Sins Of The Father



David Cameron’s father died in 2010, that didn’t stop the Guardian in 2012 using his financial transactions as a weapon to attack the Tories and their policies:

Cameron family fortune made in tax havens

Revealed: David Cameron’s father built up legal offshore funds in Panama and Geneva

Downing Street said it did not want to comment on what was a private matter for the Cameron family.

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14 Responses to Sins Of The Father

  1. George R says:

    ‘Daily Express’:-

    “Mail defends Ralph Miliband article.

    “The row between the Ed Miliband and the Daily Mail shows no signs of abating as a senior executive at the newspaper defended the publication of an article attacking the Labour leader’s Marxist father.”


    • Stewart says:

      The only thing Mail can do now is stick to their guns.
      It was a dumb arsed article to run, even though it was probably true, but backing down now will only make it worse for them
      No amount of recanting will appease the BBC they have for a long time been seeking the Mails complete destruction so their best defence is attack


      • Demon says:

        Yes. They finished off the NotW, now the Mail. Telegraph next? It’s frightening! A few years ago I never thought we would be sliding so quickly and largely unchallenged into dictatorship.


        • Stewart says:

          Their victory over the ‘News of the Screws’ seems to have embolden them
          All through the Leveson inquiry Al Beeb, most especially 5lies , seemed desperate to implicate the Mail .
          This is the chance they’ve been waiting for ,expect it to run and run.


          • F*** the Beeb says:

            Of course the irony will be if the royal charter set up as a result of Leveson ends up destroying the BBC before it has the chance to turn us into the nightmarish far-left PC neo-marxist theocracy that is clearly their goal.


  2. George R says:

    Yes, the political assault of the Beeboids-Guardianistas on the non-political left media is blatant and sustained.


  3. George R says:

    “Hypocrisy of the Left on Ralph Miliband.
    Remember when they danced on Margaret Thatcher’s grave?”


    • Amounderness Lad says:

      And they were quite happy to use the tactic of attacking her children in order to cause her embarrassment, and I’m talking about spinning largely trivial stories out of all proportion whilst she was still PM and not the more serious things involving her son long after she left office. I recall one story about her daughter being seen allegedly sneaking about in a Far Eastern Strip Club. It turns out that they truth was that she was a member of a group of journalists engaged in a fact finding visit and were being shown round by a group of officials to raise the place’s profile to encourage visits by tourists. Not quite the same version as somebody caught secretly sneaking round the more sleazy places of entertainment any woman would choose to visit by herself for a nights entertainment.


  4. George R says:

    ‘Daily Mail’:-

    “War of words over Red Ed’s Marxist dad: Mail critique of Ralph Miliband triggers a furious debate”^headlines


  5. chrisH says:

    Yes, noted Jim Naughtie wheeling in Dacre as the new Murdoch, and worthy to be slain in his suckups this morning.
    The Mail can`t lose…Labour and the BBC are despicably using the corpse of Miliband as one big carpet slipper to attempt to ski to victory for the left in 2015.
    Thankfully, they`re too thick to know that Savile is on their other foot-and something`s smelling there underfoot with all that the BBC are doing at the moment.
    The BBC despised the woman who liberated many from the kinds of gulags that Ralph intended as “consciousness-raising seminars” for the workers of Russia and Eastern Europe…but lionises the selfsame Ralph who was happy enough to have them sent there if they voted for anything but him and his like.
    And we`re thick enough to consider this.
    This storm in a Trabant is all about us not remembering what the Left is, what it does-and what it always did,
    Let`s hope Islam gets them in line, whilst the Christians find their Bibles and their balls.
    Until then-Muslim entryism goes on much as Commie entryism did…which is why the Mail have upset the moochers and grazers idly waiting at the halal counters door….


  6. stuart says:

    i trust that slippery david cameron as much as a i trust eddie milliband,cameron has become so left wing and politacaly correct since he went into coalitian with the liberals that i could almost mistake him for being the leader of the blue labour party, real conservatism died when maggie thatcher walked out no 10 and handed the keys over to john major in 1990,that was the death of the conservative party and they have never recovered from that.


    • F*** the Beeb says:

      Not sure you can call him left-wing when he’s just announced that he plans on cutting welfare access to people under 25 – who are statistically struggling more than anyone else to find work.

      You’re right about him being overly PC and pandering to the EU/feminist sexism etc, however.


    • Albaman says:

      “cameron has become so left wing and politacaly correct since he went into coalitian with the liberals”

      Kind of knocks the bBBC argument that “lefties” always get an easy ride from the BBC does it not. Surely this site should be congratulating the BBC for the “bias” they show against Cameron.