UK GDP figures for Q3 are due later this morning and it seems they will be positive, further underlining UK economic recovery. This is bad news for labour and bad news for the BBC. I caught an item on the Today programme this morning where the idea was being floated that ALTHOUGH growth did seem to be happening, it’s the wrong sort of growth apparently. I wonder do the BBC listen to British Rail? Anyway, watch what happens as we go through the day and see how long before the BBC trots out the “cost of living” meme being retailed by Miliband and co. Now that Plan B is dead an buried, the Labour party and it’s broadcasting arm are out to ensure that welcome economic news is pricked by all kinds of inane accusations about “cost of living” trials and tribulations.

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  1. OldBloke says:

    You can always tell the health of the nation’s pockets by driving down any U.K. motorway. If money is tight the average speed of the flow is 6/65 mph, if the populace is feeling that things are picking up it is 65/70mph and if they feel that the economy is sorted then they drive at 70+ mph. This week on a trip from Devon to B’ham and back, I was the slowest car on the motorway and I did a steady 68mph. In fact I would say the economy is booming as most were doing 80+ mph in chelsea tractors!


  2. Dick the Butcher says:

    I feel that this site is no longer aptly named.

    Blatantly Running a Massive Tax-payer Funded Social Engineering Project BBC
    is more accurate, though I admit somewhat unwieldy.


  3. Tim Denyer says:

    I would like to know who are on the panel of the “So-called” BBC trust, The bias of the BBC is getting worse day by day and why arent the BBC trust doing something about it? on a daily basis we have Daily politics always heavily outnumbering Tories with lefties of all descriptions, same with questiontime.


    • Deborah says:

      You can find the Trustees at this link
      Several are from the TV industry, academics, special advisors to Robin Cook, someone from Barbados (with a screen writer husband), someone married to a BBC news editor; etc – so really no conflicts of interest with any of them (I don’t think).


    • max says:

      The BBC isn’t biased, it’s viewpoint comes from points along the entire spectrum of political thought, from Social Democracy to Maoism.


  4. The General says:

    Is seems the dire figures reported on our economic performance over the past two years could have been wrong and although there was poor growth, we might not have been in recession at all.
    Miliband is now on a winner with his totally undeliverable freeze energy prices policy. Totally unworkable and he could not deliver, but what does that matter lying through their teeth and false promises has always been their passport to election victory. Cameron could offer to cut income tax to 5% and reduce VAT to 1% and in reality, it would have as much credibility as the despicable Miliband’s proposal.


    • Ken Hall says:

      Labour and the BBC appear to be growing more and more desperate by the week.

      Labour had thought that Gordon Brown’s economic scorched earth policy would have damaged the economy enough to prevent the tories from turning things around before the 2015 election.

      Clearly the economy is growing again, more and more people are doing well in the private sector and business confidence is the highest it has been for months.

      All the labour BBC nexus can do now is spread doom and gloom and try every dirty trick in the book to destroy as much confidence as possible.


  5. phil says:

    It’s just the usual BBC story of the news needing some of their infamous ‘analysis’ when the facts don’t fit the corporation’s theory of how things should be.

    As part of the BBC’s charter it has a duty to educate us where necessary.


  6. The General says:

    Just seen the figures showing .8% growth. Turned over to BBC to be met by exceedingly GLUM faces. Incredible.


    • #88 says:

      One of the BBCs economics correspondents has just said this represents a 0.1% increase.

      No it doesn’t. It represents a 0.8% increase, as the figures state – (0.1 up from last time).

      If misrepresentation is his forte, he should go and get himself a job with the West Midlands Police Federation.


      • Arthur Penney says:

        TBH – you can’t expect a left winger to know anything about differential calculus can you?


  7. will says:

    As the figures were announced the BBCTweeters were concentrating on the angle that the economy was still 2.5% below its 2008 level (when some unremarked person imploded it)


  8. Doublethinker says:

    The Daily Politics had Chris Leslie from Labour on the growth figures. This man’s capacity to talk is exceeded only by his amnesia and ability to lie. Even Andrew Neil failed to shut him up and he droned on endlessly about the current Labour mantra : 3 missed years, cost of living crisis etc etc. By talking for so long he took up a considerable amount of the time that the Tory interviewee had to put his side of the story. Mr Neil , who is usually fair and controls any discussion, didn’t do very well today. But with Leslie I think that the interviewer needs a mute button to control him. After all we know he will be telling lies just like H Wilson used to.


    • #88 says:

      They are all the same. So much so that it would seem that they have been coached to behave in this way. Worse, all of them are allowed to talk over their opponent. When I say talk over, I mean just that. No argument (because they don’t have one), just talk over, just noise and distraction, allowed to suffocate the debate.

      The awful Rachel Reeves is an accomplished offender, so much so that some Tories have rightly refused to debate with her face to face.

      Mrs Balls is another. As is Leslie and as is Harman.

      The expert on everything, Caroline Flint (little more than a window dressed parrot), tried it on last night on QT. Fair do’s to DD, however who shut her up, unlike Paxman, the night before, who allowed her to ramble on for the majority of a discussion and then allowed her to continually interrupt the Government guest who was not allowed to express his view or argument.


  9. Bodo says:

    On radio four (might have been five) be introduced the story as ‘economic growth turns upwards , in reality is it more of a zigzag?”. Always desperate to rubbish any positive figures. When labour was in power good economic news was cheered by the BBC,and they followed the labour smear tactic whereby anyone questioning it was accused of “talking the economy”.


  10. Umbongo says:

    Of course the anti-capitalists at the BBC (and their friends in the Labour Party) would have preferred a Greek style melt-down in the UK so that Miliband could be wafted into 10 Downing Street as the saviour of the nation. But setting aside the bias, IMHO this recovery is indeed not (quoting Jeremy Warner in the Telegraph) what the doctor ordered. This recovery is demand-led not supply-side led. We have still got a massive current account deficit and as Michael Saunders at Citi writes “the rebound is led by demand rather than supply-side improvements, and is not rebalancing the economy towards investment and exports.” In other words super-low interest rates, money printing and housing market bubble financing although creating a short/medium-term bounce (which might even last to the election if Osborne really gets lucky) are not the long-term solutions to Britain’s problems.
    If the BBC were actually impartial, unbiased and open to opinion other than that from Labour party drones and points left there’s a lot to quite reasonably criticise in this “recovery”. Unfortunately because the BBC is desperate to see Osborne fail it ignores Osborne’s real failures (as above plus the absence of aggregate cuts) and prefers instead to opt for “emotional” criticism by, among other things, opting daily to expose the sores of Labour’s client-voters.
    Accordingly the BBC betrays this country in 2 ways: 1. whatever the problem, the favoured solution (or the explanation of the problem and its causes) – the “some say” alternative – is almost always that preferred by Labour; 2. coalition policies are always analysed/criticised/”explained” from the viewpoint of the left (often left of Labour). Outside the Islington bubble other solutions/explanations for our plight are being suggested and such solutions deserve respectful consideration and more than the occasional patronising mention by the state broadcaster.


  11. doris says:

    The Bank of England have urged caution as the growth is only in SE and hasn’t traction.

    What would the BOE know ? Whilst it’s nice to see some growth in my pension fund today, this time next year will tell us if this is sustained or a blip.

    On the economy, caution is a better approach in view of all the recent errors.


    • Manfred VR says:

      You’re late today albascott.


    • johnnythefish says:

      Yes indeed, what would the B of E know? What did they know of Crash Gordon’s miracle boom, built on mountains of public and personal debt and which led to the biggest bust since the 1930s? Or his proclamation that the City was entering ‘a new golden era’ (Mansion House speech, 2007) one year before the banking collapse, whilst the best he could offer the North was tens of thousands of useless public sector jobs, financed by more and more debt and distorting local labour markets due to the private sector being unable to compete with inflated public sector salaries?


  12. johnnythefish says:

    Amazing how the BBC seamlessly and effortlessly chases the Labour mantra. No more ‘Plan B’ and ‘cutting too far and too fast’, instead we have ‘cost of living crisis’.

    As soon as we have a concerted effort by the BBC to hold Balls and Miliband to account on their discredited alternatives (more and more borrowing) to Coalition economic policy, not to mention their continuing opposition to every cut in public spending whilst maintaining they are committed to reducing the deficit, I might just start to believe a chink of impartiality is beginning to appear in BBC coverage.

    But I won’t beholding my breath.


    • #88 says:

      There was no holding them to account on Five Live Drive a few minutes ago.

      Five minutes of interrogation, was what Sajid Javid got, wanting to know why the country was still in a mess (having spent the last three years painfully clawing ourselves out of the biggest economic hole in living memory while the Europe was doing its best to pull the ladders away).

      For good measure, they even played a tape of the discredited and disreputable Balls to Javid, asking him to respond to Balls’ repetitious bleatings.


  13. Sir Arthur Strebe-Grebling says:

    The bBBC allowed one politically-incorrect thought to intrude on their report from north-east England. The chief executive of the Chamber of Commerce says ‘Although the private sector is creating jobs, … the public sector is still a drag on the local economy’.


  14. DickMart says:

    The BBC’s idea of impartiality, when the Tories are in power, is that any good news must be matched or exceeded by some concocted bad news, however spurious.


  15. Betty Swollocks says:

    Just imaging if the Tories win the 2015 Election,the mourning all over the BBC will be massive.


  16. George R says:

    In the run up to the General Election, Beeboids seem to have adopted the following propaganda techniques on U.K political news:-
    ‘mention the Labour Party FIRST, preferably with a sound-bite from Labour side, only then mention the Government’s initiative.’
    And, Beeboids allow Labour folk e.g. Balls, to repeat the same point seven times, as did Kearney on ‘World at One’.


  17. Alex Feltham says:

    Sadly it is the wrong sort of growth.

    It’s the sort of growth being bought at the cost of a hundred billion pound a year deficit. That’s what the BBC should attack. But , of course, they won’t, because if we started cutting stuff God knows where it would stop. Maybe a Bush House?

    And what should we make of the spectacle of Ed Miliband being lauded for his courage by the BBC in confronting the powerful energy companies when it was Miliband himself who as minister for climate change passed the Climate Change Act which caused the rocketing bills in the first place?

    Incidentally there’s a great take on that in: “Trillion Pound Politician” at:!/2013/10/democracy-is-critical.html


  18. Stewart says:

    Any chance paxo might do the same on the Newsnight?