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  1. George R says:

    Is INBBC interested in free speech?:-

    “Video: 78% of UK Muslims want Free Speech Criminalized”



  2. George R says:

    For INBBC:-

    In wake of Woolwich Islamic jihad murder:

    ‘Attack on Muslims in Darlington’.


    “Muslim slashes two other Muslims after they voiced support for London jihad beheading victim”



  3. pah says:

    I must admit that this made be howl with laughter.

    If only we had a Greek style government here …

    Apologies if it has been posted already.


    • John Anderson says:

      Great fun !

      “It is like closing down Greece” !

      I see from the article that the Greek broadcasting-sponger-off-the-public produced 3 TV channels, 4 national radio channels plus regional radio channels and an overseas service. It employed 2500 people. When I visit Greece, the stuff on TV looks OK to me.

      The BBC does not really produce much more. But it has over 20,000 employees. I bet it could do its job just as well with 6,000 staff. Indeed 3000 should be enough if it was cut back to 2 TV channels and a couple of radio channels, leaving the commercial market to do the rest


      • will says:

        John, You are too “conservative” in your assessment of the BBC’s scope for savings as the Greek broadcaster was closed because
        “ERT is a case of an exceptional lack of transparency and incredible extravagance. This ends now,” government spokesman Simos Kedikoglou said


  4. Sir Arthur Strebe-Grebling says:

    More of the bBBC bias by omission. Even the Guardian has reported that the police are investigating whether 300 deaths at Stafford hospital resulted from criminal acts by the NHS. But the bBBC doesn’t think we should know this.
    Nothing can be allowed to dent the leftie view that the Nationalised Death Service is the envy of the world, so they censor the news.


  5. JayBee says:


    Okay, all this bleating gets us nowhere because the Libs aren’t going to be reading and don’t really care because they control the media.

    What about action?

    A burn your TV licence day? Who really must watch TV as it is broadcast or really must record a programme?

    In this digital world we can download, watch offline and have no need to be in front of a TV to catch the moment.

    A mass gathering with people burning their licences, getting Sky news to report it (I am sure they would love it) and telling Sky why we are doing it would be two fingers up at the BBC.

    “I used to pay for a licence to be informed, educated and entertained but now I am being politically indoctrinated by a political organisation that is illegally using my money to further itself. I no longer watch nor record live television because of this and am now exempt from the TV licence.”

    If you still want to watch TV on the sly then good for you. Just don’t make donations to Big Brother Corporation.

    Imagine the BBC trying to take people to court. Fill the courts until they are overflowing. Fill the prisons. Make this country look like the police state that it has become.

    The BBC should be forced to earn its keep through merit. If advertisers are fed up with pro-islam rhetoric then the funds will dry up.

    Say “no” to a retrospective tax to replace the licence. That will only provide the BBC with unlimited funding.

    The BBC should only be advertising or subscription funded.


    • James Stables says:

      The last e-Petition calling for a referendum on the BBC attracted 4,241 votes before closing. A petition calling on the government to “Introduce a code of practice for the welfare of domestic rabbits” has attracted 4,716.


      • JayBee says:

        I would think most people are unaware of e-Petitions or can’t be bothered to fill one in so long as their bellies are full and there is a talent show on within the next 7 days.

        Getting onto the streets and spreading the word would be better.

        Besides, the last e-Petition I saw was ignored by the government because it stated that the BBC is an “independent” organisation that should be left to its own devices.

        And that was from the current government, which just reinforces my view that the LibLabCon-trick and the BBC are just a smoke screen to leave the banksters and corporations to rule unfettered.


      • Wild says:

        The obvious answer is give people a choice over the BBC fee, but then James Stables already knows that, and is not interested in giving people a choice.


        • johnnythefish says:

          Master Stables’ post has echoes of Dez and Nicked Emus – very keen to use spurious e-petitions as proof of the population’s overwhelming support for the BBC.

          Coincidence or magic? You decide.


  6. George R says:

    Beeboids use our licence fees to spend on World Service for non-British people of the world.

    British people are forced to finance BBC World Service programmes made for non-British people of the entire world.

    As part of a Beeboid deal made with Government, the licence fee was not cut, but Beeboids are officially taking over World Service provision.

    This suits BBC-NUJ which sees itself having a global political role, annexed to the United Nations.

    “BBC World News’ new initiative to examine developing economies”



    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      When it was grants from the Foreign Office, you were paying for it anyway. Just not so obviously. The cost to run the World Service is quite a bit less than the annual profits from BBC Worldwide, so nobody ought to shed a tear over the affect on the BBC’s annual budget from having to absorb it.

      Jeremy Paxman says this is how you “spread influence”.


  7. Joshaw says:

    Searching the BBC website for “Ashton Under Lyne” reveals nothing about this:

    Muslim youths attack white girls

    Of course this has nothing whatsoever to do with race, nothing at all, nowt, zilch.

    I blame the EDL.


  8. George R says:

    For INBBC, and INBBC Arabic TV service to expose:-

    “London-based Muslim TV channel rebroadcasts show on wife-beating to European audiences in French, English and Arabic.”



  9. johnnythefish says:

    Knowing how keen the BBC are for any opportunity to portray China in a positive light, I’m fascinated to find out how they cover this story, if they cover it at all (a frantic game of Leftie Top Trumps is probably underway at Broadcasting House as we speak):


    ‘Breitbart News can exclusively report on Tuesday night that the Chinese Academy of Sciences has translated and published a Chinese edition of two massive climate change volumes originally published by The Heartland Institute in 2009 and 2011.

    The volumes, Climate Change Reconsidered and Climate Change Reconsidered: 2011 Interim Report, are chock full of 1,200 pages of peer-reviewed data concerning the veracity of anthropogenic climate change. Together, they represent the most comprehensive rebuttal of the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change findings, which have been the basis of the climate change legislation movement across the planet……

    ……Lakely said that this could mark the turning point in the climate change debate, and that a global consensus was beginning to form against regulation of emissions. “The latest observable climate data, new studies from scientific academies around the globe, the peer-reviewed studies one can find in Climate Change Reconsidered, and its translation and publication by the prestigious Chinese Academy of Sciences is making life difficult for those who declare with certainty that man is causing catastrophic global warming,” he explained. “That’s the way it should be. No scientific discipline is ever ‘settled’ — especially a discipline as young, as complicated, and as diffuse as climate science.’

    Heh heh! Happy days…..


  10. George R says:

    “Liberals are completely deluded about Islam in Britain and the existence of sectarianism”

    By Ed West (Jan, 2011).



  11. Bigt says:

    Radio 5 live
    Labour MEP….
    the demonstrators are rightly demonstrating against Turkish Govt. becoming less secular (good so far)…

    We have many concerns against the Turkish government becoming more radical, and its actions get worse every day… (Labour MEP speaks truth.. shock horror)

    BBC … so what should be done to help the protesters and to stop the radicalisation in Turkey…

    MEP… why let them join the EU earlier and everything will be sorted..

    BBC… yes that sound about right..

    Normal service resumed…


  12. Sir Arthur Strebe-Grebling says:

    Stephanie Flanders, the overpaid dimwit the bBBC uses to lecture us about Tory cuts, finally gets it.
    She, along with most economists, has been puzzling for the last two or three years how unemployment is so low whilst the economy is not growing much. Turns out that the answer, as everyone else knew, is that workers in the private sector have accepted lower wages in preference to redundancy. This concept – a worker reducing his wage-demand because his employer can’t afford much – is unknown to those in the public sector, which includes nearly all economists, and of course the bloated bBBC.


    • johnnythefish says:

      I think it’d called a re-adjustment. Essential for a country that has been living beyond its means, which includes inflated wages.

      There’s more to come, if politicians are to be honest about it (starting with the overpaid, over-pensioned public sector).


  13. George R says:


    I wonder which political side BBC-NUJ, (and ‘The Guardian’-NUJ) are on, in closure of state broadcaster?

    1.) ‘Guardian’ gets on a Greek leftie to propagandise:-

    “The loss of ERT, the ‘Greek BBC’, is a cultural calamity”


    “The attack on the public broadcaster is part of the wider conflict between private media moguls and the fast shrinking public media. The closure of ERT is a victory in the developing war between the Murdochs and the BBCs of this world.”


    2.) BBC-NUJ:-

    “ERT closure: Greek parties urge change of course”


    “Greek political parties and unions are urging the government to reverse its surprise decision to shut down state broadcaster ERT.

    The move is designed to help Greece meet its debt bailout obligations.”



    • Reed says:


      Greek broadcasting falls silent. Why is this happening?
      Answer: because Greece joined a joke currency called the euro, in a disastrous experiment that was naively and fanatically supported by Britain’s state broadcaster. Perhaps the BBC should shut down in sympathy, at least for a day or two. I could live with that.



    • George R says:

      Of course, BBC-NUJ has it in for the Greek government anyway, not least because the Greek government is trying to stop the large, increasing inflow of illegal immigrants, largely from Asia, not least from Syria.

      Of course, BBC-NUJ insists on encouraging mass immigration into Greece, and into the E.U with an open-door policy, as practiced by ‘Newsnight’:-

      “Syrians accuse Greece of ‘pushing back’ migrant boats”
      By Sue Lloyd-Roberts.
      BBC Newsnight



      • Stewart says:

        Two things BBC don’t address
        Does Greece have rights over its own boarders?
        And what was wrong with secular/islamic utopia Turkey?


      • George R says:

        And then of course, there’s ‘Newsnight’s Comrade MASON, NUJ Father of the Chapel, doing his best on his many visits, to put the case for a future socialist revolution in Greece.


  14. George R says:

    Expect INBBC to be soon on to this case:-

    “Family face losing £200,000 home in landmark ruling after grandfather’s terror training conviction ”



  15. Dave666 says:

    More fantasy from Radio 4. The nationalism of Scottish ethnic minorities. So no ressistance to modque building in Scotland. Really? Really? Nothing going on in Aberdeen by any chance then?
    No incidents in Scotland. Some of us haven’t forgotten about Kriss Donald, BBc.


  16. David Lamb says:

    Always ready to draw attention to the evils of Murdoch and the Sun, the BBC reports on Caroline Lucas (MP for Brighton and Gaza) who wore an anti Page Three T Shirt in Parliament whilst blaming the Sun for sexual assaults on women. She was told to cover the T shirt, and as I watched I became convinced that this woman should be obliged to wear a Burka. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-22873790


  17. will says:

    Last night on the World Service the Moscow correspondent reported on the Russian Parliament’s passing of its own version of Section 28. The correspondent stated with great emphasis that the legislation was Verrrry controversial. but went on to say that it was supported by 88% of the electorate – how controversial can that be?


    • johnnythefish says:

      VERY controversial, because as we all know the BBC’s judgement on these issues is absolute, it being the most knowledgeable, impartial, unbiased national broadcaster in the whole wide world.


  18. George R says:

    SYRIA: the Islamic jihad war.

    Two reports today:-

    1.) Channel 4 –

    “Are religious fundamentalists overtaking Syria’s war? -video” (4 mins).


    2.) INBBC-

    “Syria” ( ?) “rebels ‘kill Shia residents of eastern village'”


    Note in INBBC headline, the victims are ‘Shia’ Muslims, but the perpetrators of the murders are not designated ‘Sunni’ Muslims, but merely ‘rebels’.