I was proud to wear uniform of Bullingdon Club, admits David Dimbleby


David Dimbleby admits to being a member of the IRA and that he was very proud to have worn the ‘uniform’…though he insists he didn’t bomb or kneecap anyone….insisting he had nothing to be ashamed of……he never did the disgusting, disgraceful things that Gerry Adams did.

Well no, that’s obviously all untrue…and the BBC would never call Adams disgraceful and disgusting…despite him having been a member of one of the most notorious terrorist groups in the world…and now a respected politician.







The picture of the floor plan from the BBC programme emerged this morning. Photograph:  Simon WhittakerThe picture of the floor plan from the BBC programme emerged this morning. Photograph:  Simon WhittakerThe picture of the floor plan from the BBC programme emerged this morning. Photograph:  Simon Whittaker



The BBC naturally apologised to a, er, Sinn Fein member for labelling him SF/IRA on a name card at Question time….Sinn Fein….murder, bombings and terror have nothing to do with Sinn Fein ideology.


However Boris Johnson and the Tory ‘Toffs’…that’s a different matter…..they are ‘disgusting and disgraceful’…

David Dimbleby claims that when he was a member of the notorious Bullingdon Club  he ‘“loved” being elected to the club and was “really proud” of his uniform…insisting his cohort “never broke windows or got wildly drink”, he dismissed opinions claiming that he ought to be ashamed of his membership.

 He goes on to say: ‘ It was a completely different organisation from what it clearly became when Boris Johnson, David Cameron and George Osborne joined, who seem to be ashamed of it, pulling their photographs and so on. But we never did these disgusting, disgraceful things that Boris did.”


Either David is lying through is teeth or he was completely boring and I hope he got debagged regularly for being so pompous and straight laced.

Wiki tells us, as if you couldn’t have guessed, that the Bullingdon has been notorious for  a very long time…long before Dimbleby joined up….

 Infamously, on 12 May 1894 and again on 20 February 1927, after dinner, Bullingdon members smashed almost all the glass of the lights and 468 windows in Peckwater Quad of Christ Church, along with the blinds and doors of the building. As a result, the Club was banned from meeting within 15 miles of Oxford.


It might be noted that all damage is paid on the spot…possibly not always a consolation to the owner of any establishment…but how many ‘working class’ pubs that get trashed are similarly recompensed?

Part of the joys of being a student I would imagine…being old enough to go to pubs, have money to spend and the time to sober up with few responsibilities….not as if it’s just the Bullingdon Club students that get hammered….the newspapers are often filled with photos of students  in various stages of paralysis and tales of excess…they just aren’t dressed in a fancy suit….fancy dress maybe.

Gotta wonder if that colours Dimbleby’s view of the Tory ‘Toffs’ despite himself being TV ‘royalty’.

Would the BBC treat anyone else with such contempt….Labour politicians who dressed up as Nazis for instance…I’m certain none of them got up to any hi jinks at Oxford or Cambridge…which of course they all went to as well as the Tories.

I am certain,  just like David Dimbleby, they were all angels.

Just keep bashing the Tories for being rich….despite people in the media probably earning far more than any of them.






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24 Responses to Dimblebore

  1. Ian Hills says:

    Left-wing toffs like Dimblebore side with terrorists and other criminals as it takes them back to their misspent youth, where they got away with murder thanks to their privileged backgrounds – and didn’t bother to hide their contempt for the masses.


    • Selohesra says:

      He had a very Green tie on last weeks QT in Belfast – a perhaps a sign of where his sympathies lay


  2. stuart says:

    islamism and soviet communism and stalinism as an ideology are very simliar as a concept,hence this strange alliance that the far left and the islamist terrorists have made in recent years,the dimblebores and there nepotism at the bbc is just a an absolute discrace to the license fee payers.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      Is your shift key broken?


    • thoughtful says:

      “islamism and soviet communism and stalinism as an ideology are very simliar as a concept”

      You’re going to have to expand on this as it’s one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever read!

      Islam as of itself is closer to National Socialism than anything else, in fact so close were they that there was a Muslin division of the SS and they were given Halal ration packs!


      • Andrew says:

        Not so ridiculous … Both are ideologies that take a position on everything and have an ‘answer’ for all of society’s problems; they are teleological, going beyond those things that politics & religion need to address and interfering in personal & private matters, with a view to bringing about some sort of perfect society, at whatever cost in human lives and suffering. Both severely limit personal freedom by setting up commissars and imams as the font of all authority. Both are totalitarian in their ambitions and the degree of control they exercise over citizens. Both are in a fairly constant state of conflict with any other civilization or religion into which they come into contact; if you are not with them, then you must perforce be against them. Both rely on coercive violence and brutality – and you cannot usually choose to leave a Communist country anymore than you can leave Islam. Both require Orwellian Doublethink – adherents have to hold mutually exclusive views (e.g. militant but peace-loving, egalitarian but elite-controlled). The parallels with National Socialism are also striking, I agree, but then even as a teenager I had managed to work out that far Right and far Left are very similar. The BBC at its worst can be very teleological and totalitarian: it cannot simply ‘leave things be’, it always has to be interfering, criticising, stirring trouble, restlessly driving society towards the imagined utopia (or the edge of the cliff, depending on which way you look at it!)


  3. will says:

    I like this little ankle tap by the Telegraph

    Dimbleby, who graduated with a third class degree from Christ Church, Oxford, said he had “loved” being elected to the club and was “really proud” of his uniform.


    • pah says:

      There’s a rumour that no one gets a ‘fail’ from Cambridge – you get ‘sent down’ if it is obvious that will happen and the lowest mark in finals is a third. So a Richard can be comparable to no degree at all.

      Probably not true, but where Dimblebum is concerned I like to think it is.


      • Andrew says:

        I know from a relative that it was possible to be granted a “special” at Cambridge University in the early 1980s, a grade which ranked below a Third Class Degree. I have even heard of “Fourth” (Oxford or Cambridge) but I think that was a very long time ago.


  4. Bailey says:

    Only you Alan could turn the QT incident into pro-Sinn Fein bias!

    And it has nothing to do with DD’s comments about the Bullingdon club, and no evidence to suggest he did behave in a ‘disgusting’ way. An empy vessel.


    • johnnythefish says:

      ‘Only you Alan could turn the QT incident into pro-Sinn Fein bias…’

      No, he was comparing and contrasting. Big difference.


      • Bailey says:

        Yeah, I get the comparison for what its worth.

        But you seem to have missed this bit: ‘The BBC naturally apologised to a, er, Sinn Fein member for labelling him SF/IRA on a name card at Question time’.


  5. Mat says:

    look if you are serious about debate stop changing your name and debate then !!


    • The sad truth is... says:

      …I don’t want my name associated with this website.


      • Demon says:

        If you don’t want your name associated with this website; then you should not associate yourself with it at all and just go and leave it to the adults.


        • Fine says:

          What’s your real name then?


          • Demon says:

            Irrelevant question. I don’t keep changing my name and I involve myself in debate rather than just trying to derail threads.


  6. dave1east says:

    it’s those Lincolnshire men again



  7. Notastediousassanctimoniousnesspriggs says:

    What stifles debate is constantly side-stepping the issue when challenged


    • johnnythefish says:

      ‘…I don’t want my name associated with this website’.</em.

      ….is sidestepping Mat's point, no?


      • Demon says:

        Probably best to ignore the troll now. He’s got his 10 minutes of being noticed.


  8. Bailey says:

    Eh, the BBC did report that they were Muslim prisoners….and recieved complaints for it…..and will defend having done so.

    Defending this Blog is defending the indefensible, but you seem to be questioning that yourself recently.