An emetic…

…courtesy of BBC World Service journalist Stephanie Hegarty:

The leader of a terrorist-exporting theocracy is one thing, but Fox News is something else entirely:

BBC newsroom mindset.

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18 Responses to An emetic…

  1. Chop says:

    Please….please, please, please…

    Can we have a Fox news channel here?

    (No, the axis of evil BBC, Mirror & Guardian put play to that.)


    • Stewart says:

      Not until we rid ourselves of that bloated dinosaur the BBC , then there may be room for other voices to be heard


  2. Ian Hills says:

    I wonder if Israelis too will find that “there is something cuddly and teddy bear-ish” about Teheran’s answer to Hitler, if and when their country is subjected to Iranian missile attacks?


  3. Mice Height says:

    Not even brown-skinned Christians appear on the lunatic left’s ‘progressive stack’ at the moment then.


  4. TPO says:

    What Hegarty has linked to is a progamme called ‘The Five’ which is broadcast by Fox from New York at 5:00PM on weekdays. I watch it about three times a week. It is both amusing and incisive and the addition of Bob Beckel, who can sometimes be to the left of the ‘annointed one’, provides extra interest.

    I suspect that Hegarty’s comment is little more than sour grapes and envy. Any one of ‘The Five’s’ contributors are on a much higher intellectual plane than the pedestrian Hegarty.

    Couple that with the fact that the female contributors, especially Dana Perino, are not only highly intelligent but quite stunning.

    On the other hand Hegarty is little more than an Irish munter who occasionally scribbles half baked ideas for the gruniard and the failing New Statesman.

    No wonder she’s got her knickers in a twist.


    • F*** The Beeb says:

      Typical vapid BBC reporter hired for her ideology and gender instead of her competence and tact (or lack thereof) in investigative journalism.


  5. Smell the glove says:

    Most Persian watchers might point people towards the uncle Neapolitan syndrome, and it’s younger brother uncle Neapolitan 2. this holds that any problem that Iran encounters must be caused by Britain.and if not younger brother USA


    • Andrew says:

      Hence a bit of graffiti reported by Sir Anthony Parsons around the time of the Iranian Islamic Revolution:

      “Death to Khomeini, tool of the British!”


      • F*** The Beeb says:

        It’s like how people still blame whites for anything bad that happens to blacks because slavery existed once. America and Britain did overthrow a democratically elected Iranian president out of financial petrodollar fear and place a Westernised despot at the helm, and that was obviously wrong. But it was up to the Iranian people to overthrow that man and get back to the same level of balance and sanity that they had before. They didn’t – they backed Khomeni to turn Iran into the extreme Islamic theocratic basket case it is today. The power was in their hands, not ours, so everything since the revolution was down to them.


  6. Paddy says:

    I also think he looks like a teddy bear. I’m not so keen on the theocratic terrorism bit though.

    Can biased bbc get its mindset around that?


    • Stewart says:

      And do you also think that attacks on Christians around the world should go unreported?
      Its all about ‘context’ old thing ,you should know that.


  7. Alan Larocka says:

    Just another BBC arsehole.


  8. hippiepooter says:

    Theses days, with such prevailing moral imbecility as exhibited by M/s Hegarty, I think we should name change Britain to ‘Titanic’.

    Seems apt somehow.


  9. Enza Ferreri says:

    Have you watched Question Time last night with its references to Islam and persecution of Christians?

    Question Time: Insane People Denying the Obvious


  10. Paddy says:

    Someone says on twitter they think he has a teddy bear look about him = they support his policies/ideology.

    Very incisive. You guys are great for a giggle.


    • Stewart says:

      In the context of his also saying
      The world according to @FoxNews Gross. “Christians Under Attack in Kenya & Pakistan
      Hence my question ,I’m sorry you didn’t ‘get’ it


    • richard D says:

      Hmm – in the sentence “There is something cuddly and teddy bear-ish about @drRouhani #Iran”, where do you find that this cotemptible woman is simply describing the way he looks, rather than any other of his attributes – e.g. his thinking, attitudes and philosophy ?

      Or are you saying this so-called journalist working at BBC World Service is such an illiterate (which would beg the question as to why she is working for anyone as a journalist) that she can’t express herself clearly in writing ?


    • Guest Who says:

      ‘Very incisive”
      The rest of your post of course representing the pinnacle of sober contemplation.
      Lucky you are not just here to provoke.
      Guess the Sunday slot does end up with the ‘C’ team.