when the BBC chooses to report them once known.


  20. Thoughtful says:

    Not biased but an incompetent guest.

    Around 8:45 interviewer Evan Davies talking to a guest about the regeneration of areas of town centre retail.

    Davies stated that it’s in the councils interest to get shops occupied as they get the money from business rates. Oops no they don’t! Business rates are collected by the council on behalf of the government, and although there are proposals to allow councils to keep them, to date this is not law.

    It’s an easy mistake to make, and we can’t expect interviewers to know everything on every subject, but a guest who is supposed to be an expert should have put him right, but he too seemed to be labouring under the misapprehension too.

    The guest then went on to state that councils have an interest in getting these properties occupied as empty buildings have no business rate liability. This too is wrong, barring a few limited exceptions empty commercial property is liable for business rates.

    I know that I’m right with this because I phoned the local council to check ! It’s a bit much when peoples opinions are skewed by ‘experts’ who haven’t got the first clue what they are talking about !


    • Guest Who says:

      Any chance of knowing what this expert guest’s area of expertise was billed as being?
      It may help establish context around possible competence… or indeed bias. I think we can agree the BBC has some form on ignorance serving when it suits.
      As to rates on empty properties, as one seeking to let my Mum’s cottage in a very flat market, it appears to vary authority by authority at least domestic. Ours last year whacked on a stealth 75% (up to full after 6 months, even if still empty) that has really hit folk hard… and looks set to have a negative effect on the supply of rental properties any area needs to act as buffer for new arrivals. Another genius move to protect sacred cows whilst killing golden gooses.


      • Thoughtful says:

        The guy was supposedly and ‘expert’ on the regeneration of town centres, with particular regard to retail.

        I’m afraid your Mums cottage is classed as domestic, not the commercial business rates, and councils are allowed to vary how much of the rates they charge.

        Will the page you link to is a policy page for proposed new laws, but they haven’t been passed yet.


    • Old Goat says:

      It all fits nicely in with UN Agenda21 – remove commercial interests and businesses from the towns, turn all the property over to dwellings (rented, of course – don’t want the plebs owning anything, do we?), encourage all the neighbours to spy on one another and report back, take the vehicles away, and let the roads fall apart (other than cycle tracks, of course – everyone MUST have a bicycle, oh, and be a member of a ‘cycling club’, where the committees will be all-powerful), and make certain tracts of land “no-go” areas for humans.
      It’s happening this way, now, in the States. It won’t be long before it catches on in the Former UK, big time.


    • will says:

      I agree about the business rate system from 1990, but I think there has been an incentive to councils by the introduction of a local component (ie keep some of the proceeds of growth) from April 2013.


  21. Bonzo says:

    I see the BBC are faithfully reporting latest kindergarten marks being dished out by the incompetent ratings agencies – who, you may remember, played a major part in promoting the last global financial crisis. Spain’s economy, apparently, is now BBB. Wow! Last time I heard that, it was a mark I was given for a painting when I was 8.
    And Moody’s is now pejoratively rating the Co-op Bank as ‘junk’. Who chose to use that term? And I wonder if the Co-op can sue for slander/liable or anything else they can get their hands on (no pun intended).


  22. Leha says:

    I am a Scot. I have nothing in common with any of the Marxists on QT last night. I could only bear to watch as far as the question on immigration then had to switch off in disgust. Eddie Reader is an idiot of the first order. It is the SNP’s plan to flood the country with immigrants and more left wing voters like Liebor did in England. Why would anyone in Scotland vote for faux independence just to be run from Brussels by faceless beaurocrats is a mystery. My hope now is that Salmond and his henchmen will fail miserably and UKIP will field some real alternatives come election time.


    • Geoff says:

      It looked like a classic case of an attempt to divide and rule.

      Thankfully people like yourself are in the majority.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      I’m afraid our fellow countrymen like nothing better than to blame someone else for their problems. Which is why we won’t vote for independence.

      As I’ve said above, I didn’t watch QT last night – I’ve long since given up on it but I knew that yesterday’s would in particular make me cringe because of the available supply of left wing parrots who would stuff the audience full. Nothing I’ve read here has suggested to me I was wrong.


    • Joshaw says:

      I’m surprised you got that far. I avoid it for two reasons:
      1. High blood pressure is unhealthy
      2. I can’t afford to replace the TV every week.

      I believe some Sony TVs are equipped with Gorilla Glass, which is used on many smartphones and should survive the impact of a TV remote. Short of being trussed up like Hannibal Lecter when the wretched programme is on, I prefer to avoid it. If I hear of anything exceptional, like Hell freezing over, I can always download it later.


  23. Oldbob says:

    I have just witnessed the most laughable piece of blatant AGW/Green energy propaganda by the BBC news useful idiots that I think I have ever seen. They are besides themselves with glee because the government have denied that they have asked the big six to hold their prices.

    So first they subject us to a Caroline Flint rant instructing us that the government has “gone to them with a begging bowl” and that only Labour can freeze energy prices……but then they roll out some guy with long hair, stubble ,ear rings and flak jacket and proceed to tell us that Fidel Castro here, or whatever is name “runs his own Eco Energy company let’s hear what he thinks” !

    I understand that you run a green energy supply company ?
    Yes I do…..its called Ecoenergy
    Are we being done by the big six ?
    Yes absolutely, they are all evil and in cahoots with the government bla bla bla
    I understand that your prices are slightly cheaper than the standard tarrifs?
    Yes that’s correct but we have our own windmills and therefore all our energy is provided by them, therefore in future our Costs will not rise.

    I think I am going mad.


  24. Rtd Colonel says:

    Compare and contrast



    Not unexpected – they never fail to disappoint – I guess they just don’t want to disturb us with the squalid brutal details – it’s not like it’s as worthy of detail of the alleged torture of one of their pin up British Residents.

    Nothing to see here move on


    • Rtd Colonel says:

      Subsequently updated to reflect the Telegraph take – I guess they decided that even they could brazen it out without a gigantic backlash.