Open Thread Monday

Another week….sunshine and endless BBC bias to uncover…what more could you want?

…Just heard on radio  young people getting involved in Cameron’s ‘Big Society’ by volunteering…stick in the BBC’s throat?…it was always the ‘Big Joke’.

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  1. thoughtful says:

    The excellent polling site UK polling is carrying the following:

    Moving onto broadcasting bans, by 53% to 32% people think it was wrong for the BBC to interview Anjem Choudary so soon after the Woolwich murder, and more generally speaking 59% would support a ban on named Muslim radicals like Choudary from appearing on television or radio.

    Despite the support for such restrictions, people don’t necessarily think they would do any good (suggesting support for bans is perhaps more a way of people expressing their disgust at Choudary’s views than from people thinking it would do any real good). Only 38% think a broadcasting ban would be effective at stopping radical Muslims like Choudary from spreading their message, 49% think it would not. People are slightly more optimistic about the effect of mainstream websites like Google not linking to extremist sites, with 57% thinking this would be effective at stopping their message reaching people who may be influenced by it.

    Overall 36% of people think that broadcasting bans or being excluded from mainstream websites would be an effective way of fighting terrorism, as people who may be radicalised would be less likely to be exposed to extremist messages. However, the majority (56%) think such bans might make us feel better… but wouldn’t actually help fight terrorism in the internet age.

    So there you have it, but the BBC never admits it’s wrong. Wrong is simply in the eye of the beholder, and the beholder is wrong!

    Thought I’d repost as it was right at the end !


    • Derek says:

      “…the majority (56%) think such bans might make us feel better… but wouldn’t actually help fight terrorism in the internet age.”

      Ah, maybe the 56% have heard of DVDs, which can be bought
      – across the internet,
      – at carboot sales,
      – and very likely from some police-protected, government-subsidised fake ‘faith charity’.


  2. DYKEVISIONS says:

    Having problems getting onto the biasedbbc site today!
    Systems overload due to ‘Balls-up’ speech ‘live’ on bbc website?
    Someone called Chris Leslie, allegedly Labour’s Financial secretary,(oxymoron surely?) was given a fairly moderate ride by on Radio 4’s Today programme John Humphries after the 7am news. at 1 hour 9m.

    Leslie was really concerned that Liebor would ‘inherit’ economic circumstances that would necessitate a ‘mean’ tested winter fuel allowance.
    Wild herd of elephants were stomping around the studio as Humphries deliberately failed to mention why this country was in this current financial predicament, triumphantly saying we as country, will not be ‘stinking rich’ in two years time.

    Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose


    • Roland Deschain says:

      Yes, I’d been getting “Error connecting to database” since last night.


    • Deborah says:

      heard the same at lunch time as I heard in the Chris Leslie interview….’that Labour would be inheriting the dreadful mess left by the Coalition’ – without this even being challenged. This is obviously Labour’s new mantra.


  3. Dickmart says:

    BBC reports some good news for the Government “Government ‘beats Whitehall savings target by £2bn'”, but is careful to stay on message with no fewer than 3 “Labour saids”.


  4. Old Goat says:

    Evan Davis involved in a lot of bottom exposure, with the “Bottom Line”, and Virginia Bottomley. How did he manage that? Right up his, er, “street”, I’d have thought…


    • To be clear says:

      I must explain this subtle joke. Evan Davies is a homosexual. It is likely he and his partner have anal sex. In the bottom. That’s what makes this funny. Old Goat doesn’t have sex with goats by the way. You shouldn’t infer that from his user name. Like most BBBC contributors he is probably happily married. Likely a second marriage. And likely to what the unkind would call a catalogue bride. Non-English. Never managing to make it work with a native English person. Still it’s much happier second time around. Of course Old Goat might be a woman. Although its likely the only woman posting here are Deborah and Hippiepooter.
      Still. Gays! Bottoms! They’re the weird ones.


  5. Old Goat says:

    Roger Harrabin telling us how Ed Davey is gonna sock it to ’em, those ruddy climate sceptics – and it’s all the fault of the nasty, right wing press:

    And now:


    • johnnythefish says:

      This is scary stuff. He is advocating curtailment of the freedom of speech and at the same time telling scientists they can only talk about (and presumably research) ‘climate change’ if they agree with AGW.

      Our politicians’ obsession with carbon emissions and mythical man-made global warming is becoming the longest suicide note in history.


  6. 45543 says:

    A classic example of BBC hypocrisy this morning (03/06/13) on the Radio 4 Today programme:

    (Sarah Montague) It is now 25 minutes to seven. The Energy and Climate Secretary – Ed Davey – will strongly criticise some newspapers today, for undermining the science behind Climate Change for political ends. Our Environment Analyst is Roger Harrabin. Roger, the advanced information about this speech suggests that it will be a very robust attack on newspapers.

    (Roger Harrabin) Yes indeed – I mean there are different sorts of influences are there not. Not just lobbying. But what we read in the newspapers of course influences us a lot. And, Ed Davey for a long time has been privately extremely frustrated by what he believes to be a campaign in right-wing newspapers – although he does not actually say that in his speech but he means right-wing newspapers – which is influencing Conservative backbenchers to think that Climate Change is not real or not a problem. And he points to a recent study showing that 97% of more than 12000 studies showed that Climate Change was happening and driven by humans – 97%. But he says despite that, you see a flood of Climate Sceptic material in the newspapers. And [short sarcastic sounding laugh] I mean some of his language in his speech – which he will give to the Met Office this afternoon. If he follows this draft, let me give you a little bit of this here. Er-mm – some sections of the press are giving uncritical campaigning platforms to individuals and lobbying groups who reject the fact that Climate Change is a result of human activity. A-mm – this is not the serious science of challenging, checking and probing. This is destructive and loudly clamouring scepticism born of vested interest, NIMBY-ism, publicity seeking controversial-ism or sheer blinked dogmatic political bloody mindedness. That is not the sort of normal political tone is it?

    (SM) Um-mm and the – but the timing of course is that we have the Energy Bill in Parliament this week.

    (RH) Ah yes. And some people may be a little cynical about Ed davey’s speech…..

    It is the BBC that is “undermining the science”. And they know it – which is why they tried to hide 28-gate.

    A bit of background: 97% Study Falsely Classifies Scientists’ Papers, according to the scientists that published them


    • Roland Deschain says:

      Shouting “right-wing newspapers” is usually easier than trying to argue your case. Certainly at the BBC, where you just have to say “Daily Mail” and the whole studio will fall about laughing at how cleverly you have made your point. Such as during the “should the next Dr Who be a woman” debate later on in the programme.


      • Andrew says:

        Question: from a BBC viewpoint, which British newspapers would NOT (repeat NOT) be classed as right-wing?

        (1) The Morning Star.
        (2) The Guardian.
        (3) Er, … help me somebody!


        • Demon says:

          The Mirror, the Independant, The I. Probably the Financial Times and the London Evening Standard as well. Just a few off the top of my head.


          • chrisH says:

            And the good old Radio 4 gave Labour a free half hour to mooch and muse last night-something about rethinking welfare.
            I heard Polly Toynbee on it a few times-apparently, the press here are rabidly right wing, which is why decent people of the lower orders seem a bit iffy about unfettered immigration and anti-EU postures.
            She names the Mail and the Sun…well that`s an overwhelming right wing press then eh Polly?
            As for the BBC, the Guardian and the Indie etc?…file under “balanced progressive niceness” if you`d be so kind!


        • Stewart says:

          Andrew from the BBC view point the Guardian is probably seen as centre-right


      • Rufus McDufus says:

        And the Daily Mail is definitely not right wing! They pursue an energetic agenda against UKIP for instance and their recent reporting on the EDL has definitely erred on the side of the Muslim terrorists.


        • #88 says:

          …the Mail hates Cameron’s guts too. I wonder if it has something to do with the Leveson disclosure that the Mail’s Editor was a friend of Gordon Brown…who used to share early morning walks with him and from time to time breakfast together.

          I always treat the Mail with a great deal of suspicion – particularly when my posts critical of Brown, or the mess the Tories were left…or supportive of the progress that the government are now making, NEVER get published


    • Phil Ford says:

      Ever the useful idiot, Hampstead Harrabin is quick to supply the required ‘on-message’ copy for his political masters deep within the BBC’s ‘CAGW Propaganda Unit’. Davey is another useful idiot, although perhaps a less effective one given his unfortunate position as Minister for Energy and Climate Change – surely joke job title?).

      Davey is always game to fire off a few cheap insults to anyone daring to dissent from the Holy Consensus on CAGW, but in the end even he must know that the actual scientific data simply refuses to play along with climate alamists’ increasingly desperate charade.


    • Richard Pinder says:

      I would say that Google Scholar is a far better information source for planetary atmospheric physics than “right-wing newspapers”.

      But I would say that right-wing newspapers are far more informative than left-wing newspapers and the BBC, because left-wing journalists censor most of the relevant science, while right-wing journalists do not.

      I suppose in this case the definition of left-wing and right-wing in journalism has now become a case of left-wing journalists complaining about right-wing journalists not censoring the science.

      But it just goes to prove what a hypocritical evil creep Roger Harrabin is, an Orwellian nutcase, who accuses journalists who use journalism to inform the public, as being right-wing.

      I believe that Harrabin was one of those behind that BBC Climate Change seminar, the one without any atmospheric physicists present, was that because atmospheric physicists and other causational climate scientists make up the three percent?

      Lord Hall and Lord Patten seemed to indicate to the Media, Culture and Sport Select Committee that the BBC climate change policy was to return to sanity, but as long as moronic left-wing thugs like Harrabin are still employed by the BBC, there seems little hope of that.


    • johnnythefish says:

      The BBC quote the ‘97%’ as a fact because they know that very few people know it is a lie, and those few people are sceptics anyway, so nothing lost. They will keep repeating the lie to further the eco-socialist AGW cause, just as they lie about everything to do with ‘climate change’, including the scandalous 28gate which should have been the subject of a public enquiry.


      • London Calling says:

        The fact they went through hell and high water to prevent the publication of the attendance at the 28 seminar proves they know the game is up. They know they are a cooked goose. If they didn’t have anything to hide, why hire six barristers or whatever to prevent us knowing that it was a meeting of environmental pressure groups to bamboozle the ignorant nobs at the top of the bBC.

        Its so bloody obvious you would have to be a Guardian or Independent journalist not to see it, plain as the Pinocchio nose on their face.


  7. AsISeeIt says:

    Nicky Campbell and his Beeboid Glee Club gave us one of those awkward radio tumbleweed moments this morning.

    You know how it goes – someone vaguely right of centre says something reasonable but the idea catches the BBC crew off guard because the thought process is so very far out of their ken that it simply does not register.

    Francis Maude (I believe) was fending off jabs from the BBC tag team of Panto Nicky, Rachel Burden and A N Nother. Their main interest was of course Tory Sleaze* (*BBC/Labour Registered TradeMark).

    The ‘conversation’ (as in the way Torquemada might like to chat with the victims of the Spanish Inquision) turned to ‘the squeeze on Government departments’ : ie Tory Cutz* (*BBC/Labour Trade Mark)

    I paraphrase very slightly….

    ‘Minister, you are putting the squeeze on Government departments!’

    ‘Yes’ says the Minister, ‘Indeed I am. The tax payer would expect me to squeeze Government departments to get the best possible value for their money’.

    Did someone somewhere in Salford drop a pin? If they had you would have heard it!

    The BBC : In the past few decades : Controlling the limits of debate ever leftward.


    • johnnythefish says:

      At the heart of this BBC ignorance is the fact it does not understand the private sector, where efficiency, cost control and value for money are paramount.

      As the sherriff in Blazing Saddles may have observed of the BBC: ‘These are simple people, people of the left, people who believe in money trees – you know, morons.’


  8. George R says:

    BBC-NUJ’s continuing political opposition to U.K SHALE GAS.

    In what is ostensibly an ‘industrial report,’ we get this propaganda a la Hampstead Harrabin:-

    “Environmental group Friends of the Earth has described fracking as ‘dirty and unnecessary’, arguing that the UK should instead focus on investing in renewable energy.”


    “UK shale gas reserves may be ‘bigger than first thought’
    By John Moylan”
    Industry correspondent, BBC News.

    But also :-


    • Dave s says:

      The green lobby is very selective. On the continent they do things differently. I have recently discovered that in Germany west of Cologne is what can only be described as a vast lignite( Braunkohle) mining complex producing 60 million tons per year and feeding a network of power stations. .It is called RWE Power. Served by a complex railway system. Obviously the Germans have no intention of letting their industry be starved of cheap power or the lights going out. Has anyone here really heard of it ? I doubt it. Too embarrassing for the renewables lobby and best keep the green lunatics in ignorance. Once again the Europeans show us how things really are in lovely EU land.
      Meanwhile we play around with windmills!


    • Ian Hills says:

      Shouldn’t FoE and bBC reveal their “lobbyist” connection? The European Commission has been giving them our money for years.


  9. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Paul Mason’s political bias on display in his “analysis” of the mass protests in Turkey:

    I have covered Syntagma in Athens, the Occupy protests and reported from Tahrir Square in Cairo. This is different to all of them. First, it is massive: the sheer numbers dwarf any single episode of civil unrest in Greece.

    Second, the breadth of social support – within the urban enclave of Istanbul – is bigger than Greece and closer to Egypt. “Everyone is here – except the AK Party” – says one young woman. People nod. In Greece, the urban middle class was split; here the secular middle class is out in force, united across political divisions, to say nothing of football hatreds.

    Is this the Turkish Tahrir? Not unless the workers join in: Turkey has a large labour movement, and a big urban poor, working population, and Monday is a work day, so we will see. It is certainly already something more than the Turkish version of Occupy.

    So it’s significantly larger than Occupy, but with broader support as with Tahrir Square, and “everyone” is there in Instanbul. Yet Mason says it’s all meaningless until the sainted “workers” show up.

    The so-called “Arab Spring” didn’t start out as a workers’ rebellion, did it? His darling Occupiers were mostly not workers, either, and it’s pretty dishonest to act as if the Occupy movement was a workers’ rebellion of some sort. Is this the only prism through which Newnight’s economics editor can see things?


    • George R says:

      Is INBBC ever likely to allow an analysis of Turkey such as this, by Peter Hitchens (2010)?:-

      “The disturbing picture of growing repression at the heart of ‘Eurabia'”


      • David Preiser (USA) says:

        No, Mason isn’t interested in anything other than the Leftoid economics angle. He left out the actual reason why the protests in Turkey are different from Occupy and Greece and Cairo. Come to think of it, a significant motivation behind the Tahrir Square protests was the exact opposite of that behind these protests in Turkey.

        Maybe if the sainted workers come out against the growing religious repression, Mason might notice.


    • Framer says:

      Oddly we were told the ritual Athens demonstrations were signs of a society both on the verge of economic collapse and imminent revolution – even when the communists were fighting the anarchists.
      All UK TV journalists not only Paul Mason seemed to be captured by the left as soon as they got to Athens. All then depicted the same striking shipbuilders and the one granny hoking though a eurobin.


      • David Preiser (USA) says:

        Mason has been deeply Left his entire life, long before he became a journalist. He wasn’t brought in to be Newsnight’s economics maven for nothing.


  10. George R says:

    Two contrasting reports of a murder court case:

    1.) ‘Daily Mail’
    “‘He wants to be called Mujahid Abu Hamza’: Michael Adebolajo appears in court charged with the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby.
    28 year old taken into Westminster Magistrates Court in armoured vehicle.
    Adebolajo had his left arm bandaged and called himself Mujahid Abu Hamza.
    Apparently blew kisses to a man and refused to stand in 12-minute hearing.
    He gripped the Koran with his good arm throughout and pointed upwards.
    Alleged accomplice Michael Adebowale also appeared in separate hearing.
    Both are charged with murder of Lee Rigby and other linked crimes.”


    “Woolwich murder suspects remanded in custody”


  11. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Since I’ve been taken to task by defenders of the indefensible for imagining motives and thoughts in BBC reports where there are none, writing a novel about nothing, I’d like to enlist the help of anyone who has told me that in the past. I’m going to post the opening paragraphs of Mark Mardell’s short opinion piece analysis of the expectations of Bradley Manning’s trial. The sentence I need help with is in bold. Please tell me why this sentence was included, and how it relates to the story itself:

    Bradley Manning said he made secret material public because he wanted to prompt a public debate on US foreign policy.

    He certainly set off a firestorm of public attention, but I am not sure he got the debate he wanted. Perhaps we’ll find out during the trial, when he gives evidence.

    It seems sometimes as if America has decided it is tired of foreign wars, but doesn’t particularly want to talk in any detail about what lessons it has learnt.

    What bothered the administration was not shocking secrets about war, but the release of more mundane gossip about foreign leaders.

    All are welcome to read the whole thing, but I’d like to ask that only those who have criticized me for seeing things that aren’t there respond on this point. You know who you are. I’m inviting honest discussion here, so please give take the opportunity if you’re really here to help and not just to tear down.

    Everyone else is free to openly laugh at Mardell referring to Manning as a “righteous nuisance”. Someone who didn’t want to give away his approval of WikiHacks and what Manning did would have said “self-righteous”.


  12. AsISeeIt says:

    Though cowards flinch and traitors sneer,
    BBC’ll keep the EU flag flying here.

    ‘Has the BBC learned the painful lessons of its makeover of Broadcasting House? The £1 billion refurbishment and extension of the historic HQ at Portland Place was six years late and vastly over the original £400 million budget. That project was won following a high-profile, fancy design competition in 2001 by architect Sir Richard MacCormac.’

    ‘But he was let go after a falling-out in 2006 and the building was only completed last year.’

    ‘The Beeb’s next ambition, to redevelop its Maida Vale recording studios, will be done differently. It has posted a notice on the Official Journal of the European Union, inviting all EU firms to submit proposals for the site, which will be turned into a mixed-use scheme. And no design competitions in sight.’


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      No British firms allowed, unless they’re hooked up with the EU?


    • JimS says:

      While the BBC may be pro-EU in this case I think it is merely complying with EU law.
      Only minor contracts can be placed within the UK, all the rest have to be opened to EU-wide competition. Of course that process takes longer and increases the risk that the customer doesn’t get what is wanted, necessitating even more expenditure to ensure that the specification is ‘cross-border’ proof.
      Another of those ‘benefits’ of the Single Market.


  13. Barry says:

    Daily Politics (3 June) Patrick Mercer the Tory MP…… followed by a reference to three Peers, no names no affiliation. Strange that.


  14. The General says:

    Just been watching LOADS of examples on ‘Youtube’ of people who refuse to pay the license fee. It seems the ‘Detector’ vans are a scam and have no way or proving if you are watching TV or not. When the TV licensing representatives come to the door, the occupants are telling them to go away, refusing to give their names or any details and refusing to say if they have a TV or not. The representative can do nothing and has to go away. Some write to the BBC and remove their ‘implied right of access’ and this results in no letters or calls for the next two years after which time they repeat the process.
    On one clip the licensing rep arrived with the police. The occupants refused to give details or allow access even though they claimed to have a warrant. The occupants refused to grant entry and told the police it was a civil and not a criminal matter and consequently they could only attend to make sure there was no breach of the peace. They had no power to assist in forced entry. They all had to leave the property.
    Under an Act of Parliament, it is a criminal offense to watch live TV without a license, but unless the occupant admits it and signs to say he has been doing so, there is no scientific way and no lawful action the BBC are able to take to bring an action.
    The BBC had to admit there has NEVER been a prosecution based on evidence gained by a detector van.
    It seems increasing numbers of people are now refusing to buy a license and are just refusing to give any details. I wonder what would happen if a significant number adopted this strategy.
    For you BBC employees who rely on your employer intimidating ordinary people to part with a ridiculous amount of money to pay your wages and squander on self adulation and indulgences, I would like to make it quite clear I do not advocate anybody breaking the Law.


    • chrisH says:

      I bet you that the BBC (using Capita,) only target nice elderly white areas or dozy students for proof of license fees being paid.
      I bet you too that if you`re from inner-city areas with a string of criminal convictions, and have a “culturally enriching” name or faith…the BBC/Capita won`t be putting up the tape and filming evidence of their fearlessness in “protecting the taxpayer”.
      They only do that to old folk enclaves with grandkids pruning the rosebush…
      And certainly, it`d be good to see how many people in prison have a TV Licence to watch their stuff in jail…let alone how many have ever owned one!
      More Or Less or Panorama?…or the usual tumbleweed?
      Need I ask?


    • Joshaw says:

      The BBC has relied heavily on people assuming that technology and the law are on the BBC’s side. This is breaking down and there’s plenty of information on the web which explains Capita’s limits.

      Technology has also advanced. A computer can have a TV card which effectively turns it into a TV, the signal can then be streamed to a regular TV which doesn’t need to be tuned in, or connected to a TV aerial.


    • Richard Pinder says:

      At the last count, it was one and a third million homes.

      So must be about one and a half million homes by now, at least.


  15. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Apparently some humor is too edgy even for the BBC…..when it’s an unapproved thought:

    BBC ‘got it wrong’ over Balding gag

    The BBC has admitted that it “got it wrong” about a live quiz show which discussed “curing” Clare Balding of homosexuality, on Radio 5 live.

    The comments were made during a game called Defend the Indefensible as part of the show Fighting Talk, broadcast at 20:30 BST on Saturday.

    One panellist, the comedian Bob Mills, suggested “there is not a woman in the world who cannot be cured”.

    The BBC has apologised for any offence the item may have caused.

    A spokeswoman said it had received five complaints about the segment, which has since been removed from the BBC iPlayer service.

    Compare and contrast, as they say.


    • John wood says:

      Perhaps they could have another sketch showing how they could cure Islamic extremists.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      Clare Balding could probably cure me of heterosexuality.


    • Anders Thomasson says:

      Got it wrong? Don’t they normally get it about right?


    • AsISeeIt says:

      Despite the BBC’s censoring of this segment ‘which has since been removed from the BBC iPlayer service’ we really must start a Bob Mills is innocent campaign.

      ‘Defend the Indefensible’ is a segment where Beeboid Colin Murray sets the subject for the guest to talk about.

      Blame Murray or his BBC producers – second thoughts: take it as an ‘edgy’ bit of comedy.


      • David Preiser (USA) says:

        I say we sue the BBC for copyright infringement. :p

        Good point that Murray should be the one in trouble for coming up with it in the first place. Doesn’t the BBC have guidelines for this sort of thing…….


    • Stewart says:

      A whole 5 complaints?
      Clearly some complainers are more equal than others.
      Only the wilfully blind will not see, either the irony or hypocrisy of this latest farce


      • David Preiser (USA) says:

        I do hope it wasn’t one of those outrages where no listeners complained and it was only stirred up after the fact by some newspaper or group with an agenda….


    • Tim says:

      To be fair to Bob Mills he was pretty shocked to be asked this one and thought it was not right to make it so personal – it was live and he had to play along.


      • Stewart says:

        Maybe: But extremely course and personal humour at the expense of ‘public’ figures is par for the course.
        It only seems to be a problem when it targets ‘one of their own’ .Like Hugh Dennis’ Chris Langham joke on ‘mock the week’


  16. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Here’s one for you:

    Mahmoud Abbas appoints new Palestinian PM Rami Hamdallah

    The BBC describes him as ” a British-educated academic and political independent”. Then the article says this:

    He is currently president of al-Najah National University in the West Bank and seen as close to Mr Abbas’ Fatah party. He has not previously had a high-profile role in Palestinian politics.

    But a bit further down, it says this:

    Mr Fayyad, 61, was prime minister of the Palestinian Authority from 2007. A former International Monetary Fund official, he was widely respected among international organisations and donors but clashed with Mr Abbas over economic policy.

    Say what? He was previously PM, not to mention finance minister before that, but has not previously had a high-profile role?

    The article also mentions that Fayyad is expected to be a “caretaker” PM while they work out some unity government with Hamas. Naturally, Hamas is not happy. This is a shock?

    Maybe if the genius who put this together consulted BBC news archives…..

    Palestinian PM Fayyad steps down

    The move comes ahead of power-sharing talks between Mr Abbas and his rivals Hamas, who control the Gaza Strip.

    Mr Fayyad’s resignation would pave the way for the formation of a national unity government, but he will not step down until that happens.

    The move is being seen as conciliatory, as Hamas had demanded his departure.

    The BBC’s Tim Franks in Jerusalem says Mr Fayyad’s resignation appears to be part of the careful choreography aimed at the creation of a new Palestinian government of national unity.

    So the PM who resigned a few years ago to pave the way for the creation of a unity government is….appointed as PM to pave the way for the creation of a unity government. And the credulous BBC sees no reason to offer skepticism of any kind. But John Kerry and Haaretz see it as a pragmatic move, so all is well.

    Come on, Beeboids, get a grip.


  17. Lynette says:

    Mass graves of Arabs have been discovered in a Jaffa cemetry dating back to 1936 uprising and 1948 . The Al Aqsa Foundation made the discovery and naturally they want the world to assume that these Arabs were killed by Jews. but history shows that his is far from obvious..

    The British were engaged in what would certainly be considered war crimes today. And the casualty rates of some of these actions were high enough to justify mass graves. There is also no doubt that many civilians were also killed although clearly there was reluctance to document that.
    It is also known that Arabs were killing other Arabs during the revolt as well as in the months leading up to the 1948 war.
    But you know already which way the story will be reported by the BBC . Reporters will swallow the lies from an organization that routinely lies to further its agenda.


    • noggin says:

      “wants the world to assume that these Arabs were killed by Jews” …
      you know it won t matter about the truth … victims nay “mass” victims …
      goodness, for an ideology that doesn t need any more conspiracy theories eh! … the “al aqsa grievance dept” will have a field day.


  18. Umbongo says:

    It’s a funny old world when Pravda – the original Russian one that is – is more truthful and trustworthy concerning “global warming” and the corruption of science than the BBC and most of the rest of our much-vaunted “free” press.

    H/T Counting Cats


    • Stewart says:

      Worth reading some of the other articles on that Pravda site, a different take on things to say the least (I particular liked the reference to Napoleon Hollande) and not one that would be allowed in the ‘free press’ that we enjoy
      That said I wouldn’t entirely dismiss the ‘coasting us into poverty’ theory


  19. David Preiser (USA) says:

    US woman Nicole Mansfield ‘brainwashed’ into Syria fight

    She was an American woman, who lived in suburban Michigan, so how did Nicole Lynn Mansfield, 33, end up dying in Syria, caught up in a conflict, thousands of miles away?

    Her family, who live in Burton, near the town of Flint, still do not know the answer.

    Actually, they kind of do know.

    Nicole was raised as a Baptist, but converted to Islam four or five years ago.

    Her immersion in her new faith took some adjusting to for the family, as Nicole began wearing a headscarf, attending a local mosque, and changed her email address to an Islamic name.

    Her new-found faith coincided with a trip she made to Dubai. Nicole told her family she was going there to go to college and live in a penthouse, and that she was being taken care of financially.

    But she returned after about six weeks.

    What exactly happened during the visit is unclear.

    “I think she had a hard time getting out of the country then, because she called my youngest daughter and said, ‘If I’m not home by Friday call the US embassy’, so I think she ran into something over there,” says her grandmother Carole.

    The trip concerned the family so much that Nicole’s father called the FBI. Agents visited them, and made enquiries, but the family heard nothing more from the agency until this week, when they got the fateful knock on the door.

    Her aunt Monica says Nicole became paranoid that the FBI was following her, and was sometimes on edge when she walked along a street. But just why Nicole felt she was a target is yet another unknown.

    I blame Syrian foreign policy and inequality in Flint, MI.


  20. Dave666 says:

    I Am Under INVESTIGATION Yea I was down the other property today another threat letter for not having a licence. I can stop this investigation by buying a license, errr not going to happen. There is of course no TV at this address no computer or similar device and my phone makes phone calls & texts nothing else. I should collect all of these letters and turn them into a full size paper mache statue of Karl Marx.
    Anyway Radio 4 news finally blows the gaffe on the Turkey riots. I wasn’t convinced with the shopping mall story, now it appears to be about the introduction of conservative islamic laws no drinking near schools etc. Also the temperature hasn’t increased because the oceans tidal patterns have changed to absorb more heat. Funny how this climate change bollox begins to twist and turn like any other good conspiracy.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      But did “the workers” say it was about the introduction of conservative Islamic laws? Paul Mason will be interested.


      • Dave666 says:

        No idea I was doing some painting at the time so just picked up on certain key words.


  21. chrisH says:

    I too have just heard Caroline Quinn(World Tonight , Radio4, June 3rd) refer to the “protesters” as rebelling against “conservative Islamic” values/tendencies in the ruling party.
    I resent this-Conservative as I understand it( freedom, liberty, small state) is exactly the opposite word that ought to be linked with Islamism( collective will, totalitarian, conformity, censorship and attacking freedom wherever it raises its head).
    No Caroline…the word that goes with unitary compulsion and coercion such as Islamism is…socialism…that`d be “left wing” to you, dearie!
    Try and say it now…socialist Islamic tendencies…see, sounds much better and much closer to the “actualite” does it not?
    Any chance of communal speech therapy for Beeboids, so they can practice such seeming “oxymorons”.
    Oxymorons….publicity-seeking thickies?…oh, how BBC!


    • James Stables says:


      Holding to traditional attitudes and values and cautious about change or innovation, typically in politics or religion.


      • Stewart says:

        Yes, but that’s not why the Beeb use the term
        And in any case are not these ‘radical’ Islamic movements seeking change on a massive scale (and at the point of a Kalashnikov)? Surely that makes them progressive.


      • Mark says:

        We could also argue that Turks who support the Ataturk model of secular democracy are themselves conservative, as they are conserving a form of government that had worked fairly well for 90 years.


        • James Stables says:

          Stewart but that’s not why the Beeb use the term.. Easier to stick to facts rather than entering into speculation about why a term is used. We are both free to speculate why a term is used – neither of us know.
          and at the point of a Kalashnikov Not in Turkey. Erdoghan was elected in March 2003.
          Mark We could also argue that Turks who support the Ataturk model of secular democracy… Indeed, but the orignal post complained about the use of the term to describe conservative Islamic values. The term was correctly applied in that case. That isn’t to say it can’t be used in other cases.


          • David Preiser (USA) says:

            “Easier to stick to facts rather than entering into speculation…”

            Pity the BBC didn’t follow your advice regarding Jared Loughner, the Toulouse murderer, Ft. Hood, or Boston.


            • James Stables says:

              If that is the case then isn’t even more beholden on you not to follow suit?


              • Stewart says:

                Er the site is about BBC bias not DP’s moral status
                Perhaps that’s what you have an issue with


              • David Preiser (USA) says:

                We’re flattered that you hold an obscure little blog like this one to a higher standard than you do the BBC.


          • Stewart says:

            “Indeed, but the orignal post complained about the use of the term to describe conservative Islamic values”
            But as mark points out, in the context (the leftists’ favourite get out) of Turkey the post 1918 secularised model of Islam is conservative and the world caliphate model radical
            The BBC are indulging in the minitruth style game of consensus fabrication through language modification


  22. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Democrat Senator from New Jersey, Frank Lautenberg, has died from health issues. This means Republican Gov. Christie can either appoint a replacement or authorize a special election. Considering how this will affect the Democrat majority, and the BBC’s “Republican Intransigence, blocking His every move” Narrative, expect some worrying from the BBC soon.


  23. Charlatans says:

    I already posted this on Guido – since unable to access this site for most of this evening!
    A member of the public questioned Nigel Farage about BBC political Bias, at a well attended, (perhaps 500+), public meeting I attended at Hove town hall earlier this evening.
    The questioner asked, should UKIP be in a position of power to influence the Government, what would be their policy on “reining in” the BBC and stopping them further abusing their Royal Charter to provide us, their enforced licence payers, with unbiased political reporting. The question alone was well applauded by the audience.
    Nigel replied he was quite disappointed personally by the low key cover given by the BBC to his parties astounding UKIP 2009 European elections breakthrough. As far as the future was concerned, he said vast tracts of the public he comes across have already lost a lot of confidence in the BBC and, particularly the next generation, were already increasingly now of necessity obtaining their political and current affairs news through a plethora of other online and free view trusted news sources now available. He said the Government should sit down with the BBC and raise the issue, in relation to consequences to the corporation’s non-compliance with its charter, in the round of future licence fee settlements. Rousing applause.
    One would conclude from that, we can expect a decreasing TV licence fee under UKIP since the Corporations left political bias, financial waste, highly paid staff tax avoidance, its breeding ground for stars and staff sexual crimes, Political & religious ‘incorrectness’, full fronted Labour propaganda and Muslim misinformation is surely now proved beyond the pale by vast tracts of its enforced customers who believe the BBC to be to be no longer fit for purpose under its Charter.

    It is a shame really that a once great British icon has progressively become an addicted self harmer.


  24. Pounce says:

    I know others have mentioned this, but I am really disgusted at how the bBC are covering the protests in Turkey. Talk about taking sides. According to the bBC, this is nothing but a bunch of thugs, who may or may not be protesting about, well actually I don’t know as the BBC don’t tell me. Oh they state the party line, they interview people who support the Government and they show a film clip of 2 idiots wreaking a Bus.

    So what isn’t the BBC telling me, that the people’s of Turkey are worried about the increasing number of Islamic diktats being issued:
    Banning the sale of alcohol
    The compulsory teaching of Islam inside schools
    The removal of female rights to their body’s

    Funny enough Anonymous the hacking group the BBC love to shout out about, took down the Turkish Government Website Monday morning Yet has anybody seen sight or sound of that at the bBC?

    We are coming Turkey. Be strong, We will not let you down. Stay in the streets, We will take your government offline. #OpTurkey— Anonymous(@AnonOpsMob) June 2, 2013

    What is it about the bBC and its growing inability to report the news?


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Anonymous didn’t really hack Turkey until “the workers” take to the streets in support. Ask Paul Mason.


  25. Louis Robinson says:

    From Jihadwtach”

    Fiyaz Mughal runs a project called Tell Mama, which receives £214,000 a year from the Government to monitor anti-Muslim attacks in Britain. In the wake of Drummer Lee Rigby’s murder, he has been understandably busy.

    Over the past week or so, these sorts of hate crimes have noticeably increased in number and, in many instances, become more extreme.”

    “The scale of the backlash is astounding … there has been a massive spike in anti-Muslim prejudice. A sense of endemic fear has gripped Muslim communities.”

    The media, especially the BBC, have accepted the claims without question. A presenter on Radio 4’s influential Today programme stated that attacks on Muslims were now “on a very serious scale”.

    For the full report read:


  26. TomR says:

    Any mention of this on the BBC website yet? Of course not. They managed to write a story on a Turkish union half an hour ago, though.


  27. AsISeeIt says:

    The BBC are very sniffy about Simon Cowell’s talent shows.

    In typical BBC style they spend a barrel load of our cash on their very own copy of Cowell’s show.

    ‘ is believed to have pocketed £600,000 last year, with Sir Tom on £300,000 and Jessie J on £200,000.’

    ‘By contrast, Strictly Come Dancing’s Len Goodman, Bruno Tonioli and Craig Revel Horwood are paid a little over £100,000.’

    ‘The Voice’s fourth judge Danny O’Donoghue, singer from little-known band The Script, was paid just over £100,000, but wants more parity with his colleagues next year.’

    And in typical BBC fashion The Voice is as much about Political Correctness as it is about music

    Comment made on this BBC blog….

    “I think that Leanne’s lack of a ‘takeoff’ so far has nothing to do with her out-of-this-World vocal performances but, rather, upon some unfortunate out-of-favor musical selections which hurt her with promoters, namely, ‘This Is A Man’s World’ and ‘I Put A Spell On You’, where ‘Everywoman’ is seen subjugating herself to the command and control of her ‘Man’, a criticism that has also recently befallen BEYONCE’ just the same. However, Leanne is not yet established and known enough to be able to withstand such ‘POLITICALLY CORRECT’ resistance, unlike her American competitor”

    So then how has Leanne’s BBC apprenticeship fitted her for a pop career?

    ‘Leanne Mitchell, 29, failed to enter the top 40 with her first single. Management suggested she has been reluctant to engage in publicity. ‘Lack of success calls into question show’s credibility as springboard. Judge Tom Jones accused her record label of mismanaging her career. Miss Mitchell soon to release an autobiography called Finding My Voice. said: ‘The best artist does not always get the most votes’

    Nice one Will – you blame the viewers/voters! Your BBC career will go far.–Voice-winners-album-sales-Leanne-Mitchell-sold-fewer-1-000-copies-went-sale-week.html

    ‘Last year’s winner of BBC1 singing contest The Voice, Leanne Mitchell, has sold less than a thousand copies of her debut album in a week, placing her at an embarrassing 134 in this weekend’s official album chart.’

    ‘The poor showing put her 71 places behind a reissue of a 1975 album by space-rock group Hawkwind called Warrior On the Edge of Time.’

    ‘To compound her failure to even make the top 100 with her release, Leanne Mitchell is understood to have sold a mere 895 copies in her first few days.’

    ‘The chart flop will prompt many to question the value of winning the BBC1 show if it results in so few sales and little chart success.’

    Oh, by the way, I see why the Beeboids are not too keen on the Daily mail.


  28. AsISeeIt says:

    Nicky Campbell asks ‘should we go vegetarian to save the planet?’

    I’m sure the planet will do just fine whatever Nicky and his Twitter feed have to say.

    Message to the BBC from one exasperated licence payer : Just for once – forget the ruddy planet!

    We are NOT all doomed.


    • noggin says:

      always there with the immediate ethical concerns eh!
      like animal welfare etc, a farmer has quite a few vegans etc giving the “hard time”… UNTIL …
      panto gives on elongated time on the show for … Moh! who buys much lamb/chicken etc hmmm
      so the blindingly glaringly obvious? … questionable “halal” welfare
      well “al surprise” .. erm … actually no,
      it seems like Moh!, is just a jolly good, all round, blokey bloke, and nobody is concerned about his animals at all!.


    • johnnythefish says:

      All part of the ‘mitigating actions’ against ‘climate change’ – in this instance ‘sustainable development’ – all rolled into UN Agenda 21, aka an eco-socialist totalitarian world state, with the BBC as the UK’s principal cheerleader.

      When are people going to wake up to this?

      ‘Item: Vegetarianism is a major tenant of Sustainable Development. Agenda 21 focuses on the goal to eliminate the consumption of meat and to instead use the fields to grow wheat and soy for human consumption. Again, freedom of choice is not part of Sustainable Development. To get us to comply, we’re told in endless propaganda campaigns that meat is dangerous to us and the vegan lifestyle is the only healthy alternative. The argument has been as one-sided in the media and as the claims of consensus for global warming – with the same lack of honesty and scientific evidence.’


  29. George R says:

    ‘Newsnight,’ Comrade Mason, Marx and Islam.

    Mason, BBC-NUJ Father of the Chapel at ‘Newsnight’, may know something about his beloved Marx, whose communist manifesto Mason is trying to apply to present- day Turkey, but Mason knows little about Islam.

    Whenever Mason refers to Erdogan’s ruling AK Party, Mason, without discussion, refers to it as a ‘moderate Islam’ Party. This description is not only inadequate but it is inaccurate.

    But then, Comrade Mason will not want to offend Islamic interests, not least because he will not want to weaken the prospects of the Marxist-Islamic political alliance.


  30. uncle bup says:


    The gift that always gives gave this morning.

    Trying to take an MP (whose name escapes me) on the whole MPs with ‘outside interests’ thing to task, the MP responded with something along the lines of,

    ‘Everyone knows what *I’m* paid, Nikki…’

    Chucklin’ Nikki, seeing where this was going, dived in with another question to er move things along..

    Not to be deterred the MP came back with,

    ‘So what are you paid, Nikki?’

    ‘Ah canny tell ye tha, it would be a breach of ma contrac.’

    The MP laughed at this, as it is laughable, and told him not to hide behind it.

    ‘Fechenjirool*’, said The Chuckler, ‘Add gladly tell you’.

    We know Nikki is a proven liar, his ‘there’s three million listeners oot there’ for one. Does he think anyone is stupid enough to believe him here. The BBC autocutie newsreader who gave out her salary a couple of years ago on air (a trifling 90 thou of our money p.a.) meh she must have signed a different contract.

    One rule for the fearless interrogator and one rule for the interrogated. Or to broaden it out a bit (cf FOIs), one rule for the BBC and another rule for everybody else.

    Fechenjirool on assault and battery making it legal, I would personally take a train up to Salford, track down The Chuckler in his studio, kick his sorry arse down the stairs, out the door, and into the Manchester Ship Canal and say ‘corpse at tha, Rachel’

    How I love the smell of truly rank hypocrisy in the morning.

    * If they change the rules


  31. Beeboidal says:

    A story from the top ten most popular on the BBC website.

    The headline Ashfield YOI inmates ‘had bones broken by staff’ is accurate. Two inmates had suffered broken bones. The first paragraph is

    Youth offenders were “exposed to unacceptable levels of violence” at a privately-run institution near Bristol, inspectors found.

    The casual reader could be forgiven in thinking that this unacceptable level of violence is that of staff against inmates, resulting in the broken bones of the headline. Except it’s not – the inspectors are referring to inmate on inmate violence. Perhaps this will be made clearer later on in the article.

    Inspectors said despite the levels of violence, young people had said they “felt safe”.

    No, it’s still not clear. As always, lobbyists get a word in

    However Frances Crook, chief executive of the Howard League for Penal Reform, said: “Today’s inspection report is the damning postscript to a long story of violence and harm in this privately-run children’s prison.

    Whose violence? Staff on inmates?

    “Far from being a place of security, this was a hotbed of violence and abuse where bones were broken, levels of self-harm soared and children were routinely subjected to invasive strip-searches.

    Ah, the broken bones. It is the staff then – except it’s not.

    “And yet, when asked by the inspection team if they felt unsafe, the children said no.

    That’s because the staff frequently intervene to restrain the yobs – sorry, I mean children and young people – from assaulting each other. Bones have been broken through inmate on inmate violence but the BBC won’t tell you that.

    “So embedded was this culture of control by physical force that dangerous practices had become normal to them.”

    Well, if they’d stop attacking each other control by physical force would not be necessary, and instances of broken bones, whether caused deliberately by inmates or inadvertently by staff attempting to control a violent yob, would be a thing of the past.


  32. thoughtful says:

    Kidnap Episode 2 of 5

    A young boy, Samir, is left to guard the hostage Elizabeth and a bond forms between them when she hears Samir’s story.

    Richard Monks’ drama looks at the kidnapping of an aid worker from five different viewpoints; the hostage, one of her guards, the hostage negotiator, a soldier on a rescue mission and her daughter.
    The cast includes: Barbara Flynn, Hamza Jeetooa, Neil Dudgeon, James McArdle and Morven Christie.

    Richard Monks is a Sony Award winning writer: his plays for radio include Hearing Sense, The Donor Trail, Shattered, Lying Undiscovered and Mole.

    No mention of her kidnap by Muslim Jihadists for ransom. Perhaps it’s more of the UK government desperate policy to expunge Islam from all forms of blame over their wrong doings.


  33. noggin says:

    Drearybyshire is going all out, to get as much intervention in Syria as possible on 5live this morning .. following the latest reports, of violence and MANY BEHEADINGS,( ring any bells bbc).
    Some rep states openly that these reports have to be really scrutinised, because of propaganda, to prevent trial by youtube, well she soon gives him the VD 😀 treatment, and paff! hes gone … if you want to catch it 😀
    it was around 10 45 am


  34. pah says:

    The BBC have been pushing a programme called ‘The People’s Coronation’. Shown yesterday and on again Sunday.

    I must have missed this because I thought it was the Queen’s coronation not ours. Is the crown in the post do you think? Do we all get to wear it one day each in our lives?

    I also notice there is a ‘The People’s Songs – The Story of Modern Britain Told in 50 Songs’ chosen by, erm, the BBC. Are we in the USSR after all?


    • Richard Pinder says:

      Well, there is a direct democracy idea for a referendum between an Accession and a Coronation, were the people vote on who they want to be crowned.

      It’s a brilliant idea because at present it would mean that Prince Charles would ascend as King, but his rule would end the day that Prince William is crowned as the peoples choice for King.


  35. thoughtful says:

    Mujaahid Abu Hamza AKA Michael Adebolajo

    I am speechless with anger about the stupidity of the court which simply allows this man to give himself a Jihadist name – on the grounds that they are respecting his culture.

    The Biased Broadcaster makes scant reference to it, and no reference to Islam or the fact he is Muslim. They do not discuss the meaning behind it as that would involve the use of Islamic words which they do not wish to use.

    Mujaahid means one who undertakes Jihad. Abu Hamza means ‘Noble Lion’

    So he is being allowed to glorify his Quranic inspired murder and violence. Everyone who is similarly minded will know & understand the significance of this new name, and yet the spineless UK authorities simply allow to be used without a murmur.
    This country truly is finished!


    • noggin says:

      truly sickening, letting that scum sit there with a koran! in his hand? … whatever next eh! like letting Sutcliffe sit there with his hammer?.
      it is simple … M Adebolajo thats the name
      refuses to stand … take away the chair and make him
      he points to the sky … hands behind his back cuff him
      he wants rant or talk crap … gag him or remove him
      he s a muslim murderer, not a celebrity, and a guilty one.


      • John Anderson says:


        I so agree

        The guy is trying to play to the gallery, grab more headlines, to stir up more trouble – and he should not be allowed to. “Name, rank, number” at this stage – and that means real name. Then back to the cell.


      • johnnythefish says:

        Contempt of court? Nah, only for the indigenous Brits, that one.


    • Rufus McDufus says:

      I was thinking myself what a huge outcry there would have been if Oscar Pistorius was promoting jihad and doing Usain Bolt impressions in court.


  36. Junk dog man says:

    Ever wonder why the Open Thread fills up so fast? It’s because people just want an egotistical rant and don’t give a toss about this mostly useless and ineffectual site!


    • Stewart says:

      Perhaps they don’t feel that get a voice elsewhere
      What, exactly, is your problem with that?


    • Mat says:

      W— dog man
      ‘Ever wonder why the Open Thread fills up so fast? It’s because people are busy highlighting BBC bias and don’t give a toss about my mostly useless and ineffectual waffle!’
      There fixed that for you !


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Ever wonder why you don’t bother trying to help out and make a useful contribution instead?


  37. OldBloke says:

    Junk Dog Man, how wrong you are that it is a mostly useless and ineffectual site. Carful examination of many newspapers editorial or comment pages do in fact contain quite a lot of *cut and paste* from the very contributors who you state are having an egotistical rant. The thing is, these egotistical rants are reaching out to more and more people everyday, which of course is one thing the BBC do not want, what with them being biased and all that.


  38. Junk dog man says:

    Some of you just do not get it! Al beeb is till there in its unreconstructed state. But alas! I actually should not be here wasting time, so bye bye!


    • Bodo says:

      Junk dog; (if still there),

      There is some (much?) truth in what you say. If you have suggestions about how to make our concerns more effective then let’s hear them.
      Lots of people here have tried numerous written complaints to the BBC, only to receive the usual brush off. Even when the BBC admits fault they do not change – a grudging acceptance of wrongdoing, and then they carry on exactly as before.

      Numerous letters to MPs to try to get them to take up the cause have no effect, even though many acknowledge the problem of BBC bias.

      Lets hear your ideas.


  39. Colonel Blimp says:

    play your BeeboidBingo with this article about Finnish baby boxes

    social equality – check
    universal benefit – check
    national health service – check
    equal society – check


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Endorsed by the presenter of BBC World News America, Katty Kay – check.


      • Buggy says:

        “……..and it works.”

        What the bloody hell does that mean ? That Katty’s spawn happily didn’t perish en masse in their unusual accommodation ? That unfortunate tots whose parents don’t casually stuff ’em into any old handy receptacle they find lying about (they put them into cribs and such like: quelle horreur !) don’t grow or something ? Is there an tragic twilight army of forty year olds still teething because parental negligence meant their upbringing didn’t “work” ?

        What the everlasting scrod IS she on about ?


        • Buggy says:

          “…..suitcases (yes, open)…..”

          I’m glad to see her making that clear, just in case anybody should find her approach a little laissez faire.

          As if.


        • David Preiser (USA) says:

          Katty is just saying that the Finnish story is proof that it works. And if this daughter of the elite can do it, so can the masses.


    • johnnythefish says:

      Echoes of Crash Gordon’s benificence towards expectant mothers, so double plus good (remember the fruit n’ veg allowance then a cuppla hundred quid in a trust* fund when nipper arrived?).

      *In reality a ‘truss’ fund, as baby would end up paying back this borrowed money 5-fold once it became a working adult.


  40. AsISeeIt says:

    Beeboid Richard Bacon would rather get on with his telly reviews

    ‘If you think this Royal celebration has been going on forever… well it has!’

    Funny thing is – Obama only has to threaten to fart gently into a microphone and our Richard and his Twitteratti chums are all ears.

    Leslie Ashmall is a BBC Royal Correspondent. She confides ‘Rumour has it Churchill wanted the Coronation delayed to help his election chances’

    The BBC : Auntie? Anti-Royal & Anti-Tory.


    • AsISeeIt says:

      BTW these were examples of Casual Leftism


    • Joshaw says:

      “going on forever”?

      Really? I can think of several things that have been “going on forever” – the Stephen Lawrence circus, for instance.

      On the other hand, Kriss Donald never gets a mention.

      “The BBC : Auntie? Anti-Royal & Anti-Tory.”

      I would add: – Anti-plain, ordinary decency.


    • Buggy says:

      “Leslie Ashmall is a BBC Royal Correspondent. She confides ‘Rumour has it Churchill wanted the Coronation delayed to help his election chances’”

      Since Churchill had won election in 1951, so theoretically wouldn’t have had to call another until 1956, just how long is he supposed to have thought we’d do without a Head Of State ?
      Surely it can’t be that “Rumour has it” actually means “Here’s something I thought up on my way in to the studio this afternoon”, can it ?

      From just what facility for the mentally deranged does Auntie continually dig these halfwits up for employment and mucho renumeration ? Ye gods!


      • Expat John says:

        Another Scot come to England to earn a living from the public purse. Educated in a Scottish private school.
        I thought their eduction system was better than that.
        Mea culpa.


  41. Deborah says:

    Listening to the Today programme this morning immediately after the 7a.m. news (about 7.09) an interview with John Appelby from the Kings Fund.
    Started with John Humphries
    ‘If you went to your A&E unit at your local hospital until fairly recently you would be seen within 4 hours; that was the target that the last government set and it was met pretty much’ (yes, John, by ensuring that a triage nurse met you at the door, said hello, judged you would still be alive in 6 hours and could put you in the queue waiting for ever). ‘But not any longer; the leading Health Service think tank, the King’s Fund (John, did you forget to say left-leaning?) has done some research.’

    Interview then with Chief Economist John Appleby who says there is a spike in people waiting more than 4 hours. With amazing speed John Humphries butts in to add that the target of 95% seen in 4 hours was met by the Labour Government’ (stumbles, giving John the opportunity to repeat but amend the statement to say ‘under a Labour Government’. The suggestion that numbers waiting have been increasing since last August and were high over the winter (I know John we have global warming but if my memory serves me right last winter was one of the coldest for some time – warm winters might have an economic benefit as well as a benefit for the weakest ie poorliest members of our community – but we are against climate change – aren’t we John?)
    John Humphries then innocently asks if the increase ‘is because of the cuts; I know technically the NHS budget is ring fenced but there are efficiency savings – could that be part of it?
    John Appleby ‘I think that is one of the key reasons.’ (Oh what a surprise). Soft interview now over and the anti-government message complete….at least until the next item.
    Oh and the last story on the headlines was about climate change 4 thousand years ago – read without irony.


    • Andrew says:

      Humphrys = poisonous, chip-on-shoulder, anti-Tory, Left agitator who should be “decommissioned” if the BBC wants peace with right-of-centre “Today” listeners.


    • Cyclops says:

      The other trick was to have them stay in the ambulance. The clock wasn’t ticking whilst they were still in the ambulance and so they would keep them there until they knew they cold see them in the time limit.


  42. George R says:

    Jihadist Choudary: who INBBC gives airtime to, is condemned here:-

    “UK Muslim cleric Anjem Choudary:
    London jihad victim will burn in hell; his Muslim killer is ‘nice man'”


    • George R says:

      Labour MP, Stephen Timms (who was physically attacked by a Muslim) condemns ‘Newsnight’ on propagandising Choudary.


      • Derek says:

        From the Telegraph :
        “Stephen Timms… said ministers must investigate how to remove radical material from the internet…”

        Just the internet?
        Where everybody in the world can see it (one way or another)?
        So they should all obey New labour’s laws (enacted by Cameron)?
        Remake the internet as the BBC would wish it, with no dissenting voices dissenting in an unapproved manner?

        Or should Timms just be discussing removing all such radicalising material (possibly considering even Korans?) from UK society, whose laws and policies he has already altered to encourage this material.

        Wouldn’t it be more useful, and less intrusive on everbody else’s freedom, to remove those who would act on such material to perform, support or encourage violence in our British society?


  43. George R says:


    Of course, if INBBC were more wide-ranging in its coverage of the overall attitude of Islamic governments, it could see a pattern of response, not limited to Turkey.

    “Turkey’s reaction to protests follows Islamist playbook”


    “Turkey Deputy PM apologises to Gezi Park protesters”


  44. matthew says:

    Another day, another article praising the glories of socialism and the welfare state, cunningly disguised, at least in the headline, as an article on how babies should sleep in boxes.

    It’s even accompanied with an absurd graph, basically ascribing the falls in infant mortality to this particular piece of socialism, without bothering to compare with other countries that lack such measures.


    • pah says:

      Finnish infant mortality is 3.4/1000. England & Wales is 4.2, Singapore 2.7 and Monaco 1.8. So much for Socialism …


      • will.duncan says:

        You forgot the USA. Which is 5.9. And most of the world which can be found here

        Funny how countries with welfare states do so well.

        Pah, use facts not selective stats to make your case.


        • Stewart says:

          “The infant mortality rate (IMR) is the number of deaths of infants under one year old per 1,000 live births.”
          Talk about your selective facts


        • johnnythefish says:

          ‘You forgot the USA. Which is 5.9. And most of the world which can be found here.’

          And most of the world what? Is 5.9%? Can you unmuddle your argument, please?

          (Btw North Korea 26.4, China 15.62 – but so what?)



        • matthew says:

          The top countries for infant mortality are:
          1. Japan (16.9% of GDP spent on welfare)
          2. Singapore (16.7% of GDP spent on ALL government programmes, welfare I guess <10%)
          3. Sweden (28.9% of GDP)
          4. Hong Kong (15% of GDP)

          Only one of these top 4 could be described a welfare state.


        • pah says:

          Funny how capitalist countries do so well too isn’t it?

          Ah the joys of statistics.


  45. David Preiser (USA) says:

    MSNBC admits it’s not a proper news network, and nobody is surprised:

    Devoted to Politics, MSNBC Slips on Breaking News

    At a time of intensely high interest in news, MSNBC’s ratings declined from the same period a year ago by about 20 percent. The explanation, in the network’s own analysis, comes down to this: breaking news is not really what MSNBC does.

    “We’re not the place for that,” said Phil Griffin, the channel’s president, in reference to covering breaking events as CNN does. “Our brand is not that.”

    The brand, one MSNBC has cultivated with success, is defined by its tagline, “The Place for Politics,” and a skew toward left-wing, progressive political talk, the opposite of the conservative-based approach that has worked well for Fox News.

    No wonder Katty Kay’s a regular.


  46. johnnythefish says:

    Andy ‘Div 2 Football Manager Soundalike’ Burnham, ex Labour Health Minister, given his usual firing range quota of free shots at the coalition. Not care for the elderley this time (which he and his party kicked into the long grass for their duration) – no, it’s all about A & E being in a bit of a mess because of Torycutz.

    Must also be due to so many BBC interviewers blocking beds for their Alzheimer’s treatment as they seem to have forgotten to ask Ickle Andy about the cuts Labour were planning to the NHS shortly before they gave us their ‘no money left’ farewell note.

    “It is astounding Gordon Brown is still claiming he will protect the NHS frontline when he is planning stealth cuts to the NHS budget of up to £5bn.

    “Patients will suffer under his plans because we know they will mean the loss of at least 2,000 nurses and 650 doctors.


    • Chop says:

      Funny how they never bring up the A&E in Leigh (His constituency) that he closed down as health minister, forcing the residents of Leigh, Atherton, Tyldesley and Astley to travel to either Bolton or Wigan A&E.

      Only Atherton has a train station, where services to Bolton and Wigan are hourly, no night service if I remember rightly.

      Buses to Bolton from Atherton & Leigh are frequent during the day, buuuut…well, forget it if you are in Tyldesley & Astley

      They run a night service from 6pm to 11ish, then…..nowt.

      Basically, Burnhams message to his own constituents is…well, gimme yer votes, and don’t get ill.

      And they still vote for the mascara wearing maggot.


      • johnnythefish says:

        And driving from Leigh to Bolton you have to negotiate the tricky ‘Khyber Pass’, where colourful locals maneouvre their cars with as much road sense as Genghis Khan in a bad mood.


        • Chop says:


          Good old Daubhill.

          I had the misfortune to have to walk from Bolton to Atherton after the 582 had stopped running for the evening.

          The amount of time I heard “Kaffir” muttered as I walked by was eye opening, even for a lad born and raised in Oldham.

          I felt especially enriched that evening.


  47. Leha says:

    Personally, I’m relying on the bBC to tell us what to do next in Syria.


  48. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Paul Mason’s latest report from Turkey shows his political bias, how he got it wrong yesterday, and how he simply refuses to accept what’s actually happening.

    In his “analysis” from yesterday, Mason played down the significance of all the protests because it was mostly middle class types. He wanted to wait and see if “the workers” showed up today before declaring it a proper, important protest.

    Today, it’s still mostly the middle class, but Mason is hungry for revolution.

    To any student of social history the sight of an urban middle class using its fingers to dig up cobblestones, form a human chain and pile them 3ft (1m) high to make a barricade screams the words “Paris Commune”.

    That is what I saw in the streets around Besiktas stadium last night and the comparisons are ominous.

    Not sure how that squares with a workers rebellion, but never mind that: it’s glorious revolution!

    Then Mason gets silly:

    The main meme – as with the flags – is “we are sons of Ataturk”. That is, we are a secular republic and we are worried about the autocratic use of power by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, combined with a creeping Islamisation.

    “We don’t want to become Iran,” one man said.

    The secondary meme tends to contradict this.

    “We’re all here,” one masked woman told me.

    “Communists, anarchists, democrats. It’s not an Ataturkist movement.”

    Reactions to my reports on Twitter tend to echo this division too.

    So what has caused it? Everybody is clear that the park – intended to be bulldozed to make a shopping mall shaped like an Ottoman Empire military barracks – is not the issue.

    “The issue is freedom,” one woman told me.

    Um, no, that’s not contradictory at all. I know the concept of freedom is alien to most Beeboids, especially one with Mason’s politics, but come on. A child could understand this.

    I think it’s time we changed Mason’s job title from Newsnight economics editor to something more appropriate for what he does. Should we call him the BBC’s “It’s All Kicking Off” editor? BBC Revolution editor?


  49. thoughtful says:

    Town with Nicholas Crane – Huddersfield

    Apparantly after WWII the town needed to recruit Polish immigrants just like today ! No mention of the impossibility of this as they were behind the iron curtain and unable to leave.
    And so immigration was spoken of in glowing terms and the inevitable interminable grinding diversity & multiculturalism that the BBC demands


    • Derek says:

      “…immigration was spoken of in glowing terms…”

      Immigration can benefit:
      – mostly/only the immigrants (from Welfare and invasion),
      – mostly/only the host nation (with low-price labour and skills)
      – both (by paying a fair wage for needed skills, and assimilating into a law-abiding society that gives a fair chance).

      If the leaders of the host nation do not enact Immigration policy with a clear thought for the benefit of the nation, and instead enact an ideological policy that is definitely not in the interest of the host country, then sooner or later conflict will arise. The BBC will never discuss this honestly, preferring their ideological view to real life.

      I’ve never been left with no alternative but to eat Polish prepared food because of any social/political pressure to please the Poles.
      I have only eaten Polish food because I’ve enjoyed their company and hospitality.

      There does seem to be one group favoured by the BBC who have an unwanted effect on my food supply. The bias of enforced ‘diversity’ in Britain can hardly said to be lawful, democratic or welcome.


      • Mark says:

        There does seem to be one group favoured by the BBC who have an unwanted effect on my food supply.

        There is a solution – eat pork and shellfish, but be careful when buying a ‘ham’ pizza, especially if your pizzeria also sells kebabs ! (as seen on Fake Food last night)


    • Albaman says:

      “By 1951, the Polish population in Britain had risen from 44,642 in 1931 to 162,339 (Holmes 1988). It was simultaneously concentrated and dispersed over the country, e.g. 33,500 settled in Greater London, 14,500 in Lancashire, 13,500 in West Yorkshire and 3,200 in Leicestershire (Zubrzycki 1956).”

      Click to access WP1184%20Duvell-Garapich.pdf


      • Pounce says:

        Alba wrote:
        ““By 1951, the Polish population in Britain had risen from 44,642 in 1931 to 162,339”

        I don’t know where you are going with this, but may I presume you doing so in which to promote the view that England has always been a nation of immigrants?


        • johnnythefish says:

          So that’s just over 100,000 over a period of 20 years.

          How many more since 2004?

          Albaman enters.
          Aims gun.
          Hops around on one leg howling with pain.


      • Richard Pinder says:

        The 117,697 escaped to Britain to fight the national socialists, but then could not go home after the war because Poland was under the soviet socialists.

        Most of the Poles that remained or came to Britain after the war were nice right-wing capitalist types not the nasty socialist/communist types that you find employed at the BBC.


        • will.duncan says:

          The Milibands were Polish. And communist. Case disproved.


          • David Preiser (USA) says:

            He said “most”. Or does that word have a different meaning when you read it?


            • johnnythefish says:

              An ill-educated youth from our ‘envy of the world’ comprehensive system, I’ll wager.


          • Mark says:

            Polish (adjective “from Poland”, not verb “make shiny”) my arse.

            The Miliband patriarch supported the SOVIET UNION in the Battle of Warsaw in 1920, less than two years after the proclamation of an Independent Polish Republic.


          • London Calling says:

            Bill = over 60
            William = 30 – 60
            Will = “under 30”

            Millibands were “Polish” really?

            Ralph Miliband (7 January 1924 – 21 May 1994), born Adolphe Miliband, was a Belgian-born sociologist known as a prominent Marxist thinker. Miliband was born in Belgium,

            Dear oh dear, is this what we have to put up with from “Will” BBC intern or just typical white middle class socialist prick?


      • Dave s says:

        Hardly a surprise considering the numberof Poles who fought in the war and stayed.


  50. Doyle says:

    Last night’s Newsnight and the BBC are still desperate to get involved in Syria.
    ‘Proof positive that the Assad govt has used a nerve agent against it’s own people’ thunders Paxman. ‘The conclusion from the French is clear they (Assad) have used sarin gas … in one case it’s the Syrian regime and it’s accomplices.’ etc
    ‘Is the west gonna do anything?’ Paxman asks Urban (maybe it’s time for Urban to fire up the old tank).
    ‘Nerve gas has been used in Syria, who used it and where hasn’t been disclosed (that’s helpful). The French foreign minister made a statement that chemical weapons had been used on several occasions, one where the evidence pointed to the Syrian regime’ (it wasn’t gonna point towards the ‘rebels’ was it?).
    ‘Le Monde journalists brought back some urine samples from Damascus but the evidence wasn’t conclusive’ (so, it wasn’t nerve gas then).
    ‘The key incident was in Idlib province on 29 April. Interesting that this has been highlighted by the BBC before (yeah, where would we be without the BBC) and shown footage from that day. A helicopter passed over and something, a canister/rocket fell … 1 died (is that all?), blood samples were taken and then given to members of the French intelligence service (hmmm). So that’s the chain of evidence from the helicopter, eyewitnesses, the people, blood samples … it doesn’t look like a complete airtight case (eh, you said proof positive). The Whitehouse doesn’t think there is definitive proof ( if they’re not convinced why is the beeb?) The UN claim that both sides have been using chemicals as weapons rather than chemical weapons if you know what I mean (so they’re both at it). Overall more war crimes have been committed by the regime’ ( I’ll remember that the next time I see a kid cutting someone’s head off).
    Just like in Libya, the BBC can’t wait to start a war or get someone else’s kids involved in it. They’re the modern day equivalent of William Randolph Hearst.