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All too real

via Guido and Cityunslicker:

Ed Miliband set on reform, but not on break with the BBC

Ed Miliband has explicitly ruled out breaking Labour‘s historic links with the BBC, saying he wants to “mend not end” the relationship while giving individual watching people more of a role in choosing what’s on TV.


After a week in which allegations of policy-rigging by Labour’s largest backer, The BBC, Miliband says the millions of hard watching people viewing Strictly Come Dancing are the party’s “biggest asset”……..read it all.



As  one of the comments said:

formertory said…

Masterpiece! Spooky, how naturally it all “fits”

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10 Responses to Spoof or Troof

  1. PhilO'TheWisp says:

    Perhaps WanNationLabour could sponsor Strictly. Red dresses, dancing to The Red Flag, judges “selected” by Unite, postal votes, Prescott as host. Whaddya think Lord Hall-Hall? Reckon it!s a winner?


  2. Richard D says:

    …you mean that there’s even a scintilla of evidence that this might actually be a spoof ?


  3. The Beebinator says:

    i thought this was funny

    “At present, members of BBC are affiliated to Labour through ‘the impartiality clause’ & so don’t have to declare their politics. Any newcomers to the BBC organisation are automatically enrolled onto left wing comedy shows or into anti-Tory news programs.

    BBC managers say this ‘opt-in’ makes sense as everyone at the BBC could reasonably be expected to be a Guardian reading, card carrying social-democrat or else they would never have got through the official selection procedure in the first place. And they say the only person who ever wanted to opt out of flag flying for the labour party was Jeremy Clarkson.


  4. Number 7 says:

    Cheers Alan!

    Thanks for the H/T

    Number 7 says:

    July 19, 2013 at 10:06 am

    Apologies if this has been previously reported (it is worth repeating anyway):-


    “We have had historic links with the Labour party going back tens of years to when we didn’t like Thatcher and ran endless alternative comedian shows. And then we loved Tony Blair and the night of the champagne bottles and we willingly promoted Union Jack knickers for reason that are now unclear.. But, we have had our differences in the past.. And they have even taken down some of our director generals like during the Iraq war.

    But the BBC was and still is a left wing organisation made up of liberal, left leaning, socially aware, ultra trendy, progressive, vegetarian hipsters. There are 250 copies of the Guardian for every one of the Telegraph. We aren’t ever going to offer the Tories support. On the issue of political choice the science has long been settled. Vote Labour”


    • Span Ows says:



      • Number 7 says:

        Not particularly, but having been on the receiving end of a certain blogger’s impeccable wit and blinding intelligence when it comes to any slight criticism I have come to the conclusion that he must have worked for the beeboids complaints dept.

        Since you asked.


  5. Bigt says:

    Sat here watching the morning news…. finally switch to the BBC for the propaganda fest…

    Any problems with the NHS were not Labours fault, the evil Tories are playing politics which labour always raises above doing (yeah right!!!), in fact all the past failures are the current govt fault…. even though they weren’t in power….. job done …


  6. stuart says:

    think about it,most bbc employees are members of the nuj and unison.eddy aint stupid,since he fell out with the communist unite union he is scouting around for more funding off these lot.


  7. George R says:

    For BBC-NUJ, more on :

    Labour Party-UNITE, embedded-

    “Mother of union boss love child fixes MPs for Labour: New scandal as McCluskey gives £75,000-a-year key role to ex-mistress.
    “Married Unite union leader Len McCluskey fathered child with Jennie Formby.
    “Ms Formby led public defence of McCluskey after he was accused of trying to rig a Labour selection contest in Falkirk, Scotland, for another union ally.
    “She has now been given £75,000 job as Unite’s political director.
    “Move is embarrassing for Labour leader Ed Miliband who is desperate to counter Tory claims he is in the unions’ pockets.!”



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