Only Fools And Not Arses



Once again the BBC demonstrate a peculiarly selective way of reporting important events from around the world.

 An Aussie election candidate makes a fool of herself and the BBC are all over it, they were reporting it yesterday and remarkably it was still going strong on the news this morning:

Islam gaffe candidate Banister quits Australia election


A nothing of a story in the scale of things….unless you work for the BBC and delight in seeing a critic of Islam being dumb.


No such delight over Obama’s stream of  ‘gaffes’.



And no such delight over this story, in fact no reporting at all:

Danish Muslim leader who fuelled uproar about Prophet Muhammad cartoons now says he was WRONG and paper was RIGHT to print images


  • Ahmad Akkari led protests against drawings to Lebanon, Egypt and Syria
  • Dispute over caricatures of Prophet Muhammad became international crisis
  • Lebanon-born Muslim leader, 35, now says the trip was ‘wrong’



Here is a story that could help prevent the radicalistion of some Muslims by countering the Jihadi narrative and defusing the anger that is artificially whipped up by these so called preachers as it would make potential recruits question such rhetoric….

…and the BBC isn’t at all interested.

It prefers to launch a petty attack, disparaging and mocking someone in a story that has little relevance to anything.  The intention of course is to try and associate this woman and her ‘foolish ideas’ with all critics of Islam…how ill-informed they are, how stupid, how prejudiced.

The BBC once again trying to manipulate the Public and impose its view of events.


Funny what priorities the world’s finest broadcaster has and who it thinks is the worst danger to world peace….the Jihadists or those who criticise the Jihadis and their ideolgy.

The BBC seem to be on the side of the Jihadis by default.

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15 Responses to Only Fools And Not Arses

  1. Pounce says:

    Oh I can beat all of the above: last night the bBC came out with this article:
    From little Gaza to chunky Australia
    And since I touched down on the world’s biggest island, jaded by jetlag and infused with insomnia, I have become somewhat obsessed with matters of size.It began with a bit of night-time number crunching which revealed to me the probably never-before-reported fact that Gaza would fit inside Australia no fewer than 21,366 times.

    Like the Islamic world the bBC subscribes to the notion of promoting the view that ‘Gaza’ is an open wound and so Jon Donnison has come out with the latest propaganda piece for the religion of peace. The thing is last night this article had a comments page and just a few hours later I find that the bBC have removed all the comments. I wonder if it could be becasue all the comments attacked Donnison for writing such a non-story about how that if Gaza wanted more land they should push to become part of Eygpt and lastly if Gazans peace they could have it, all they have to do is put down their weapons of war. I’ll leave you with Dickhead’s POV of life in Gaza:
    With its wall, fences and watchtowers, Gaza is not a place for the claustrophobic.

    The bBC, the reason why Anti-Semitism is rife in the UK.


    • noggin says:

      “Gaza would fit inside Australia no fewer than 21,366 times” … I don t think they ll take the hint or be inviting any of those problematic Jordanian Arabs thank you very much … anytime soon 😀

      yet … Israel, which occupies one-sixth of one percent of the lands called Arab, and is supposedly responsible for the political dissatisfaction of 22 Arab countries and half a billion, or 1 billion or 1 gaza-ilian (or which ever propagandic sum is flavour of the month) adherrents?

      hmm .. but mind you Israel, they do need more space if only to house all of the nobel prizes, for innovation, medical research physiology, chemistry, economics, and literature etc.
      obviously the hall for prizes for improvised bomb making, and unfettered continuous inbreeding has no interest to them … go ahead Gaza knock yourself out.


    • Guest Who says:

      ‘and just a few hours later I find that the bBC have removed all the comments’
      Say it ain’t so!
      Only the other day I recall the BBC being cited as a professional and mature beacon of free speech in comparison to those who would do such a thing.
      OT I concede, but then, this thread is about selectivity.
      One awaits the shares of those most exercised by such censorship as they wade though the BBC complaints system to simply ask why.


      • Guest Who says:

        ‘Commentators compared Ms Banister to Sarah Palin, the gaffe-prone Republican’
        Now, beyond being shocked I tell you, shocked, which commentators are referring to which ‘commentators’ making such a comparison I wonder?
        Can’t wait to see if it stretches into NaughtieMarr territory during the week. Along with Blackbuster Miliband, those studmuffin guys know how to get away with gaffes like no silly woman can.


      • Richard Pinder says:

        The BBC only censors the truth, such as the fact that Cameron sends shedloads of our cash to a Country with an Antelope called a Bong, another Country with a Drum called a Bongo, another country with an ethnic group called the Bongo and also another Country with a President called Ali Bongo.


  2. The Beebinator says:

    it isnt called Al beeb for nothing


  3. therealguyfaux says:

    “No such delight over Obama’s stream of ‘gaffes’.”

    Like the one just this week, which got all the Twitter play, in which he miraculously teleports Charleston, South Carolina to the Gulf of Mexico (roughly the equivalent of moving Hull to Portsmouth). This, from the gentleman of “57 Varieties” of States of the Union, and Navy “Hospital ‘Corpsemen'[sic]” fame.

    Remind me, why was Romney calling a man, whose position is that of Leader of the Opposition, “Mr Leader,” such a howler again? (I mean, aside from the idea that Ed Miliband is in actuality any kind of a leader, that is.)


  4. Ralph says:

    People say stupid things but it is just those who are right of centre that have their comments repeated and repeated and repeated. Regardless of that Stephanie Banister is an idiot of Victoria Derbyshire proportions…


  5. Old Goat says:

    We truly live in the age of stupid.