Miliband’s Very Own Pravda



There’s no Truth in the News and , for the BBC, no News in the Truth.


You might have thought that something like this would have mobilised the investigative journalists of the BBC:

Miliband urged to reopen union vote-rigging probe: Email cache ‘shows Unite plotted to subvert Labour inquiry’

  • Labour leader under pressure to reopen vote-rigging investigation
  • 1,000 emails appear to implicate Unite in thwarting original inquiry
  • Unearthed by bosses at Ineos, company that runs Grangemouth oil refinery


The Sunday Times revealed that there is a stash of 1000 emails that indicate that Unite did indeed try to rig the election of candidates to become Labour MPs.

However the BBC isn’t interested and never were…they were only too happy to announce that there was ‘no evidence’ against Unite when Miliband caved in to their threats and the GMB withdrew its funding of the Labour Party.

Miliband knew, and presumably approved of Unite’s operation from the start…..Party officials in Falkirk reported their beliefs that procedures were not being followed, candidates to be Labour MEPs also complained about Unite’s activities and were told to shut up or face disciplinary action from the Party.

The BBC showed no interest in all of that.

Just as they show absolutely no interest in these 1000 emails that explicitly indicate that Unite were rigging the election.

I can find no reference to the emails at all on the website.


Naughtie interviewed  MP Eric Joyce this morning (Tuesday…tucked away at 07:21) but made no mention of the emails…and when  Joyce raised the matter Naughtie claimed the BBC hadn’t seen them……and then went on to try and pour cold water on Joyce’s claims.
Here is the BBC Website report of that interview:

Labour fears Unite leaders, says Falkirk MP Eric Joyce


Not a single mention of those extremely damaging emails…but look what they do say…not once, not twice, but three times….

1.  Stevie Deans was accused of trying to rig the selection of the next Labour candidate in Falkirk, although an investigation cleared Unite.

2.  Mr Deans was suspended from the Labour Party but was later cleared by an investigation and reinstated.

3.  The union’s chief of staff, Andrew Murray, told Today Mr Joyce had given a “wrong reading” of the situation. He added that there was “no evidence” that “anything untoward” had taken place.



How can the BBC report that two days after 1000 very incriminating emails have been revealed…emails that were found by the company Ineos….and so presumably would be available to the BBC if they could be bothered to contact the company and ask for them?



Here is what Dan Hodges thinks:

Falkirk’s sordid cover-up damages the credibility of the unions, the Labour Party, and Ed Miliband

Labour’s leader must reopen the investigation, suspend the individuals at the centre of the scandal and clear up this while sordid mess once and for all. It’s no longer about the rigging of one CLP selection. It’s about Ed Miliband’s credibility as a leader, and as a potential Prime Minister.


Clearly this is a matter of some importance with Miliband being exposed as a liar,  as someone controlled by the Unite union….someone who made a big show of being tough on the Unions but in fact was always doing their bidding and when forced to take action against them was instead ‘forced’ to back down by those same Unions.

As Miliband is trying to become Prime Minister such weaknesses, vulnerabilities and suspect loyalties are surely relevant….especially as Unite’s Len McCluskey’s ‘Vision’ of the sort of Britain he wants to mould is a vision shaped by the writings of one Ralph Miliband…Ed’s Marxist Father.


It is blatantly apparent that the BBC are desperately trying to keep the lid on this story and limit the damage to Miliband and his electoral chances.

The BBC is attempting to manipulate the election in 2015, yet again.



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16 Responses to Miliband’s Very Own Pravda

  1. David Kay says:

    asking the BBC/NUJ to investigate Labour/Unite is like asking the police to investigate themselves or politicians to investigate themselves. Its not going to happen


    • Selohesra says:

      Perhaps it a good thing as public would have moved on by time of election – better for New International to run big campaign on this a few months before the election


  2. Dazed & Confused says:

    Can anyone imagine that the BBC would have anyone remotely connected with the BNP the EDL or UKIP on “Bargain hunt”?…….Yet the SWP are apparently “A”, O.K……

    No doubt the SWP comrade will find herself working in a BBC newsroom very quickly indeed…


  3. iainmac says:

    Interestingly, BBC reports on the union rep at Grangemouth who has just resigned state that he was being investigated by the company for his union activities whereas he was in fact being investigated for carrying out Labour Party business in company time. BBC is being very misleading.


  4. Charlatans says:

    Alan, do you actually inform the BBC by complaint, or by other means, when you identify such blatant ‘bias by omission’?

    One can only imagine the BBC impetus to report say the comparative major Conservative donor trying to rig his local parliamentary Candidate selection, (particularly with a thousand pieces of evidence in the public domain).

    It is obviously a story the majority of the electorate would be most interested in and I do so despair that our ages old democracy can be undermined and usurped in this way.


    • Charlatans says:

      Just sent the following to the BBC breaking news information page:

      Just discovered the largest Donor to Conservatives has tried to rig Parliamentary Candidate on London Constituency. There are 1000 emails now in the public domain. Great news story of great interest to the majority of the electorate who do not wish to see this great and ancient democracy usurped.

      Oops, sorry, just checked some details: Correction: Labour Party largest donor’s representatives trying to usurp democracy in Falkirk. Story in The Times.

      Could you please use your vast resources from our taxes since this is still great interest to the majority of the electorate who do not vote Labour. Cannot find much information about this amazing story on your unbalanced news resources.


    • Guest Who says:

      ” The BBC showed no interest in all of that.”
      Maybe it was a case of there being not enough space for the full truth?
      Or it ‘wasn’t news’?
      Or, simply, it was a different time?
      So many reasons these days for astounding uncuriosity and institutional Alzheimer’s, as inspired from the top down.
      Maybe A. Journalist may be able to place in context of the modern ‘news’ room?
      The again, maybe not.
      Making the function, and value, of the world’s most opaque and untrustworthy £4Bpa propaganda organ a bit of a concern.


  5. George R says:

    And Beeboids know only too well what sort of politics their NUJ has.
    “That’s it, I’m resigning from the NUJ”
    By Peter Oborne

    (March, 2013.)


    “For some time, however, I have been increasingly disturbed by the NUJ’s growing sympathy for state control over the press. If the union represented journalists, as it claimed to do, it would have been up in arms at yesterday’s squalid deal which has granted politicians power over newspapers for the first time in more than 300 years. It would have fought all the way. Instead the NUJ has been a largely silent and shamefaced collaborator with Hacked Off and its rich and powerful backers. I tried to warn the union’s secretary Michelle Stanistreet about this, but she would not listen. Yesterday she threw her weight behind the stitch up between the political parties.”


  6. Doublethinker says:

    The increasingly blatant bias of the BBC towards Labour is highly damaging to the democratic process and must be exposed. All of the free press and free TV and radio channels should expose the actions of Labour and the BBC in regard of Falkirk. If they make enough fuss , if Tory MPs ask questions in the House , even the BBC can’t bury the story and they will be revealed for what they are , the voice of Labour. This is a good chance to further undermine the credibility of the BBC but SKY et al need to get the story out there and keep it running just as the BBC would if they could get one over the Tories. Come on chaps lets stick it to them.


  7. NotaSheep MaybeaGoat says:

    A Conservative MP could raise the matter at PMQs but I fear that the Speaker would very rapidly rule it outside of the PM’s responsibility.


  8. George R says:

    Will BBC-NUJ remain politically enmeshed with the Labour Party in the run-up to the General Election?

    “Labour must pull itself away from union influence.

    “FINALLY we know the lengths to which the union Unite went to try to ensure that its favoured candidate won the Labour party’s nomination as its candidate in Falkirk at the next election.Unfortunately for Ed Miliband the information comes not from the inquiry into allegation of vote-rigging in Falkirk, which the Labour leader initiated then abruptly terminated last month, but from Ineos, the company at the heart of the Grangemouth oil refinery dispute.”
    By Ross Clark.


  9. George R says:

    BBC-NUJ will STILL support Labour Party-‘Unite’:
    Front-page, ‘Daily Mail’ Thursday:-
    “Terrorised by union bullies: How Labour’s Unite paymasters intimidated managers and their children in bitter oil refinery battle”


  10. John Joe says:

    Anyone who compares the BBC to Pravda can be dismissed immediately.


    • Guest Who says:

      ‘can be dismissed immediately’
      If you say so, JJ. (Welcome, by the way. The weekend always seems a good time to find ‘new’ names joining in the merry fray).
      Seems you have a nifty line in one-liners all ready.
      Got anything to back ’em up?
      Beyond your opinion of course, which surely cannot be dismissed despite so far having zero beyond this in support.