Any Thoughts On The Belfast Troubles?


Just an impression but listening to the BBC I kind of get the idea that when the Republicans march and there is trouble it is the Loyalists fault, when the Loyalists march and there is trouble it is the Loyalists fault.

Anyone else get the same impression?


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41 Responses to Any Thoughts On The Belfast Troubles?

  1. Robert Jones says:

    I was certainly surprised to hear that the most recent troubles stem from Loyalist rejection of the Republican marches to celebrate those IRA/PIRA/Real IRA terrorists blown up by their own bombs. Why on earth did the Northern Ireland Parades Commissions grant the Republicans permission to march? The analogy would be jihadists wanting to march in London in support of dead islamist suicide bombers.


    • Fred says:

      A better analogy would be French soldiers marching in Paris in memory of the French resistance fighters.


      • Demon says:

        Not even close.


        • Demon says:

          In fact, a better WW2 analogy would be Germans marching to remember the dead SS Concentration Camp guards.


          • Frederick says:

            Good one! Here’s another.

            Or the British marching to commemorate the RAF, who killed 1000 times more innocent people in one night in Dresden than the IRA did.


            • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

              Frederick, I have told you not to stop taking your medication!
              No get back to your padded cell.


            • Guest Who says:

              Such marching would probably involve service personnel in uniform, answerable in times of war to state, electorate and various conventions.
              The IRA uniform, and that of a few other outfits you evidently empathise with being…?
              Maybe best to compare apples with apples. Sour grapes just seems daft.
              FWIW this whole marching lark seems anachronistic in an era of any excuse for a kick-off. but like democracy, free speech has its quirks.
              The BBC bias bit seems to be who gets a free pass to stroll about and who gets the microscope and carefully selected guest input and vox pops.


            • Stewart says:

              That would be 2,057,000 or did you mean by the IRA in one night?
              Either way there are differences ,not least that one was a frontal attack pressed home against a literal storm of fire while the other was from behind by assassins cloaked in shadows


            • lojolondon says:

              Oooooo – I thought that Germany started bombing British cities, British bombing of German cities only happened much later in the war? Selective memory, Frederic?

              Anyway, thinking of all the people who died in the second world war leads us directly to why Britain should stay out of the EU – because what Germany failed to achieve through the sword she plans to achieve through the pen (with the help of traitors) – the Fourth Reich.


              • John Wood says:

                I remember seeing a film somewhere in which a British bomber accidentally dropped bombs on a German city towards the end of 1940. Retaliation caused the Germans to switch targets from aerodromes to cities – providing desperately needed relief for the RAF.


                • Demon says:

                  Not quite. A German bomber accidentally dropped bombs on London, against Hitler’s orders. Churchill retaliated by bombing Berlin. This annoyed Hitler so he ordered the blitz against London. This gave relief to the RAF airfields and saved the battle.


                  • Amounderness Lad says:

                    Stop correcting the revisionist version of WW2 that the Nazis were nice, peaceful, kind little angels who the nasty, evil British kept bullying and picking on for absolutely no reason at all.


            • johnnythefish says:

              Frederick von….?


            • Amounderness Lad says:

              Are you trying to claim that the IRA only killed 23 people because that number would be one thousandth of the total deaths in Dresden and that is according to recent figures produced by German Historians now they have been able to carefully study what happened in Dresden from records which were previously hidden behind the Iron Curtain from where the previous, inflated and uncheckable figures originated as part of the Cold War anti-Western propaganda output.


      • CCE says:

        FFS go and read a history book written by someone who makes an attempt at impartiality. In Case you hadn’t noticed Belfast is in the United Kingdom.

        Ulster has been part of the union from its inception and has been an integral part of Kingdom of Great Britain an since 1691, 322 years.

        This offensive farce is more like is Dutch-speaking Spanish nationalists celebrating the martyrdom of some people who ‘resisted’ French Rule in Lille in the 20th century as a result of issues dating to the Franco Dutch war of 1678.



        • Frederick says:

          Ulster is one of the four ancient provinces of Ireland consisting of 9 counties. Northern Ireland is a gerrymandered part of Ulster cut out of Ireland by the British in 1921 or so in order to create a permanent unionist tyranny which was exposed in 1968 by the civil rights movement.

          So if you don’t even know the difference between Ulster and Northern Ireland I think you are the idiot.


  2. Alex says:

    Yes, I was thinking exactly that yesterday, Alan. Whoever waves the Union Jack is always to blame.


  3. Demon says:

    Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I seem to remember the Parades Commission either making Unionists cancel parades or re-route them away from the roads they used for generations because it might offend the Republican residents (often moved into these streets since the marches were already established). However, I don’t ever remember hearing that the Republicans have to inconvenience themselves in their marches to appease Unionists.

    Having said that, the headline that Sky gave was that 56 police injured by Unionists. If true, that is totally unacceptable.


  4. Span Ows says:

    Blimey! this is scary, I am on the other side of the world and haven’t read much on the riots but I thought IT WAS UNIONIST MARCHES! Even now, to a casual quick once-over there isn’t much to suggest otherwise, 99.9% of the reporting (other media may be similar but so far I have just read 2 pages on BBC) is about the UAF attacks on the EDL…oh, sorry, I mean Unionist attacks on the Republican marches (do you see what I did there?)…


  5. DJ says:

    The BBC always, without exception, supports the side that promotes violent savagery.

    If hard line Catholics were marching against gay marriage they could give out balloons on route and clean up after themselves and the BBC would still claim to be terrified by these religious extremists. As it is, fascist nut cases are marching in support of murderous lunatics and the BBC acts like the extremists are the people who object to this.


  6. The Beebinator says:

    i’ll certainly be having a remy martin this afternoon in remembrance of PIRA terrorists who blew themselves up. gotta luv own goals


    • dave1east says:

      justin what’shisface made at half hearted attempt at balance yesterday morning.
      it fell apart when the ira speaker compared the killers who blew themselves up with the dambusters.
      there was no no challenge – imagine what would have happened if apologists of concentration camp guards had compared them to castro, guevara or the blessed allende?


  7. Doublethinker says:

    A point that the pro mass immigration/ multicultural liberals and their BBC mouthpiece, should note, is how difficult it is to achieve harmony between different groups. In NI the two sides are divided by religion, but are both Christian, and share a common language and not too dis-similar ethinicity. Contrast this with many of the immigrants to the UK who differ from the indigenous population to a vastly greater extent than the two communities in NI do. Yet the pro immigrationists believe that all will be well and a fully functioning, harmonious society will be easily achieved.
    They have set us all, the indigenous population and the immigrants, up for decades of strife and anguish . Despite the BBC manipulating the news in the interests of social cohesion and using both subtle and blatant propaganda in the cause of mass immigration, it is very likely to end in tragedy.
    To have embarked on such a large scale experiment in social engineering was certainly reckless in the extreme and in decades to come those responsible , labour and the liberal left, will pay a heavy price.


    • Frederick says:

      Best comment of the day.

      If two almost ethnically identical groups of people whose religious differences are tiny and diminishing as more and more people leave religion cannot get on, then what is the future going to be like to Luton, Bradford and all of the other mixed communities once their populations reach a comparable size.


    • Audrey says:

      Karma is going to be a bitch to the Left.


  8. uncle bup says:

    Peter McKay had it right.

    Norn Irish – quick to give offence, quick to take offence.


  9. Emerson v says:

    The BBC have always supported and given a voice to the marxist IRA, they are anti anything british or unionist . This has been going back to the 1960’s.


    • Amounderness Lad says:

      Absolutely, Emerson v. The BBC give support and succour to any group who are intent on damaging or undermining Britain and do their best to demonise and discredit anybody and anything which sets out to support Britain or who wish to retain an historical connection with Britain.

      The BBC are always staunchly impartial in favour of those who wish to force others to sever their connection with Britain or who wish to attack the British way of life, which they persist in trying to convince people is just a figment of their imagination and in reality has never existed.


  10. Idiotboy says:

    Interesting to compare the BBC’s focus on the violence of the loyalist counter demonstration with their standard head-in-the-sand approach toward reporting the violent activities of the UAF at EDL marches. An agenda in action ?


  11. Justin Casey says:

    To be honest I think that all the `parades` in N.Ireland should be banned… After four hundred years it`s about time that both sides accepted a simple fact…. The protetants are just as Irish as the catholics they are both the same identity as far as i am concerned and it`s about time that a conflict based on a four hundred year old argument was no longer a major political issue in Storemonts decisions… The whole idea of allowing parades by either side needs to be put to bed… For a start, the majority of ,Orange Order, Presbyterians and Loyalist supporters are descended from Scottish peasants who supported a Dutchman who fought a Scottish King for the British throne… If anything they were the polar opposite of `Loyalists` when they aligned themselves with a foreigners claim to the British crown…. As for the Catholics in N.Ireland it`s a well known fact that prior to the 1600s the Northern region of the lands were populated by Irish and Scottish people who had settled on both sides of the Irish sea since Roman times… Apart from religion there really is no difference between the Catholics and the Protestants… I have N.Irish Catholic parents and I was born in England and when people ask me what nationality i am I say I am British, I don`t claim to be Irish nor do I feel a need to include my religion in my identity… The parades are nothing more than forms of bigotry and intimidation acted out by cretins and led by imbeciles… The irony of the apprentice boys is that about 80 % of the participants are unemployed whose only vocational skill seems to revolve around playing a recorder, banging a drum or twirling a baton like a majorette!! The only physical labour most have done is walking to the Jobcentre to sign on or making bonfires… Until Storemont is wiped clear of all Ex terrorists and political wings of terrorist factions and also religiously motivated political agitators the problem of annual rioting and sectarian division will remain… At the moment N.Irish politics is stagnating becouse the same opposite viewpoints now use thier positions within the administration to perpetuate the same unfair and biased agendas as they did during the troubles…. People like MacGuiness and Adams shouldn`t be allowed to be involved in decision making nor should thier counterparts from the Protestant communities… There really is no need for sectarian politics and mistrust in the present times in the six counties… One last thing, all convicted terrorists should be recalled and made to serve out the remainder of thier sentences as murder is murder and for the victims families thier freedom is nothing more than a slap in the face to them…


  12. P38eoeiwo says:

    These IRA gatherings are glorification, support and gathering in the military uniform of a proscribed terrorist organisation . It therefore is in statute as ILLEGAL, and really only the tip of the breaches of the Terrorism Act which these apparently untouchables are up to, and of which will never be broadcast nationally.

    The problem here is not only the BBC (who have zero interest in reporting such facts, rather more interested in being first to broadcast McGuinness & cos. mendacious propaganda unchallenged in response), but also the pathetic UK government who are only interested in turning a blind eye, thereby ensuring that terrorism will be encouraged well into the future.


  13. P38eoeiwo says:

    I also have to laugh at Republicans insisting that the only definition of Ulster that is correct the Elizabethan one devised by English military planners of the Tutor conquest of Ireland (and the name Ulster goes back in origin millennia ago and has varied in size from about 1/2 of Northern Ireland today to about double). The problem is that they don’t see the irony, and spout history while in reality know little of their own history outside the simplified selective propaganda that they have been indoctrinated with.


  14. P38eoeiwo says:

    * Tudor conquest of Ireland