Bridgwater Social Club Fire…Was It An EDF Attack?



The BBC breathlessly reports that a Bridgwater social club has gone up in smoke and are claiming it was definitely an arson attack by the far right EDF who very definitely attacked it because it was rumoured the club had received a membership application from a Muslim, and in a positive move for community cohesion the club was actively considering letting him join.

Locals say there are EDF links to the site.

The BBC report that the police, who say they are investigating the ‘suspicious’ fire, will be maintaining 24 hour patrols in ‘vulnerable’ sites which suggests that further attacks may follow.  The Muslim community is living in fear of this wave of anti-Muslim attacks.


That of course is not what the BBC said…..everyone knows that EDF isn’t the EDL…don’t they?

The BBC’s Rory Cellan-Jones @ruskin147 tweets: Feeling sorry for the poor devil running the @EDFenergy Twitter account – spending their day explaining that they’re not the EDL…



However a similar approach was taken by the BBC to the recent fires at a Muslim community centre and a Muslim school. 

The BBC reported that the two fires were ‘attacks’…long before police made some arrests for the school fire...but nowhere was there a statement from the police  saying that the fires were arson nor of course, who started the fires.

The police have been patrolling various Muslim sites just in case these were arson attacks…but that was precautionary….

The BBC’s Danny Shaw interprets that as:

This suggests the Met believes further attacks may follow.” doesn’t, what it ‘suggests’ is that police didn’t know…they didn’t even know if these were ‘attacks’,  but were taking precautions.

As the BBC itself reports:

“Detectives are working tirelessly to establish whether these fires were started deliberately, and if so, to catch those responsible.”


The BBC round it all off with this pronouncement of implied guilt:

Following the fire, police said, the letters “EDL” (English Defence League) were found sprayed on the side of the building. [ref.  the first fire]

The blaze prompted local Muslim groups to call for the authorities to take “serious action” over anti-Islam attacks.

What ‘anti-Islam’ attacks?

The police had made no statement that this was arson…they were just investigating  ‘suspicious’ fires.


Just as with the Boston bombings the BBC  leapt to conclusions that it wanted to be true….white racists attack Muslims in this case…may be true…but the BBC had no evidence of that at all….but that didn’t stop them running stories implying such a thing….and feeding the Islamophobia industry that glories in the death of people like Lee Rigby as it cranks up the motors to claim that Muslims are the real vicitms of such attacks….


The BBC are once again actually encouraging Muslims to be afraid, encouraging them to think that there is a wave of anti-Muslim attacks…despite the evidence being that there are in fact very few such attacks.

The BBC are in fact helping to stir up discontent, fear and anger…and potentially the radicalisation of Muslims.

 Ironic when the BBC does everything it can to persuade the British Public that they have nothing to fear from Muslims or Islam…..everytime a bomb goes off or a Muslim terror cell appears in court or a grooming gang attacks only white girls, or two Muslims attempt to behead a British soldier on the streets of a British town….or an MP gets stabbed.

 In contrast there is this report today in which the BBC report a ‘spokesperson’ who is quick off the mark to say ‘nothing to do with Islam’ here:

Explosion at MP Nick Boles’s office in Bourne

‘A spokesperson said early indications suggested the incident was not linked to any wider issues or recent events in the county.’




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20 Responses to Bridgwater Social Club Fire…Was It An EDF Attack?

  1. Dazed & Confused says:

    Of late, I’ve come across several UAF/Hope Not Hate Comrades referring to the EDL as the EDF….(English Defence Fascists)….

    Perhaps the Beeboid reporter has forgotten there’s any difference between UAF central offices and the BBC.


    • Alan says:

      Perhaps the BBC might like to check out the links between the UAF and the ‘Muslim Defence League’…run by ‘Chechnyan Wolf’….probably not.


      • Dazed & Confused says:

        I’m going to contact a UAF/HNH activist, and ask how long the “EDF” slur, has been in use

        It hasn’t been long.


  2. David Brims says:

    The name of the EDL, the English Defense League, the word ‘defense’ is a positive word, defending ones land, culture, etc etc.

    While the name of the UAF, Unite Against Fascists, the word ‘against’ is a negative word.

    Just an interesting observation on the mindset of the UAF brownshirted morons.


    • ron todd says:

      I am always suspicious of parties that tell us what they are against but not what they are for.


  3. David Brims says:

    UAF = Ugly And Fascist


  4. will.duncan says:

    Yet another post with nothing to do with the BBC but everything to do with supporting a tiny group of bigots.

    The lack of attacks underlines how impotent the EDL is and the fact that the great British public utterly ignore it. By continuing to mention it, Alan undermines this blog.


    • Dazed & Confused says:

      If the BBC are using the language as yet only used by the inner sanctum of the UAF/HNH, then this post has everything to do with the BBC, as questions must be asked as to how close the BBC are to Unite Against Fascism.


    • Stewart says:

      “The lack of attacks underlines how impotent the EDL is and the fact that the great British public utterly ignore it”
      Then why the desperate war waged against them and any other ‘right wing’ groups by the liberal inquisition,with all the resources of the establishment they can muster including the BBC?
      Mean while the same BBC continually promotes the views of the SWP and its client organisation the UAF
      Despite the fact that there (the SWP) membership is in free fall, that they continually fail to make any headway at the ballot box (TUSC is the latest of a long line of failed attempts) except in collusion with militant islamists i.e. Respect (didn’t that work out well for you? No wonder you despise democracy ) And constantly ignoring the proven links between the UAF and organised drug dealers the Noonan gang ?
      It is the BBC that undermines it self through supporting a tiny group of bigots and you that expose your self as a hypocritical prig


    • Ian Hills says:

      Do you actually know what the word “bigot” means? Well STFU then.


    • pah says:

      Spot the difference …

      The lack of attacks underlines how impotent the EDL is and the fact that the great British public utterly ignore it.


      The lack of attacks underlines how impotent the UAF is and the fact that the great British public utterly ignore it.

      The lack of attacks could also indicate that the EDL are not involved in ANY attacks. Can the UAF say the same?


  5. stuart says:

    there are 1000s of arson attacks each day on all type of buildings up and down the country including churches carried out by mostly bored young teenagers.this seems to be the case with the brigdewater social club with 4 teenagers under arrest,why did they have to bring religion into it when there is no proof.the bbc and muslim victimhood spin machine are up to there old tricks again spreading false propaganda.


  6. Teddy Bear says:

    But I notice predicably the BBC fails to report that the organisation ‘Tell Mama’, the one responsible for telling us of the HUGE anti-Muslim backlash following the murder of Lee Rigby, and which the BBC quoted its figures without question, is now to lose government backing.

    I don’t know if it was due to Andrew Gilligan’s previous article exposing the spurious claims of Tell Mama, but well done to him anyway.

    Muslim hate monitor to lose backing


  7. Mike Oxenfire says:

    Surely this fire was nothing more than an obvious “insurance job”?


  8. bob says:

    will.duncan you bbc spy,your our in the wrong blog.swp and marxism today is where you should be posting your nasty undemocratic comments


  9. Dave666 says:

    EDF? New one on me and I thought I knew what was going on in the world thanks to the BBc .


  10. GeoffM says:

    Yes, the BBC is very quick off the mark to blame the EDL or any other group but actually obscures the identity of offenders when they are Muslim. You can always tell just by the fact that they do not identify the race, appearance or religion.

    Remarkably whilst the BBC fingers the EDL for the community centre fire they insistend upon calling the murderers of Lee Rigby “the suspects” when they actually had footage showing them hacking his head off !

    Similarly when Nick Griffin came out and exposed the organised grooming of under age white girls by Muslim gangs, rather than investigate it, they tried to get Griffin locked up and as a consequence years went by without the groomers being arrested and many girls were prostituted, drugged and gang raped. The BBC is in part responsible for their suffering.

    Such lies and obfuscation does nothing but increase our suspicions of the BBC and reinforces the belief that Muslims are a caste above the rest of us and given special treatment and a pass on behaviour that would be condemned in any other community.