Owen Jones’ Totally Shameless Exploitation Of The Poor




The BBC never seem to tire of Owen Jones….they must think he has something worthwhile to say….well, not so far.





Karl Marx in London: Owen Jones on Marxism






He pops up again on the Beeb, this time his derivative Marxist pap on the prestigious RTS Huw Weldon Memorial Lecture:


Totally Shameless: How TV Portrays the Working Class

From Little Britain’s Vicky Pollard to the Jeremy Kyle Show to toxic documentaries on ‘feckless scroungers’ – writer and broadcaster Owen Jones argues that this growing strain of malevolent British TV programming denigrates the working class.




Of course that is how the working class are always portrayed by TV:





It’s a shame that a person who propagates an ideology that is so old and so discredited, one that has caused so much death and misery in the world, not least for the ‘working classes’ he pretends to speak for, should be given such a platform, the respect for which can only lend ‘authority’ to Jones in future and give his Marxist ramblings credibility.

Jones cleverly limits his outrage, crocodile tears some might say, to the TV’s depiction of the  ‘working class’, to ‘Chavs’ in particular….because of course TV only mocks Chavs…upper class twits or ‘exploiters’ of the poor, or middle class pretentions are never ridiculed by TV…



Safe ground he calculates, lucrative ground, Jones is the ‘Wonga’ of the ‘Wonks’, a poverty parasite…making a splendid living whilst ‘helping’ the poorest in society out…knowing he will get immediate approval for his pious grandstanding ….and so it proves with a very rewarding career, built like the Cathedrals of old, on the sweated labour of the very Chavs he says he is speaking up for….to the Glory of Owen.

Vicky Pollard… her story is actually a bit of an inspirational one….she used to be a bit of a tearaway however she has turned her life around:





And the posh birds don’t get the same treatment do they?




The trouble is, and the reason why the BBC should think twice before giving him so much prime air time,  Jones is a Labour Party stooge…he works for the Unite union, which of course is the principle backer and influential policy ‘adviser’, to Miliband.




As Guido tells us: he is a paid lobbyist for UNITE the union and as such he should be registered. When Guido called his CLASS think-tank recently the phone was answered by someone who said “CLASS or UNITE business?” It is just a lobbying front for Red Len…


When Miliband has staked his political future on being seen as the man who can put an end to his so called ‘living standard’s crisis’,  to have Owen Jones continually invited onto the BBC to promote that idea, whilst not admitting his close ties to Labour, is verging on the dishonest.

Class seeks to shape ideas that can inspire the trade union movement, cement a broad alliance of social forces and influence policy development to ensure the political agenda is on the side of working people.

National Advisory Panel Owen Jones advises Class on policy direction.


Jones doesn’t like how the ‘Working Class’ are portrayed…but he’s not above shutting down debate and labelling those who disagree with him…’demonising’ trolls….despite all those appearances on BBC’s ‘Freespeech’ programme…..

Embedded image permalink


It’s flattering to think they regard the right to follow me on Twitter as a basic civil right

This is normally how it goes: they’ll spray something across my timeline like “Go live in North Korea you communist prick”, then I block them, meaning I won’t be able to enjoy their Wildean wit anymore. They then wail to the world that I have attacked their freedom of speech, presumably in the same way that hanging up on a crank call or walking away from a pub bore is attacking free speech.


The odd thing is those ‘Trolls’ are probably the very ‘Chavs’ he defends elsewhere…..people who see through his pretensions and express their contempt in the way that comes naturally in the society they move in….by sticking two fingers up to him…verbally.


Owen Jones, ‘the slave of some defunct economist‘ is little different than Islamist extremist Anjem Choudary,…a cheap huckster, a ‘poverty hustler’, generating false grievances, inciting anger,  encouraging class conflict, both ‘distilling their frenzy’ from the ancient scribblings of a charlatan they have latched onto and used to lend credence and authority to their own ramblings……the carpetbagger of cheap and incoherent ideas, exploiting the poorest in society, troughing away whilst talking about inequality and the gap between the rich and the poor as he gets paid a couple of grand for a column in the Guardian or Independent.


You could respect him if he lived his ideals…but he doesn’t….when he earns what must be at least 5 times the weekly wage of many working class people for writing a single column in a newspaper, regurgitating stuff that’s been said a thousand times before, not even original stuff, how can he justify his pretence of being the ‘People’s Champion’?

You can’t really take him seriously until he joins up with the likes of Polly Toynbee and starts handing out a good proportion of their own income to the needy.

Touring the TV studios grandly pontificating and theorising about poverty whilst doing nothing concrete is showbiz and self promotion.

Shame the BBC doesn’t call him out on it….instead of which they lay out the red carpet and treat him as if he is the second coming of Marxism….the opium of the Bien Pensant.




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38 Responses to Owen Jones’ Totally Shameless Exploitation Of The Poor

  1. PhilO'TheWisp says:

    Perhaps he didn’t fancy a career as a rent boy.


  2. Guest Who says:

    ‘…then I block them, meaning I won’t be able to enjoy their Wildean wit anymore. They then wail to the world that I have attacked their freedom of speech’
    Free country. Well, ‘ish’. However, where have I heard such a thing before from some who may even now be penning a stout defence of Mr. Jones’ right to pervade the uniquely-funded public airwaves with his wit and wisdom, without question?


  3. Dave s says:

    It is increasingly clear that the liberal elite has given up on the white working class. Just too conservative for them. This wail by Jones is mere wailing for effect.
    Left to free expression the white working class would probably make a liberal’s hair turn white with shock. But like most of us they have learnt the necessity of silence when confronted with the liberal state monolith.
    Times will change and Jones will be a forgotten footnote.


  4. Sir Arthur Strebe-Grebling says:

    There is only one group of people who Shouty Jones and the bBBC think it is acceptable to offend – white middle-class males.


    • Stewart says:

      Oh no. Their quite keen on offending the white working class , at least those that have decided to think for themselves .You know those ‘knuckle dragging bigots’ ,’ignorant football thug types’ whose ‘ethnic cleansing’ from areas of north London has been celebrated by left wing posters on this very site


  5. johnnythefish says:

    Can anyone tell me who is the right-wing equivalent of Jones getting regular slots on the BBC?

    Purely in the interests of balance an’ all that, you understand.


  6. Milverton says:

    Andrew Neil had the little shitbag on the ropes…

    Jones absolute nadir came with his sterling defence of the revolting Mick Philpott, when he decided before the arrests that the arson was, in fact, the fault of society.

    The father, having set fire to his own home with his children in it, then cried crocodile tears at the press conference while many of us smelt an enormous rat while Jones fell for it hook, line and sinker.

    After the convictions Jones performed a volte face, telling us to blame Philpott and not society.


    • Terry Western says:

      Not the first time Andrew has had him on the ropes displaying his immaturity. I can’t remember the issue but it put a huge grin on Portello’s face and even a smile from Abbot.


  7. ember2013 says:

    Many of the shows he cites as being bad representations of “working class” were conceived during the last Labour government. A period when money was thrown at the poorest left, right and centre.

    And as pointed out above the media is happy to mock the richest members of society.

    He really doesn’t have a thesis. The BBC should check the veracity of potential Huw Wheldon lectures before spending our money on such turgid, unthinking Socialist propaganda.


  8. Mice Height says:

    He seems to be doing his best for Movember in the Free Speech pic above.


  9. chrisH says:

    We`ve always had these patronising little turds who see a likely earner in schmoozing the Co-Op nearby in Stockport, an d spouting union screeds that nobody has believed since 1984.
    It`s a great earner-you`ll never run out of poor people to try to pal up with, without ever fearing that you`d have to live with them…or keep a few as pets.
    Owen is the idiot little brother that none of us wanted-but somebody should have played with or beaten up at key points in his hackneyed cliche of a life.
    Which pays well for the bleeding hearts and sweat sniffing luvvies of Islington North.
    The poor make fine slippers, canoes or surfboards…and Owen walks on them for fun!
    The BBC needs its air freshener gonk…Owen Jones is your hookie pipe!


  10. #88 says:

    I’m not sure that Jones is of the Labour Party…he is far to the left of most of those (with perhaps the exception of the atheist / Marxist Miliband and a few other fellow travellers). Let’s not forget that Jones was bought up in a Trotskyist household and although he denies it, he carries all of the hallmarks of being of the same revolutionary / entryist persuasion.

    That he is a regular on the BBC is evidence that the BBC are not simply biased to the left, they too have moved to the hard left. Activists have burrowed their way into the corporation and are at large, beyond the control of anyone attempting to bring balance.

    And Jones, (when last on QT) uses his position to call for the ‘people’ to get engaged, to become active, to have their say, to join the revolution – to the applause and shouts of the committed hard left activists in the rigged audience. But he is a hypocrite – he doesn’t really mean it, he only wants the people of his side of the argument to get engaged, he hates the rest of us; those who want more from their schools, more from the NHS, who want freedom and independence from the state and not least want to save and spend their own earned income in the way they see fit, not the way that an overbearing state sees fit.

    Jones’ world is that of the old regressive tractor producing communism and a naive belief that the state managed economies, that have brought so much misery, death, famine and poverty across the world, will one day be our destiny.

    It is only by the skin of its teeth that Britain avoided the same disaster in the 20s and 30’s. But the threat is still there, it was renewed by Brown’s class war, unleashed to avoid an election defeat, and it continues with Miliband. The 2015 election will be a seminal moment in British history and the most important election in a generation.

    Meanwhile Jones will continue to define himself, as all left wingers do, by his hypocrisy – all with the connivance of the BBC


  11. Span Ows says:

    Unfortunate for Owen the book which made his name is an insult to the working class as if all working class people can’t get by without help from the state and sit at home fuming in jealousy at anyone who has more than them; and their aspirations are really just them being gullible falling for a ruthless right-wing conspiracy to keep them poor; how dare they want to better themselves. Typical lefty twat.


  12. Ron Killings says:

    It’s as if the writer of this article (and the commenters for the most part) have never heard the term ad hominem. Moronic.


    • Wild says:

      I watched his lecture.

      OK, I admit that after 30 minutes of his zero intellectual content I switched to another channel. It was like watching somebody admiring themselves in the mirror. His argument (if you can call it that) amounted to the claim that he does not like comedy or reality programmes which portray the working class in a bad light. That was it.

      He did not seem very informed. He praised The Likely Lads but failed to notice that a key part of that comedy is that one of them is lazy and feckless. He omitted to mention Till Death Us Do Part – presumably because it showed a member of the Working Class behaving badly. Nor did he mention Porridge. I presume that he dislikes The Royle Family. I got the impression he does not watch much television.

      What he did tell us was that he did not like Harry Enfield (who is middle class) pretending to be a working class stupid and lazy person. This was many years ago, but clearly he wanted to share that with us. He also does not like Jeremy Kyle.

      In short he had nothing to say. It was hard to be offended by it, because it was so vacuous, but if I was going to take offence it would be at his narcissism. He thinks he knows better than anybody else what being working class is like, and therefore he concludes that programmes should be made which he likes.

      His Stalinism was there for all to see. He worked on the assumption that television programmes should be manufactured in accordance with a politically approved central plan. With him doing the approving. Middle class twit.


      • Milverton says:

        I spend a few minutes a day over on the Guardian Comment Is Free section, which is rammed to the rafters with people like Owen Jones.

        The sheer snobbery exhibited there towards the white working class exceeds anything the Bullingdon Club might ever have show. They loathe the working class, and I suspect they never forgave them for voting for Thatcher in droves, hence the need for New Labour to import their future voters.

        For most people, including myself and Jones, the Jeremy Kyle show is an awful insight into the lowest strata of our society, but there has never been any suggestion to my knowledge that those people don’t actually exist and are not living, breathing, real humans.

        The fact they are real and illustrate just how badly wrong the welfare state can go is Jones’s real problem. He wishes to foment the proletariat with tales of how badly they are treated. To be shown daily how the state pays out to druggies, criminals and baby machines defeats that objective as it drives a wedge between what he sees as one grouping, but the rest of us see as two distinct demographics: the working class and the underclass.

        Jones’s desire to impose a Marxist paradise on us all is harder if the “working class” is shown incontrovertible proof that they are getting up at six in the morning to pay for the type of imbecile who is proud to parade their degeneracy on the Kyle show.

        As an aside, it is interesting how many of those with… ahem… specialised… sexual interests are on the far left. An investment in child psychiatrists could destroy the left entirely in two generations.


        • Wild says:

          I recall watching a programme in which a trans-sexual, because of a feeling of alienation and rejection, joined a Far Left political group, and was shocked (shocked I say!) to discover that they were far more intolerant of his/her trans-sexuality than everybody else.

          Not being a trans-sexual I cannot comment, except to say anybody expecting tolerance from the Fascist Left is idiocy.

          The Left struggle even to tolerate somebody even expressing an opinion different to their own. It is not an accident that every far left State in history has resembled a prison camp.


    • Guest Who says:

      ‘It’s as if the writer of this article (and the commenters for the most part) have never heard the term ad hominem. Moronic.’
      Whilst for some (not all) may term this inspired. As if.


  13. stuart says:

    middle class oxbridge educated marxists/communists like owen jones and his ilk and mates at the bbc and radio 5 live have all one thing in a common,a shared politcal ideology.i will leave it that due to legal reasons involving the revelation that this slavery case in london has been reported today on lbc radio as involving as a shared marxist politacal ideology,sure you will read more about that in papers and on the news today,.but getting back to owen jones,are you like me starting to get bored with this posh socalist spewing out his hatefull far left rhetoric on the bbc and radio 5 live,the bloke is starting to become a like that comedy character robert lindsay who played the marxist wannabe che guevara agitator wolfie smith from that old 70s bbc sitcom called citixen smith.


  14. sirus says:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bFIfHUbVDqA….owen jones in 5 years time lol


  15. A reviewer also noticed that Marr on his factual programmes would gently mock the upper classes whilst praising and admiring those from the working class. His appraisal of DH Lawrence is sick inducing.

    However, we must all admit that the growth of the underclass is surely the result of the loss of primary and secondary industry in the UK.

    Dr Anthony Daniels would provide a far more interesting (and wittier) polemic.

    Checkout Tony Parsons’ Tattoed Jungle broadcast way back in 1992.


    • Wild says:

      “we must all admit that the growth of the underclass is surely the result of the loss of primary and secondary industry in the UK.”

      Plus the growth of a welfare dependency culture about which Anthony Daniels (because of his previous job) actually knows something, and about which he has something to say.

      Like the majority of Leftists Owen James has no interest in improving the lives of the poor, he just gets off on excluding any narrative other than other than his socialist wank fantasies.


    • Eddie Smith says:

      “However, we must all admit that the growth of the underclass is surely the result of the loss of primary and secondary industry in the UK. “

      The growth of the underclass occurred during the 70’s. I personally knew (and still know of but no longer associate myself with) whole extended families that were out of work, partly through their own idleness, and partly through mental health issues. I still see one member of the family wandering along the high street and sitting on benches. I won’t go into his history as it’s quite disturbing!

      You could say the 70’s saw the greatest decline in industry, and I would agree. But it all point to a problem which has been with us for a lot longer than people like Owen Jones could ever imagine.


      • johnnythefish says:

        Owen Jones’ knowledge of Britain doesn’t seem to extend beyond what his parents and left-wing education brainwashed him with. He’s like listening to a Socialist Workers Talking Handbook.


  16. ember2013 says:

    Owen Jones represents what the BBC thinks the average young person thinks. The BBC imagine that outside their bubble young people are yearning for a Socialist state and it’s through him that the BBC thinks it has the perfect representation of British youth.

    All wishful thinking, of course, but it explains why he is a popular guest on BBC political shows.


    • Eddie Smith says:

      The BBC’s bubble is a very large bubble. It extends as far north as Watford, don’t you know, and as far south as Croydon. They have to wear space-suits when they commute between London and Manchester and pull the sun visors down over their faces for fear of being blinded by political truths!


  17. Simon says:

    Sixth Form politics. These people never grow up do they and he is as middle class as they come so how can he speak for the working class? In my supermarket warehouse days (yes I have done a proper days job before unlike people like him who don’t ever get their hands dirty) the blokes who were in their with me would have eaten Jones for breakfast and wouldn’t want him patronising them


  18. Alan Larocka says:

    So it’s OK for him to spout that his parents left books on Marx lying around and this shaped his political beliefs yet Mr potato Head Milliband was not?