Reith’s Values

Astonishing lack of journalism from the BBC….but then any chance to attack UKIP and undermine them seems to be the order of the day at the BBC…..


Thanks to David Kay (and Pounce I see) who pointed out this:

UKIP Plymstock poppy wreath logo sparks political row

UKIP has denied a wreath it laid to mark Armistice Day was a political statement after receiving criticism from other political parties.

The wreath – with a UKIP logo in the centre – was laid at the war memorial on Burrow Hill, Plymstock and one of four laid by the party in Plymouth.

The city council’s Conservative and Labour leaders said using a political logo on Remembrance Day was wrong.

Tudor Evans, leader of the Labour-controlled city council, said the logo on the wreath should be removed….”It is very bad taste – we have always made Remembrance Day an apolitical event,” he said.



And again:

Lincolnshire UKIP leader ‘sorry’ for poppy wreath logo


In neither report was there a mention of this:


Mock outrage over UKIP wreath, despite it being supplied by the RBL



Yes…that’s  Labour and Conservative Party wreaths…marked up as such.


and let’s not forget em…you know…



The Huffington Post manages to get the full picture:

It seems Ukip may not be alone in attaching its logo in this way, as this photo posted on Facebook, believed to be of Wroughton, near Swindon, suggests:




Why not the BBC, probably the world’s biggest news organisation?

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13 Responses to Reith’s Values

  1. chrisH says:

    Yet no wreath from the BBC anywhere.
    But they`re not allowed to carry adverts are they( North Face, U2, anybody but NewsCorps and RyanAir eh?).
    Surely the BBC could have sent one wreath with white poppies, green crescent petals and an EU flag/black one with pretty white squiggles on it).
    Or at least made a commemorative quilt out of Russell Brands hairs, Jon Snows old socks, Tracey Emins tampons and designs for Dimblebys tattoos…a Blue Peter prize maybe?
    The BBC seem not to commemorate their fallen though-was it only two years now since Sir James Savile of their Ilk passed onto gory?…and they didn`t even tell us!
    Scamps…or is Auntie getting Alzheimers?…maybe a quick RyanAir flight to Dignitas?
    Focail leat BBC!(c/o Mr Hills)


    • Dazed & Confused says:

      Obviously the BBC don’t want to upset their Islamist friends..

      They’re scared of them don’t you know…


  2. David Kay says:

    i find this offensive though as it is playing politics with the dead



    • The Highland Rebel says:

      ‘Occupy Bath’

      Looks like a hint to certain members of our community who are easily offended.


  3. Llareggub says:

    An example of what is likely to follow when the BBC together with Cameron’s Tories, Labour and Lib Dems, start the election battle in earnest against Ukip.


  4. chrisH says:

    For the current crop of anti-elitist progressive children of the 60s revolution…they soon turn into their gentrified parents don`t they with barely a scratch.
    Witness Sarah Montagues interview(is that the word?) with John McCririck this morning at 7.40 or so.
    The news editor even slpiced a pice onto the 8am news, so we`d get the BBCs thought for our day.
    1. The BBC don`t like being told that they`re ageist-and Miriam O Reillys case(which she WON Sarah!)-was clearly the emotional hysterical ramblings of a menopausal, embittered old biddy from the Irish bog. We are not to read-across from that to McCriricks case.
    2. The “anonymous skirts and suits” line of Johns hit home-the BBC don`t like that…for what he said applies to the BBC, NHS, Schools and all other public sector massagers for the Common Good.
    3. McCririck is that rare breed of the victim that is not-not according to liberal lights anyway. Wrong battles, wrong narrative, wrong bloody playing field or stage.
    Unlike Oprah…but to be filed under Heather Mills McCartney…the natural victim who deserves all they get for taking on Sir Paul…or doing that chavvy stuff below stairs like John.
    Sarah had the vapours-the footman wasn`t drunk, but had to go into the darkness and without any possible reference from Sarah and her monkeys at the BBC.
    The very nerve…Backstairs Billies like him need to know their place.
    Now-Raoul Moat, Abu Hamza, Mark Duggan…REAL victims in future if you`d please.


    • Guest Who says:

      ‘The BBC don`t like being told that they`re ageist’
      No flag to fly for the bloke, but the boot was pretty much going in pan-MSM.
      Along with a fair few other hypocrisies I find rather attractive young peroxide sinks or dusky beauties (and the women) telemouthing outrage at most ‘ism-infractions rather quaint, when replacing a mirror for a camera lens may bring home that they were likely not hired exclusively for the power of their reporting skills by their respective employers.
      There are a few derriere du camion sisters of course, but most appear dispatched to places where even Ali G wouldn’t, or an RPG-blowback scrub may actually be ’cause they’re worth it.


  5. Simon says:

    Funny thing is I was about to agree and say it shouldn’t be on a wreath and then I scrolled down a bit further…….


  6. Roland Deschain says:

    I have logged a complaint and been quickly fobbed off that the stories mention that other parties do the same. There is one line at the bottom of each story to the effect that the British Legion does logos for all parties. Not good enough, in my opinion.

    But at least the reply was swift. They probably had it ready.


    • Guest Who says:

      ‘They probably had it ready’
      But I doubt initially, when the sh!t hit the fan on the pan-politico-media hypocrisy and offence rigging and this one needed making going away pronto.
      As to any follow up…
      ‘Why not the BBC, probably the world’s biggest news organisation?’
      Maybe it was, by this time, ‘Not news’ ((c) A. Journalist)? Hugs and a battalion of uniquely funded FoI exclusion lawyers await making that one go away, PDQ.


  7. stuart says:

    caste your mind back to last thursdays question times set up on bbc 1 to attack nigel farage.every left wing blog said the swp and there supporters are going to target question everytime nigel farage or any other ukip politician appears,that is the swp and the far lefts tactic now in there words to smash ukip by packing out the question time audiences with there far left howling and screaming swivel eyes supporters,last weeks question time was a prime exampe of that.


  8. The Highland Rebel says:

    Meanwhile down in the Salford bunker