Challenging The EDL?


The EDL says Islam is ‘Extreme’.

Is it?

People who cut other people’s heads off in the name of Islam are obviously extreme, suicide bombers are extreme, people who hang 16 year old girls from cranes are extreme.

 But is Islam, when compared to our democratic, progressive, secular nation ‘extreme’?


That’s not a question many people will ask..or ‘allow’ to be asked.

To do so means disposing  ‘of the first taboo, and accepting that the problem is Islam. Islam is the problem.’


Having listened to Tommy Robinson’s interview on the Today programme in which he suggests Islam is ‘extreme’ we saw the hysterical reaction…a reaction that lacks any rationality or reasonableness based as it was on pure prejudice and bile rather than any coherent thoughts. 

Apparently the BBC has ‘poisoned the airwaves’ with this interview.

Polly Billington, Labour candidate for Thurrock, wrote on Twitter: “That interview did not constitute scrutiny. Unchallenged lies and hatred poison our national debate…“This did not clear the air. It poisoned it”


The truth is though that Robinson said no more than Cameron or Blair or Boris Johnson or many other ‘respectable’ and authoritative voices.


Ironically it is the BBC, the Islamophobia industry and those on their political bandwagons themselves who have made it impossible to challenge Tommy Robinson in any intelligent and critical manner on their own terms….all that remains is to shout ‘racist’ or ‘islamophobe’ as often and as loudly as possible.

The whole basis of the EDL’s existence is to challenge the Islamic ideology, the teachings and values of the ‘religion’.

To ‘challenge’ the EDL’s claims you have to examine Islam.

The BBC et al have steadfastly refused to do that in any meaningful way, steadfastly refused to examine Islam and the beliefs and values that stem from that ideology….and they will not do so  because they know that to do so would raise some very awkward questions about the ‘religion’ and the consequences of allowing it to spread in a democratic, secular or Christian nation.

If the BBC can’t bring itself to critique Islam then it cannot hope to challenge the EDL because it will have nothing to argue with….it cannot say ‘Islam says this or that whilst you in the EDL say this.’..because it doesn’t know or admit what Islam says or means.

Such questions about Islam also then beg answers…answers that no politician dare even contemplate…hence we hear ‘Islam is a religion of peace‘.  The politicians kick the questions down the road and hope nothing serious happens on their watch that they have to deal with. 

Robinson said ‘It ain’t going to be pretty’……what is he predicting? Nigeria, Sudan, Somalia, Pakistan?

Maybe we should talk…..about Islam.


Perhaps Boris Johnson could kick start the conversation: 

The question is what action we take now to solve the problem in our own country, and what language we should use to describe such action.

This is a cultural calamity that will take decades to correct.

We — non-Muslims — cannot solve the problem; we cannot brainwash them out of their fundamentalist beliefs. The Islamicists last week horribly and irrefutably asserted the supreme importance of that faith, overriding all worldly considerations, and it will take a huge effort of courage and skill to win round the many thousands of British Muslims who are in a similar state of alienation, and to make them see that their faith must be compatible with British values and with loyalty to Britain. That means disposing of the first taboo, and accepting that the problem is Islam. Islam is the problem.

To any non-Muslim reader of the Koran, Islamophobia — fear of Islam — seems a natural reaction, and, indeed, exactly what that text is intended to provoke. Judged purely on its scripture — to say nothing of what is preached in the mosques — it is the most viciously sectarian of all religions in its heartlessness towards unbelievers. As the killer of Theo Van Gogh told his victim’s mother this week in a Dutch courtroom, he could not care for her, could not sympathise, because she was not a Muslim.

The trouble with this disgusting arrogance and condescension is that it is widely supported in Koranic texts, and we look in vain for the enlightened Islamic teachers and preachers who will begin the process of reform. What is going on in these mosques and madrasas? When is someone going to get 18th century on Islam’s mediaeval ass?

It is time that we started to insist that the Muslim Council of Great Britain, and all the preachers in all the mosques, extremist or moderate, began to acculturate themselves more closely to what we think of as British values.




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42 Responses to Challenging The EDL?

  1. stuart says:

    denis macshane, the shamed ex mp who had to resign from the labour party after he fiddled £7500 from his expenses attacked radio 4 for interviewing tommy robinson,what a cheek from him,so did leftie boy kevin maguire editor of the daily mirror,no surprise there,so did all the other usual anti free speech and anti democrasy lefties who only believe in free speech for themselves and not a working class lad from a council estate in luton called tommy robinson.see here is the thing about this left wing hate mob,they cant stand ordinary working class people in this country expressing there points of view in the media,these lot dont want us to have a voice,they want to control us,well you dont and you never will.


    • Mice Height says:

      Ah yes, the Kevin Maguire who’s paper gives huge support to the Communist, hate-promoting ‘Hope not Hate’ organisation, who’ve recently set their sites on UKIP, resulting in scenes like this


      • Stewart says:

        Farage makes a good point half way through. That this attack by the SWP/UAF attack on UKIP only began when it became clear that they were taking votes from labour as well as the Tories. Up until then they were happy to allow UKIP to carry on splitting the ‘right’ vote.
        I wonder if those patrician class brats realise how they are being used and abused and in what contempt Maguire and Kimber hold them?


      • johnnythefish says:

        I just googled ‘BBC UKIP Brighton UAF’ – guess what, not a single result.

        If you have control of 60% of the country’s media output, and you are not reporting such a blatant attempt to disrupt the democratic processes of this country, including our freedom of speech, then why call yourself ‘the national broadcaster’? The UAF, Hope Not Hate, the Unions and the Labour Party are inextricably linked – the absence of any investigative reporting on this unholy alliance and its despicable, anti-democratic behaviour speaks volumes about the BBC’s alleged impartiality.

        Had this been the EDL screaming down the speaker at a Labour rally, I wonder how the BBC would have reacted?


    • Frank Words says:

      The attitude of the “progressive” elite that run Britain, and of which the BBC is a pillar and official news agency, to the masses is one of contempt and fear.

      The establishment view is that the people of Britain should keep taking the benefit hand outs and “tax credits” and know their place: Do what you are told and don’t get uppity. Don’t say anything WE disapprove of.

      To move from the hi polloi and gain access to the fringes of the elite who must adhere to all the progressive values; multiculturalism and diversity are good; climate change must not be challenged nor must immigration. “racial” comments are a crime, etc etc

      They are scared to death of the masses finding a voice. That’s why our current political system suits them so well.


      • chrisH says:

        Chilling this piece with Farage.
        Very much the Brownshirts-or to quote Elvis Costello “the GreenShirts” are in evidence here in Brighton(but where else?).
        So easy to howl, shout “racists” much as the Scots did to Farage a week or so earlier.
        But the BBC say nothing…and the unions, the leftwing media elite and the Labour loons get away with it “Scot free” as it were.
        Truly dangerous, you shut down the old coves like Nigel,and the EDL etc will read the runes and go all Turkish on the elite.
        These scenes were truly creepy regarding a democratic, elected party-but like the Thatcher is Dead T-shirts on sale at the TUC Conference last year?…tumblweed.
        How much longer will the BBC be allowed this selective and partial crap to go unheeded?
        The Greeks have shut sown their State mouthpiece-we need Goebbels greenshirts put out of work too!


  2. The Beebinator says:

    to be fair to the BBC, they cant really say anything bad about Islam because muslims will see this as an outrage and send suicide bombers to new broadcasting house


    • Mo says:

      Totally correct Beebinator. therefore there is nothing wrong with Islam. The Christians always turn the other cheek so you cant blame the BBC for attacking them. Gee that sounds a bit like a school bully. Strong but cowardly.


      • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

        Oh dear, Alan, another post concerning Islam.
        Your legion of critics will be queueing up to moan and grumble, and denying there’s a link to inbbc bias yet again. They will deny it on the basis that well, they gave Tommy an interview on radio 4, so that’s all right then huh?
        So, await the trolls, await the criticism, but dont ever lose your focus on reality, the one for which the trolls should have gone to specsavers.


        • But that's exactly the point isn't it? says:

          “Maybe we should talk…..about Islam.” – Anyone remember when this was a blog about the BBC not Islam?


          • Mo says:

            But that’s exactly the point isn’t it?

            A lot of what the BBC do which is against the general British public is in fact to do with Islam. We are only responding to what the BBC actually do. I dont know what else you think we should do. Sit on our hands whilst this behaviour continues unabated day in day out?


            • Chop says:

              Point in case, last night, BBC News 24:

              The Iranian election, (they have nifty graphics for it and everything!)

              Anyways, they have a 15 minute segment on about a candidate for the election…A WOMAN!!

              Ok, don’t fall over in shock, it’s not a real woman….noooooo, it’s a virtual woman, who isn’t actually a candidate at all.
              (Quite well drawn, as it happens, in a “Disney stylee, mind you, the tricky body and hair were covered, so it was just a female-ish shape…ok, it was just some eyes)

              Nothing mentioned about women’s rights under the boot heel of Islam, nor that a real woman would simply not be allowed to stand, just lots of jollyness, a sure sign that Islam & Muslims are just regular sorts…just like you and me.

              Blatant Pro-Islam/Iranian propoganda.

              And this passed as news…ffs.


              • Andrew says:

                “And now, we’re going over to the Tehran East constituency for the (dead-)(head-)count …”


          • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

            Enter the trolls stage left perhaps?


          • Yesthatisthepoint says:

            If BBC stopped acting as advocate for Islam and just reported all the facts all the time then Islam would stop featuring so much on this blog


          • johnnythefish says:

            It’s all about bias, dear whoever-you-are. If you can’t deduce that from Alan’s piece, regardless of whether or not you agree with it, you have obviously lacked a decent education.


    • Ian Hills says:

      Hence the new bomb-proof news studios, just in case.


  3. Joshaw says:

    To me, blaming the EDL is a bit like blaming Nazism on the French Resistance.

    They would have been so nice if only people hadn’t insisted on provoking them by blowing up railway tracks etc.


  4. John Anderson says:

    I had not seen that Spectator article by Boris Johnson, written after the London bombings. Well worth the read.

    It seems exactly what our politicians should be saying about Islam and the internal threats it creates – rather than the pusillanimous claptrap we usually get – these days from Cameron and from Boris himself.


  5. JimS says:

    I recall an episode of the ironically titled Radio 4 programme Beyond Belief in which someone representing the ever-present Muslim viewpoint was asked by Ernie Rea how Islam regarded being taught about other religions.

    The answer was very reasonable, knowledge was important in Islam and all learning was good.

    Ernie Rea pushed a little harder – what would the opinion be if, as a result of this study, the Muslim student decided to convert to, say, Christianity?

    The answer came back like a shot, without a moment’s hesitation, “He would be killed!”. Clearly a mainstream view and one that was so expected by Ernie Rea that he didn’t feel the need to say or ask anything more.

    A pity that Imam Cameron wasn’t on the programme to explain the true meaning of Islam.


    • noggin says:

      another classic – islam and homosexuality 😀
      panto s ejector seat buddys, “honest” ibe mogra
      and moh al hussaini … a right “round robin” of
      ahem “careful” wording.


      • Chop says:

        “Pav” Akhtar: Black Pride UK.


        So, what if there were a “White Pride UK”, do you think the Beeb would have them on speed dial?


        • chrisH says:

          To be fair-as I listen to this, it must be the first time that the BBC have even asked the question…so it`s a start.
          Will it be good?…to be honest I don`t care at this point-they have asked the question!


  6. Jack de says:

    Is anyone else astonished and puzzled that following the murder of a British soldier by two Muslims that Islam appears now to be the victim. Surely it should be demanded (!!) that Muslim leadership admit that there is a problem with their ideology and that they need to put their house in order. As far as I am aware no other faith in the UK is demanding and expecting so much as Islam.


    • noggin says:

      muslim groups are deliberately “worse than useless” at
      seriously addressing their problem, it cannot be left to them, for one cogent reason … they believe a/. they are right, and b/. they are inherrently supremacist.


  7. Mark II says:

    I don’t want to defend the EDL, I find nationalist organisations abhorrent, that said I have listened to some of the interviews with Tommy Robinson on youtube and even if he lacks sophistication he makes some reasonable arguments about the changing face of our cities and the threats posed by the less reputable members of the Muslim community.
    The changes to our society and country over the last couple of decades were not open to public debate and people rightly feel disenfranchised – particularly the white working classes who have borne the brunt of the changes.
    The fact that the BBC and other members of the mainstream media treat him as a right wing extremist merely serve to exclude ordinary people from expressing their views for fear of being labelled racistst and bigots.
    I fear that it is too late to undo the social changes that have taken place – but the politicians and press should be doing everything in the power to insist that our new immigrants to far more to integrate with our society and accept that they are guests in our country.
    I am pretty sure that if large numbers of English were to move to an Islamic country and expect to carry on our lives as we did at home we would soon find out that there would be little tolerance forthcoming.


  8. DP111 says:

    It is inconceivable that that ruling elite do not know the central tents of Islam. If the don’t, then their advisors certainly do.

    What we here is a global war being waged by the West where it is essential not to name the enemy. If that is done while the war is being waged, it will unite the enemy to our detriment. l


    • Andrew says:

      I think you may be onto something here. I have little time for David Cameron but he has to say certain things (e.g. point out that most Muslims are peaceful, pay lip service to the UAF) to head off Lefty criticism; I will judge him on what happens regarding hate-preachers and mass immigration in the next couple of years.


  9. johnnythefish says:

    ‘If the BBC can’t bring itself to critique Islam then it cannot hope to challenge the EDL because it will have nothing to argue with….it cannot say ‘Islam says this or that whilst you in the EDL say this.’..because it doesn’t know or admit what Islam says or means.’

    In a nutshell. And, you trolls out there, until we get it from the BBC, stuff like this will keep on coming, UAF or no UAF.


  10. George R says:

    “BBC interviewee charged with three terror offences following his arrest after appearing on Newsnight to talk about Woolwich suspect”


  11. joeb says:

    Great bit of deck-stacking by Al Beeb against Tommy Robinson on their ‘yoof’ channel the other night. Classic sixtth fom Guardian reader stuff…


    • chrisH says:

      I stuck just a couple of minutes of this “Free Speech” , before baling out in fury.
      How DARE they call it Free Speech?…as clear a case of bear-baiting by a load of cBBC yoofhustling airheads and blowhards as I`ve seen in years.
      Robinson really needs to keep away from such venues-there`s enough BBC infected suicide bombers who`ll do an Emily Davison on him.
      No wonder they fear Gove and his rigorous plans for schools-these unthinking cretins on public-funded schemes are truly dangerous howlers…the kind that bait Farage as much as Robinson, so it`s just reflex Gauleiter liberalism…scary nonetheless!


  12. George R says:

    “‘We don’t want EDL with our Cornflakes.’
    “Those calling for the EDL leader to be ‘no platformed’ from BBC radio hold the listening public in contempt.”

    By Patrick Hayes.