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As comedian Robert Webb  re-joins Labour the New Statesman tells us:

With Eddie Izzard and John O’Farrell already among the party’s celebrity supporters, it looks as if Miliband has the comedians’ vote sewn up.


Who’d a thunk eh?


Webb’s move was one of the unexpected consequences of panto dame Russell Brand’s guest-edit of the New Statesman


In the same issue Slavoj Žižek tells us:

“Most of the idiots I know are academics”


He clearly hasn’t met Russell Brand who graced us with a 4,000 word polemic in the New Statesman:

Russell Brand on revolution: “We no longer have the luxury of tradition”


Essentially it says… Tories…boo hiss…Occupy and looting rioters… hurrah!

Take to the streets kids!  Revolution is the solution.

He doesn’t get round to telling us what comes after the revolution.

Direct from the mind of Russell Brand:

Meditate, direct our love indiscriminately and our condemnation exclusively at those with power. Revolt in whatever way we want, with the spontaneity of the London rioters, with the certainty and willingness to die of religious fundamentalists or with the twinkling mischief of the trickster.



Great though that the BBC thinks his drug addled brain has produced such original thought that he merits a place not only on one of the supposedly prestigious current affairs programmes, Question Time, but also grants him an audience on Newsnight.

I imagine this is Ian Katz trying to connect with the Kidz and shore up his dwindling audience.


Rather than bore you with Brand’s appearance on Newsnight here’s Brand as you’ve never seen him before (it’s kind of not very PC….don’t say you’ve not been warned):





It’s him isn’t it?



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31 Responses to Comic Capers

  1. dez says:

    “Great though that the BBC thinks his drug addled brain has produced such original thought that he merits a place not only on one of the supposedly prestigious current affairs programmes, Question Time, but also grants him an audience on Newsnight.”
    Or, in other words:
    Much more concise and would save your followers many precious moments from their oh so busy lives.


    • zoo keeper says:

      dez, you really are a sad little man. Noone likes Brand after what he done with Wossy on BBC Radio. Although you do expect BBC radio presenters to be perverts, look how many of them were rapists, paedo’s and labour supporters


    • CCE says:

      Dez – will the BBC be inviting Frederick Forsyth to guest edit Newsnight?

      Thought not….


      • dez says:

        “Dez – will the BBC be inviting Frederick Forsyth to guest edit Newsnight? Thought not….”
        You think Russell Brand was invited to guest edit Newsnight? Have a little lie down CCE; you might feel better in the morning.


        • CCE says:

          No, clearly he hasn’t edited NN, I just thought you might see how preposterous even the thought of Freddy being let near any ‘influence’ of BBC content is. It seems this has worked given your reaction.

          The point is that Freddy once did a few essays on R4 (and appeared on QT in 2007) and these were rapidly ended despite being popular specifically because he said things that were not within the BBC liturgy.

          “it is hard to think of anyone else who has been so openly, mordantly and unreasonably loathing of New Labour. The slot, to all sensible people, has been consistently and magnificently infuriating. ‘Hmm,’ John Humphrys or Jim Naughtie would say at the end. ‘Right. Well. That’s Freddie Forsyth then with his Saturday essay.’ You could practically hear them thinking: who the hell let him in?

          Well, they’re not letting him in any more. The BBC’s official line is that the slot has come to the end of its natural life. Will Self, who does the alternate weekends, is also leaving. But Freddie Forsyth is a conspiracy theorist – his books are all about conspiracies – and the BBC’s glib explanation doesn’t satisfy him.

          ‘High up in the echelons,’ he says darkly, ‘there was huge animus. Serious exception was taken to the mocking. About a third of the pieces were, it is true, unrestrainedly mocking of Mr B. That’s the third that apparently got to them, that cut them to the quick.’ His explanation of why Will Self also has to go is wonderfully self-aggrandising: ‘Poor Will probably will become the other victim, in order to give the impression of impartiality.”

          His editing anything on the BBC is completely unthinkable. But, when it comes to guest editorship for the Today Programme, your social and political stance seems to be taken into account if it is of the rigfht sort look at the 2012 list….

          Sir Paul Nurse – scientist and No 1 Climate Change cheerleader (admittedly very eminent)

          Melinda Gates – wife of Bill Gates – completely committed to third world causes and securing a place in history as a philanthropist whilst microsoft eamakes profits of $100,000,000 a day

          Dame Ann Leslie – journalist specialising in anecdote and gossip (probably the weak point in my arguement and included for ‘balance’ by the BBC as she worked for the Mail once)

          Benjamin Zephaniah – writer and poet a man whose opinions are balanced by having chips on both shoulders and someone who frequently says that he loateh ‘Middle England’

          Al Murray – Oxbridge aristocrat and socialist ‘comedian’

          Brand is a foul mouthed drug addled self obsessed excresence barely capable of stringing pretentious words that he doesnt understand into incoherent sentences. His opinions on QT and elsewhere in BBC output and his manifest ability to influence the BBC disgusts me.


    • Mat says:

      Oh great the BBC pedo /sexist /ageist appeaser is back where you been and why are you up posting at midnight ?been in the office checking what ‘ line to take ‘ or furiously fiddling to Russell Brand [what a lovely corporate second name] clips on YT ?
      Hahahahaha so have you seen the post above this bet you will be up there saying how right it is your kind of
      people should be allowed to say “SomeonewasontheBBCthatIdon’tlikesoitshouldn’tbeallowed”


    • johnnythefish says:

      So, Dez, after the revolution comes……what, exactly?

      The BBC are very good at giving a voice to people who want to tear capitalism and democracy apart – the likes of Owen Jones, Will Self, Will Hutton, Bea Campbell as well as Brand spring to mind – but deliberately useless when it comes to holding them to account for what exactly they’d replace it with. Yet another screaming example of their lack of balance, as well as a damning indictment of their lack of responsibility in giving such extreme leftist views a platform without any hint of critical anlysis.


    • Ralph says:

      Brand shouldn’t be appearing on Question Time or Newsnight on quality grounds regardless of his politics. If you want to hear a rambling inconsistent rant based on information gleaned from the back of the Socialist Worker the BBC already provide Richard Bacon.


  2. George R says:

    “Russell Brand: the perfect figurehead for the idea-less left”

    By Tom Watson.

    [Opening excerpt]:-

    “When it was announced that the comedian, prolific philanderer and all-of-a-sudden leftist rhetorician, Russell Brand, would be guest editing a special edition of the New Statesman it was hard not to scoff. Such a populist, youth-y move seemed to underscore a certain, celeb-hugging desperation on the part of the magazine: Brand’s issue assembles such towering political intellects as Noel Gallagher and Alec Baldwin to weigh in on the subject of revolution.”


  3. stuart says:

    very surprised rich socalist boy brand with his $2 million pad in america is not on question time tonight,but who is on you might wonder,well get your prozac ready for tonights question time,mps on are,matthew hancock,jeremy browne,chris bryant,guests panelists are harriet sergeant and paris lee,huh who is she you may ask,all wil be revealed 10.35 pm bbc 1 tonight.


  4. sirus says:

    paris lees is a anti conservative left wing so called comedian and campaigner for and i kid you not transgender rights,question time has become a farce inviting the likes of her on


  5. Peter Grimes says:

    What do you mean – ‘become a farce’?


  6. Guest Who says:

    “ looks as if Miliband has the comedians’ vote sewn up.”

    I wonder if The New Statesman meant it as some may read it.


  7. AsISeeIt says:

    BBC-built career comedians come out as Labour supporters

    – so now they simply admit exactly what we all knew to be the case


  8. Doublethinker says:

    To describe the pitiful parroting of the liberal left view by these idiots as comedy is stretching things to breaking point. For that alone people should demand their money back from the BBC.


  9. The PrangWizard of England says:

    Tony Hall has said he will change the culture within the BBC but either he doesn’t mean it or no-one is taking the slightest scrap of notice. He we have a disgraced BBC narcissistic celebrity who when caught out runs away to the USA, marries and divorces while there, and then comes back. He writes a rambling Leftist polemic and is immediately invited to the BBC to further push his amoral and subversive opinion. Just up the BBC’s street of course. A gift.

    So, the BBC continues to chase celebrity culture and the dishonourable. How many people in contrast, honourable people, does the BBC continue to keep out in the cold because they don’t share the BBC’s agenda and political stance.

    I sometimes wonder, had Jimmy Savile been younger and not died, how long it would have been before he got the rehabilitation treatment. Two years maybe? That seems to be the time they allow.

    I’ve said it before, the BBC is incapable of internal reform, it is morally and financially corrupt and must be broken up.


    • johnnythefish says:

      They are brazening it out until the next election hoping for an outright Labour majority, in which case BBC-Labour and their fellow activist groups will have the country sewn up and you can wave the final remains of old Blighty as we have known it a fond goodbye.

      After a decade or so of sliding into a totalitarian, socialist state those who voted for it will start to scratch their heads (in the cold and dark, of course) and wonder where all the country’s wealth which, along with massive borrowings, pays for the welfare state, education, the NHS etc., has suddenly gone and why the country is on the verge of chaos.

      Still, some may think it’s worth it if they are promised 120 quid off their energy bills for a couple of years.


      • Doublethinker says:

        A minor correction. Mr E Miliband has not promised them £120 off their bills but merely that he will postpone the increases by less than two years, after which the companies will just make up the lost revenue. So people are selling their country down the river for less than 20 pieces of silver and putting this ‘son of a Marxist’ in Number 10. After the horrors of the ‘son of the manse’ you would think that they would have learned.


  10. Simon says:

    All very middle class as usual. It’s a shame as I do enjoy Peep Show but with those two annoying leftwing frontmen it is hard to watch

    Why can’t they remove the chips from their shoulders and just entertain like they are paid very well to do?

    And Labour shows their true thoughts on the working class when in yesterday’s Evening Standard there was a story saying “teachers less qualified than McDonalds staff” – maybe I’m seeing something that isn’t there but it just looks to me like they are looking down their noses at McD’s staff. Teaching = middle class profession whereas McDs = working class. The so called champion of the workers always look down their nose at them


    • Cosmo says:

      I remember watching some NUT leader ( the one with the speech impediment ) saying never again will one of his members ever have to speak to a parent again on parents night who earns more than them.


      • pah says:

        If you really want to freak them out knock up a security card from the DES, or WTF it is called this week, with a job title like ‘Senior Inspector of Teachers’ and wear it at your next parents evening. Frightens the little cotton socks off ’em. 🙂

        I’ve always found that if you rock up suited and booted they give you, and consequently your kid, alot more respect and attention than if you sit there in a track suit. It’s common or garden snobbery but heh, if it works …


    • Doublethinker says:

      Well I don’t want to be snooty, but surely to be a ‘middle class professional’ as secondary teachers seem to aspire to be, you have to have a degree. Even a third would be better than nothing. I heard on Newsnight , it must have crept out accidentally, that most physics and maths teachers don’t have a degree in those subjects. No wonder British children are poor at physics and maths, compared with children in other developed countries. How , if education, education, education , is so important to Labour, can we have so many unqualified teachers in post, after their 13 years in power? Surely a scandal that the BBC would want to highlight and investigate, but no, just an accidental passing remark when Paxo strayed off script. He will staying behind to do 500 lines set by the NUT.
      Rather than insisting that teachers should go for a years indoctrination to teacher training college, they should insist that maths teachers can do sums and that physics teachers should know the difference between hot and cold.
      The left is so silly that a right wing comic could have the country laughing for years with their self contradictory positions on just about everything. What a bunch of plonkers they are.


      • Mark B says:

        With respect, you assumed that the Labour Party and its members, most of which I’d assume to be trade unionists actually give a fig about other peoples kinds.

        You only have to look what provisions they have made, education wise, for their own off-spring to see what I mean.

        Extra State funding usually means more State jobs and more people paying their Trade Union dues to their respective unions’, who, intern, pay into the Labour Party. That’s the real scam.

        A BBC-NUJ knows never to bite the hand that makes sure that it is fed.

        As for Mr. Brand. The picture above seemed to remind me of another Socialist chap.

        If he is trying to emulate him, then I can only wish that he does, and that means to the FULL !


  11. Dinsdale Oblong says:

    Robert Webb showing his Socialist credentials by er, advertising the biggest corporation in the world.

    Up the workers !! (except maybe those Chinese ones who earn a pittance manufacturing Apple’s overpriced bullshit)


    • Simon says:

      Always the same with the left. I accept that people have different views to me and have no problem but the left are so in your face with everything with their chips on their shoulders but are the biggest hypocrites going. Is really annoying


  12. John Joe says:

    Russell Brand’s on Newsnight – predictable reaction from some. Open your minds a little bit.

    Biased BBC:


    • DownBoy says:

      The problem is not people’s legitimate and varying / opposing viewpoints John Joe, it is the institutional bias of the BBC, our national broadcaster whom we all pay for through the TV Poll Tax.


    • Stewart says:

      By ‘open your minds’ I guess by your equally predictable reaction you mean ‘think what I think’.
      Some don’t approve , but they didn’t besiege the studio in an attempt to stop him speaking.
      Not every one shares your faith – ‘get used to it’