Berry’s Not So Smart Circus…..Flogging A Lie




The BBC’s latest review of its lack of impartiality from earlier in the year has resurfaced as one of its authors, Mike Berry,  pushes the lie, lovingly created and honed by him and those ex BBC employees now ensconced at Cardiff University who manufactured this ‘report’,  that the BBC is actually biased towards the Right.

The BBC say it went to Cardiff University but you might conclude that it took a wrong turn and ended up in Cardiff on the day the Circus was in town.

Even the BBC has admitted it is biased towards the Left so either Berry is a fool or a liar.

DB has mentioned this in the Open Thread and Is the BBC biased has picked up on that and delved into Mike Berry’s left wing, anti-Israeli background.

The usual stuff.


We have already had a look at this report and its authors and I think it is obvious that you can dismiss it as yet another BBC smoke screen.

Just what is the point of the BBC commissioning such reports into its impartiality when the people it gets to conduct the reports either have very close ties to the BBC or have very obvious, strong, political leanings that indicate they will not be impartial?



This is Berry’s final conclusion:

So the evidence from the research is clear. The BBC tends to reproduce a Conservative, Eurosceptic, pro-business version of the world, not a left-wing, anti-business agenda.


A more dishonest and misleading statement about the BBC would be hard to find.

Pro-Conservative, anti-Europe, pro-Business?  Did he not have the room to add on pro-EDL, pro-Christian, pro-Israeli?


Amazing how Berry can get those big clown feet into his mouth ….but he has such an appreciative audience who clearly like their news spoon fed to them because thinking for themselves is so hard to do as the Twitter mob of the usual left wing trolls that come out from under their stones to celebrate his nonsense admirably demonstrate:

Seumas Milne@SeumasMilne 19h  Contrary to media mythology, #BBC coverage is dominated by Conservative, corporate & City voices, research shows 


 You have to laugh at this from Berry (If I was  a student at Cardiff I’d be asking for my money back if taught by Berry):

The fact that the City financiers who had caused the crisis were given almost monopoly status to frame debate again demonstrates the prominence of pro-business perspectives.


I’m sorry, I have to choke back the tears of laughter….I thought that tripping on LSD was so 60’s…does it still go on?….apart from the fact that the Banks have been massively reined in weren’t we told that it was ‘Occupy’ who had framed the debate…even by Mervyn King and Andrew Haldane of the Bank of England:

Haldane said:

 ‘Occupy has been successful in its efforts to popularise the problems of the global financial system for one very simple reason: they are right,’

‘If I am right and a new leaf is being turned, then Occupy will have played a key role in this fledgling financial reformation,’ he continued. ‘You have put the arguments. You have helped win the debate. And policymakers, like me, will need your continuing support in delivering that radical change.’


Occupy certainly framed the BBC’s narrative.

The BBC is pro-Occupy, it encouraged the ‘youth’ to riot and protest, it damns bankers and big business at every opportunity, it fanatically supported Labour’s Plan B, it has done everything in its power to knock the confidence of business, investors and consumers and to push the belief that Osborne’s policies are bringing us to the brink of ruin…even now as the ‘green shoots’ emerge they find ways to tell us we’re all doomed rather than look on the bright side.


You just have to listen to one of their recent efforts to see the BBC’s approach:

How You Pay For The City


The title alone gives away the drift of the programme.

Why not ‘How You Pay For Tescos’?  Because of course you do….…or ‘How You Pay For Your Own Wages’…by buying products from other businesses…whose workers go out and buy products from your company…which pays your wages …and so on….Capitalism is so awfully complicated.

or even  ‘How You Pay For The BBC’?.

The BBC isn’t free you know.


The programme was half an hour of anti-city, anti-business, anti-government policies, that condemned the banks for making profits and claimed Quantitive Easing was a terrible idea that stole money from the poor and put it in the pockets of the rich bankers…never mind that it was pension funds and insurance companies that held government bonds that received the money….designed deliberately not to put money into banker’s coffers.

 You heard nothing good about QE on this programme, that it stabilised and kept confidence in the economy, it was merely a highly politicised anti-banker rant with only one dissenting voice…on for a moment….no points for every time ‘casino banking’ was mentioned.


In one half hour programme it covered QE, oil speculation, Banks diversifying, commodities,  interest rates, inflation…..even if it was possible to, the BBC had no intention of looking at these subjects in any real depth, it merely cherry picked data and quotes to back up its narrative.

  It told us that banks were manipulating oil prices….a man came on briefly and said there was no evidence for that…the BBC ignored him and carried on anyway.

Never mind that oil prices are always manipulated…notoriously by the likes of OPEC and Saudi Arabia and of course now Russia with gas prices….funny, no mention of that though.


So yes, the BBC is pro-Business, pro-Conservative.


I see now, I was blinded by my own prejudices before.








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5 Responses to Berry’s Not So Smart Circus…..Flogging A Lie

  1. Wild says:

    To rebut the charge that the BBC is full of middle class left wing Trotskyite wankers they get another public sector Trotskyite middle class wanker to say they are far too right wing. An exercise in mutual masturbation from tax funded parasites who make drug addled prostitutes look noble in comparison.


    • Banquosghost says:

      I was thinking the same thing but you are far more eloquent than me, I was going to say something about BBC editorial policy being one big circle jerk.


  2. Span Ows says:

    This was started by a helpful ‘Stephen’ on the Friday Open Thread previous to this one, presumably hoping he was dealing us a blow:


    One point I highlighted was the ridiculous non sequitur that is “So the evidence is clear that BBC does not lean to the left it actually provides more space for Conservative voices.” which is the final ‘killer’ line from the Tories get more airtime section of that The Conversation ‘Hard Evidence’ link.

    Also, the counting seems to have been on ‘stated allegiance’ so, as the BBBC Rule #1 states, most left wing allegiances go unmentioned. Also, again thanks to David Preiser (USA) there was no mention into the quality of those appearances., so a Tory could be on 3 times a getting the shit kicked out of him against a Labourite getting a cost chat yet that stats say it is biased towards the Tory!


  3. chrisH says:

    Sean Milne eh?
    That`ll be ex BBC bosses Alastair Milnes boy then?
    Now a resident Guardian Lefty who could even embarrass Toynbee once in a while maybe?
    Private school and Oxbridge-just the kind of lefty leader of the unwashed masses that the BBC and Guardian WOULD employ is he not?
    Shameless Milne alright.
    Heard Paddy O Connell standing in for Jeremy Vine getting the UKIP bloke to repeat his bongo-bongo remark-only to try and get him into trouble with Farage who said he ought not to repeat it.
    Have a listen-0then tell me that the BBC is just a snitch and grass operation soley hoping to get a soundbite or a bitchslap for the professional lefties enjoyment at the Beeb.
    Remind me again-WTF are we paying this golden shower?
    Yet when they ought to have grassed and snitched-on , say Savile or Hall…Paddy was wringing out Jimmys keks in his sand bucket, gratis.


  4. chrisH says:

    Sean?…Seamus?…Padraig?…Chelsea?…who gives a damn!