Mandela still alive, BBC breathlessly informs us. It is remarkable how MUCH attention the BBC lavishes on the former South African President. I will be sorry when he dies as this will cause grief to his family and Nation … and leftists everywhere. However Mandela’s long association with communism, with terrorism, and with dislike of the USA needs covered too.

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12 Responses to MANDELA UPDATE

  1. +James says:

    The BBC will never mention that Mandela was a member of the Communist Party and that the IRA trained the ANC in bombing civilians.


  2. Sir Arthur Strebe-Grebling says:

    Not dead yet. But the bBBC is preparing us for their hagiography.

    Mr Mandela will not live forever.

    When he dies the world’s media will try to capture the reactions of people here and around the world, and, in retelling his extraordinary life story, try to do justice to the memory of the man.

    I suspect we shall all fail to live up to the magnitude of the moment.

    But we will try our best.
    Get your sick-bag ready.


  3. stuart says:

    3000 white famers have been murdered by anc supporters since the anc took power in south africa in 1994,the bbc did not report that or never would,channel 4 reported that last thursday,sounds like a hellhole for white famers in south africa.


  4. Fred Sage says:

    I hope he lives for another 2 years: then even the BBC will become a bit exhausted.


    • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

      No they won’t.
      They see repetition as a tool to push their opinions into the minds of the plebs.


  5. Paddytoplad says:

    I went to the World Cup final in Jo’burg.
    While there on a afternoon off I decided to take a taxi to Soweto just to see and visit all the relevant sites around Jo’burg.

    We went to Mandela’s old house which is now a bit of a shrine and on leaving I got back into my taxi and with foreigners innocence I said ‘Mandela is a great man isn’t he?’

    The taxi driver(who was black from Soweto) shook his head.
    Why do you not think so? I asked.

    ‘The ANC killed my mother’ he replied.

    Apparently she was a maid in a white families home and she commuted from Soweto everyday. She came home each night to look after her 15 yr old son (the taxi driver).
    One day his mum never came home. During a boycott of white businesses his mother had decided that her employers were good people, both the couple were liberal Anglo whites who campaigned against apartheid. She decided to carry on working for them and ignore the boycott.
    She was walking home one night stopped by a ANC patrol who interrogated her about where she had been and then took he out and killed her.
    The boy got an explanation from the ANC but no apology.

    His and other stories remain untold by the BBC. Saint Nelson is obviously a good man but he and his organisation are not blameless or spotless


  6. Anon says:

    And I don’t seem to get on the BBC the updates on Prince Philip’s health that I get for Mandela.


  7. Cosmo says:

    What will happen to “Mandela the brand” when he passes away. His relatives hold copyright on the old mans image , t-shirts etc, very lucrative, hope the far east don’t produce cheap copy’s and the family don’t receive any commision.


  8. Clear Memories says:

    It’s being reported the vile old terrorist is tyred. Misspelling or Freudian slip?


  9. Ian says:

    At a time such as this one is reminded of the inspiring words of Alfred Austin:-

    Across the wires the electric message came.
    He is no better. He is much the same.