Harrabin’s Truthful Lies



The World Meteorological Organisation has released a statement about global temperature in 2013…it starts off with this alarming claim:

The year 2013 is currently on course to be among the top ten warmest years since modern records began in 1850, according to the World Meteorological Organization.


Harrabin jumps eagerly aboard that bandwagon with his own alarming heading:

2013 ‘one of warmest’ on record


Sounds bad doesn’t it?  Maybe not so bad when you read the following from the WMO (and also consider the Medieval Warming Period….long, long before the Industrial Revolution and yet just as hot):

Temperatures so far this year are about the same as the average during 2001-2010, which was the warmest decade on record,” said WMO Secretary-General Michel Jarraud.


So…..far from warming the standstill continues….which begs the question why Harrabin is spreading alarm?…..maybe this next quote  answers that:

Mr Kim [President of the World Bank] said the overall trend was clear. He urged governments to end subsidies for fossil fuels and give people clean energy sources.


So Roger, let’s be clear…Mr Kim is saying make fossil fuels more expensive, and then on top of that pay for the green power generation and on top of that keep the old fossil fuel generators going as back up….and of course, as prices are now so high, a very expensive backup.

So we’re to pay to keep the old fossil fuel generation going, and double up with a second, and redundant, layer of green generation.


Harrabin is clearly pushing the green taxes agenda, the Miliband solution…ironically….the man who wants to freeze fuel prices that he caused to rise.

Harrabin rounds it all off with confirmation of his agenda with this dig at Cameron:

In the UK, which has led the world in climate change policy, the Prime Minister David Cameron has shifted the emphasis from tackling climate change to holding down consumers’ bills.



The WMO is definitely massaging the message…and Harrabin is happy to help out….the WMO also ties in the hurricane Haiyan with climate change and then takes a look at the Antarctic telling us that:

For the second year in a row, Antarctic sea ice extent in September reached a record maximum of 19.47 million square kilometers according to NSIDC.


So the Antarctic is putting on ice……in a world that is warming….how can that be?


The WMO has the solution….ignore it…..

Antarctica differs from the Arctic in that the Arctic is comprised of water surrounded by land. Conversely, the Antarctic is comprised of land surrounded by open ocean water. Wind patterns and ocean currents tend to isolate Antarctica from global weather patterns, keeping it cold.


….all that record breaking ice…it’s just a bit of local weather.

Curious that they tried to dismiss the Medieval Warm Period by claiming the warmth was regional and not spread across the whole globe….different story now then…..as shown here…

Regional Temperatures

During the first nine months of 2013, most of the world’s land areas had above-average temperatures, most notably in Australia northern North America, northeastern South America, northern Africa, and much of Eurasia. Cooler-than-average temperatures were observed across a concentrated region of North America, central South America and the eastern Pacific Ocean waters off the coast of Ecuador, a small region of northern Russia, and parts of northeastern Asia.


So ‘cooler than average’ for much of the globe?….you can see they use careful wording to try and limit that belief….‘a small region‘, a ‘concentrated region’, and ‘parts of’……but that’s not true….vast areas have been getting colder…breaking records in fact….Russia, China, South America, India, and Europe with record snow falls.


Of course…erm…global warming is to cause for the massive freeze up.




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10 Responses to Harrabin’s Truthful Lies

  1. OldBloke says:

    It may surprise some to hear, that where I live (Dartmoor) temperature records have been kept for 40 years from three different reporting stations around the moor. A close inspection of the annual mean temperature over those 40 years from each of the reporting stations will show a gradual lowering of that temperature. We used to have a Climate Change Pressure Group in my village of 2,500 people, that was, until they were shown the reduction of temperatures. They talk about other things now and one of this pressure group actually took down his wind turbine. And one thing I will ask of all the members on this forum to look into, is that, when Mr Harrabin and his like talk about increasing temperatures, just where and how are these temperatures collated?


  2. David Kay says:

    you got rid of eco-terrorists and a wind turbine? My man, you and your village deserve a medal and to be mentioned in despatches.



  3. Eddie Smith says:

    I don’t normally give a rat’s ass about climate change, but when statistics are thrown around in such a speculative manner it’s hard not to comment.

    Scientists have only a couple of hundred years stats to go by. That’s not enough! Nowhere near enough. We can gather further information indirectly through archaeology and so forth, but it will never give us a complete picture of the past and the causes of climate change.

    (By the way, I heard a caller on BBC Radio 5live on Question Time Extra Time informing us that only 15,000 years ago New York would have been 200 (?) meters under ice! 15,000 years is a split second in geological terms – unless you’re a ‘Young Earth Creationist’)

    The Daily Mail’s claim that global warming has halted because they have figures for the last 15 years is laughable! Not only that, but the current average temperature on their graph is still within the warming forecast!

    So, both scientists and skeptics are trying to guess the future with inadequate information.

    However, can we all agree on one thing at least; that our dependency on importing energy is a threat to our society, and therefore our need for alternative energies is a priority.


    • London Calling says:

      “alternative energies is a priority” Really?
      Sounds like baloney to me, Eddie. You mean unreliable and expensive energy – some “alternative”.
      Drive an electric car do you?
      Go away.


      • Wild says:

        “both scientists and skeptics”

        False dichotomy.

        “trying to guess the future with inadequate information.”

        Yes, but even if we put aside the complex systems argument, and the fact that many climate change claims are more like myth making than science, there can be (sorry to be cynical here but you have to face up to this reality as well) a good living to be had as an “expert” if you give the people who are paying you the answers they want to hear.

        How good a science is Climatology? Is it like physics (which has its problems but is pretty impressive as science) or economics (which is interesting but not very impressive as a science) – because if climatology is more like economics than it is like physics the arguments are never going to be settled, and anybody who pretends otherwise is either selling you something or on some sort of power trip.

        “No matter if the science is all phony…Climate change [provides] the greatest chance to bring about justice and equality in the world”

        Christine Stewart – Former Canadian Minister of the Environment


      • Eddie Smith says:

        London, if all you can think about when alternative energies is mentioned is wind farms and electric cars and so forth you need to open your eyes to the alternatives being developed that are not yet in use.

        And just for the record, I’m a wind farm skeptic. I don’t believe they can ever pay for themselves. But we need to at least make the effort to lose our dependency on imported fossil fuels!

        Is that such a bad idea?


        • David Kay says:

          dear mr eddie,

          since pre-history, we, as Britons, have sailed the seven sea’s trading with johnny foreigner. We’ve always done this, and will always will do this.

          Oil, is simply a product, no different from any other product that captain caveman would have imported. So why the hostility to one imported product, oil?

          as a trading island nation. Your suggestion is economic suicide


    • Span Ows says:

      Eddie, I agree entirely with your comment about the lack of long term accurate measures but major storms, flooding, extreme weather events have been in human writings for thousands of years, geology and other studies tell us a lot about periods further back. I also agree that 15 years is nothing: if you look at a 15 years on a 10,000 – 100,000 year graph it won’t even show as a blip…HOWEVER, the climate alarmists played so much on the last 60 – 70 years and the hockey stick exponentiation horror story…and 15 years is a long time when you’re talking about only the last few decades.


    • Stewart says:

      “However, can we all agree on one thing at least; that our dependency on importing energy is a threat to our society, and therefore our need for alternative energies is a priority.”
      Well I can agree with first part of that, but the ‘green’ alternatives ,so far, seem to be living in the dark and going cold.
      Why import gas when were sitting trillions of cubic feet of shale gas?
      And why have the Japanese or French build our next generation of nuclear reactors ?
      We should be investing in our own nuclear industry in the hope of getting the lead in thorium cycle reactors
      and developing an industry that will ‘pay our way in the world’


  4. lojolondon says:

    Antarctica has been putting on ice steadily over the last decade. Never once mentioned when they isolated a single part of the Arctic that was reducing.